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Fandom Perma 1x1 search


A Tired Adult Writer
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Please read the full post before messaging me. I will not answer pm from people that clearly did not, and Yes I will be able to tell.

-Name: Alex or A.J.
-Age: 32
-Pronouns: She/They/Her
-Manic-depressive Caffeine addict/ Super Private Person
-I am on the EST time, but I am only online at night, 8-9 pm at the earliest to roughly 5-6 am.
-Please do not expect to talk to me daily, while I do check messages and try to reply to OOC daily, I am not available all the time even during the hours I have posted. Do Not Pest me for Rp Replies or Topic discussion every hour on the hour.​


I’ve been a role-player for over 15+ years. I am not super literal and kind of a lazy writer. That being said, I do put a lot of effort into my writing to enjoy the story I want to have and I am not one to carry a roleplay. If I am feeling a plot or a setting, I will be more talkative about our roleplay, but I am not going to come up with everything for both of us. Your character is your responsibility, you want something specific to happen, pitch me the idea. I am a very understanding person, I may agree to do it just because you asked. I do have limits though.

-I write anywhere from 1 paragraph to 5, mood depending, I don’t expect you to match me every time, I just ask that you give me more than a few lines, and It be something I can understand & work with. I do post frequently and am a fan of a lot of Out of character chat, however I am also a very private person, I don’t talk about my real life outside of what may keep me from posting. Not partners, family, plans for life, jobs, preferences, etc. you are free to ask why, and if this bothers you, you are more than free not to roleplay with me.

-Frequency of In Character posting can be daily to a few time a week, It really depends on what is going on around my home and my Depression.

- I am ditch friendly, I just ask that you drop a message stating that you are ditching. So that I don’t keep waiting for something that will never be answered. If I reach out to check in and receive no answer for 7 days then I will assume you have ditched. If You go silent on me for weeks at a time without notice, I will ditch and block you.

-Respect my boundaries. If I say no, then it will stay a no. Unless I enthusiastically agree, it's probably a no. I have the right to change my Limits at any time without explanation.

-Private Messages: I answer only private messages that have as much detail about what you are seeking from me in a roleplay as possible and within reason. I need to know what characters you want, relationship level from characters, setting and some kind of plot idea to build on. I can’t make the decision if I want to do a roleplay based off of “Hey want to roleplay? Or “I want to do this Rp with you” I am not a mind reader.
- I do not care what kind of art you use for your characters. I use both real and drawn as well as written profiles.​


- Be over 21+, I am in my 30s, and want to write with someone near that age as well.

-OcxCanon, CanonxCanon, OCxOC

-Discord preferred for OOC, GDoc > Pm.

- Don't be vague. Give as many details about things as you can. It will help me understand what you want, from plots, settings to the character you want to play. I am not going to answer messages that are just a genre or lack any type of well thought out details. Include relationship pairing styles, any ocs and canons that you are open to play and that you want me to play for you, Settings, plot ideas that you want to try or would like me to consider, things you don't like or wont do, anything that would give insight and make my choice easier. This way no one's time is being wasted if we are not Compatible as writing partners.

-Don't Godmod, backseat control or try to control My Characters. I feel like I shouldn't have to say this. This means My character in general, aspects of my character, looks, personality, history. I will come up with all of these myself, and maybe ask your options on what I have come up with but I Will Not let you control how I play My characters. Transphobia, fatphobia, hateful remarks about gender, weight or imposing expectations to play a specific gender or look. (asking me to play on Female, only skinny ocs, Etc.) This will get you immediately blocked.

- Do Not Rush me or pester me for Post. I do check in messages but I do not intend them to feel this way and I hope you can do the same. 7 days is my wait period between check ins, unless something has come up. Communication is key in everything and it works both ways. I realize timezones and work conflict with writing and Roleplaying is for Fun, Just Let me know so that I can understand better. My Schedule is hectic as it is but I do try to communicate when it changes and when I will be offline for long amounts of time. DO NOT GET RUDE ABOUT MY TIME OFFLINE.

- Chemistry, PLOT & Compatibility over Romance. No instant love, quick Romance. Pre-established relationships need to be discussed before the start of the roleplay. Romance is not required, poly, platonic, friendships are all welcomed but not required. Ship doesn’t always mean romance but I do need to know what kinds of relationship that you seek, so be straight forward even if you think it wont matter.

- Be able to play all genders and all relationships pairing styles (mxm,fxf,fxm, NBxall, so on) my preference is MxF but I play all genders through. You should too.[/b] Side note of this, if you focus on certain Relationship types more than others, don’t be weird about it. Also if you only play certain genders exclusively (You only play female or vice verse) , I am Not the person for you either. Please be straight forward about your pair preference!!! PLEASE BE STRAIGHT FORWARD ABOUT IT FROM THE START. Even if you don't think it will matter based off of the chemistry Rule, it will help me understand what you want.

- solo roleplay and Doubling - Sorry but I do require doubling if I am being asked to play a fandom canon character for you, it is only fair and courteous to be able to return the favor. I consider OcxOC to be solo roleplaying, because you are asking me to play a character of my own creation against/with your own in a story of our own creation together. Don’t ask me to play a canon character for you if you will not play one of my choice for my own Oc.

-I have every right to decline playing a character that I am looking for, there are characters in all my fandoms that I will not play.​

Currently these are:

MY WILL NOT Play List:

Dream/Morpheus, Albert Wesker, Karl Heisenberg, Sephiroth, Montgomery Gator/Monty, Leon Kennedy. (subject to change at short notice. Will update often)

Will NOT DO! Hard pass! NO WAY!

Subject to change on whim and communication

-Instant Romance, Quick burn or Slow Burn romances. ( I like a mild pace, something natural and not forced.)

-Star wars
-DO NOT FORCE YOUR FRIENDS ON ME. You may mention them but it is up to me weather I add them or not. Do not ask me about it or push the issue if I don't.

-Weird tropes like Bandit x Victim , Fan x Celebrity, Victim x Slasher, Doctor X Patient/Mentally ill Etc.

-Romanticizing mental health or disabilities! I should not have to say this, But don't ask me to do something that is trying to make this quirky or glamorized.

-Youtubers, real life celebrities, real life actors, no Fan x famous person. This goes for band and singers too.

-Overly dramatics, a little drama is fine and keeps the story going but it doesn’t have to be a lot all the time.

-Hyper-fixation on one side of pairings, doubling or Etc. Hyper-fixation of certain Relationship types (Being overly obsessive of M// or F//)

-Reactive posting or only reacting to what's there and not moving the story along.

-being vague about everything, (what you want to do, your character, plot, in general) I am not going to answer messages that are just a genre or lack any type of well thought out details.

- If you disappear for extended amounts of time before we even start writing, while we are still plotting, I most likely will drop. I do give time for writing, and do try to work with schedules. I can be laid back about things if communicated with. (If you’re going to ignore messages for weeks at a time, Don’t bother. I do send check in messages once a week, if they go unanswered, I will delete and block you.)

-If you stay in DnD, Invisible mode or whatever, all the time, please don’t bother.​

What I am looking for/ My Search


-Five Nights at Freddy's/ FNAF (selective about this, convince me)

Looking for: William, Monty gator, Moon/Sun, Micheal, Bonnie Rabbit, Roxanne Wolf.

Willing to play: Micheal, Sun/Moon, Freddy, Roxanne, Chica, Bonnie Rabbit.

- Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of time, Twilight princess, Botw)

Looking for: Link, Ganon, Sheik (as his own character).

Willing to play: Link, Sheik (as his own person), Zelda, Din, Shadow Link, Ruto, Saria, Impa.

- Resident Evil (1, 5, Operation Racoon City, 7 or Village )

Looking for: Albert Wesker, HUNK, Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, Vector, Lucas Baker, Ethan Winters.

Willing to play: Hunk, Carlos, Chris, Ethan, Ada, Jill, Zoe baker.

- Final Fantasy (7,Crisis Core, 10, 15)
Looking for: Angeal, Sephiroth, Reno, Rufus Shinra, Genesis, Vincent Valentine, Aaron, Seymour, Gladio, Ignis, Prompto.
Willing to play: Angeal, Zack, Cloud, Aerith, Tsung, Rude. Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, Jet, Wakka.

- Destiny 2
Looking For: Cayde-6, Crow/Uldren, Petra Venji, Eris Morn, Shaxx, Drifter, Zavala.
Willing to play: Ikora Rey, Eris Morn, Petra, Cayde-6, Drifter.


-low fantasy (Elves, low magic, legends,)
-science fiction (space, futuristic reality, World shifting, monsters)
-Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic science fiction
-Cthulhu Mythos​
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