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Fantasy Pirates Of The Sky! (Character Thread)

Ginko The Mushishi

Traveling Mushi-Shi
Some other extras, backstory, and personality traits for a description here, considering the sheet didn't have a lot of space for my backstory.

Backstory: Calcifer was born a traveler, born an adventurer. Ready to seek the world outside of his quaint hometown he traveled far and wide. Experiencing all the wonderful world had to offer. He was but 16 summers when this all began. Ran away from home with a few rusted weapons and the clothes on his back. Bold and ever daring to meet danger face to face if needed, Calcifer used his cunning wit to hurdle through obstacles set before him when his agile body couldn't meet the demands. Calcifer spent a few years traveling around and taking note of many lands before a brush of fate bumped into his tiny form.
A opprotunity to seek more adventure, to find companionship and experience the life as a Sky Pirate. The Gilded Daisy was searching for more recruits, and Calcifer was eager to join.
With the money he had saved from doing odd jobs, Calcifer upgraded his arsenal with equipment better suited for the lifestyle of a Sky Pirate. A short sword, scimitar, and a light crossbow. Calcifer had long since studied magic as a means for fun, and finally had the chance to equip himself with it when joining the Pirate Crew. Our Halfling hero was about 19 when he joined the The Gilded Daisy Crew. It took him many months to climb the ranks, to be trusted and prove his worth to the Captain, Fargus Westwind of his navigational abilities. Within but a year and a half, Calcifer was finally at the helm of the ship, charting courses and ensuring the ships' pathways were as smooth as warm butter on toasted bread. Now having been a navigator for 2 years, Calcifer is confident in his abilities, and in the trust he places on all of his allies on the Gilded Daisy.

Personality: Calcifer is quick-witted, quite an opinionated fellow but holds respect for those who he follows, as well as those following him. Don't let his short stature get the best of you; He knows how to fight, and very well at that. He rarely rejects ideas from his leaders unless he believes there's some flaw or slight mistake in their decision making, which he will raise his concerns to them in order to best figure out how to go about a plan and its specifics. Deathly loyal to those he considers friends and crewmates, he will never sell others out just for a pouch of gold. He may seem grouchy or snappy to his friends, but that is just the way he shows his affection to them. If he doesn't insult you, he probably doesn't like you at all.

Quirk: Calcifer always has a gold piece in his left hand when relaxing or during day-to-day activities. He'll toss and catch it, play tricks with it or run it along his knuckes for fun. This gold piece seems to mean something to him, as he always slips it into a special breast pocket in his leather coat. If asked about it, he'll always say "Its an important trinket of mine."


Ian Temero

Knight of Swords

  • f11fb562747989d8b0a19b699708564f.jpgName: Lilith Falciani
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 133 lbs
    Background: Urban Bounty Hunter
    Alignment: Neutral

    "You want to hear my story? No. No you don't. You don't want to hear about about my sob life. About how I used to be to be a naïve rich girl without a care in the world. About how my happy little life came crumbling to the ground when the cult stepped in. How I was forced to watch my parents get slaughtered. About the...things...they did to me. Tried to do to my little sister."

    "No. You don't care about that. You just want to know what the freak can do for you. Well let me tell you. With the snap of a finger I can sap the strength from your limbs. With a whispered word I can make fighting the most painful thing you've ever done, or make you think I'm your best friend before knocking you out in an alley. That is if my pet doesn't get to you first. It's all been pretty useful for bounty hunting. But I've gotten to much attention recently from the wrong crowd and it's time Peggy and I moved on. I'm not too sure about being a pirate, but I don't exactly have a choice anymore, and I'm willing to do anything to keep her safe. No matter how filthy I have to get my hands in the process."

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lil pink bunn

Name: Crow
Race: Changeling
Class: Wild Magic Sorcerer
Gender: Her true form is female, but she can just as easily embody male forms very comfortably.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: Crow's appearance is often based on whatever striking features stick out to her from strangers. Ever since she was young, she's enjoyed sketching particularly interesting humanoids and shifting into them - even now she often fills mountains of sketchbooks with beautiful faces that flit through her mind. Around the crew, she sometimes feels comfortable enough to change small features of her appearance every so often, such as hair color, lip color, or eyes.
Crow has two basic forms - her true form and her basic human disguise. Her true form has pale skin tinged with purple blushing, and dark-rimmed milky white eyes. It's unmistakably a slightly disturbing visage, yet she enjoys her true form more than many other changelings, often shifting into it when she is alone. In contrast to her unsettling true appearance, her most commonly used disguise is of a pale human with messy bangs and a cute, unassuming face. If the situation requires, she also enjoys taking the form of a male high elf or tiefling.
Personality: Crow is a changeling desperately in love with a world that hates her. All her life she has been in infatuated with the energy of the world around her, and those within it. She's bright and curious, in love with the pirate life for the simple fact that it allows her to see what's beyond the horizon. Within her lies a manic and chaotic power that she can only hope to control and understand, yet this only encourages her to try and sate the wanderlust in her chest. Crow herself has never had a family, but the power within her serves as a faithful companion that provides the only comfort she has ever known - the knowledge that she is connected to something. She doesn't know what she yearns for, but she sails to find out.
Quirk: Crow loves to sketch her crewmates, though she's often very hesitant to let anyone look through her works.
Age: 19
A bit of backstory: Crow is at heart, a very lonely creature. She has never known a family or a home, instead spending much of her life running from those who seek to hurt her for her differences. Her sketchbook and her outbursts are the only givens in her life. At least, they were until she was hired by Fargus. In her darkest hour while being hunted by a strange group seemingly interested in her powers, she was given the opportunity to sail the skies as a pirate. They allow her to work where she's needed, be it using her powers to shroud the ship in fog or to aid the (very capable but sometimes grumpy) navigator. She's eager to protect her little home while it lasts, though like most other moments of connection in her life, it likely won't last.
Other: Sorry this took so long! I had a lot of ideas I wanted to work through with her~

Character Sheet: Here

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