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Its been a long time since I was a part of a 1x1 rp, but I'm going to do my best to not screw up to much :)

My name is Dizzy, and I am 18+, go by they/them pronouns, and am an intermediate/advanced roleplayer. I generally post between 2-5 solid paragraphs with the potential to match more if my partner likes longer posts. I don't have any triggers and am open to any sort of plot, be it tooth-rotting fluff or dark, angsty drama. I have a few plots listed below that's I'd be interested in doing, but your more then welcome to mention your own ideas, as I'm very open to roleplaying different ideas!


- Anyone who agrees to roleplaying with me must also be 18+. I'm a private person myself who doesn't go too into detail about their life so I won't pry into yours, but I ask that you please respect this as I do roleplay darker content on occasiona and wouldn't feel comfortable roleplaying with someone younger.

- Due to personal preference, I will only rp mxm pairings

- I'm not too familiar with a ton of fandoms, and generally roleplay original plots or plots that have elements from shows/books worked into them. That being said, I'm not against fandom roleplays if your okay with me being a noob that won't know the lore from top to bottom. Some of the fandoms I feel most comfortable RPing in are; Harry Potter, Pokemon, Minecraft Fandom Au's, Warriors Cats/Animal Roleplay, The Walking Dead, and Inuyasha.


Imprinting On The Enemy
-- So this plot would take place in a world where shapeshifters exist but have only just been integrated fully into society recently. For the first time shapeshifters and humans will be able to attend the same schools, and that's where our story will begin. The premiss of the plot is that my character, a wolf shifter, ends up imprinting on your character, a human, after their two schools merge together and end up assigning them as roomates in the same dorm. The only problem? Your character is a stubborn, outgoing, free-spirited nerd that's secretly intimidated by the tall, super hot wolf-boy that just moved in. // NOTES, I imagine this being a fairly light-hearted RP about two idiots that keep letting simple misunderstandings keep them from fully admitting how they feel about each other.

Stuck in a zombie Apocolypse-- This plot would be inspired by the walking dead, taking place in a world that is filled with zombies, scattered human communities, and dangers around every turn. I'm pretty loose with the plot on this, as I just intend for it to be an adventure/horror/romance type thing, but the basic idea would be that a group of people in their twenties end up forming a rag-tag group of survivors that we can plot with at our discretion in this zombie apocolypse setting. The idea would be that we each play multiple characters in the group that undergo a main story arc, with the potential to break off into side plots with individual couples or groups throughout. // NOTES, was thinking the feel for this one would vary a bit depending on which characters we were focusing on, but mainly drama/angst/action/romance

Inuyasha, the Next Cycle-- So this one isn't really a plot, to be fair, more of a re-telling or interpretation of something that already exists. So basically, I just want to redo the plot of Inuyasha with our own OCs- not identicle, and we can totally do our own twist on things and plot different stuff witht he demons and people, but the basic idea would be the same- a high-school boy from the future gets sucked into the past of feudal japan after falling through a well, only to end up on a quest to collect the broken shards of a mystic jewel that could destroy the world if put into the wrong hands. Oh yeah- and there's a dog-demon that hates him because he's the reincarnation of an ex-lover that betrayed them in the past, who promises to steal the jewel and become the most powerful demon in the world. Guess its a good thing he can't kill you, since your the only one who can see and purify the jewel shards. //NOTES, so I imagine this has th e potential for just about everything- fluff, humor, angst, action, romance, you name it. I would play the dog-demon and you would play the human, keeping the basic personality traits from the characters in the show but spinning them to our own boys, along with having different backstorys.


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Hi, I am sending you a reply here since I believe you might be under pm restrictions being new? Welcome to Rpn!

If you still have room, I would be interested in your Inuyasha setting.

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