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Realistic or Modern Perfect Husband {closed}

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ooc: im about to head to bed so if you'd like to introduce your character that would be great :). I'll probably make a character sheet, but its getting pretty late for me!

Travis McCormick, in the eyes of the community, was too perfect. Perfect wasn't necessarily a good word for him, but from what they could see, there was no fault in him. There were no rumors surrounding his name, but there was a small concern that had fallen upon one particular neighbor. That neighbor didn't make their suspicions known to Travis, but Travis certainly could feel a chill running down his spine. Even now as he mowed the lawn in the heat of a mid Thursday afternoon, he felt the eyes of someone following him about. Now, Travis was a well mannered man and usually kept his cool around those he disagreed with, but this instance made him grip the lawn mower's handle tightly. He certainly did not like being watched from the shadows, but he couldn't put a finger on who it could be. Most neighbors he knew and for those who weren't well acquainted with Travis still viewed him as pleasant. He even met his wife by simply spilling coffee on her on his way to work, and it was like any corny love story. They married fast, and it seemed like they hadn't argued at all in their 5 year marriage. They were told that this wouldn't last long, but Travis had to keep up a good image and he attempted to treat her like a queen to avoid any suspicion. When it came to kids... he wasn't in a rush. The idea of being a family man felt awkward and wrong in his mind. Carrying for a little being that would only take up time and money? He would rather keep clear of the things while he could. He never really asked his wife on her desires for children.

That feeling came back to him, and he looked behind him to see what was watching him. Who could possibly be analyzing him in the quiet neighborhood when he was doing absolutely nothing wrong. An urge swept through him like a tidal wave.

Perhaps you'd like to hunt that rat down, eh?

The thought wasn't a surprise to him, in fact, he expected his predator instincts to kick in. Travis had good intuition when it came to suspicious people, and there was a rare occurrence where someone had seen past his devilish charm. It was that kind of person that seemed to be staring into his soul at this very moment. Who could it be, what did they want, did they have any evidence? No, he was a careful man, and very patient. He took time with his hobby and would certainly avoid any risks that could be detrimental to him A loud bang was heard, and the fence in front of him took the impact of a lone mower. Those distracting thoughts had caused him to ram into the white fence, "Fucking -" he cussed quite loudly and stopped when the neighbors kid looked up from his spot on tricycle. The blue eyed innocence of that child wasn't the person who he felt watching him, however, the boy looked nervously at Travis. The fence was dented and a long black scrape was evidence of his foolishness.

"You alright Mr. McCormick?" Came the mother next door, Ashley. Travis raised his hand in response showing no harm, "Ya, I'm sorry about the fence." He apologized, giving a bashful smile in response to her worry. "I'll get it fixed, perhaps throw some cash your way?" Travis wasn't lacking in the money department due to his secure job as an accountant. He was rather smart with his money which resulted in a nice home with a furnished basement. Ashley simply nodded, "No worries, I'm sure my husband could fix it up. There is nothing he can't fix. Perhaps you could accept an invite to our barbeque tomorrow evening as payment?"

Travis thought for a moment, a small sigh escaping his mouth as he leaned against the mower. Tomorrow night was date night with his wife, and his ability to stay up late to continue a special hobby of his. Perhaps he'd have to attend to his hobby tonight, then convince his wife a night out with the neighborhood friends would be beneficial to their social life. Hesitantly he agreed, "I'll let the wife now, and I'll perhaps bring over her casserole." He ended the conversation and pushed the mower back into the shed, he was drenched in sweat, and dirt, and he'd need a good shower in. After all, he wanted to look presentable for his wife when she got home. Should he order Mexican for dinner? He was an alright cook, but it was his wife that held that skill. She worked more often than he did, since he could work from home, but she'd be dead tired. A text earlier today about an irritating co-worker had informed him that tonight would be a bad night to nag her for some food. Being a dutiful husband he quickly called a place downtown, and would get a quick shower in before her arrival.

There was banging from the cellar. Cries from a woman would have been heard if it wasn't sound proof. Travis wasn't aware of it, but the woman had gotten free from her cuffs, and had limped to the door. Good thing Travis was intelligent enough to put in some security measures such as chaining up the cellar which was a small hatch at the basement in his office. His office looked like any, with a brown oak desk, with a bookshelf that covered one side of the wall and a couch pushed up against the wall. It had a relaxing aura, but what was just bellow a trap door underneath his chair where a rug covered it over was a screaming woman begging for help. Her pleas wouldn't help her in this situation which would make her desperate to find something to fight him off when he came back down to her. Right now, Travis was being a dutiful husband, but what was held bellow would reveal a much more... psychotic undertone. His secret hobby and pleasure that released him of all his pent up aggression and sent serotonin through his body. How else was he suppose to be the perfect man?

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