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  1. Mao: Hahahaha! Tokage, always the joker.'re joking, right?
  2. Tokage: Maybe *Sips hot chocolate*
  3. Oh.

    Setsuo: And that's how I meet your mother.
  4. *Que laugh track and end credits*
  5. Mao: 1504558801943.jpg
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    For all our cinnamon rolls out there! :3
  7. broken
  8. Does it work now? :3
  9. yeah
  10. UA: A colorful bunch of true heroes who stand in the name of justice and all that is good!
    PSA: A bunch of....colorful heroes with controversial backstories/motivations, unstable personalities that built a school with their bare hands
    ....No wonder we were skipped over in the manga/anime xD
  11. Perfect targets for Stain
  12. Tokage v Stain gotta happened :3
  13. [​IMG]
    I worry for the students.
  14. I worry for the teachers! Have you seen this years students!? xD

    Two of them are already planning to murder each other while silently insulting the other

  15. Pals till the end.
  16. They have a whole three years to beat the meaning of fear into them. I bet that PSA is actually just a front to breed the next generation of villains. Thus all the misfits.
  17. Tokage: CRAP! THEY'RE ONTO US! *Crab scuttles away*
  18. cantrun.png
    Time for justice. Stain Arc now.
  19. I feel like Stain would just insult everyone because The Teachers aren't "true heroes"(By his standards) and The Students goals are mostly unheroic or selfish xD
  20. Except for Koinu who just wants to eat chicken and be the best girl c:
  21. Wants to be? Koinu IS best girl

  22. but how can you be best girl if you aren't a boy?
  23. By being a pup :P

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