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Fantasy people of nvoem


transphobes do not interact

non princess characters are welcome but will not be open for addition until after the princesses are decided upon as they need a connection to the story.

age (19 for princesses)
dob (november 13 for princesses)

realistic fc

skills and weaknesses (3 of each)
positive and negative traits (3 of each)
likes and dislikes (3 of each)

general concept of what you want your character’s background to be, including the “gift” the princesses get (aka a power but it has to tie in with the myth), etc


snow white
sleeping beauty


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Name: Zora Darina Sipkovruza
Age: 19
Born: 13 november
Orientation: uncertain

Faceclaim: Anastasia Tsilimpiou
Height: 5'6"

Embroidery & other needlecrafts-- even a servant must pass her time somehow.
Lying-- it's quite easy to throw your belief into a falsehood when you don't know the truth.
Polyglot-- hardly fluent in anything, but picks up bits of new languages easily.

Survival-- has never once had to wonder where she might sleep or when her next meal would come.
Detecting lies-- it's easy to believe what others have to say when you can't recall anything to contradict them.
Combat-- fighting back was a dangerous option, and she never learned how to do it well.

Intelligent-- though her studies were neglected since the conquest, she still manages to know quite a few things about quite a few subjects.
Alert-- keen senses and quick reflexes, honed through necessity.
Empathetic-- seems to have an odd knack for reading others' emotions, particularly anger.

Passive-- when pressed into a corner, it's rare she fights back.
Cold-- struggles when on the receiving end of trust or affection, as it's no longer familiar to her.
Delicate-- does a poor job at rebounding from setbacks.

thunderstorms, rosehip tea, playing the harp

nights without a moon, cats, the taste of diachylon

For the first nine years of her life, Zora seemed to be entirely untouched by the curse. She grew up surrounded by a doting court and a loving family, and she looked poised to grow into a beautiful, clever woman- one well-suited to be the heiress to the kingdom of Jehla. Unfortunately, her parents made a grave mistake when announcing her birth to the surrounding lands. Invitations were sent out to her christening, but the king and queen purposefully excluded the nearby nobles of Aculeus, citing previous hostilities. That snub turned to resentment, which festered for nearly a decade. Shortly after her tenth birthday, Aculeus stormed the castle, and the Sipkovruza family was slaughtered.

However, Zora- fortunately or unfortunately- caught the attention of the Aculeus patriarch. As soon as he laid eyes on her, he demanded that she would be spared, to be kept as a servant. It was an unspoken fact how exactly she was to be serving the new king and a select few of his court, but no one dared oppose his orders.

The next part of her life passed in a hazy fugue state. To her, it felt as though she was dreaming even as she moved, spoke, knelt, submitted. In a sense, it was a blessing- though she could not rid herself of her keepers or escape them without risking worse punishment, her mind could keep her from processing what was happening in a desperate attempt to soften a situation that otherwise may well have killed her. The thing that 'woke' her and brought her back to reality was not a kiss, but the birth of her daughter, scarcely two years ago. (Said daughter is asleep in her own way now, laid in the rose gardens to keep her from Zora's fate if she had grown up.)

Zora's not sure what happened between then and now, and suddenly she's filled with questions. Where did the scars and burns trailing up and down her arms come from? How does she understand snippets of conversation in languages she'd never once heard before the conquest? Why do plants now shift and grow at her desires, twisting into thorny shields and hidden pathways from the castle grounds? And why do people still look at her with such a wary eye, speaking in hushed whispers about the curse of the blood moon?

Hopefully, the outside world will hold some answers.
Zora Sipkovruza
CW: CSA, pregnancy, infanticide

coded by: @s e v e n
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