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Multiple Settings Persephone's Original 1x1 Romance RP Search!

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Just your casual Queen of the Underworld

Hello, I’m Persephone! I’ll get this out of the way and let you know that I’m searching for a partner to do a romance novel-style RP with. I’m looking to write for the “love interest” while my partner writes as the female “main character”. That said, plot is still important to me, so I like to have a strong premise, setting, or situation outside of the romance to build off of. If this isn’t your thing, that’s totally okay! 👌

Normally, I am way more flexible with the types of characters and pairings I’ll write for, but I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately, so I’m looking to keep things simple at the moment. If we continue RPing together in the future, I'd be more than happy to expand those limits!

  • Persephone | Seph | Perse
    Female | She/They | 24

    ✦ MxF, FxF, NBxF

    ✦ I'm currently not doubling or doing fandom RPs

    ✦ Third or First Person Perspective - whatever my partner likes to use

    ✦ Post length can range from a dialogue response with some descriptive text to 1000+ words, and giving my partner enough to respond to is always a priority.

    ✦ I don’t particularly have any limits, triggers, or “will-not-do”s. I mostly care about how something is approached and handled, rather than the actual content itself.

    ✦ Response times can range from multiple posts in a single day to once weekly, depending on factors such as post length, mental state, and how bad my executive dysfunction is on any particular day.

    ✦ Discord will always be my favored place to RP, but I’m also down to use Google Docs or PMs. Let me know whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Thank you!​


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