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Fandom Phonix Academy Enrolment



The Charming Llama
Appearance: Either picture or description is fine, I don't really care much.
Age: (at least 18; this is a college AU)
Costume: (Optional, because I know finding costume designs can be difficult)
Hero Name: (Can be decided in character)

Keep in mind when choosing a quirk that I will deny quirks I believe could pass a hero exam. Exceptions can be made for those who have a reason not to use that quirk (it causes pain, it requires human sacrifice, etc)

Up to two characters will be allowed

Name: Hinata Masomora


Gender: Neutral



Hero Name: Reaper

Role at School: Homeroom/Counselling

Personality: 'Like water of a ducks back', that was a phrase that could describe how Hinata felt about things. Even at a young age they never saw much use in worrying about life. Of course their apathy towards stress shouldn't be taken as apathy towards life. Hinata is very much an out of the box thinker who enjoys living and experiencing life.

Background: Hinata never knew their parents, instead growing up in a pleasant little orphanage. It was during this time that they discovered their quirk, waking up one morning without their skin. The staff were horrified and there was panic all day; though soon everyone realised it was just their quirk. Still, Hinata's lack of skin made it hard to find parents willing to adopt him. But eventually they were adopted by a single mom who also had a mutation quirk (Lobster).

During school students used to pick on them, telling them that they was going to become a villain because of their ugly quirk. Hinata never listened. If anything it just pushed Hinata to become a hero that much more. They'd prove that anyone could be a hero, even if you look vilanous.

This drive didn't help them much during the UA entrance exam, where their quirk seemed useless when compared with the others there. Other schools denied them as well and they began to lose hope. That when a stranger name Chisuke gave them an offer; take part in a trial run of an academy for 'less than impressive quirks'. Hinata accepted and, 4 years later, became Reaper. Four years after that, Chisuke asked them to join him in running the official first class of his, now government backed, school. How could Hinata refuse?

Quirk: Bones - Hinata has nothing but a skeleton, held together by their quirk. They can detach any of their bones and reattach them at will, but if they loses a bone theyll have to find a replacement. They can also control their body when their head isn't attached, but will die if their head is destroyed. Despite having no organs Hinata still breaths, eats, and sleeps.

- Hinata smokes
- no one knows whether Hinata was born male or female; except for doctors, their mother and other school staff
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Name: Aeris Thorson

Appearance: 1662095895931.png Credit to Hunbloom, Aeris is only 5’0’'

Gender: Cis/ Pronouns She/her

Age: 19
Costume: 1662095973246.png Credit to PTD
Plus a large Viking raiding horn/Gjallarhorn strapped to her side which is engraved with norse protection runes as well as runes spelling out “Ragnarok” into the onyx-colored ox horn and painted with a brilliant silver to stand out against the black of the horn.

Hero Name: Ragnarok

Aeris is a shy, quiet, gentle-natured person who comes off as selfless, sweet, and compassionate to a fault. When her friends are in a bad situation, they often charge in without thinking to get their friends and comrades out of that danger. Punch first, ask questions later. They are selfless for their friends and significant other, vowing to protect them as best as they can. Despite being generally peaceful and a cinnamon roll, they are 110% ready to jump into a fight before knowing all the details.

Aeris and her older brother, Aesir grew up in Norway with their mother and father. From the time she could walk, Aeris was put into boxing and martial arts. By the time her quirk manifested, her parents had been ready for it, though it was not what they were expecting and they spent most of her young childhood making sure she got enough food and sleep. As she got older though, it became harder to manage her quirk as she was diagnosed shortly after her 10th birthday with Narcolepsy and Insomnia It wasn’t until she watched her dad and brother save people that she realized that she wanted to be Heros just like them.

During her first year of middle school, her mother got cancer and passed halfway through her second year. After that, her father spent more time at home, comforting his children. Aeris was heartbroken but has since come to terms with it, but Aesir is still devastated and is struggling in his hero work dropping to #28 from #5 Nordic hero.

During the end of her 2nd year of middleschool, her father moved to Japan as he was called there by the hero commission and Aeris had to follow him. She was then invited to Phoenix academy to learn more and become a hero

Quirk: Astral Projection(yes, this is 100% a Jojo reference)
Can project an embodiment of her soul in the form of a very Large wolf(roughly twice the size of Aeris), whom she affectionately calls Fenrir, at the cost of energy her body has stored. Her soul’s embodiment can be either separate of her, or cloak her body with the energy and power up her melee attacks. Her soul’s embodiment is far stronger than her physical form. She often overworks herself as her narcolepsy and insomnia leave her with very little energy.It's a common occurance for her to pass out while fighting. She relies heavily on energy drinks to get her through the day and to use her quirk, but even the strongest energy drinks barely buy her another 5 seconds. Along with using energy, any damage her soul’s form takes, she takes as well. Because of how her quirk works, Aeris is always exhausted and can be found asleep in the weirdest of places. She can utilize her quirk for a maximum of 10 seconds before going over her limit. If she goes over her limit, she has an extra 5-10 seconds before passing out into a mini coma. She will stay in her unconscious state for up to 72 hours before she has enough energy to be conscious again and has to rest for a full day unless she wants to risk passing out again as her quirk use threshold is lowered during this time.

-Aeris has Narcolepsy and Insomnia which makes using her quirk so much harder than it should be. Because of this, her quirk is almost unusable.
-She has trouble paying attention in class and doing any of her school work because of her conditions, but still manages to get at least a C average in class.
-Aeris loves baking norse sweets for her friends
-Because of the energy her quirk uses and because of her conditions, Aeris drinks roughly 10 energy drinks a day just to get through the day and they don't even work that well.
-Aeris prefers energy drinks to espresso and espresso to coffee.
-Aeris absolutely has fallen asleep in the weirdest of places with a death grip cuddling on whatever is closest to her at the time. Her old school had a running joke that anytime that they seen Aeris asleep somewhere weird, they posted to a Snap group “Where’s Aeris?”.
-Aeris is a great cook and offers to make others traditional nordic foods rather often because she loves cooking and it reminds her of her mom.
-Aeris loves spoiling her friends to the point that she’ll put her own happiness last if it makes them happy
-She isn't afraid to throat chop someone if they even consider hurting her friends.
-She likes to comfort her friends by making little snacks or buying cute little trinkets.
-Aeris cannot sleep normally without something to hold onto. She is often found clinging to whatever she fell asleep on or near.
-Has constant panda eyes from not sleeping well or taking care of herself.
-Has this tattoo on her right hand that extends to her shoulder. Has it for cultural and religious reasons.

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Name: Apollyon Becker


Age: 19

Gender: Demiboy, he/ them


Hero name: Aster

Personality: Apollyon seems very talkative and outgoing, but after a while he'll slowly stop talking and just nod to whatever you say.
His social battery runs out quick.
But once you get to know him, he's actually very active.


He was playing at the park when his quirk activated, accidentally he ended a kids life.
It was horrifying, Apollyons parents locked him up for days.

Schools were a hasle, he didn't want to interact with anyone. He was scared of himself, he was a monster.

His quirk wasn't really 'heroic' or safe, the UA denied him.
He could feel their eyes on him, he knew they felt like he was a threat.

Quirk: one touch of his skin is poisonous


- He constantly wears gloves

- Apollyon plays the ukelele

- He always cleans, at every chance he can he will sweep the floors, dust the shelves, and even clean someone else's floors when he is with someone.

- Apollyon practiced basic martial arts

-If he does use his quirk, he will be nauseous for a while
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Name: Eleonore Ekstrom


Eleonore is a slim Swedish woman, with blonde hair usually worn in a low ponytail, pale skin, and the same warm chestnut-colored eyes her father has. Her gait and stature are distinctly that of an athlete, though she's let herself go somewhat during the recovery from the fire that almost claimed her life, as well as begun focus on more academic endeavors. She's taken to dressing in a more simple, "earthy" style, with sundresses, blouses, or tunics. Sometimes she even wears jeans.

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Hero Name: None, currently.

Erik Ekstrom is known to the world as the current CEO of Ekstrom Heavy Industries, currently one of the leaders in manufacturing for several industries, from motor vehicles to construction equipment to computer microprocessors. Taking the reigns of EHI soon after his graduation from university, Erik spent decades building it up from a regional supplier to one of Europe's biggest firms. Cultivating a reputation as a "cool uncle" figure, he worked hard and played harder, distinguishing himself despite the stigma of being the first in several generations of the Ekstrom dynasty to be Quirkless.

It was almost exactly two decades before the present day when it was discovered that he had fathered a child with a woman who had chosen to remain anonymous, turning the baby over to him in the hopes of her being able to grow up as part of the Ekstrom family. Despite the scandal that this would cause, Erik readily complied with the woman's request, settling a sizable (but entirely affordable) sum with her and raising the child who he named Elonore. Her presence proved an unmistakable boon, adding to his image as a family man and a dedicated worker. But it wasn't entirely a PR move: while Erik had no interest in marriage, he proved a devoted father in his circumstances, giving Eleonore the best he could provide, and spending much time with her amidst her studies and hobbies.

Eleonore grew up happy, if not a little isolated from her peers. As she entered school, attention was drawn to the fact that her Quirk was either very minor, or absent altogether. It seemed for a moment that she might have inherited that trait of her father's. To think that the Ekstrom dynasty would be struck twice in a row this way...but it was not to be. Extensive medical testing determined that Eleonore's Quirk Factor lay in her throat and lungs, though no further. Erik took it in stride, raising Eleonore to value the abilities that lay before her and accepting that the true nature of her Quirk would become evident when it was meant to.

Things changed in her teen years. Erik was still the kind father he always was, but considering the increased competition he faced as the head of a now-global firm, it might have been inevitable that he would become more ruthless. Large scale acquisitions and outsourcing of labor were things that became increasingly necessary. Perhaps one simply cannot become wealthy and famous without making enemies.

So it was that one of them (or perhaps more) that set fire to the Ekstrom vacation home, aiming to bring it down with Erik and Eleonore both inside it. In the depth of the flames, desperately trying to carry her beloved father to safety, Eleonore might have succumbed to smoke inhalation...had she not noticed that each breath she exhaled rapidly solidified. Gathering up the altered smoke, she could shape it just enough to form a blanket that insulated them from the worst of the heat, and masks that filtered out any further smoke from their lungs.

By that miracle, father and daughter survived. When the invitation from Phoenix Academy came, Erik exhorted his daughter to go, for the sake of honing her abilities. Secretly, he believes that they may be able to keep her safer than he can...

Now, Eleonore is an elegant, erudite young woman, though prone to speaking briefly and cryptically. She's still adjusting to be more "normal", and trying to make sense of suddenly being among peers. Even so, she tries her best to be helpful, even if she isn't used to the gratitude of others.


Given the name Enenra, Eleonore's Quirk enables her to shape smoke that she has inhaled and exhaled. Solidified and molded in this way, she can create objects ranging from the consistency and durability of cotton, to more solid and durable foam, on par with sturdy styrofoam or Nerf foam. A sufficiently dense mass may be enough to support an adult human's weight. The main drawback of her ability is that she cannot control smoke without first inhaling it, nor can she generate her own smoke. Her Quirk Factor protects her imperfectly from the heat and suffocation, and without concentration she is prone to coughing and losing her "supply". Furthermore, she is limited by her lung capacity, and therefore cannot have more material than a few lungfuls of breath at any given time.

  • Won several distinguished awards while in school, including regional tennis and 100m dash championships, as well as poetry selections and art grants for paintings.
  • Dislikes smokers, but doesn't harass them about it.
  • Carries a few unlit candles and matches around, but hasn't used her Quirk much.


Four Thousand Club

Name: Ika Sumi
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hero Name: The Bohemian Hero, Palette

Quirk: Color, Ika can produce vast quantities of inks and paints from her hands in any colour. Her body itself is supported via highly compressed capillaries of ink rather than bones. Excessive use of her ink however can lead to severe dehydration, in addition, it appears to leak explosively when undergoing intense emotions.

Ika can sometimes have a grim outlook on life - so much that during a daydream she imagines herself performing her dreams, only to crash and end up in the hospital as the worst is never far from her mind. She has attempted to become popular by coming up with ideas on how to get attention, though this usually either fails or receives negative attention.

She often lacks a "filter" in that she will say what she thinks without considering the consequences leading to extremely bizarre or inappropriate requests/statements at times. Her awkward behaviour can appear odd or even perverted to others, overreacting to small things, likely fueled further by her imagination, to the point of planning excessively how to bypass what would otherwise be the most mundane of issues.

Her actual experience in social interactions is somewhat limited, being practically non-existent other than what has been viewed through games or the internet. Ika will sometimes blurt out what she is thinking especially if she thinks it will make her appear cool and mature, usually with little grasp on the consequences until shortly after such has been stated.

Likes: Anime, Art, Bread, Comics, Games, Internet, Manga, Pop-Culture, Sweets, Visual Novels, Writing???
Dislikes: Bullys, Crowds, Loud Noises, Spicy Food, Unfamiliar Situations

Ika had started off excited about grade school, though after going for a few months and the extreme nervousness from interactions that came, combined with the constant mishaps and negative attention at trying to be popular and fit in quickly reversed such a thing. Regularly ending out on the bottom rung from either the mess her quirk would produce, getting herself caught up in the bullys attention and of course, her own misunderstands or failed attempts at changing her current status. It did not help that financial struggles were a common thing in her home life, sure they had Internet Access and the odd second-hand electronics but it did commonly require her to get creative in earning money herself.

She believes however if she could become a hero she could be popular, maybe learn to not mess stuff up as much as well and of course, help out her family if she gets the money typical heroes to seem to get. It seemed a foolproof plan, which meant it was likely going to go up in flames in a 20 car pileup by the end of it, but she tried regardless. She was always a girl who tended to run towards her fears, return to the hard things, and try again even if she screws them up, Since in her logic the world that seems against her needs to stop her every time, she just needs to succeed once.

Still, she ended up blowing her shot at the entrance exam, The written exam was difficult to mark due to the excess of ink stains across the sheets. The practical was chaotic with an exorbitant amount of damage caused by unintended side effects, bumbling and panic, Slips on paint, Blinding, and LOTS of running and panicking. It ended with a considerable amount of sour looks from other participants covered in paint and various colours, then running for her life once more. It was honestly sheer luck that she escaped actual injury, though unfortunately it also meant she never actually took a robot down herself. and in fact hindered other participants more than aided so a double 0 was her end mark.

  • Any successes she has are often indistinguishable from blind luck.
  • She as actually quite adept at reducing self-injury due to her unique body and mastering going limp, playing dead and her super technique "Sumi Scram".
  • She is noted to have created a significant portion of slash hero fiction and art pieces under the username "UltraMegaLoveRainbow420XXX". This has also resulted in a notable amount of money from commissions.
  • Themes
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Name: Jericho Clair
Appearance: He’s 5’8” tall and relatively slim with some muscle mainly in his legs.

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Costume: This along with black gloves and black mask (to mainly cover his nose).

Hero Name: Stardust
Personality: Jericho is outgoing, extroverted and kind-hearted, though pretty carefree at times. He doesn't care much about his health but doesn't like it when people close to him do the same. While he never has bad intentions, he isn't good at handling other's emotions for the most part, he shows that he cares in his own way.
Jericho grew up along with his older sister Astra, the two of them were very close and were rarely seen apart even in friend groups. Their quirks were similar as well, though Jericho's was stronger in terms of fighting even if he found it kinda "lame". Their life seemed quite normal until his sister got caught up in a villain attack on her way home from a friend's house and got severely hurt to the point that she lost the ability to walk for a long time until she recovered. Jericho felt guilty for not being there to protect her even after her recovery, he hates seeing innocent people getting hurt especially those close to him. Thus, he decided to use his quirk to protect anything he could.

Quirk: Dust manipulation
  • He loves strawberry shortcakes and is a dog person.
  • Has a lot of scars on his legs and some on his arms from running around too much (and other outdoor stuff).

(might add/edit stuff in the future)


Lucky Laki Malakis
Name: Lauren StJohn Smyth

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Costume: TBD (doesnt really want to be a hero so hasnt thought about it)
Hero Name: Rainbow Bright (more of an unwanted nickname)
Personality: Taciturn and moody making here difficult to approach and when the attempt is made she can be sarcastic, sharp and down right bitchy. She doesnt like to be known about her hair and let her define her but cant deny it has its uses very reluctantly. Despite her standoffish manner, she has a caring side and though she may seem reluctant, she would do anything to help those in need and those she considered close to. She sharp
Background: Reluctant hero in training because of the insistant of her Superhero parents. (WIP)
Quirk: Indestructible Rainbow coloured shiny hair that just keeps growing and can't be trimmed.
  • A unrepentant tomboy
  • A capable cook and baker who secretly leaves treats for people to find but tell no one she made them
  • Practised Martial artist taught by her parents.
  • Always wears hoodies and other hats and stuff to try to hide her hair as best as she can.


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Name:Vile Jones

Appearance: (He’s about like 5’4-5’5)
The rumors that makes me change(Haikyuu)Hinata harem - ~Ocs~.jpeg

Gender: Male (Trans)

Age: 19 1/2


Unknown 35.jpeg

Hero Name: Bobo

Personality: Nervous, Outgoing, not that loud, Kind, Super loving towards animals.

Background: Vile grew up in a super dark time where his parents were always out drinking and smoking. He sorta raised himself so seeing one of the Pro-Hero’s made him want to be a hero himself. He has always loved caring for people and animals (especially cats and rabbits). He refuses to let anyone get hurt so he’ll sacrifice himself just to save others.

Quirk: He can make confetti and ribbons which in a short amount of time will explode but will end up marking his skin after.


  • He has a few older siblings
  • He grew up with about ten dogs.
  • He used to be scared of clowns as a kid. (Look where he’s at now lol)
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Name: Xander Woods


(His school outfit)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Sexuality: Bisexual

Costume: 0b50377e1bbb22194d869e573d75d816.jpg

Hero Name: Phantasm

Personality: Xander is far more kind than he should be as he seems to care more about other people than himself. He tries to help so much that it can become a problem for his health as he can go many a night helping out and not sleep a wink. He tries to make sure everyone around him is smiling, and he'll use any means to do so from helping you carry those books down the hall to making a flirtatious remark about your beauty. Due to his helpful nature he is more prone to being worried and overthinking situations. He also rejects most people's offer of kindness often quoting "I'm not worth your kindness."

Xander woods was an Orphan during his childhood and was often believed to have been Quirkless due to him never displaying any abnormal ability. He was heavily bullied because of this by the other children. Most of the other Orphans bullied him into doing their bidding, and children with parents often found it easier to punish the orphan who couldn't fight back, finding him to be worth as much as a punching bag. In a dog eat dog world, Xander was at the bottom of the totem pole of society. An orphan with nothing to his name but humiliation and ridicule by everyone.

That was until he was adopted by an eccentric and extremely wealthy man named Killem Woods. This man was the Ceo of a big supplier of Hero equipment and was one of the few who made a massive corporation out of it. Known as one of the most influential men in the hero industry, and he's in the middle of a lonely orphanage in the middle of San Francisco. Now Killem was getting on in years and had failed to produce a son worthy of inheriting everything, so he resorted to adoption. Every one of the other orphans tried to impress the man, more than likely using big words and flexing their quirks. Every one except meek and lonely Xander, who simply stood around sadly knowing that someone else would be picked. He still to this day has no idea why Killem adopted him, maybe out of pity or maybe it was based on some unknown factor.

Those years were the best in Xander's life, going from practical street rat to heir to a multi-billionaire was a miracle in of itself. Xander got the best education, the best food, and he got a family. Despite being eccentric and rich, Killem was a very good father in Xander's eyes. He taught him manners, etiquette, and he was the one who discovered Xander's Quirk. It's simple how it was discovered really, Killem was showing Xander a crystal that would be utilized in a hero's equipment trying to teach him the importance to understanding how a hero's costume would function. Xander would hold it and examine it to determine if it was useable, well Xander was a bit hungry and daydreamed a little about what would be for dinner... and maybe accidentally projected it for everyone to see.

From that point on Xander knew who he would become, he proclaimed to his father he was going to become a hero! Killem accepted this easier than Xander thought he would. So he was to be officially trained to become a hero and went through many trials and practice to get up to current standard. He even went as far to apply to all major hero schools around the world, not aware that most foreign students would be denied. Xander had no luck with many popular hero schools, both in country and abroad, so much so he essentially gave up and had to go to a normalish school. It was still prestigious but it wasn't a Hero school like he had hoped to join. Soon he gave up on his dream and was raised to be the heir to his adoptive father's Corporation.

That was until he received an invitation to Phoenix Academy and his dream was far closer to reality than before.

Quirk: Hologram
Xander is able to bend light into Crystals to portray a Holographic image. He can theoretically do this with any crystal and with a very large quantity of them. Example is if there are 50 crystals he can use all 50. The downside to this is that the more complicated a hologram is, the more difficult it is to maintain it. An example is if he used the crystals to make 50 rats to 50 people, and it then goes down into if they are static images vs ones that are moving around and reacting. He might be able to make 50 static images but they might be very poor in quality such that it's easy to tell they aren't real. The most he can make between pure quality holograms is two of himself that is able to move fluidly and be able to look extremely realistic. The better quality of a Hologram the more Xander is able to control it to do what he wants it to do.

- Is very much a Cat person, though he doesn't dislike any animal.
- Is a very good singer.
- Has various Scars on his body, most from bullies when he was young.
- Was born in San Francisco, California
- Killem Woods' Corporation is called Ironwood and its headquarters are based in Detroit, Michigan.

DapperCharmer2.0 DapperCharmer2.0 Hope you approve, if there is anything for me to change do let me know.

Doctor Voidsman

The Heartbroken man
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Name: Vincent Voidsman.

Villain name: Black death
Appearance: Form 1.jpg

Gender: Male

Height: 7'1

Age: 44

Costume: Evil doc.jpg
Personality: Doctor Colmer is a silent man who rarely ever speaks. he quite the tactician, planning ahead of time and thinking of ways to outsmart his enemy. he also likes his silence and enjoys classical music though he'll sometimes listen to country. in combat he is merciless. he could give a damn if someone innocent looses their life if it ain't his he doesn't care.
His Costume is composed of 3 layers with is leather, armor, and impact gel

Background: Doctor Colmer is from a long line of Villains all with one goal: Eradicate all Quirks. he's come close to finishing his families work but has always ended of failing. To this day he still is researching how to do so. In his younger years Colmer lived in Berlin on the west side of the Berlin wall. he has 3 brothers and one sister, all living in different parts of the world. After his move to Japan he's tried to live a normal life however has fallen victim to a hero's incomitance and ended up losing a close friend in his life. Soon after he chose to promised himself he would destroy every hero he could find and bring an end to the super power era

He is quirkless but has an assortment of weapons and gadgets to his disposal.
Weapons: MG42, EMP drone, 44 Magnum, Combat knife, Limb Enhancer's, Shoulder mounted Taser, Airfilters, and his suit has a built in range finder.

has a liking to birds mostly crows and ravens
Born in West Berlin, Germany
Has 1 father, 2 Mothers, 3 Brothers, and 1 Sister
He has 4 pet's 2 of which are crows, 1 snake, and a black cat

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