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Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Next Prophecy


((Real Quick before we start this, I would like to let you know this is a continuation of the last book [The Last Olympian] and all of us will be playing fresh Half-Bloods arriving at CHB. The only exception is me playing Chiron and my Half-Blood oc and one person doubling as Dionysis and a Half-Blood. Now with that out of the way, here is the plot.))

A year has passed since the Battle of Manhattan, as the Campers like to call it. Anyways, during that time Chiron had sent one camper from each Cabin (excluding Poseidon and Zeus) to look for Half-Bloods. You are one of these Half-Bloods. You will be claimed before you reach the age of thirteen and you will find that Camp Half-Blood is more than what you had expected. You will train, live, and quest with your cabin mates and fellow campers. These quests will follow a prophecy given to you by the Oracle. There are monsters everywhere in the world and after the Battle of Manhattan, New York is still trying to rebuild itself. Mount Olympus is still being rebuilt by its official Architect. But that is not needed. All you need is hope, strength, trust, and friendship.

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Just something of an unfavorite child if the god of smiths who lacks certain half blood traits but makes up for it in other ways

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