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Futuristic Pinkerton International Intelligence

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Pinkerton International Intelligence was founded 200 years ago as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency by Allan Pinkerton in 1850, and has since been on the cutting edge of technology and criminal investigation. Providing law and order the world over, they keep the American People safe when we are in peril.

"We never sleep."
This RP takes place in 2050 in a world where, shortly after the Civil War, philosophy and culture halted. The United States was then taken over by mass corporations, using the power of the Pinkerton Detective Agency to rule the common people with an iron fist. Ideas, corporations, and politicians who went against the great American Businessmen of Morgan, Rockefeller, Hearst, Winchester, and Edison. Technology has only advanced to serve the purposes of these corporations.

This RP revolves around you, the players, as members of the Pinkerton Anti-Union task force, charged with eliminating any Socialist ideology as well as breaking up labor strikes.

Notes on Technology:
The most notable changes from real-world history in technology are:
1. Radio was very quickly patented by Edison Electric after being discovered by Hertz. It never advanced beyond the Audion Tube in levels of complexity.
2. The Model T was invented, but the Ford Company was forcefully overtaken by Edison Electric, and automotive technology has been practically the same for a very long time.
3. Shortly after inventing Alternating Current, George Westinghouse was found dead in an alley. As such, Direct Current is the only used way of using electricity.
4. Military technology like large planes, armored cars, sophisticated bombs, and countless others, were never invented or only exist in a very simplistic form.
5. Weaponry used by the Pinkertons are about on-part with WWII weaponry.

An in-depth timeline will be made soon. Until then, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Bio: (Short history on character's life and career)
Position: (Your role in the Anti-Union team)

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