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Humans: One of the biggest players in the Galaxy, Humans have taken great strides in both technology and science. Evolved from Primates, Humans are Amino Levo, and their blood contains Hemoglobin, making them red blooded. Extremely adaptive, and industius, humanity has a tenacity that many races are envious of. This his probably due to their relatively short life span, but thanks to medical science, can now live up to 500 years. 

Illustrati: Originating from Elysium Prim, the Illustrati are one of the most militaristic and advanced peoples of the Galaxy. averaging at about 6'5" in height, and around 160lbs, the Illustrati have a pale complexion. With sharp angular facial features, they are considered some of the most beautiful people in the galaxy. Like Humans, they too are evolved from primates, sharing many phyical features, and looking extremely close to humans. Extremely adaptive, the Illustrati have a very flexable genome, allowing them to survive in almost any climate, even mate with other races, creating hybrids. Some of the more noticable features that seperate them from humans are their eyes, which their irises are alway a silver color. They also seem to lack pupils, but this is but a misconception. their pupils are covered up by a secondary lens that protects them from harmful particulates and allow them to see underwater. The other noticable feature is the bow on their shins. While this is considered minor, it actually makes them natural acrobats, and are extremely agile. The Illustrati are also physically weaker than humans, but have remedied this by colonizing higher gravity worlds. Despite these physical features, their most unique feature is the fact their blood contains Hemocyanin, meaning their blood has large traces of copper, instead of iron.

Felinae Superior:  Originating from the same homeworld of the Illustrati, the Felinae Superior like their lesser breeds are evolved from Felines. standing on average at 5'9" and weighing around 117 lbs, they are mostly hairless, they share many features with the Illustrati/humans, Like the Illustrati, their blood contain hemocyanin, and have a flexable genome. They also, like their cousins Felinae Minus have a few features of the felines they evolved from, such as tails of varying size, cat-like eyes, and ears. 


Felinae Minus: Like their cousins Felinae Superior, they've evolved from cats. Averaging at 5'4" and weighing 98 lbs, They are not entirely hairless, taking on more of their ancestor's feline features. Like their taller, hairless cousins they are extremely courious. While not as beautiful as their cousins, they have a charm to them that many find irresistable. Many humans upon seeing them claim that it's like being at a furry convention, although this is typically in jest. 


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massive beings that come from there home world of olveron. They stand anywhere from the height of a nrmal person to over 12 feet tall. Averaging in weight from normal weights to over a thousand pounds these beings are massive in stature and raw power. Very few people have seen what is under the massive metal suits they all wear but most describe them as looking like the land. Glowing cracks and there skin like lava rock. With one massive glowing eye dominating there face. They are considered brutes and being of great strength. Very intimidating but there lesser evolved minds don't comprehend why. The only thing they are genius at is there forging skills. Every suit you see is specially crafted and designed by the wearer. No two suits are alike at all




Native to Quaja, lowny are excellent swimmers. They can stay conscious underwater, on average, for fifteen minutes. They breath through their filae - the two centimeter-wide circular holes on their foreheads that each lead down to one of  two lungs. Filae are used to breathe, but when underwater, a piece of skin comes down a few inches into the pipes leading to their lungs, preventing drowning. This response is automatic, but can be consciously done or undone. It is much like the way breathing is controlled for both humans and lowny.

The filae, one closed, give a lowny the remarkable ability to survive underwater, unconscious, for nearly a day, filtering minute amounts of oxygen out of the water.

Lowny have thick strands on their heads that, by other species, could be mistaken for hair. It is not hair. It is a collection of tendrils, each five millimeters thick in diameter. These tendrils are highly sensitive. When hiding from predators in water, a lowny will sink as far down as they can and stay still, letting their tendrils bloom out in a circle around and above their heads. This makes them look like a certain type of aquatic plant, tricking many predators into leaving them alone.

They have such a collection of tendrils on each of their feet. These feet do not have toes, but fan out at the ends, where they taper off. This helps lowny swim.

Lowny are similar to humans. However, due to the increased gravity of their planet, they are shorter and, front-to-back, more broad. The average height of a Lowny is four feet.

Lowny eyes are perfectly round. They have no need for noses or cartilage structure around their filae, and so do not have them. Air can come from their lungs up to their mouths, for them to speak. However, that channel is one-way, and lowny cannot breathe in through their mouths. Their faces are almost entirely round.

Lowny eat plants and gerns. A gern is a class of organism that is not quite a plant and not quite a fish. They are boneless but mobile, with fish-like flesh and no central brain.

Sexual orientation is not a concept among the lowny. A human would say they are all bisexual, but their language, as well as all their minor languages, have no such titles. There is no taboo around promiscuity. Conception is rare, so most don't bother to use birth control. When accidentally pregnant, a lowny will always put the child up for adoption, because conception is so rare.

Lowny females do not have any holes large enough to give birth the way humans do. A day before birth, the uterine wall begins to merge with the skin, and the nerves and blood vessels begin to shut down. By the time the baby is ready to emerge, the lowny woman cannot feel any sensation in the effected region of her body. Lowny babies develop one sharp tooth - a 'cannibal tooth,' - in the womb. They use this tooth to bit their way out of their mother. Both men and women Lowny have small stores of nerveless fat where human women have breasts. The baby feeds off of this and it constantly regrows. A day after birth, a thin layer of skin covers the hole. Within a month, the mother is back to normal.

Because of their diet, lowny eat with teeth that are very dull, and have little power in their jaws (compared to humans). However, because of their abnormal birthing, each lowny has one extremely sharp 'cannibal tooth,' at the front of their top jaw. Some have this removed because they bite their tongue, or for aesthetic reasons. Most do not.

Lowny are generally very peaceful. Two million years ago, there was a planet-wide war that wiped out ninety percent of the population. Only the most level-headed lowny survived that war, and there hasn't been another since. However, if cornered, a lowny will use their cannibal tooth to fight back. Without a weapon, they have no other defense.

Pursuit of information is the noblest of pursuits, to this peaceful species. They are calm and patient, and for the most part have no desire to leave their planet. Every citizen is scientifically literate and reads the latest news and commentary about the many scientific experiments going on at any given time.

Extremely democratic, every matter is voted on. Elected officials only organize the votes. In disaster situations, they briefly become dictators.
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