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Fandom Persona 5, please!


New Member
Hey everybody!

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I'm really looking for some active Persona 5 partners. I'm not a huge stickler for rules or anything and I'm usually pretty active all day. I love OOC chat and getting to know my partners as well!

Mostly what I am looking for is doubling with OC x Canon ships but I am also open to Canon x Canon. The following list is my favorite ships but I'm open to trying others!

Persona 5:

OC x Makoto
OC x Ann
Akira x Makoto
Akira x Ann
Akira x OC
Akira x Takemi

I also have experience playing Ryuji and Yusuke if you would want me to play either one of those for you!

Drop me a PM or a reply here and we can figure something out!


Junior Member
If you are still looking, I’d be up for Makoto and Akira if you wanted to try that


Hiya! Is this still open? If so I definitely am up fir sone doubling OC x CC and am fine with olaying anyone as long as you’re okay with playing Ryuji for me


New Member
After a bit of a hiatus from this site I am opening up this search again. Looking for one or two partners to consistently write with.

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