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Fantasy Phrases of the Moon ~2/3 Roles Open!~

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professional breather
Heya! I'm Kitteh, and my friend CalliopeDaKitteh CalliopeDaKitteh and I have been working on this world for a while now, and we'd love to share it with you all.


Phrases of the Moon: Basics!
So this rp is slightly because we're a little lazy.
I came up with the world, and my friend helped expand the lore.
We're trying to make it into a book/graphic novel if we can find the motivation. However,we tend to get bored when writing on our own- so we figured we could put the rp into the doc and go from there!

Of course, if you're not cool with your ideas/words for the plot being put into our work and edited at least slightly, (all characters were created by us) this probably isn't for you.
If it's any comfort, we will not be posting this anywhere- it's just for us. You can totally request to see it if you like, however :]

So without further ado, let's get into lore and characters!

In this world, everyone is an animal. They can walk on the ground as their normal species might, and some have thumbs and can walk on two in the same way a human would. They have jobs, hobbies, families- ect.
The time period is around early 1900s in tech- however, there are no factories or cars, and the land is far less developed. So while there might be a typewriter, travel is on foot/wagon and everything is handmade.

There are three classes of animals:

(Those with opposable thumbs. Not given automatic pay from government. Largest class.)
-Common name(s): Thumbies, Regs.
-Felines (mostly small cats- servals, fishing cats, house cats, ect.)
-Canines (mostly small dogs- dogs, hyenas, foxes, ect.)
-Dragons (dragons!)
-Rabbits (mostly shopkeepers)
-...And most fourlegged animals (excluding those with hooves (deer, horses, cows, sheep)

Inbetweens: (Those with almost opposable thumbs. Can receive pay based on how detached they are. Do not need working permits. Smallest class (by number of members)
Common name(s): Betweens.
Mostly birds, but some lizards are classified like this.

Minis: (Smallest class, without opposable thumbs. Receive pay unless in steady job. Need working permit for risky jobs.)
Common names: Smalls, flat-handers.
(Mostly hooved animals)
Animals are far bigger then they are naturally. Standing on all fours, each Working animal is about the size of a horse in our world. Inbetweens and Minis are much smaller. Minis range from the maximum size of a housecat in our world to the minimum of a gecko. Inbetweens are maybe from the size of a medium-large dog to that of a wolf.
Since Minis do not have opposable thumbs and are very small, they need a working permit for risky jobs. They take a test to prove they can handle it without too much stress on them.

[ _____________________________________________________________________]

Now, onto our story's lovely characters!
This wonderful girl up here is Blink! She's a pansexual cat, and I based her design off of a monarch butterfly (though it ended up leopard lol)
I, Kitteh Kitteh will be playing her.
The story mostly follows her- she's an amatur cartographer who worked as a banker before journeying out. She aims to make a huge map of the continent, so her little ragtag group travels from town to town, marking major landmarks and cities. The work is currently smaller maps and notes, but when she returns she'll compile it into her huge project.
She always has a few maps in cases hanging off of her, and a pack with her pens, food, and a thin linen square that can be draped to make a tent.
Her class is Working.


This beautiful boy was NOT drawn by me like Blink was- @ OceanTheSeawing on Medibang drew this- I just thought the art was very cute. They have full credit ^^
On to his character:
Scarce is easy-going, and carries most of the group's supplies due to being the largest. He's a bisexual painter, and makes his own paint. He always has pencils and paper on him to sketch out the grand landscapes they come across. He worked as a teacher, but felt stifled. Scarce joined Blink, who was his friend beforehand, to try and get his excitement back.
His class is Working.
Scarce is Open!

Hop is a lesbian horse. She's a talented storyteller and writer. She has an old typewriter back home, but while the group is traversing the country, she bribes the Thumbies to write some of her ideas down for her.
She often sits on Scarce's head while they travel, because she's the smallest of the group and can have a hard time keeping up. She's cynical and can be a bit harsh if you aren't used to how she speaks.
Her class is Mini.
Hop is taken by gingingin gingingin !
Spread is a heterosexual falcon- peregrine, to be precise. He doesn't carry much, as he has to fly, but if they have something particularly valuable- coins, for example, or messages, he'll take them to keep them safe. He's a very talented singer.
Spread is friendly and outgoing, but often doesn't share more then needed.
His class is Inbetween.
Spread is Open!

Silver is CalliopeDaKitteh CalliopeDaKitteh 's character- and she's an inventor/weaver. How she will be played in this rp still needs to be discussed.


Our characters will be exploring their world- from huge and rugged cliffs to tiny fishing villages. Along the way, they may just find that there's just a little more darkness lurking in the shadows then they thought...

Thank you all so much for reading! Please reply to this thread with the character you'd like and a little bit about how you'll play them- and please don't be discouraged if I don't think you're a good fit for them. This is a passion project of mine and I really want to see it prosper.

Again, this IS to be compiled into a story for my personal reading, and maybe a few friends. We'll likely edit it a lot in terms of layout, but might touch up a few minor things in the plot just for ~aesthetic~.

If you're wondering about the name, it's because all character names can fit into phrases (ex. Blink and you'll miss it.)

:bishiesparklesl:I hope to see you all in rp! Have a great day/night. :bishiesparklesl:

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