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Fandom Plamo Battle:Plasvky Warfare

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Action, Anime, AU


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
How long has it been,since I've last battled in such a huge event. Not once,but twice? Time flew as if mere hours had passed when it was in reality years back. Funny how the world works. FIrst I was behind the control terminal,listening to operators as I piloted the Mobile Suits during the battle. And now....

in the store.jpg

Here I am. Staring at the packet of sweets for some time,wondering which one to bring back for the girls:Akatsuki,Hibiki,Ikazuchi and Inazuma.

Seemingly lost in thought for a while,Yao Jing Lin soon sighed,shaking his head in annoyance.

I think I'll head home first. I've already bought enough to fill up the fridge and also prepare dinner. I'll just remind myself about the snack later on.

Picking up the bag of groceries beside him,he soon paid for the products on hand and left for the apartment complex. Another normal day after all,no? At least.....it should've been....until he passed by a Gunpla Cafe,where an ongoing battle caught his attention.

Oh? This is....

(1 on 1 RP with Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka )
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Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!

Ryujo Katagiri was shoved against a wall as one delinquent student had picked up the wallet he dropped from getting punched. Ryujo would be yelling at the person who had him against the wall, telling him to back off, but the other male just punched him in the gut.

"Why should we listen to you? You're the one who started the fight by having money on hand!"
"But that's money I'm saving for-"
He got punched again, before getting kicked to the side. Ryujo hit the ground, as his wallet was tossed beside him, empty of cash.

"We'll be back tomorrow to see if you have any more on hand." The two students left, as Ryuko slowly got up, wincing in pain.
Some day .... Some day I'll have someone to watch my back.... Some day .... I won't have to worry about bullies.

He would soon limp his way towards home. He didn't want to go to the movie store after what happened....

Minutes later, Ryujo had his bag over both shoulders, as he held the straps, looking devoid of life. He was so busy zoning out, he bumped into a stranger, before being brought back to reality. He would then Quickly apologize, before bowing, before noticing the crowd of people gathered around a table with robots fighting each other.

"What is that?" He asked the male, curious about what was going on.​


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
"Gunpla Battle. Although it's now known as "Plamo Battle"." Jing simply replied, "A simulated battle where players pilot their own customised plastic models from the Mobile Suit Gundam series in 1v1,2v2 or 3v3 matches. Although the machine over there "reanimating" the inanimate objects to life can affect just about any sort of plastic models."

He explained,remembering the news of the implementation of the Plavsky System's recognision of other models such as that of Evangelion,Mazinger,Figure-Rise Standard series and also Kotobukiya's Frame Arms Girls series. The news itself brought a mixed reception despite there previously being a pretty vocal community who felt that Gunpla Battle shouldn't only be limited to the Gunpla model kits,to say the least.

Glancing at the young man who unintentionally bumped into him earlier,Jing noted the visible bruises the boy's sustained. Judging by how weary he looked,it must have been from a recent event.

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
"Gunpla.... Plamo..... Model Kits...... Simulated Battle....."

Ryujo spoke to himself going through what the male said.
"What is it like.... Participating? It sounds like something my school has.... But I never get the chance to join."

He sighed and closed his eyes, remembering how the students who were in that club would kick him out before he could sign up for the Plamo Fight Club.


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
“That I can't answer unfortunately. It really depends on whether or not you'll enjoy being involved in battles such as this.”

Noticing his troubled expression,Jing looked at him face to face.

“Is something wrong?”

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
"I never really got the chance to battle... Heck, I don't even have the money to afford a Plamo...."
He then looked at the battle, as he saw the fight end with one gunpla stabbing the other in the chest with its beam saber.
The two pilots who had battled then shook hands in respect for the amazing fight they had.

"If I got the chance.... Maybe I could battle one day... But it isn't today... Not with what happened earlier."

He would begin to walk away.​


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
“I could lend you my Gundam if you wish to go for a trial run.”

Jing called out. If the young man had turned around to look at him,he would find himself being offered to use a High Grade Strike Gundam.

“A round against the CPU enemy wouldn't hurt after all.”

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
Ryujo would stop for a second before turning around to see the Gunpla being offered to him.

"You wouldn't mind?"
Ryujo would move a hand forward, but stop for a second, thinking.
What if what the other students said is true? What if I don't have what it takes?

He would take the Gunpla before moving to the table, then stopped.

"How do you start this thing up?"
He asked innocently.​


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
"Please Set Your GP Base"

Before Ryujo could respond,Jing had came forward with a device shaped like a SmartPhone of sort on hand,placing it on one fo the platform jutting out of the side of the desk.

0600 Please set your GP Base.png
(Simply imagine it reads "Guest" for both "Builder" and "Fighter" while the Gunpla reads "Strike Gundam lol)

"Beginning Particle Dispersal"

A hexagonal light formed under Ryujo,some particles ascending and building up into an augmented terminal of sorts.

"Please Set Your Gunpla"

If Ryujo placed the Strike Gundam onto the round surface in front of where the GP Base was located,he would soon find the inanimate object's eyes flare to life. Another augmented wall formed around the Strike,with the visuals in front of Ryujo now showing the point of view of his loaned Gunplas. A slanted platform along with two glowing orbs formed into front of him,pretty much the control terminal for his Gundam.


“Hold onto the two controls (orbs) and push them at the same time. It'll initiate the launch sequence.”

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
Ryujo would put both hands on the controls before pushing them forward.

Immediately, the Strike Gundam would take a crouching position, before being launched out into the battlefield, which was a large desert.

The Strike Gundam would then land on the ground, beam rifle in hand as its AI opponent Generated, a Danazine custom, colored Black with no wings and head armor flaps that were used in Flight mode.

"Is that.... A Mecha Godzilla?"
Ryujo asked, noting the opposing Gunplas saurian appearance.


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
“Negative,” Jing explained, “that is a customised version of the "Danazine" Vaga Mobile Suit from the Gundam Age series.”

It has been a while since he'd seen one up close,even if this one here is simply a construct rather than an actual model.

“Watch out the cannon on its pelvis,the beam shooter/saber under its chin and the beam vulcans/saber on its palms. They'll catch you by surprise if you aren't careful with the confrontation.”

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
The Strike Gundam raised it's beam rifle before firing, a pink energy beam left the barrel and struck the Danazine, but the beam just as quickly split from the target and hit the area behind it.

"What?! How did that bounce off?! I don't see a forcefield on it or anything!"

"It's using Electromagnetic Armor in its build you idiot!" One person watching the fight called out.
"Oh my God, you are such a noob!" Another person said.

Ryujo turned his head quickly to the Flammers and yelled at them. "It's my first time! How was I supposed to know?!"

He was distracted and that gave the Danazine enough time to charge at the Strike Gundam and slam into it with its right shoulder. "Gah!"
The Gundam fell back, and hit the ground before sliding.

If a Gun won't work....
He quickly opened an SP slot, before selecting the Schwert Gewehr. Immediately, the Strike Gundam threw the Rifle away before drawing the sword on it's waist.


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
Ah.....should've warned him about the electromagnetic armour beforehand.

Jing thought,his right eye twitching uncomfortably at his own mistake as he watched Ryujo now rushing in for close combat.

“Careful about its tail. Try using the Strike's head Vulcans to distract the Danazine.”

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
"Anything with a tail is something to worry about..."
Ryujo replied, sweat dropping as the Strike Gundam's sword had a beam effect flash along the edge. The Strike Gundam would then jet forward as the Danazine fired several beam shots as well as its chest cannon.

Ryujos' eyes then would shift to a yellow color, only if for a brief second, as the Strike Gundam evaded the attack at the last second, as the beam of the sword dragged along the blast, before getting close to the Danazine.

"This is it!"
The blade swung down, but was blocked by the Danazines tail, which had a pincher at the end, which caught the sword.
"Huh?! When did it grab- Ack!"

The Danazine had punched the Strike Gundam back to the ground, as the later dragged on the ground for a few seconds, as the Danazine would grab the Schwert Gewehr, and break it, before tossing it away and activating both beam sabers, which were stored in the wrists.

No way .... This thing is really strong.....

His eyes were covered by his hair, as he thought about all the times he was bullied at school. Any time he got into a fight with other students, he lost. No matter what he could do to avoid a fight, he never succeeded, and he never was a capable Fighter when it came to hand to hand.

This fight felt as if it was a reflection of his life. The obstacle in front of him which was currently preventing him from advancing was the Danazine, which represented his hardships. The Strike Gundam was Ryujo himself, unable to succeed in getting past his own problems.

I won't accept this.... I will win this fight.... I will if I want to prove myself....

The Gundam would get up slowly, before looking directly at the Danazine, at the same time as Ryujo. Its eyes flashed before drawing both daggers from its waist, and held them in a reverse grip.

"Let's go!"
He yelled in challenge, before the Strike Gundam flew forward at the Danazine.

"Is he serious?"
"He's gonna get his ass kicked!"

That boy....

The Strike Gundam would get up close to the Danazine, as the Danazine swung its sabers. The Strike Gundam ducked before getting up and swinging one dagger at the Danazines eye, destroying it before kicking the enemy gunpla in the chest.



I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
For a person who is implied to have gotten started on Gunpla Battle,he's doing pretty well himself.

Smiling,Jing continued watching as the match was ending soon.

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
The Danazine was getting overwhelmed. It was having trouble keeping up with the Strike Gundam, which soon sliced off its right arm and its head. The Danazine swung its tail around to strike at the Gundam, but the Gundam would throw a punch, breaking the tail off of the former.

"This is it!!!"
The Strike Gundam slashed down with a dagger, cutting into the chest of the Danazine, before jumping back and landing, as the Danazine exploded.

(Reason for Red ends)


The field soon vanished along with the generated gunpla, as Ryujo would be silent, but then exhaled and would pick up the strike Gundam and hand it to the male.

"Thank you sir. I think I learned alot today by battling for the first time."

The person in the back of the store would look at Ryujo with interest.

What was that just now? It was like he.... But the only person I can think of that could do that is....

The girl with Lillac hair would soon turn around before leaving, as she took a look at her gunpla, a Black and Red Destiny Gundam.

That uniform he wore, isn't that the same school Kotori and Elizabeth go to?

She then would take a phone out before sending a text to a name under the alias "Ifrit"

Berserker: Can you do me a favour tommorow and try battling someone for me? I can't face him in person because I have Lacrosse in the afternoon, but maybe....

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I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
“No problem. You looked like you needed some hands on experience in Gunpla Battle yourself after all.”

Jing spoke,retrieving the Strike Gundam from Ryujo. There were some visible scratches (Damage Level B) on the Gunpla,but it is nothing he could not fix.

“I'm Jing by the way. Yao Jing Lin. You're?”

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
"Ryujo Katagiri."
He would then look back at the table.

"I swear... I'll build myself a gunpla and then I'll try my hand at joining the battle club at school."


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
“I wish you the best of luck on your journey then. Ryujo Katagiri.”

Jing responded,before giving him a small smile.

“From what I've seen so far,you're a really good fighter who simply needs several practices to be able to become a seasoned battler. Keep it up.”

Nodding at the young man,he soon turned away and walked out.

Never thought I'd find myself in this position once again. Funny considering I'm somewhat retired from Gunpla Battles in general...

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
After Jing left, Ryujo would leave the cafe as he made his way home. He noticed it was dark now, with the street lights on and the moon was out.

Is it really past 7? I need to get home ASAP!

He would race home, and during those few minutes, his mind wandered about the battle he was in.

Tommorow, I should try and get myself a gunpla before I reach school. I won't have to worry about losing my money then.

He however would bump into someone carrying a box, as they both fell.

Ryujo got up and would ask the person he ran into if he or she was okay. He would immediately lose his ability to speak due to the appearance of the person he ran into.


Shit! Shit! Shit! This isn't something I want to get into right now!

He would quickly turn around in an attempt to escape, but the girl got up and grabbed his right arm.

"Wait, I'm not here to fight you!"

Ryujo would slowly turn around with a surprised look.
"What? But you're wearing my schools uniform, and no student there is nice to me!"

The girl shook her head.
"It's probably because I'm in a higher grade than you."

"What year are you?"
"Third year. Don't worry, I'm not the type to pick fights with first years."

Ryujo took a breath of relief before smiling and holding a hand out.

"I'm so happy that there are exceptions at the school! My name is Ryujo, Ryujo Katagiri!"
"Elizabeth, Elizabeth Kyoujin"

They shook hands as Ryujo would state the obvious.
"You're not from around here are you?"
"I moved here with my father few years back. He's on the Plavsky Particle Research Team."
"So he helped develop the Battle Table?"
"You never knew?"
"I had stuff going on that hindered my reading time."

Elizabeth would then pick up the box that fell.
"This belongs to you."
"Huh? But I don't own any wrapped packages!"
"You do now. It's a favor from one of my friends."
"Thanks I guess?"
Ryujo would accept the package, before saying something else.

"You're quite beautiful miss Kyoujin."
"Not interested in guys."
"You're a deviant?!"
"No, I happily support that relationship, but you look like someone who wouldn't swing that way. I guess surprises can happen whenever."
"I suggest you open that package when you get home. I'll be seeing you tomorrow."
Elizabeth would then walk away as Ryujo looked at the package.

A favor? What exactly is in the package?

Ryujo would then run off to his home, unaware of what was waiting for him once he got there.​


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
Apartment Complex Res. 50
“Hey Jing,I've been thinking...”

“What is it,Ikazuchi?”

“What made you decide to resign from the hotel's restaurant?”

Looking at the short orange-haired young girl who is currently helping him out with preparing dinner,Jing responded.

“It's nothing serious,I've wanted a job related to game development even before I moved here into Japan.”

“I see~ Say,any word from mom and dad yet?”

“Nothing from your parents regarding whether or not they'll be able to come back from their business trip yet unfortunately. I'll still try to keep in touch with them however. Inazuma,can you get Hibiki and Akatsuki? Dinner's almost ready.”


Nodding,the brunette somewhat resembling Ikazuchi but with longer hair that is tied into a semi bun went into their room,where Jing and Ikazuchi could hear them talking.

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
-Ryujo's House, opposite side of the city-

Ryujo would enter the house and take his shoes off before a tiny black object jumped up and hit him in the chest, causing him to fall down.

He was getting licked on his face by a Pomeranian with dark blue eyes as Ryujo laughed.
"Ahaha! Enough Garm, I'm glad I'm home too!"

He got up with the black puppy in one arm and the package held in his free hand as he made his way to the dining room.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home!"
"What have you been son? It's past 7:00, and your dinner got cold." His dad would say.
"Are you okay? Did those miscreants at school hold you up again?"
"No, I just had an issue involving a run in with a stranger, which also involved trying out Gunpla Battle for the first time."
"Gunpla?" His mother asked confused.
"You mean that game that has been getting popular as of late with the added model kits?"
"Yeah. How did you know?"
"Did you really forget about my job as an assistant at Iori's Models?"
"Oh right!"

Ryujo set Garm down, who bounced around his legs as Ryujo would take a seat. He then placed the package on the table.

"I want to know something real quick. Should I open this?"
"What is inside?" His mom asked.
"I was just given it. I can't tell until I get permission."
"I see no problem in doing so." His dad replied. "I actually had something to do with it after all."

"What? What do you mean?"
"I mean, I was the one who wrapped that package. I didn't know you would receive it."​


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
Entrance of KAIS International School
“Here we are. Again,don't you girls get into mischief now,especially you Ikazuchi.”

“But I already said I was sorry...”

Ikazuchi whined and pouted,earning a sigh from the sisters' caretaker as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

After that incident involving some surprise box gone wrong.....I really can't be any less careful about how things would unfold.

“I know,”
Jing said,giving Ikazuchi a headpat, “I'll be off now then. See you in a bit.”

“Bye Jing!”

“See you later too!”

“Good luck finding a girlfriend!”

He could not even leave halfway before nearly face faulting upon hearing Ikazuchi's tease. Blushing in embarassment,he turned to look at the girls.

“Don't give the others the wrong idea!”

Shooting Star Asuka

Pirate Gundam FTW!!!
-The Next Day, City Streets-

Ryujo would be on his way to school running in a hurry. He couldn't believe he overslept because of last night.

Ryujo would tear open the wrapping paper as quickly as possible. Whatever was in it was something he wanted to see now that he was curious. Strange how it all happened on the day he first played Gunpla Battle. His eyes widened in surprise, before picking up what was.... Two separate gunpla kits, with an extra box of optional weapons.

These are....


His father would take a pair of nippers out of his front button up shirt pocket before handing it to Ryujo.
"Listen, I don't mind if you start working on it tonight, just be sure you get to School on time tomorrow."

Ryujo would hug his dad.
"I will! Thank you!"

A few minutes later, he was in his room, building away at making his first gunpla. Outside on the balcony, his dad was looking at the sky, while his mother looked at him in concern. "You really think it's good for him to start working this late? I'm afraid he'll sleep in and miss school."
"Don't worry. I can tell by the look on his face, he wanted to build one. If I'm not careful, he's going to start asking me to fight him."
His mom laughed. "Well, it's kind of funny, considering your alias from two years back was 'Mikazuki Augus'. I believe he's going to make alot of friends thanks to today."

*Back to Present*

Damnit! I have to get there or else I'm going to get a scolding from the class representative! That red head is really scary when she's angry!



I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
Mitsurugi High School
“Didn't expect Illya to find potential in a newbie from our school. It's saying something if a prodigy like her finds him captivating.”

On the rooftops (lessons have yet to start),a red-haired twin tailed girl was leaning by the railing with a red and white coloured customised Freedom Gunpla,overlooking the school grounds as she spoke to Elizabeth,the latter of whom was standing beside her.


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