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Temporarily and Intentionally Insane
“Even the dead get lonely.” -Unknown

I am the ghost of an older teen girl, and you are someone leaving a note for a recently deceased family member. You left a space at the bottom of the note for the person to write back if they could, but instead, I wrote back, and we got to talking through letters. The roleplay starts through letters, and then progresses to normal roleplaying format if you want, although if you want to say in letters for longer, I’m fine with that too.

Roleplay Generals -
Genre : Magic Realism
Genre Definition : Magical or unreal elements play a natural part in an otherwise realistic environment
Long Term or Short Term : Long Term
Romance -
Yes/No : Yes
(If Yes) What Gender Arrangement : Any involving me as a girl
(If Yes) What Age Ranges : Older teenagers
Number of People -
Number of People In Total (Including Me) : 2
Number of People Still Wanted : 1
Warnings -
Angst (0-10) : 9
Violence (0-10) : 4
Sexuality (0-10) : 3
Other(s) (Please List) : No other warnings I can think of at the moment


The Red One
I'm interested. Would you be open to trying a different start though? What if you as a ghost wrote a letter to someone who knew you, but I end up getting the letter instead of the intended recipient. However this misunderstanding might lead to some interesting interactions. Would you be willing to try it?

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