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Fandom plane of euthymia 『 oc x canon 』

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minty fresh

New Member

hello hello hello ! my name is lake, welcome to my roleplay search thread. i'm far too lazy to make a gorgeous code that likely won't rival the others on the platform, so i thought to myself, y not make this short, sweet, and to the point ? thus, here we are! ( *・∀・)ノ゛i'm a twenty something year old artist in northern america , as well as a cat mom who frequently dives head-first into otome and gacha games lol. overall , i'm pretty relaxed , my one hard rule being i do NOT interact with minors, that's my one hard no-no !

✦ my writing range greatly varies. three paragraphs to novella length, anything in between is all good with me ! whatever length you are most comfortable with , let me know. third-person pov is a must for me, as well as decent spelling and grammar ofc く(^ ー゚)ノ i tend to reply once or twice a week depending on my schedule. i'll let you know if something will refrain me from being able to do so ~ i'm relaxed about my partners posting speed too, as this is just a hobby and for fun for us ♡( ◡‿◡ )
✧ i live for basic self-indulgence, so i only do oc x canon doubling ; i scratch your back, you scratch mine! \o/ i am very lgbtq+ friendly and i require my partners to be so as well. i'm also very lenient with love interests, we both should be having a fun time! that said, i'll likely nerd out over your oc and send memes relating to our plot, an easy way to get me to love you even more is if you return the same courtesy ~
✦ i am v ghost friendly. lets be real, all of us have done it once or twice, even i, so no hard feelings if we don't work out as partners! (´。• ᵕ •。)
discord + pms only, straight to the point

✦ lmk what your limits are so i don't step on any toes! i'll be sure to do the same
✧ romance is a must for me ; otherwise, i'm down to mix in any genres. this also means i'm down for aus ヽ(✿。˃ ᵕ ˂ )ゝ

jujutsu kaisen
﹒⟡﹢ ﹐satoru gojou, fushiguro toji, or naoya zenin.
CAN WRITE ﹒⟡﹢ ﹐anyone except megumi, have most exp with gojou!

my hero academia
I WANT ﹒⟡﹢ ﹐kirishima eijirou, todoroki shouto, or hawks
CAN WRITE ﹒⟡﹢ ﹐anyone except bkg pretty much

obey me
I WANT﹒⟡﹢ ﹐lucifer, mammon, or beel
CAN WRITE ﹒⟡﹢ ﹐anybody !

genshin impact
I WANT ﹒⟡﹢ ﹐arataki itto, childe, or thoma
CAN WRITE ﹒⟡﹢ ﹐anyone except klee, qiqi, underage characters

attack on titan
I WANT﹒⟡﹢ ﹐eren, mikasa, or jean
CAN WRITE ﹒⟡﹢ ﹐anyone, ofc got the most experience with levi

I WANT﹒⟡﹢ ﹐atsumu, ushijima, oikawa, et cetera
CAN WRITE ﹒⟡﹢ ﹐anyone, i love em all!

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