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Fandom percy jackson mxf oc search ✧


hello! my name is luna, and i'm currently on the search for percy jackson oc roleplays because i have a lot of inspiration for it right now. i'm 23 and my pronouns are she/her.
i'm capable of writing as either gender, but I do have a preference for mxf pairings. i enjoy doubling up and having a male and female each, but it's not required.
in terms of writing length, i tend to write at least 3-4 chunky paragraphs with proper grammar. from you, I would like at least a paragraph but more is always welcome.
activity tends to fluctuate for me but i can usually reply at least every two days. from you, I would like a reply at least once a week.
as for writing platforms, I'd prefer to write over messages on here.
thanks for taking the time to read this search and i'm looking forward to hearing from you in the case that you're interested!
please message me instead of posting here
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