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Fandom phoenix wright is on steam now so,,, ((don't mind views))

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AU, LGTBQ, Platonic, Romance, Slice of Life

love yourself

tech week will devour my non-existent soul
“guess who’s back? back again
mikey’s back; tell a friend”

yes, hello there, friends. i have returned from the depths of hell

i have started to watch jay from the Kubz Scouts (aka That Dude) play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and OH BOY i’m now helplessly in love with this game. now i’m craving this game constantly, and there’s nothing i can do about it. which means that i want to desperately roleplay this game…

if you checked out the channel and/or are subscribed to him, (fellow members of the kubz scouts, where u at), you’ll know he isn’t too deep in the game. i, myself, am on episode 11 still, (edgeworth committed??? murder???? WHAT) which means i don’t have knowledge on the other games throughout the series. (i.e. apollo justice, dual destinies, etc.) i’m still very new to the series in general, but am getting my way through it.

now, before you send me a pm (or the other way around), i have some things to say during/before we start to roleplay…

-i’m a dumbass, and don’t understand most concepts at the moment
-i am going through this hellish nightmare called tech week, and i might be very, very busy with it
-if you’re going to pm me for discord, i am afraid i can’t use that. for i don’t have access to that app for the time being
-my trust issues are VERY big because of past scenarios, so if i don’t feel comfortable, i will let you know
-i’m a minor
-some parts may be out of character, and i do heavily apologize

okay, now to the fun stuff!! (:

-i can play phoenix wright, maya fey, mia fey, and the judge boye
-i would be totally cool w/ doubling, but i don’t mind who you play as. i’ll just play whoever you want me to play
-some plots are in the back of my head, but i'll state them in pm
-i have more experience with the game than the anime, so,,,

if you'd like to roleplay with my bitch ass, send me a comment on here or a pm

Jean Otus

Would-Be Prince
If you think that the first game has craziness in it, just wait until you catch up with where we are now.

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