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A Freckled Encounter
Lilly Verde




"People call me Colt." She responded, giving the boy a slight tip of her cap. As he questioned her on her knowledge of what was happening, she blew through her teeth. "I dunno... Probably some trial evacuation or something," she said, before noticing that Marcus seemed to have spaced out. "...'Ello?" she said as he came to, comparing her to the "sexy woman" from Resident Evil . Something about the name of that movie made Colt blackout.
"Cmon, there's probably a doctor in here or something..."

As she walked further in, she began to notice other people. The place was packed to the brim. This was ridiculous. "Sit her here." she said bluntly before starting to walk away, a slight limp in her stride, "I'd go find someone." this was enough for her right now, Colt had barely spoken to anybody for months so this was pretty overwhelming. She found a quieter place to sit, which happened to be close to a younger girl with light hair. Taking out her flask, Colt let out a heavy sigh as she uncapped it.

This was just getting worse and worse. Now being surrounded by people she didn't know, in a situation that was getting weirder by the minute... Well shit.
Then, at the same time, each of those seven men cocked their rifles, aimed downwards at the crowd of people, and then began firing off rounds without prejudice.

As soon as the firing squad began its offensive assault, the three men still waiting outside picked up their guns, aimed at the officers and fired. Both of the men in uniform as well as the school guard outside of the auditorium became riddled with bullets. The men outside the front door who were responsible for letting people in met the same fate. Finally, the officers in the back would too fall before the three groups outside advanced into the middle school, armed and loaded.

Twenty men with rifles are in the middle school and looking for your head.
Lilly couldn't concentrate on anything. There was too much people around her, to many sounds, to many thoughts in her head distracting her. Masks handed to them, people going by left and right. Her eyes landed on those in hazmat suits. It only became wore and dizzying as shots were fired into the crowded middle school. Her hand held Marcus' tightly. People running panicking, bodies dropping to the ground, a bullet landing into someone in front of her, they fell forward and she stepped back in silent horror. Her mind went blank, nothing prepared her for this .How could anything have?

Crowds already made her uneasy and run herself on automatic but there was no auto response to this. "We have to get out of here...we have to go." She always thought herself a rather hard person to get to. Usually her face was hard to read, she walked through the world apathetic to most things, but this crazy situation, was too much. Almost impossible to compute at the moment. People panicked by, she looked over at Marcus and that lady, Colt. "There's gotta be a way out." She attempted to keep focus. A list. Make, execute it, stay, focused. Don't get shot, find a way out, escape, go somewhere safe.

She didn't get shot. Step one completed so far. "Sewers, vent leading out, back door, something anything leading out??" She asked and looked around hurriedly for anything that could help, feeling useless in this frenzy

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Luka Cole




Alright, this town is going further and further to shit so here's the plan...I run in, warn my followers while treating the pooch and after that we get the hell out of here. It's glass, so I need to remove it, clean the wound and stitch up the paw. It won't take long." Parking the car and turning off the ignition Jenna spun around to face her passengers. "I need somebody to keep a lookout. These things are slow, but they can get the jump on you. I'd probably have most of my throat gone if it wasn't for..." She stopped. In all the commotion she hadn't even asked the red-headed girl her name. "You." She smiled "In all this crazy, messed-up bollocks...I don't think I actually caught your name." "I'm Jenna. But Gem works too."
"I'll keep lookout." Luka said, looking at the two. He didn't feel the need to introduce himself. Plus Jen asked the other girl not him, so why interrupt. he Simply looked around at the building that was supposedly her home. Would they run into something out here? He pondered this, and pondered the cause of these strange events. Again his gaze fell on the dog, a small impulse to apologize to it for his rant earlier came up in his head. Odd, it was just a dog.

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Supreme Yeeter

Ivan grabbed the glock Colt had slid towards him before diving out of the way of the incoming hail of bullets. He crawled behind a metal cabinet that looked to be full of medical supplies. As bullets dented the cabinet and screams erupted from the gym around him, echoing both in reality and through his mind. He quickly forced his hands over his ears, trying to drown out the screams with the blood pumping quickly through his hands as he buried his head against the shiny wooden floor.

“Не сейчас, пожалуйста, не сейчас.” (Not now, please not now.)

He said quietly to himself, trying to control his breathing so it wasn’t the random and raspy grabs at air that it was now. Once Ivan had finally calmed down mildly, the screaming had mostly ceased, the armed men stepping over the dead to finish what they started. Ivan looked at a metal cabinet across from him and his eyes widened at the sheer number of bodies littering the floor, and the way they moved on their own when the hazmats put another bullet in them. Quickly and hopefully quietly, Ivan shuffled through the cabinet next to him until his hands met a glass bottle. He quickly pulled it out, screwing the cap off before taking a quick whiff of it. He wrinkled his nose at the familiar scent before a light smile crossed his face.

“Медицинский алкоголь, Отлично.” (Medical alcohol, great.)

He said before digging his hand through the cabinet again for some sort of cloth he could use for a molotov. His hands rested on a box, which he quickly pulled out to see were sterilized bandages. His smile grew a bit wider as he ripped the box open with his teeth, grabbed a bandage, ripped the packaging open, and stuffed the bandage down the neck of the bottle. He knew this wouldn’t kill all of them, but it’d cause a good enough distraction that he and Colt should be able to drop the rest of them. Once he knew the bandage was secure in the bottle, he tipped the bottle over a few times to soak the bandage before reaching into his pocket for his lighter. His heart dropped when he didn’t feel it there. He looked around frantically, thinking he might’ve dropped it during the ordeal. Then he quickly remembered that it was in his jacket pocket, which was thankfully not far from him.He slowly crawled over to it, making sure there weren’t any of the hazmats looking towards him before snatching his jacket from the floor and nearly rocketing back to the cabinet. The fiddled through the pockets before he found his lighter, lighting the tip of the cloth and taking a deep breath before peeking over the cabinet, picking out two hazmats that had stopped to chat, thinking their job was done. Ivan stood up quickly and hurled it at their feet. The glass jar broke and flames scattered at the hazmats feet, screams erupting from the two as the flames danced up their bodies. Ivan had dropped down to the safety of the metal cabinet behind them, listening to the screams of the hazmats as he waited until it sounded like they had regrouped in a singular area. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to shoot them all without getting shot himself, he looked over to where he’d last seen Colt, hoping he could signal her to create a crossfire between them, giving them more targets to shoot at.


Your Majjiesty

6b9ef6cd5139e7524ff250eaab851f0a.pngShe wasn’t phased by the accidental aggression in his tone. It wasn’t like she expected Luca to be the warm and fuzzy type, she wasn’t either. Even as kids he hadn’t been exactly inviting, always a little pushy even if he had seemed...happier.

Andy went through her tale, about how the nurses had told her there were no survivors from the hospital besides the two of them. The girl informed him that she had made a point not to accidentally drag him in on her stupidity for telling them too much. She could see his cogs turning, something she had said had tipped him off that something wasn’t right. It was the same feeling she had felt since her arrival here.

Andy blinked at him as he stood and unbuttoned his pants but, thankfully all he removed was a gun. He had been smart enough to bring in weaponry. Under normal circumstances Andrea would think bringing a gun into a school was really stupid, but after seeing Luca use it to save her life once, she wasn’t as put off by its presence. Her best line of defense was her competition bow, which was sadly locked in the trunk of her car outside.

“We’re Cattle.” His voice put the words to the unease she felt and her eyes widened in understanding. Of fucking course they were. That’s why they freaked out when they found out she had been at the hospital, they were worried about the virus spreading. They government was now involved, and it was clear that no one knew what the hell was going on, not really. No one in this place was expected to make it back out.

As if on cue she heard the shots in the distance. Andy pulled out her cell to call Owen, but despite having service, the call wouldn’t go through. How far ahead had they planned this? Far enough apparently to shutdown the wireless phone lines. That meant that unless she could find Owen fast, her best course of action would be to get the hell out of dodge. Owen was far better equip to protect himself, than she was. The longer she stayed here the less chance she had of getting out alive.

Why was it that every time she got around this ‘Dangerous’ person she was in a situation where she was running for her life? He had saved her life once, but it was no guarantee that he would protect her again, but right now he had a gun and she had nothing, so sticking near him would once again be the key to her survival.

The gunfire started in the gym, men high up on raisers fired sprays of bullets into the crowd. People went down quickly, blood and death hung thick in the air. Thankfully for both her and Luca, they were close to the wall and out of immediate line of fire. It wouldn’t protect them for long. She didn’t waste her breath talking to him, she grabbed the hand that wasn’t wrapped around the pistol and ducked into the nearest door.

The thick metal door swung shut behind them, muffling the sounds of chaos on the other side of it. Andy had grown up here, that meant that she had spent four years in the hallways of this school. It looked like the people in charge of this massacre had thought far enough ahead to shut off cell service, but had they thought far enough ahead to block off all the exits? What about exits that wouldn’t be on blueprints?

“One of the windows down here isn’t actually sealed,” Andy explained in a hushed whisper. “The girls used to use it to smoke in the locker room.” The hallway that she was leading Luca down was dark, and it made it hard to see. She kept hold of his wrist, leading him along but it honestly felt like the blind leading the blind. Andy hadn’t traversed these hallways in years, and any number of things could have changed. For all she knew this window had long been found out and fixed, and they they were really boned. But, what other choice did she have? On the other side of that door people were dying and people with guns were flooding all the entrances.

It smelled weird down here, like must and metal. It had always been a little damp and weird down here, something about the brick walls and no airflow always caused it to smell stagnant. Had it always been this damp? After careful consideration, Andy pulled out her cell phone and turned on the flashlight app. Pointing it down the the floor she realized that she was standing in a pool of thick, red blood. She covered her mouth to keep the repulsed gasp from coming from her lips. There had been others down here, now they were dead.

She gestured for Luca to look. This person had been shot, likely by the same people that were in the gym. The likelihood that they were alone down here was decreasing by the second. It was a middle schooler, the red uniform polo torn by a spray of bullets, singed and dampened by the child’s blood. Andy looked at the child defeated. How had the world gone to shit so fast that the murder of children was okay. There were probably more young bodies in the rest of the school. Nobody in his building was to make it out alive.

Andy stepped over the legs of the slumped form in the dim light from her flashlight. They had to keep moving, or they would share the same fate as this young one. Andy pulled on Luca’s arm to follow her, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Her endeavor was in vain however, because the small hand of the dead child reached out with lightning speed.

A full bodied scream erupted from Andy’s lips.

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Ray Childress: The Bakery


Ray watched as what few people in the park there were began to vacate rather quickly.

Couldn't be related to whatever those police officers were responding to, could it?...

He let out a sigh and turned from the window to go back into the kitchen behind the counter.


The cellphone in his pocket went off as he pushed open the swinging door. The door went back and forth, creaking to a slow stop as Ray crossed the kitchen and pulled the device from his left side pocket. Losing his grip, the phone slipped between his fingers and clattered to the tile floor.

"Oh come on.." He strained as he bent over to scoop it up and examine the screen for cracks. All good. His finger clicked a button and the home screen came on. An old picture of his ex-wife and late son filled the frame. His finger paused before hitting the message icon. It was a picture taken approximately twenty three years ago at Dylan's tenth birthday party; Dylan being his son. The birthday boy was sat at their dining room table with a big green cake planted in front of him. He had on the cutest little party hat that reflected the light of the sparkler candles In the cake.

That was an awesome cake.

This was around the time when Ray had taken an interest in cooking and more specifically, baking. It took a good portion of the day to finish that beast while Rachel had Dylan out at the bowling alley with his friends from school. The name Rachel always made Ray smile. He never blamed her for leaving him after their son passed. There she was, beautiful as ever, standing beside the seat that Dylan sat in. It seemed she didn't even glance at the cake. Her eyes were glued to the boy, their son, with a smile that could light the darkest night sky.

Ray smiled in return and was about to finally check the message on his phone when the chime by the door rang out. He put the phone back in his pocket and hurried back to the front.

The door opened and Ray entered, "Hello! How can I help you to-" He stopped short when he caught sight of her. A young female stood slightly bent over. She breathed heavily and seemed to be bleeding pretty severely from somewhere around the left side of her neck. It was hard to pinpoint due to her wearing a hoodie, but there was a big portion that was soaked in blood.

"Oh my lord." Ray hurried around the counter as her legs gave way and she fell to the floor. He arrived at her side and stooped down to her level. "It's okay, you're okay." Blood tried to hold the hoodie to her skin as he carefully pulled at the collar of it. She moaned a little and He checked the wound out. It looked like... A bite?.. Dark blood still trickled out of the gash. It was deep.

"Hold on, I'm going to call an ambulance." Ray whipped his phone out and dialed the emergency number. His ear was met with a busy tone. He tried again. "What is going on?" He frantically tried around four more times before he knew he had to do something. The woman seemed to be fading out of consciousness and getting a bit pale. Ray took some table cloths and managed to make a bandage that went across her chest one way and under her left arm the other. It slowed the bleeding but it wouldn't stop it. "Hold on, we're going to go to the hospital." She didn't even respond as Ray sprung up and bolted to the kitchen to retrieve his car key. He grabbed his key chain that included his store, house, and car key and hurried back. He froze as he came back out to the front.

She was gone...

"Um, hello? Ma'am, I need to take you to the hospital. Where did you go?" He would have heard the chime ring again if she had left the store. He glanced around and looked back down to the floor. There was a mess of blood in a smeared puddle where she was previously sitting and a steady trail of drops leading away from it. His gaze followed them to the bathroom area around the corner. Confused, he briskly walked over, careful not to slip on the blood. The door to the ladies bathroom was open and he came to the doorway. There she was. Her back was to Ray and she stood in the middle of the bathroom.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip.

Blood continued to drip onto the ground. It coated her entire arm as it ran down. She twitched as Ray spoke up. "Ma'am... We need to go. Now." He surprised himself with how stern he sounded. Especially considering her condition. But this was serious and she needed to get immediate help. His mouth hung open as she unnaturally turned around to look at him. Pale white eyes met his and his heart began to pound harder. He didn't know why. Something wasn't right. Without warning, the woman leaped at Ray. Her mouth opened wide and arms extended towards his torso. Ray put up his arm in defense but squirmed when she made contact and tried to bite him. His other hand pushed her head away and he pulled out of her grasp. He slowly took steps back. "Ma'am, you need to calm down. I think that bite did something to your mind. Just stop trying to attack me and lets go to the-" He got cut off as she lunged again. Ready this time, he dodged to the right and she fell to the floor. She was now in the doorway to the bathroom, between Ray and the exit. She snarled and slowly got back up. This time Ray didn't give her the chance and charged her with his arms up and shoved her back as he sprinted past. Her body hit a table and she rolled off of it back onto the floor. Ray opened the front door of the store and closed it behind him, locking it. The woman slammed into it a few seconds later and she clawed at the glass. Ray tried to collect his thoughts and toyed with the key ring in his hand. He pulled out his phone and checked the message.

"The middle school huh... Alright then."

The car started and took off. Ray tried to make sense of the events that had just taken place a few minutes ago.

I just left a confused and dying girl in my store... What was I supposed to do? She was attacking me... I hope I haven't made a mistake...

Ray navigated the roads and turned on a street that would take him straight to the school. He couldn't see any trace of life around the streets. The car accelerated faster and his nerves grew.

Almost there.

He returned to reality when a figure crossed the street right in front of his car. Without seeing who or what it was, he swerved the vehicle to the left and hit a parked car on the side of the road. Everything went black.

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The Paradise Hunter

Collette “Colt” Stanhope
The whole room was pandemonium. Colt kept behind her cover and occasionally shot at the hazmat freaks as they opened fire on the civilians. Suddenly, she was back in Afghanistan, desperately trying to protect innocent people from the rebels. Rebels shooting their own people for reasons she did not understand. Everything was the same except for the location. She struggled to keep up with her shotgun. The Russian man seemed to be faring better than she was. But she had kept her cards close to her chest. In her jeans was a pocket revolver. She desperately tried to keep her cool but it was becoming so difficult.

As she continued to shoot, a sudden flash caught her attention as the Russian seemed to have thrown some kind of explosive, setting everyone in its proximity on fire, hitting not only the hazmats but innocent civilians.

The screams and panic arising from the fire triggered a panicked response from the veteran. The woman gasped and almost fell onto the ground. Suddenly everything felt numb as she desperately tried to catch her breath. It was as if she was underwater, everything felt blurry and muted. She couldn't breathed she couldn't see and she couldn't feel anything. Everything seemed red with flashes. Sasha, where was Sasha?! Martha?! Luitenent. Lorrie- ANYBODY!? WHERE WERE THEY!? THEY HAD TO SAVE THOSE HOSTAGES! THEY WERE BEING KILLED IN THERE!

It took a close shot to bring Colt back to reality. She sat up, realising she was lying on the floor hyperventilating. She looked to the man who had triggered her panic attack.

"What the hell are you doing, you idiot!? We're trying to save people not blow them up!?" She snarled, grabbing her firearms from the ground, "This isn't fucking Die Hard!" She added before stumbling away, keeping her gun raised the whole time as she found her way to the locker room. She needed to regain her senses. And to take on more whisky. Right now that was all she wanted. All she could think of.

"Spendfouryearsinthearmyandthinkshe'sfuckingJohnRambo,stupidRuskie-HO!" Colt jumped out of her skin at the sight (just visible because of the flashlight) of a younger pair seemingly being attacked by a girl, but it wasn't. Without another thought, she raised the sawed-off shotgun and fired once, hitting it in the shoulder and causing it to stumble, allowing Colt to get the second shot, knocking it onto the ground.

"What... aw shit-" unable to keep her train of thought, Colt took out her flask and took the longest swig possible before turning to the pair.

"...Hello." She put the flask away and sat on one of the benches, refilling her shotgun. Taking out her own flashlight, she flicked the switch. "Either of you bitten?" She questioned. She shon the flashlight around, spotting the window. That must have been why they were here.

"...Good idea. This place is lost." She hated saying that so much. It was the worst thing to know. All she wanted was to save as many as possible. But she couldn't. Just when she thought she had escaped the war.

"Right let's get..." she stopped mid-sentence as she realised something that would hinder her plan... with a guttural sigh, she leaned against the wall... and pulled off her prosthetic.

"I'll explain later. Hold onto it. GO!" She ordered them in a loud whisper as she could hear heavy footsteps coming to the door. Hazmats!
"Here." She handed the boy her pocket pistol, cocking her shotgun. "If they get me, don't wait!"

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Slosh. Slosh. Slosh.

His feet dragging against the wet rug, Luca knew something was wrong as soon as he was dragged into the locker room; the lights might have been off, but the smell of blood was unmistakable. It had a distinct odor. The more of it there was, the worst it smelled. At that same end, the longer dead bodies had been lying around, the faster they began to rot. Dragged as though he were a child, Luca blindly yet cautiously followed Andy. When she shone the flashlight on the blood, as well as the corpse, not a sound escaped from his lips. If there were people dead in the hallway leading to the lockers, then it was more than likely that those people were still around. Even then, it was only a matter of time until the bodies on the floor began to turn.

That’s when Andy let out a scream.

Immediately out of instinct, Luca turned to slap his hand over the girl’s mouth in attempts to muffle the sound of the scream. At the same exact time, the distinct sound of a shotgun went off - forcing Luca’s ears to ring. The area they were in was closed off. Two of the four walls that enclosed them were rather close. Luca couldn’t help but slightly jump at the sight of the shotgun shells bursting the small child’s shoulder open. It was at this moment he turned his sight to face the woman who was responsible for saving Andy; Luca didn’t even realize that the child had reanimated. He did, however, hear the footsteps. Much like Colt had. Once the woman offered up her prosthetic, as well as her gun, Luca slightly tapped Andy on the elbow, signifying that she should take both items without saying another word. He was going to be busy. Using his right thumb, he cocked his pistol in preparation.

“Get behind me.”

The first thing Luca did was crouch, before moving as close to the right-hand side wall as he could. Immediately in front of them, a door on the same side of the wall was kicked open, forcing it to slam against the concrete opposite of Luca’s side. Being that the hallway was relatively dark, the three would be able to use the lack of light to their advantage. Luca’s eyes narrowed slightly, as his left hand gripped the bat tightly. The first man in the hazmat suit stuck his gun out of the door frame, it’s flashlight flickering on as he slowly marched out of the locker room. He wasn’t alone. Luca let him pass, putting up a hand to signify to Colt that it was not yet time to shoot. The man continued taking a few steps forward, the narrow scope of his flashlight illuminating areas of the hallway opposite of the three. Luca pushed his weight against the wall, using it to quietly slide up so that he was standing straight. He slowly turned his body, waited for the second man in the hazmat suit to barely step out of the door frame before…


Using his left arm, Luca swiftly swung his aluminum bat diagonally upwards. The tip of his weapon struck the bottom of the hazmat mask, causing it to fly off. In addition to this, the force of the swing caused the man to drop his gun out of surprise. While he was stumbling back, Luca quickly aimed the pistol in his right hand toward the man’s kneecap and fired. In the midst of his offensive onslaught he didn’t have time to tell Colt to attack, but it was far too late. As the bullet pierced through the man’s kneecap, he fell back against the lockers.

Luca dropped his bat as well as his gun before following up, launching himself forward off of his left leg and slamming his right knee into the bare face of the man who had been leaning against the lockers. The force of the blow left a heavy dent in the metal, but knocked the man unconscious in the process. Luca didn’t seem to notice or care, however, because he took one step off of the man’s body before he threw his right fist into the man’s face. His knuckles connected with the man’s bare flesh maybe half of a second before the knuckles belonging to his left hand met the same fate. Two punches turned into four. Then, four to six. Luca didn’t stop punching until he was beating in what was left of a bloody pulp.

Huffing and puffing as though he had ran three miles, Luca stood up straight. He stared down at the lifeless body of the man, momentarily lost in the sight. After a few seconds of realizing what situation he was in, the former capo didn’t have to think twice before turning and picking up the assault rifle the man in the hazmat suit had been carrying. It was of superb quality; military-grade. Luca was very fond of heavy firearms. He had been using them for a very long time. It had a flashlight attachment, and a strap. This was Luca’s gun now.

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Suoh.pngShe just kept repeating her thanks over and over and Owen couldn’t help but give her a little smirk. As she took her gun out of her bag and took his his hand, he couldn’t help but wonder what a girl like her was even doing with a gun. He brought her to her feet, feeling the adrenaline still coursing through her body in the tremors in her hand.

The girl was right about one thing, they weren’t going to be able to get out through the front doors. When she pulled her hand away, a knife was left in his palm. At her request, Owen hesitantly gave the bat back to her. It felt right in his hands, and he knew he would do a better job protecting them with the bat than with knife, but it was hers.

“Sure,” he handed it back to her, flipping it so the handle was facing her. “Our best bet is going to be to get out through the employee entrances I think. If nothing else there will be plenty of places to barricade…” He was interrupted by some crazy person throwing a Molotov cocktail into one of the hazmat gunners. The fire that came from it erupted into a flash of heat and screams. Instinctively, Owen pushed Leliana behind him.

“What are you fucking crazy man?” Owen screamed at him. Sure, two of the gunners got hit, but there were still some live people wandering around in the gym. Himself, and his new lady companion included. He grabbed the girl’s hand and headed toward one of the exits of the gym. Sure, there were gunman between them and the exit, but that just meant that he was going to have to be faster and smarter.

Owen watched as the gunman turned his sights on a couple. The girl had green hair, the boy holding her hand had some whiteish looking locks. They looked nervous and out of place. Dead was what they were about to be if they didn’t move. The blonde girl had taken back her bat, that left Owen with one moire choice to save the two of them...and not an attractive one.

If there was one universal truth about Owen, it was his detest of guns. He had never shot one, he didn’t care too. He had come face to face with them from time to time, but had always just quickly disarmed his adversaries. Which was easy, because most of them were high on some various drug. He groaned and slung the rifle off his back, and did his best to quickly acquaint himself with where all the necessary parts were.

Owen didn’t know his way around a gun, but most people could find their way to the sight and the trigger. He wasn’t in any danger of hitting the couple and so he lined up a shot. With a heavy breath and resignation, he squeezed the trigger. Nothing happened.

Nothing at all.

He didn’t have time to figure out if it was an issue with the safety, or maybe it was out. The pair in front of him were going to die if he waited too long so Owen let go of Leliana’s hand and rushed to the gunner. Thankfully, between the fire and the chaos he didn’t see Owen sprint up to him, and by the time his attention had turned, it was too late. Owen took the gun and shoved the butt of the rifle into the man’s face. His mask only protected him so much and he heard a crack.The man was stunned enough to drop his gun, which Owen kicked away from him. Using the rifle that was still in his hands, Owen slammed the butt of it into the guys gut and then grabbed him by the shoulders and kneed him twice in the face and threw him to the ground.

Adrenaline took over him, and instinct ruled. Owen grabbed the man by hand and twisted the arm that was reaching for something in his pocket. He placed his foot against the man’s ribs and pulled on the arm till he felt the pop of it coming out of place, and the gunner let out a satisfying cry of pain. He leaned down and ripped the mask back and now with the tender flesh of the man’s face exposed Owen slammed the butt of the gun into his temple to knock him out cold.

He was sure that he had blood on him, he didn’t care. Hopefully he didn’t look too scary to his new companions, but right now at least he wasn’t pointing a gun in their direction. The man took a breath and shook out the rest of the rage that was building up just under the surface.

“You guys alright?” Owen asked the pair the gunman had been after. “We have to get out of here. There is no way to know how many more gunman are here.” Owen grabbed the rifle off the ground and handed it to the white haired male.

“I’m Owen. Either of you guys know how to use this thing?”

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Soma Schicksal

A Gamers Last Hope
Marcus Howard


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Located: Middle School Gym
After Colt left them to take care of an injured woman for a moment everything moved so fast and in an instant, all hell broke loose, he began to hear gunshots and in the background of the loud noise he heard Lilly’s mutters, he needed to get her safe if anything. He realized then he wasn’t thinking quick enough, the barrel of a gun was pointed at him from a man in a hazmat suit. It was all over for him, the first thing that came to mind was to get Lilly safe, Marcus pulled her behind him so that he could at least be a meat shield. He closed his eyes tight but to his surprise over all the gunshots and screams he heard the gun fall to the floor and a man handing him a gun. “I…thanks…ya, I generally know how to use a gun…” He sighed and took a deep breath to re-assess the situation, he also took off the safety. “Alright…well, we have any exits you know of?” Marcus asked now staying calm now. “I’m Marcus by the way…and this is Lilly.” Marcus wasn’t too sure what was going on but when he looked in the background he noticed some of the previous hazmats getting back up and groaning…wait weren’t they dead from that fire that crazy guy threw? “W-wait are they getting back up?!” Marcus said kinda concerned.

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Ivan heard the screams of the hazmat men that were burning, coupled with what sounded like people that had been caught in the flames. Ivan put his hand over his mouth and gasped quietly as he realized he’d just sent a few people to their deaths that didn’t deserve it. On the verge of throwing up, Ivan quickly shook his head, at this point adrenaline was flowing through his veins and his heartbeat was picking up quickly. He looked around as he saw a few of the hazmat-men had been taken out beforehand by others who had probably already left, or were about to. Ivan took a deep breath in as he racked the slide on Colt’s glock and stood up to finish the rest of the hazmat group. This action was quickly interrupted by one of the previously dead individuals reaching up to the hazmat man’s ankle and taking a chunk out of it with her teeth. Ivan stood there in awe, looking around as a few of the people who’d been killed first started standing up, including the two who’d been killed in the fire.

“это невозможнo.” (It’s impossible)

Ivan said quietly as another had gotten to a kneeling position and bit the last remaining hazmat in the thigh. Ivan stumbled back, the realization that all the dead in the room suddenly wouldn’t be dead in the next few minutes. He was prepared to leave then and there, but his eyes caught a large amount of medical supplies that’d be lost in the fire before running over quickly. Luckily there was a worn out sports bag laying on the floor, which Ivan dumped out on the floor and started filling with supplies. Sterilizers, bandages, other important medical liquids, and a few sets of the tools that the doctor were using before shit went down were thrown into the bag. The room was starting to fill with smoke as Ivan looked up and saw Owen nearly beat one of the hazzies brains in. He quickly ran over to the hallway exit and kicked the door open to save time. He then looked over and shouted in a loud and commanding voice,

“We must go! Now!”

He shouted to them, waving over to where he was as more and more of the previously dead civilians started shuffling back to life and looking over at their potential next meal. Ivan noticed this and started waving harder as he raised the glock and started firing at some of the ones who were closest to moving towards the others.



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ee6f7cbea685f7d985f82f8ccbbe004e.jpgLeliana James
Location: Middle School - Hallway Outside of Gym
Interaction: @Maj (Owen) @AgWordSmith (Lilly) @Soma Schicksal (Marcus) @Yoseph Nikiyev (Ivan)

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She picked up on his hesitation, but he had both a rifle, and now a knife. If she needed to, she would give up her bat again, or grab one from some of the Gym class equipment. "Yeah...maybe the-" A crash and sudden wave of heat startled her, as well as Owen pushing her behind him. Thoughtful, but neither of them were in danger. For now at least. The fire would spread slowly, burning off the alcohol quickly, but eventually other things would catch and keep the fire going. Seconds before she could say something, Owen grabbed her hand, and pulled he along, towards one of the exits into the main building. Between them and the door was a Hazmat and his victims. Well, soon to be victims. Owen let go of her hand, charging the gun man after she heard the familiar click if an empty clip. Being from the South had some perks. She could only wonder what the situation was out east, but she didn't have any family or friends to worry about, so Leliana quickly turned her attention to the situation at hand.

While Owen felt with the Hazmat, she approached the other two, doing a rather odd looking glance over both of them for any injuries. They both looked fine, and Owen went and addressed them, she stepped past them and melted down beside the Hazmat's body. She bang to pat him down, her agomtach flipping as she did, but she eventually found what the was hoping for. Two clips for the rifle, and Leliana was silently thankful they all seemed to be using the same model. She stood up again, wiping her hand off on a nearby bag, before she turned to Owen. Walking up to him, she tapped him, before taking a hold of the rifle without taking it out of his hands. Leliana pressed the magazine release, and pulled the empty on out, replacing it with one of the two full ones, before quickly securing it and making sure there was a round in the chamber. "Keep your finger off the trigger unless you really intend to fire, the safety is off," she said, tossing the empty magazine to the side. Her mother had told her that very line many times when she would take her out to practice shooting. A rather paranoid single mother, Leliana was lucky to learn enough to defend herself when needed.

"I'm Leliana," She said, finally introducing herself to not only the two new people, but to Owen. "We have to go through the main building, they have the Gym surrounded, so we have to be careful." The man who wasn't Owen introduced himself as Marcus, and introduced the other woman as well, she nodded, before her attention turned to the Hazmat's Marcus pointed out. The fire probably wouldn't have killed them, but their mask probably don't protect against smoke. It made sense that they had either burned being cooked in their suits, or had suffocated. Either way, Leliana felt the panic coursing through her blood again. She suddenly realised that the hell was going on. Her mom wasn't her mom anymore, her mom had been gone for a while before she had gotten home. These guys were supposed to be dead, yet they were getting back to their feet. "Oh my fucking god...they're zombies!" Again, she sounded crazy when she said that outloud, but litteraly in this situation, it was the only thing that made sense! She looked at Owen, then to Marcus and Lilly, begore she pulled out her pistol.

She took aim at the closest one, waiting for it to turn to them, before she fired. It was good shot, but since she was aiming at the knee just incase they were still alive, it only collapsed and began to struggle to regain it's feet. No cry of pain or even a real acknowledgement. It was human anymore. She holstered her pistol, "It...its still has the mask on, we can ignore it for now." Leliana was quiet when she spoke, a slight shocked expression hanging onto her face. She didn't know what she was more shocked about though. The fact the dead were comming back, or how easy she just shot someone.

Well, it was now a something.

Now, it was her turn to grab Owen's hand. After the number of the dead walking increased, the smoke getting worse, and the obvious fact that they would outnumbered, Leliana quickly turned and grabbed both Owen's hand and Marcus's hand, who hopefully still had a hold on Lilly, and pulled them out of the Gym after Ivan practically kicked open the door. Once they were outside, Leliana let go of the boys' hands, she pulled the door shut behind them. It wouldn't take long for the things inside to figure out how to work it, so they needed to move quickly. Looking at Owen, then to Ivan, she took a deep breath. "We need to find a back exit, or break out through on of th classrooms. Either eay, we can't stand around for to long, so someone just, lead the way."
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Ray Childress: The Streets



A dim light slowly pulsed through Ray's closed eyelids. Everything was briefly a blur and all the noise seemed to go through a filter that made it sound like he was underwater. There was a muffled slapping sound to his left but he couldn't tell what it was. As soon as he strained to keep his eyes open, they were closing again and his head fell forward. The airbag had luckily deployed but he must have hit his head on something. A constant throb filled the left side of his head above his temple. Ray winced, gritting his teeth and reaching up to feel it. The hair felt a bit damp and sticky. He brought his fingertips down and pried his eyes open again to see them covered in blood. His neck cracked a little as he struggled to pivot it around to find some relief from the whiplash.


Everything audible started to become more clear and he lifted his head to see the car he had hit and the alarm going off. The brake lights cast a red hue into his car every time they flashed. He put his hand up and squinted to block it as best as he could. He felt extra sensitive to the light and it caused a sharp pain to shoot through his head with every pulse.

Goodness, my head...

The blaring alarm was even more awful. Another slap to his left caught his attention and he turned. A grimy hand smudged the driver side window and pulled away to return with another smack.

Oh God..

A young man stood outside of his car, hitting the window as if trying to get in. He looked a lot like the woman that Ray had locked in his store. The man's clothes were tattered and torn. Patches of dirt and blood stained them and his hair was missing a large portion of it. Upon further examination, Ray realized that it wasn't the man's hair, but a large part of his scalp that was missing. Ripped off for the most part with some of the flesh still hanging on. Blood covered most of his face except those pale eyes and his teeth which were bared; They opened and closed as the man moaned and brought his hands down on the glass again. The glass! Ray hadn't noticed that it was severely cracked but somehow still intact. Not for long though. Something was wrong with these people and Ray had to get out of here.

I need to get somewhere safe and figure out what is going on.

He tried to start the car with no luck. "Great..." Another pound and the sound of a new crack forming in the glass prodded him to start thinking fast. His hand found the glove box and he grabbed what he thought he might need. A couple tools, gloves, his glasses which had apparently flew off onto the floorboard, and some snacks he found in the middle console. The supplies were stuffed into a small backpack he brought and he unzipped the other pocket to check it's inhabitants. Some minor medical stuff was inside including bandages, pain relievers, and a couple of stints. Ray popped a few of the pain relievers and shifted over to the passenger side.

Just as he did, the glass finally gave way and the man's arms entered the vehicle. He gripped and clawed the seat as he gradually worked on pulling himself inside. This was Ray's queue. The passenger door swung open and Ray hurried out only to have his shirt snag something. Looking back, he saw what had snagged it. A red, crusty hand clung to the back of his shirt. Ray pulled harder until he was clear of the door and swung it shut with all the strength he could muster. A disturbing crunch released the grip and Ray turned around, taking a few steps back. The creature's arm had been snapped like a twig and it's weight collapsed on top of it onto the road. It struggled and attempted to stand. The arm dangled by muscle and skin, bent in half at the forearm. Ray's heart pounded as he watched the creature rise. Somehow he brought anger to the surface and subdued his fear. The creature felt the full blow of Ray and the surprising speed he came at it with. Ray was now on top of the creature in the car. It's spine was bent over the middle console and head thrown back, splattering blood on the ceiling. Ray's left hand wrapped around the creature's neck and held it's good arm down with his right. The creature was surprisingly strong for being in such a poor condition. He released the arm for a split second to reach into his bag, pull out a screwdriver, and thrust it through the creatures eye and into the brain. Everything paused for a moment as Ray stared at the creature, trying to catch his breath. Out of the car now, he kept his eyes on the lifeless body and wiped the screwdriver clean with a rag. The screwdriver fell back into the bag followed by a zip as the strap was swung around Ray's arm, onto his back. He turned to his right. The middle school, there at the end of the road a couple blocks down. His footsteps followed the sidewalk as he proceeded toward the building.

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Jenna: The Suburbs


Jenna carried the dog inside, setting her down on the motel room bed. She stroked behind the ears of the German Shepherd, and gave her a smile.
"Just give me a minute."

She reached into her pockets, retrieving her smartphone and taking out her stick, attaching it to the phone so that she could work.
"Okay. Okay." She took a deep breath and unlocked the phone, putting it on charge and quickly logging into her Twitch account to see that the Stream had paused. The chat had blown up since she'd picked up the dog...

Is Noodle okay? -User TheMadQueen
I really hope she didn't get caught in all this. -User Randy Beans34
Does anybody know what's going on? -User Boyle1994
Where did she go? -User SantaPaws
Dammit Jenna, please let us know if you're okay! -User Jesus
Any word on the city? Maybe she was moved? -User TransPrincess

Apparently something's going down at the school. My Cousin says they were all told to move there. -User SaveDaredevil91
I can't reach him now. -User SaveDaredevil91
Texted me something about people in hazmat suits. -User SaveDaredevil91
Now he's gone quiet. -User SaveDaredevil91
CDC? -User Randy Beans34
I'm not sure. He said there were CDC agents at the hospital. -User SaveDaredevil91
And these guys didn't look like CDC. -User SaveDaredevil91
Keep trying to reach him. Let us know if he's okay. -User Jesus
Oh shit! She's back! -User Randy Beans34

Jenna took another deep breath "If anyone's heading to Aurora. I need you to keep away."

Are you safe? -User Jesus


Jenna. Please. -User Jesus

"I don't know. I'm treating the dog I found and then I'm driving the hell out of here. I think there's been an outbreak of something."

She cleaned her hands thoroughly before applying gloves.
"Time to get to work."

As she focused on the dog's paw, her gaze would move towards her phone.
She stopped. If she told her audience it was a zombie outbreak, there was no way they'd believe her. It would be seen as a prank, or some kind of arg. Those inside of the city already might believe her, but the vast majority would call her crazy.

"It's making people aggressive. Could be a strain of rabies, but I'm not sure."

My Cousin said people were killing each other at the hospital. -User SaveDaredevil91

"Yeah. One of them nearly got me as I was carrying the pooch."
The dog whined as she removed a shard of glass.
"Sorry." She stroked her head again and gazed back at her phone. The next step was cleaning the wound.

"Somebody saved me though. Right now I'm just glad I'm alive."

Could it be some kind of bioterrorism?" -User Randy Beans34
"Honestly? Fuck if I know." Jenna shrugged "Leave that to the government to figure out. I'm just focusing on getting myself, this dog and like two other people I picked up along the way out of this city before things get worse."

She looked directly into her phone's camera
"If you're outside Aurora. Stay there. Don't risk the trip. If you're inside the city, either try to get to the school or get out of town. Avoid the streets if you can. Try to stay alive."

She wrapped the wound.
"Darlings. I know you might be scared. But don't see this disaster as an excuse to loot or start fights over supplies. You're better than that. Don't give in to fear. Help each other, stand up for those that need it...But for the love of God, keep yourselves safe. Keep your families safe."

Done. So long as the dog didn't do anything to rip her stitches open she should be okay.

"Oh, and does anybody know who's dog this is? I didn't see a name on her collar and I just found her at the park with glass in her paw. Could you let them know that their dog is safe, darlings?" She smiled.
"I'll keep this stream going. Somebody try to find out what's happening at the school, see if you can find SaveDareveil's cousin in all that. Like I said, I'm skipping town before things get worse with this outbreak. I love you all, stay safe."

She blew a kiss into the camera and pocketed her phone, throwing a backpack over her shoulder. Doing a double-take of the motel room to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything, she led the German Shepherd outside and closed the door.

"Everything alright?" She asked Luka "I'm just going to leave this key in at reception and then we're getting the hell out of here."

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Doctor Ralph Fisher: Police Station

Fisher found himself staring down the barrel of a gun, reflecting on everything that had led him to that point. Was there anything he could have done differently to prevent this? Probably. He could have kept a better eye on his team, making sure they weren't separated at the hospital. He could have asked for more support, but then the hazmat agents would have probably killed them too.

Were they covering their tracks? Was this parasite a bio-weapon gone wrong? Possibly. The chances of a fungus crossing the species barrier that quickly, and without anyone knowing about it was highly unlikely. Somebody had to know, and it wasn't like the United States government had it's hands clean.

"Bio-terrorism?" Fisher asked, slowly raising his hands "But why target a city like this. It's not a major population centre like New York, and it's not important to the United States government like Washington DC. Hell, even San Francisco would have been a better target. Is that what's going on here?"

He scanned the room, looking for anything he could use. Any distraction, just to buy him a few seconds. He was still close enough to the door to make a break for it, but any sudden movement would see him riddled with bullets.

"Did the boys at Washington release something by accident?"
"You're in no position to make demands."
"If you're going to shoot me, at least tell me what's going on here first. My team died trying to contain this thing."

One of the doors to an office slid open and Fisher watched as a host started to crawl towards one of the hazmat troopers.
"What about the school? At least tell me what the plan is there."
"We're following containment procedures."
"You're executing US citizens."
"Okay, Doctor." The trooper spat "You've studied this thing. If it got out of this city and spread across this state, how long do you think it would be before the country fell?"

Fisher took a step back "You're right." He shook his head "But at least let me help you. I've studied outbreaks for most of my adult life. If we work together, we can beat this parasite."
"Airborne parasite that brings a host back to life in order to spread. Similar to several species of fungal parasites. Whether it was you boys at Washington accidentally releasing something you were going to use in the Middle-East or some madman creating a bio-weapon...That doesn't matter. At least not to me. What matters now is stopping it before it spreads any further."

He let out a heavy sigh "I don't agree with your methods of containment but..."
"Sorry, Doctor Fisher. But you've already been exposed. And we can't make exceptions."

Ralph lowered his hands "I understand. Just give me a minute or two. I've worked for the United States for quite some time now. I think I'm owed that much."

The hazmat troopers looked at each other

They were still focused on Ralph as the host crawled towards a hazmat trooper and grabbed him by the leg
"Fuck!" He yelled, aiming his rifle for it's head. It bit into his leg as he pumped a round straight through the skull.

"It's okay, I got it." He sighed in relief
"Your leg."
"C'mon, it barely touched me!"
"I'm sorry, son. But we can't make exceptions."

Ralph was already backing towards the door as the hazmat trooper was executed by his comrades, and broke into a run as the sounds of gunfire died down. After running for a block or two he hid in an alleyway, taking a moment to catch his breath and compose himself.

There would be a blackout around Aurora, if there wasn't one up already. But, if he could skip town then reaching somebody would be easy enough. All he had to do was get a car or even a bike and he could escape Aurora in one piece. Then it hit him. The school.
With their twisted containment procedures, the hazmat troopers would wait until they could gather up as many survivors as possible before executing them. He had to get to the school and warn as many people as possible.

He ran through the alley, taking another route towards the school. He was sure that the hazmat soldiers would be looking for him.
He wasn't just fighting a parasite anymore, now Ralph was fighting against his own government.


A Freckled Encounter
Lilly Verde


Interacting: @Soma Schicksal @Maj @Yoseph Nikiyev @FireMaiden

Mentioned: N/A

Located: hallway
“You guys alright?” Owen asked the pair the gunman had been after. “We have to get out of here. There is no way to know how many more gunman are here.” Owen grabbed the rifle off the ground and handed it to the white haired male. “I’m Owen. Either of you guys know how to use this thing?”
“I…thanks…ya, I generally know how to use a gun…” He sighed and took a deep breath to re-assess the situation, he also took off the safety. “Alright…well, we have any exits you know of?” Marcus asked now staying calm now. “I’m Marcus by the way…and this is Lilly.” Marcus wasn’t too sure what was going on but when he looked in the background he noticed some of the previous hazmats getting back up and groaning…wait weren’t they dead from that fire that crazy guy threw? “W-wait are they getting back up?!” Marcus said kinda concerned.
He quickly ran over to the hallway exit and kicked the door open to save time. He then looked over and shouted in a loud and commanding voice, “We must go! Now!” He shouted to them, waving over to where he was as more and more of the previously dead civilians started shuffling back to life and looking over at their potential next meal. Ivan noticed this and started waving harder as he raised the glock and started firing at some of the ones who were closest to moving towards the others.
Now, it was her turn to grab Owen's hand. After the number of the dead walking increased, the smoke getting worse, and the obvious fact that they would outnumbered, Leliana quickly turned and grabbed both Owen's hand and Marcus's hand, who hopefully still had a hold on Lilly, and pulled them out of the Gym after Ivan practically kicked open the door. Once they were outside, Leliana let go of the boys' hands, she pulled the door shut behind them. It wouldn't take long for the things inside to figure out how to work it, so they needed to move quickly. Looking at Owen, then to Ivan, she took a deep breath. "We need to find a back exit, or break out through on of th classrooms. Either eay, we can't stand around for to long, so someone just, lead the way."
Lilly took a moment to just, . Ok ok ok. Out of the gym, the dead coming back alive, almost being shot, Marcus. Marcus, Marcus Marcus. She looked at him, he hadn't hesitated to put him between her and the riffle in the hands of the hazmat personnel. A thanks would be given to him when there was more time and also a bit of 'are you crazy?' mixed with it. If he had died because of her. Shaking that thought out of her head, not going to think about that. No. Ok, ok ok ok ok. She needed to stop thinking ok to herself.

"Back Exit. Back Exit Back Exit." After being pulled into the hallway her thoughts were starting to connect together, her calm wasn't back but at least the panic was being properly and unhealthily repressed like usual. "The cafeteria should have a way out but that may be covered by somebody outside. We could just break a window some where no one is watching and escape that way," she spoke to the group. Honestly in this situation vandalism and destroying things was not out the question. Those in charge of the hazmat personnel inside wanted them all dead, so against her typical view of school property, today the view was 'screw it'.

"We should keep moving away from the gym." She stepped away from the doors, her hand letting go of Marcus' for a moment. He must not be able to feel his own fingers from how tight hers were holding them. Her fingers flexed and stretched a bit, the bracelet he gave her jiggling ever so softly as she did so.
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Your Majjiesty
The milky white color of the child’s eyes froze Andy in fear as the small hand grasped itself around her ankle. The dead were rising even here, away from the hospital. What was the point of killing them all off then? They would only rise again, like this poor child.

Luca’s hand wrapped tightly around her mouth muffled the sound of the small shriek that came from her lips as a lady came out of nowhere and shot the poor thin in shoulder and then in the head. It slumped once more, dead for what seemed like for good.

The small form was bloodied, and mangled from the shots, and Andy forced herself to look away, pulling back from Luca’s hand still clamped over her lips. The woman greeted them and Andy looked her over. It was obvious she was capable enough, she handled the guns with finesse and comfort. The girl was younger than you would expect someone who had just shot a dead child with no hesitation to be. When she had more time, Andy would have to remember to thank her.

She took both the prosthetic and the pocket pistol from Andy when Luca’s hands were full. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to DO with it, but she took it from her all the same. Andy didn’t know much about guns. Even her uncle who had gone hunting with her on various occasions always used a bow. The girl didn’t know her way around a firearm even enough to know if the safety was off or on.

As the hazmat’s came in she watched as Luca dispatched the first. The sight was sort of gruesome, but much like a car wreck she couldn’t look away. As he hit him, first with the bat and then with his fists, blood shone in the light of the flashlight.

‘He’s dangerous Andy,’ she heard Owen’s words echo as she watched the display. Was dangerous so bad if he was on your side? So far Luca had proven that at least while it was in his best interest he was willing to do what he needed to do to keep them both safe.

There was still one hazmat left, but Andy didn’t know what she was supposed to do about it. She had this mystery girl’s pistol but if she tried to shoot in this narrow corridor without knowing what she was doing, she would be endangering the lives of both of her new companions.

Instead she turned her focus to the window. It was high up, higher than she would be able to climb through without help and just narrow enough for her to slide through on her belly. Both Luca and the girl were slim as well, so Andy figured they would have no trouble getting through. Aside from the fact that the girl was missing a leg. But it didn’t seem to stop her from being incredibly fierce. Andy would let her handle the attack with Luca, she would make sure she could get them out of there safely.

With some haste Andy grabbed a rack that was used to house basketballs. It was mostly empty and on wheels, but it would give her enough height to reach the window. She pushed it against the wall leading up to the window and carefully as to not upset the wheels, she climbed up it and reached up to push the window ajar.

Moment of truth

It didn’t open. Andy felt her face grow hot. Had she lead Luca to a dead end? To his Death? There was some sort of commotion going on behind her, but she had to focus on getting them out of here. Her scream had already led two gunman to them, the noise of the commotion could lead more. Andy jumped down from the rack, holding her phone in her mouth she quickly shuffled through a rack of gym equipment before finding what she was looking for.

A baseball bat. This would suit her needs perfectly, she grabbed it and scrambled back up the rack. The redhead carefully put the woman’s leg next to the rack so she’d have both hands for her deed. She drew back, somewhat clumsily. Owen was the baseball player. But Andy’s arms were strong, years of pulling high test bow strings would do that to you, and she slammed the bat through the window. It shattered, and she could feel the cold sting of some of the glass hitting her face.

She used the bat to break the rest of the shards jutting dangerously around the edge of the glass. Andy took a moment to look around and digest their situation. It was clear that there were people outside, but it wasn’t clear if it was townspeople or more of the gunman. There didn’t appear to be any near the side of the building where her head was poking out of.

With care, she grabbed the woman’s leg, and then slid both of them out the window. With the pistol in her hoodie pocket, Andy finally squirmed her way through the window after them. The glass on the bottom was still sharp despite her efforts to get rid of any dangerous shards, and she felt it tear her jacket and stab the tender flesh of her belly. She didn’t take the time to look at it, a few cuts on her stomach was nothing compared to what was in the school. Andrea turned holding her torso back in the window to hold her hand out to the others.

“Come on!” She urged, ready to help them through the window and to safety.

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Suoh.pngThe boy who introduced himself as Marcus explained that he did indeed know how to use a gun. Owen shrugged, handing the male the rifle from the newly downed gunman. He just hoped he wasn’t trying to be macho and did indeed know what he was doing. Owen didn’t need to know his way around a gun to know that the rifles that they had been using packed a punch.

“All yours then. Just make sure you aim it at the right people.” The girl, Leliana, she called herself. Handed the rifle that he had been using as a glorified bat back to him, now filled with ammunition. He offered her a small smile. At her advice with the gun he thanked her.

“You are full of surprises,” but he took her advice to heart and put the rifle back on his back. He probably should have kept it in his hands, because he watched as the horrors that Andy had described to him from the hospital started happening right in front of him. The dead were rising up.

Innocent people full of bullet holes, even the flaming hazmat gunman. The corpses sort of limped up, and made their way toward the nearest warm body. His eyes widened as he watched the display. It wasn’t that he hadn’t believed his sister when she had told him about the ‘dead coming back and eating people.’ Making up wild stories wasn’t Andy’s style, she wasn’t even good at playing pretend as a child. But seeing it first hand was another story.

The crazy fucker with the fire from earlier was shouting at them to move, shooting at the undead. He and the Russian could agree on this at least. They needed to move. The crew of college students that Owen had found himself a part of were all offering suggestions on where to go. Although, unfortunately most of these suggestions fell on deaf ears. Owen was too busy watching the wreckage in the gym.

It didn’t matter how many bullets the gunman sprayed at the hoard of walking corpses. They didn't stop. If he took out their knees, they crawled. They barely seemed to recoil from being shot at all. Unfeeling, unflinching, they closed in on him before finally grabbing him. His hazmat suit didn’t save him from the tight grip of their fingers, or the clenching sharpness of their teeth. The sounds of the man's flesh caused Owen to flinch as he lost sight of his body beyond the wall of undead bodies.

He was brought back to reality by Leliana grabbing his hand and leading him out of the gym. It looked like, at least for the time being, it was the five of them against the world. Escape was number one priority. There were too many corpses here, the hazmat’s had made sure of that and soon this place would be absolutely overrun with hungry mindless drones.

He listened to both the green haired girl, named Lily and Leliana give suggestions on where to go. They were both right, one of the classrooms would be the best bet. If it wasn’t a major entrance or exit the chances of meeting a lot of resistance outside the building would be less likely.

“Yeah, the classrooms are going to be our best bet.” Owen knew for sure that his old homeroom classroom was nearby and had a window low enough down that they could get out of it. Even if they hit some resistance outside they had a good chance of making a break for it. They had the crazy Russian, Marcus said he knew his way around a gun. Even Leliana had proven herself to be resourceful and willing to do what she needed to survive. He hadn’t seen much out of Lilly but surely with the other four they could help make sure that all four got out safe. He still hadn’t seen Andy around, he could only hope that she had gotten out before things had gotten crazy.

Owen led the way down a mostly quiet hallway, the sounds of gunfire and death still sounded through the school in various locations. However it seemed most of the hazmat gunman had been in the large rooms. Staying away from the cafeteria must have been a good call after all.

When he entered the classroom he had been looking for, he did so quietly and slowly. There was no telling what manner of person could be lurking inside. He could hear the noises from down the hall growing louder, it appeared that the doors to the gym did not stall the zombies for long.

“We need to get out of here asap. Can one of you guys guard that door, I have a feeling we will have company sooner than later.” He looked out the window, there were more hazmats outside, but they looked preoccupied. Someone was going to need to go out and make a distraction so the others could climb through without being massacred. He’d go first. Owen turned back to Leliana and gave her a warm smile.

“Do you mind if I borrow that bat for a second?” He asked. Owen took the bat when it was offered and thanked her. “I’ll give it right back.” He gestured for everyone to stand back and smashed out the window with one solid swing. It was a rather large window thankfully, and he should be able to climb through easily.

The noise hadn’t alerted the Hazmat team yet, but he knew that it wouldn’t take them long to see a group of people climbing out of the window. He handed the metal tire checker back to the blonde.

“There are more outside, I’ll go first. Follow as closely behind me as you can, we are going to have to fight our way out of here. Be smart and stick together.” He began his climb out of the window, rifle in his hands this time instead of over his shoulder.

Behind him he could hear the classroom door being slammed against. Human or zombie on the other side, Owen couldn’t be sure. All he knew is they were stuck between a rock and a hard place and fighting their way out was the only way to survive. Owen kept one eye on the hazmat guys circling the outside of the school and reached his hand down to help the next person up and through the window.

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Rumble Fish

The Paradise Hunter

Collette “Colt” Stanhope
Colt was unsure of having both her pistol and her leg in the hands of strangers. But what choice did she have? She refilled the shotgun and aimed at the door, waiting for them to come. As she waited, she looked up at the girl with her gun. She was looking at it as if she had never even held a gun before... Wait, did this mean she-? Oh no. She had just made a huge mistake.

The door flew open and a hazmat stormed in, only to meet a grizzly end at the hands of the man. She did not get a chance to assist him with killing the Hazmat. However, she turned to notice that another Hazmat had entered the room, armed. Colt pushed herself off of the wall and hopped once towards the Hazmat, raising her shotgun. BLAM! The explosion rang in the small room, as it hit the Hazmat, causing him to double over from the force of the shot. Getting her chance, she aimed at the man's neck and fired again, causing him to scream and fall to the ground, bleeding profusely, a puddle of blood leaking onto the floor.

The sight of it disturbed her. As she tried to breathe, Colt struggled as every little went in and out, like she was trying to breathe through a straw. This lack of control caused her heart-rate to spike, it pounded against her chest so strongly Colt was afraid it was going to stop. She wanted to look away but couldn't as she felt the sweat moisten her clammy forehead, the woman gasped in a desperate bid for proper air intake. More air meant a relaxed heart but it kept racing. Was she about to have a heart attack!? It felt like a heart attack! Colt leaned on the wall, her nostrils flared. It felt as if she had been thrown underwater.

She needed something to focus on. Despite her shakiness, she turned to the man, now holding onto an M4 he had taken from the Hazmat. It was well maintained, the black metal shining in the flashlight, letting Colt get a proper look at it. It had an Orion H40-W 500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight mounted on the bottom, along with a pressure button. High tech stuff and something Colt had not seen for a long time. Those were so useful. An extra grip for extra balance and this thing was a killing machine. Judging by the way the tattooed man had lifted it, it was loaded, she did not hear anything moving within the gun or it's ammo cartridge. Now it was in his hands, they had a better advantage. She took the moment of lucidity to refill the small shotgun, Colt's eyes fixated on the wooden pattern on the metal barrels. It was a gorgeous piece of machinery. Four shots at close range could easily kill someone. The more she focused on the guns, the more relaxed her breathing became.

"That's a beauty..." she managed to breathe out, she brushed some of her short and messy brown hair down the right of her face, intending to cover up the horrid facial scars she had, from the explosion. She looked up to the window to see the girl climbing her way out. Looking back at the man she had shot, he had bled out. Not wanting to have another attack, she looked away. She had to focus.

"They'll turn. C'mon." she said as she grabbed the Hazmat's gun, the same that her acquaintance had as she slung it and her shotgun over her shoulder. Grabbing the window, she hopped several times before jumping up, dragging herself outside. Once out, she threw the guns onto the ground before flopping onto her back, gasping. The sky was clearer, she was out of that cursed building and she was breathing fresh and clean air. But the sounds still disturbed Colt. She could hear screaming, both from inside and other parts of the town. This was an epidemic. To calm down, she sat up, taking her flask and taking an extremely long swig from it. So long that it caused her to cough afterward. Once she swallowed and the burning sensation had left her throat, she looked to the woman who was still holding her leg and her gun. The fact she did not know how to use that thing did not sit well with Colt. If they were going to get out of here alive, she'd need to learn. With a cough, she kept her head down as she put her hand up to the woman. "...Leg." she grunted. The effects of her hangover, the whiskey and now the fatigue from her crash were toxic. She did not even care that these people knew she was an amputee. She could care later.

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Luca’s nose twitched slightly as his eyes turned from the gun to Colt, who had been studying the weaponry that he had procured. Unsure of why she was looking at it as she did, the man remained momentarily still while the beam of its flashlight focused on one of the bodies on the floor. The man wasn’t sure of how much time the three had before the zombies turned, but he was sure that if they didn’t make their way outside soon, things would turn grim rather fast. The woman who had been surveying his rifle had spoken, a three-word phrase that was certainly not directed toward him. It was at this time that the aluminum bat had made contact with the window and forced it to shatter on impact. It distracted Luca entirely from the odd situation he had found himself in, to the point where he turned his head just in time to watch Andy slight out the window. It seemed there was barely any room between where the ledge of the window and the grass met.

Colt mentioned they’d turn. Luca didn’t respond, but she was certainly right. He watched as the woman made her way toward the rack and eventually hopped up herself. The mobster wasn’t sure what the correct etiquette was; he certainly didn’t want to offer his help while she had no problem maneuvering herself. Soon, she had slid herself out of the window. As he waited for her to move out of the way, he took one step onto the rack and slid his gun out the window. It was at this point that a hand reached out, grabbing a hold of the shirt that Luca had been wearing underneath his jacket. It ran slightly longer than his jacket did. This undoubtedly made it much easier to grab as he made his way up the rack. There was a groan, followed by a hiss. Luca panicked.
He pushed himself onto the top of the rack, scurrying half-out of the window. As his feet kicked back, Luca gained a slight bit of leverage over the bottom of the ledge. The force of the kick knocked the entire rack back, smashing into the zombie and forcing it onto the ground. Still, the zombie had refused to let go of Luca’s shirt. The force of the pull caused the man to slightly fall back into the window, but he maintained a majority of his ground. Unfortunately, this came at a cost; a shard on the bottom of the window pierced through his stomach as he desperately attempted to keep hold of the ledge. Luca clenched his jaw, yelling as loud as he possibly could with his lips closed. His shirt ripped, but the the zombie no longer maintained a grasp on him. The former capo carefully lifted his body up off of the ledge, the shard slowly removed in the process. A small bit of blood spilled over onto the grass as he fully made his way out. If he didn’t stop the bleeding, he was done for.
Breathing extremely hard through the use of his nostrils, Luca looked to the right. No one in sight. Blood-stained fingers grasped the fabric belonging to what was left of his shirt, pulling it off of his torso. He quickly removed his jacket and folded the ripped shirt up before wrapping it tightly around his stomach, including the wound. It was applying pressure due to how tight it was, hopefully assisting in stopping the bleeding. Luca was no stranger in dealing with wounds in the midst of a fight; his entire upper-body was tattooed, including his back, but it was still easy to see the ridiculous amount of scars. They ran the length of his skin, from his neck to his tailbone. There was also a scar from a bullet wound right underneath where the shard of glass had pierced his skin as well, but that was hidden up as soon as he tied himself up.
The man then looked to the right, noticing that three hazmat guards had made their way around the corner. They heard the window shatter and had come to investigate. Luca didn’t have time to put his jacket back on. He quickly scurried over to his M4 on his hands and knees, grasping the gun and standing. Luca pulled the sight up to his eye, aiming at one of the men and pulling the trigger. There was a click. The bullet never dropped into the chamber; an issue common in M4 rifles.
Luca quickly ran, booking it about twenty feet away into the parking lot. As he ran, the men in the hazmat suits caught on. They immediately brought their rifles up to his position and began firing. This was exactly what Luca was looking to achieve - take the focus off of the girls who were still trying to get adjusted and re-appropriate their fire. Yes, his gun had jammed, but Luca had made the call to give away his location as soon as he stood up and fired. He wasn’t about to risk the lives of both Andy and Colt just because his risky decision didn’t go according to plan.
Getting the jump on the aggressors always proved to be in his favor, especially in times past.
The former capo found a place of cover, in the form of a large minivan. Bullets riddled the side of the van, knocking off the mirror as well as breaking the glass on the drivers-side window. Luca kept his back pressed against the other side of the van. He quickly removed the ammunition cartridge from the bottom of the gun and shoved it back in. Equally as swift, he moved his hand back and grabbed the charging handle, pulling it back. He turned from the back of the van, pointing the barrel of the M4 at the passenger-side window. One in his sights. He pulled the trigger…

His finger pulled that trigger back an additional four times in succession, firing off rounds in the process. The passenger-side window shattered as the first two bullets broke through, causing shards of glass to fly in every direction. The initial bullet dropped into the chamber! The mobster was extremely lucky, but didn’t have much time to focus on that. The man that was in his sights got hit four out of those five shots; once in the sternum, another in the neck. A third bullet penetrated the hazmat mask, taking out one of his eyes. The fourth found it’s target a few inches above that, at the top of his hairline.
As he felt backwards, the other two men continued firing at the truck. Luca fell back into cover, ducking under the passenger-side window and waiting to get his opportunity to fire back. When the bullets stopped, one of the two soldiers moved from their position in attempts to find a way behind Luca. The other was reloading. Luca moved from his spot underneath the window to the right-hand side, standing next to the hood of the van. He switched the firing mode to semi-automatic. The three-round burst was initiated with one pull of the trigger, but none of those hit their target as the man in the hazmat suit fell back into cover. Luca was unsure of where the second man was, but concluded that he too must have remained in cover.
Luca found his way back behind the minivan once more as the man in the hazmat suit continued to fire rounds off at him.

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wonders in revealing every obscured demon

Aurora Outskirts -- Highway 45
Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Spoiler, we die in the end.

Flashback to Freeman Medical Center outbreak...

What the fuck, what the fuck-- WHAT THE FUCK?!” Pat exclaimed, holding the doors to the hospital chapel closed with his back and outstretched arms. Outside in the hospital hallway, a raving lunatic with blood smeared across his mouth continued to try and burst in, slamming the entire weight of his body against the doors and bashing his forehead against the glass panel. How the crazy psychopath was still standing despite the damage he was doing to his own body, neither Patrick nor Sarah knew. All they knew for sure was that they didn’t want him in there-- with them. And, based on the gunshots and screams they could hear from outside, they probably didn’t want to be in the hospital period.

“Y-You’re gonna have to let that go! Just for a second! Help me push this!” Sarah pleaded, using the entirety of her strength to shove one of the heavy wooden pews out of its lane. Setting herself at one of its sides afterwards, with her hands at the ready for a great push, she looked up at Patrick as he held the door. Her eyes, steely yet filled with a core of fear, locked with his through the veil of her black bangs. Then, when she felt they both were ready, she gulped then firmly nodded.

In a blur of motion, Patrick bolted away from the door to occupy the other end of the pew, releasing an adrenaline-filled war cry as they shoved the wooden bench forward with all of their might. The crazed fiend tackled the door with its torso moments after Patrick had removed himself from it, and the side of the door collided with the back of the bench with a loud knock. Desperately trying to squeeze itself through the narrow open crack, the snarling fiend attempted to clamber over the pew in its way and reach for Sarah with bloodied and mangled fingers. Some of them were broken and had bits of glass in them. They almost looked like claws.

With a deafening roar, Pat dug his heels into the floor and forced the pew ahead with an explosive feat of brute strength, its bottom scratching against the floor the whole way. The back of the wooden bench shoved the door backwards and the disfigured maniac with it. The ragged man’s torn and bloodied torso, however, kept the door from being closed completely. At least… until Pat and Sarah pushed on the pew hard enough to snap several of his ribs. They both backed away from the bench and the door on the other side of it afterwards, watching in horror as their attacker’s limp and twisted body continued trying to desperately clamber over its obstacle.

“W-What… w-what the fuck...” Pat murmured under his breath, staring incredulously at the rabid-eyed man who seemed to feel no pain.

Sarah, too, took a moment to try and understand exactly what was going on. Emphasis on ‘try’. “Ma-Maybe he’s on pain meds… I don’t fucking know… but we have to go.” She blinked, shaking her head out of its stupor and turning to Patrick as the gunshots and the screaming continued to ring out in the background.

“H-He’s not a patient, though… he’s just a visito-- I mean, this doesn’t--”

Noticing the familiar gleam of someone who was beginning to lose their mind in his eyes, Sarah stepped forward and reached up to firmly place her hands on his shoulders, forcing him to look deep into her shaky eyes before voicing her question. Her arms were trembl. But she took a deep breath to try and steady them before continuing. “You work here… you know all the exits, right?”

| | |


Pain became an unwanted but close companion. She felt possessed by it. But she wouldn’t let it control her. She couldn’t afford to. As she slowly began to open her eyes and get a handle on the blurriness surrounding her, she soon managed to realize that the car had crashed into a ditch on the side of the bushy road. Blindly, she fumbled for the seat belt button to her side as the radio chatter drew closer in short increments. The seatbelt had dug into her flesh roughly on impact. Her chest felt on fire, and the rest of her body was screaming for her to quit. Blood was beginning to drip from her forehead and onto her eyebrow, threatening to blind her left eye with red in moments.

There was a dull and ever constant pain on her forehead… but nothing she imagined to be a cut. It left her wondering if this blood was hers to begin with. Hearing the click of her seatbelt being unbuckled, she let the strap automatically recede into its crevice as she hazily turned to look at the driver. He was slumped over the steering wheel, facing away from her with the top of his head touching the supremely cracked windshield. Pat hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt like she had. Sarah wanted to shake him and see if he was okay, but there was no time. If she didn’t get out and do something about the man who was about to find them, it would do neither of them any good.

Finding a blind sense of determination in her otherwise shell-shocked state, the young woman managed to open her door halfway (it dug into the gravel at the angle the car was in and stubbornly stuck there) before clambering out in a chorus of whimpers and cries. Her arm. Her fucking arm. She’d just managed to steady herself on her feet, using the side of the smoking 1993 Honda Accord, before--


The soldier’s voice boomed from the top of the hill, pointing his pistol at her from the side of the highway their car had veered off from.

Sarah’s body nearly jumped with fright, instead sending her backwards against the car door as she slid down onto her butt and curled up into a ball of panic and fear. Her startled yelp dissolved into sputtering sob from there, her bleeding left arm dangling against her side while her right hand instinctively rose to bid him to stop. “P-Please d-don’t shoot!”

The soldier, showing clear conflict in his eyes, kept his pistol aimed at her. But, before long, he reached for the bluetooth earpiece dangling from his ear and placed it back on. Clicking its button, he addressed his superior. “I-I’ve found the civilians. At least one of them is alive… please advise.”

“Please… d-don’t do this.”​

“But sir, I…" He'd faltered for a moment. His gun had lowered, if only by centimeters... then rose back up with the same sense of purpose it had been aimed with in the first place. He sighed.

"I understa--”​

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Supreme Yeeter
b03d37568b1e74b6ddbf3bfe161f5d55.jpg Ivan followed behind Owen carefully, keeping his grip on the glock tight as he grabbed a rifle off one of the hazmat bodies mid-stride. When they arrived to the classroom, he looked out the window alongside Owen, quickly going over to the teacher’s desk and pushing it against the door. The desk made a mildly loud scraping noise as it went across the school’s tile floor, a sound that was quickly drowned out by Owen breaking a fucking window. After the desk was against the door, Ivan went over to see the seemingly crazy guy had climbed out the window. He let out a quiet sigh as he looked over the edge of the window down at the guy and said in a quick and quiet whisper.

“I stay here for now. I’ll provide cover.”

He said before popping his head back into the window and conducted a quick inspection of the rifle: standard American ACOG scope, and a suppressor. The scope he didn’t mind much, but the suppressor was a thing of beauty in their current situation. He quickly pulled the bolt back and caught the bullet that popped out with a certain professionalism that seemed necessary for the situation. He removed the magazine as he pulled the bolt back, causing the release to lock in place. He inspected the magazine to see how many bullets were in it. Completely full? That must mean this one had some morality before you died. After assuring he actually had any ammunition in it, he put the extra bullet back into the magazine before inserting it into the rifle and slapping the bolt release, a short click coming from the rifle. He aimed it downwards before looking at all the other people in the room with a serious gesture before dragging one of the students desks over and setting the rifle up on a small part of the window so he wouldn’t get in the way of them getting out of it.​
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Rouge: in the car with @AgWordSmith (Luka) and @The Mad Queen (Jenna)

During the whole ride to the place Rouge had done what she always did. stayed silent and observed her surroundings. It was surprising how the the guy decided to stay with them. Normal people usually would prefer to stay in bigger seemingly safer groups. With their group there was only a gun and….. Rouge picked at her sleeve that seemed to have glued to her skin by the blood drying…. And her backpack? Never did she ever think she'd have to use her art supplies as a weapon.

That aside, Rouge eyed the purplenette with interest, looks like the purplenet was a fellow content creator. Though she seems to prefer one medium than multiple. Her online name also seemed familiar so she was probably big enough to have a large enough community where she can warn enough people ahead of time. Rouge herself, aside from doing crafts commissions, made her living with making stories with different medias for her videos. Her own fan base was small and she didn’t really interact with her fans much but she made enough to get by.

They stopped by the place and rouge listened to the plan before deciding to get out of the car. She paused with the door half opened and one foot on the ground before she flinched as the purplenet addressed her.

She blinked owlishly at the girl, jenna or, gem, and cleared her suddenly dry throat. She avoided eye contact as she responded in a small voice.

“Names Rouge…..your….your welcome” she mumbled feeling heat in her cheeks in embarrassment. It’s been awhile since someone looked at her grateful for anything, well, it was kinda her fault for isolating herself but she didn't mind it. It was just a pleasant surprise being thanked. swiftly she turned her head and took a quick look around them. Seeing no undead around she fully stepped out while holding the straps of her bloody backpack in one hand and quietly closing the car door. She made eye contact with the fiery haired male but quickly turned away. Curious as she may be, she could live without knowing his name, it’ll probably pop up in conversation later…..probably….

Rouge looked on in approval in the fact that the motel was small which ment small parking and easier means of look out. Also the fact that they parked the car close to the entrance was nice as well for a fast getaway.

The guy had volunteered as a look out so Rouge assumed she would have to guard Jenna as she carried and cared for the dog inside…….. A part of her wondered if they can stop by the kitchen. Maybe she can get a pan or another blunt object along the way. Anything was better than her padded backpack.

Rouge stayed near Jenna as she went to get the dog.

During the way inside no corpses interfere thankfully. Rouge stayed in the background watching Jenna do the procedure on the dog. Poor thing whimpered and cried but he seems like he'll pull through. Towards the end of Jennas warning Rouge managed to spot herself on the feed and she grimaced. She looked like a deranged killer with all the now dark blood on her..........or a corpse…. Quickly she scooted out of view and waited to follow Jenna out. Looking around again she still didn’t notice any corpses yet.
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1546842243467.png Alex Marcus McCarthy
Aurora Outskirts -- Highway 45
Date: Tuesday, October 16th 2018
Interaction: @Oslonaut

Before the Party Starts
Alex shot up out of bed and slammed her fist down on her alarm clock stopping the infernal screeching as she kicked her feet out of bed and slipt into her house slippers standing up from her bed and walking towards the bathroom she clicked on the radio.

"Its a chilly morning out there today in Aurora as people in the suburbs huddle together and cancel any plans th-" the radio silenced as Alex started attempting to tun the old thing in an attempt to find a music station, almost every morning without fail her father would switch the radio station to news and not switch it back to her music station, which made her infuriated every morning but she would never confront him about it which may change soon. Alex hopped in the shower singing songs that were on the radio before finishing her morning routine and getting dressed she decided to wear a long sleeve sweater and a pair of basketball shorts as she was going to be running to work and had her uniform in her locker their, soon Alex left the house and started her morning run to work it would take her about an hour to get to work but that didn't bother her as long as she had her iPod to listen to music on she could run from the east coast to the west coast.

As Alex arrived at the supermarket she had to almost yank her earphones out, the supermarket was packed and almost all of the shelves were empty with people clamoring at the front door she sat down on the sidewalk and started stretching while pulling out her phone she decided to text her boss.

What's going on???
Don't know people are freaking out about the weather I think, they are trying to do their shopping all at once.
Do you still want me to come in today?
No they already cleared out the store, we are just waiting for delivery trucks now to restock they should get here soon but mark and the others can handle it.
Okay, a personal day for meeeeee lol.
Don't get into to much trouble.

Alex put her phone back in her pocket and put her earphones back into her ears the sound of music filling them as she finished her stretches and stood up she checked her pulse it was still relatively normal since she would run this almost every day she decided to just jog for a while.

Out of breath and covered in sweat, Alex sat down on the park bench she had been running for what seemed like hours so catching her breath seemed like a good idea plus her iPod was dead now it was at that moment that Alex's phone screamed to life when she pulled it out to look at what was going on which she assumed was another amber alert she was wrong her phone said to go to the middle school for "Testing and Quarantine" whatever that meant she texted her dad to try and figure things out since she didn't even remember where the middle school was as her dad would always drive her to and from there and she didn't really pay attention to the directions since she wasn't running then.
Did you get the message?
Hello? Anyone there?

After a couple minutes of nothing from her dad, Alex started to get worried but stood up quickly getting worried over possible nothing doesn't suit her so she started to run towards the direction she thought the middle school was in, hopefully she could ask someone along the way were it is as well as what the hell is happening.

Party Started
Alex was sprinting as fast as she could go down the highway covered in blood sweat and dirt, she was loudly and aggressively trying to control her breathing while running away from that thing Alex didn't know what it was but while it wasn't that fast it still scared Alex into breaking into a full-on sprint she watched it rip someones face off and get shot multiple times and it still kept coming. As she was running Alex ran into what looked like a car crash in the distance that veered off the highway and into the ditch a soldier was investigating the accident 'thank god, maybe he can help' Alex thought to herself not slowing her pace while running towards them as she got closer the soldier was focused on someone in the car crash and Alex heard him yelling.
"Stop Right There!"
"P-Please d-don't shoot!"
“I-I’ve found the civilians. At least one of them is alive… please advise.”
“Please… d-don’t do this.”

As Alex came closer to the soldier she could see him pointing a gun down into the ditch about to shoot a poor girl who was pleading with him so Alex started running at the soldier and slammed into him with the full force of her body the soldier was knocked off of the highway and sent down into the ditch with the car. The soldier's body slammed against the back driver's side taillight of the car before he spiraled down landing next to the car in the dirt the noise woke something up in the car a zombie started to crawl its way out of the driver's side window Alex watched in horror as the soldier's gunshots rang out some shooting into the sky some dragging through the corpse and hitting the car, Alex slowly slid down into the ditch looking for the girl that was begging for her life.

"Are you okay? we have to get out of here"
Alex questioned the girl with fear in her voice, Alex had no medical experience other than what little she was taught by her father and this girl was just in a car crash how were they going to get somewhere safe and what the hell was on the other side of the car. All of these thoughts filled Alex's head as the sound of gunfire stopped from the soldier and crunching or snapping noises could be heard Alex motioned to the other girl without talking Alex simply put a finger over her lips to try and tell the girl to stay quiet. Alex slowly stood up trying to look though the passenger door and she could barely see the shape of a human tearing into another ones flesh she wanted to vomit but not here not now.
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ee6f7cbea685f7d985f82f8ccbbe004e.jpgLeliana James
Location: Middle School - Classroom/Outside
Interaction: @Maj (Owen) @AgWordSmith (Lilly) @Soma Schicksal (Marcus) @Yoseph Nikiyev (Ivan)

Mentioned: N/A

The classroom was the first chance Leliana had really gotten to breath. At the moment, they were in no immediate danger, but with the combined sounds of both Ivan moving the desk, and Owen breaking the window, they wouldn't be hidden for long. She began to sketch the classroom for anything that they could use as a distraction, another weapon, or something that could be used later. Not to her surprise, she didn't find anything outstanding. There were a few pairs of scissors, various school supplies, and a few bandaids. One of which she used for a small cut on her finger earned from some broke glass in gym. At least, that's what she hoped it was. The cut was on the palm if her hand, so yeah, a piece of glass. In one of the desks, she found a small mirror, that could be used to look around corners or discreetly signal someone. She was gonna stick it in her pocket, before she noticed her face.

"Damn it..." The girl muttered. Light bruising was forming around her neck, and in the spots the Hazmat had dug his fingers into her face. She wasn't a stranger to bruises, but she hated the look of them. And obviously, there wasn't going to be any ice in the classroom. Her attention however quickly turned back to Owen as he finally broke through the window and offered her bat back. She took it, giving him a slight smile. "I think we should head to the parking lot. Or at least, up that way. If we get lucky we can steal a car, or at least sneak off into one of the houses nearby. Maybe even run into other survivors," she said, walking towards the window and looking out. At that current moment, she didn't see any Hazmats or zombies, which let her breathe a sigh of relief.

She turned away from the window when someone, or something, began to bang on the door. It scared her, it was evident in her eyes, but the desk should keep the door shut for a few minutes at least. But they would have to hurry. Owen was the first one out, and Leliana was going to follow second, but turned again. Quickly moving to one of the desks, she picked up a thicker jacket, before moving it back to the window and draping it across the bottom to protect from any glass that hasn't been cleared away. She then turned to Lilly and Marcus. "Lilly, you go next, and stick close to Owen. I'll go behind you. Then Marcus." Lilly was unarmed, she had a pistol, and Marcus had one of the rifles. Lilly would be the most protected if things went badly, and they could all provide backup for each other.

She would then look to Ivan. "Two minutes. You stay in here for two minutes, and nothing longer. That door won't keep those things out for very long, even with the desk and I know you're probably smart enough to realize that. And that time frame is an optimistic estimate, okay?" They didn't need anyone else dying, not at a time like this. She turned back to the window, nerves balling into a tight knot as she prepered for what she was going to have to do. Once Lilly was out, Leliana gave Marcus and Ivan one last look, before she went out the window.
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The Mad Queen

Roll Initiative
Jenna: The Suburbs (Motel)


She pushed the door to the reception open and her nostrils were assaulted by the smell of decay and blood. Had the zombies already reached this part of town? All the more reason to leave.

"Doris?" Jenna called out "Doris, we gotta go."

The front desk was empty, with a few keys hung on the wall. As Jenna peered over the desk, she gasped. She'd known the woman very briefly, a large elderly lady with spectacles who ran the motel. She sat behind the desk most days, keeping things running while doing crossword puzzles in the paper. She was kind, even giving Jenna a discount as, in Doris' own words she was "A young girl travelling alone."

Trying to explain what she did for a living to Doris had been an interesting conversation. And yet, there Doris was. She lay on the ground with her purple cardigan smeared in blood and half of her face missing. Torn off by one of the infected. Jenna couldn't be sure if it was her blood, or the blood of a zombie Doris had tried to fight off.

Her eyes welled up with tears, smearing her mascara slightly. There wasn't anything she could do except set the key down and walk out. As she turned away, she head the sound of something moving and spun around to see that the body was standing to it's feet, leaning over the desk.

It wasn't Doris, she told herself. It was a parasite using her body like a puppet to spread itself. Running would have made more sense but seeing the puppet shamble towards her with it's mouth agape, wearing the face of somebody Jenna actually liked...It filled her with anger. She clenched her fists and grabbed the walking cane sitting next to the desk.

Doris didn't have too much trouble walking, but it helped in getting around and in chasing off potential robbers. Aurora had been a quiet city, but there was still occasional crime. Now it had fallen into a warzone.

Tightening her grip on the cane, Jenna yelled and kicked the puppet as hard as she could. The blow knocked it back against the desk and Jenna raised the cane above her head. She hit it on the head again and again and again until the skull was caved in and the body had stopped moving.
Taking a few deep breaths, Jenna placed her room key on the counter and walked out.

She said nothing as she led the dog back towards the car and climbed in. She just stared at her travelling companions, an empty look in her eyes as she started the engine and waited for them to get in.

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Rouge: with @The Mad Queen and @AgWordSmith

Rouge had stayed with the guy while they waited for Jenna to return. When she did Rouge furrowed her brows at the look in her eyes, yet she remained silent. Once everyone had re-entered the vehicle she took a moment to gather courage before she addressed Jenna.

“Um… it probably bests that we don't if we don’t go back to the middle school…..if you decide to stay in town it’s, it's probably better to hunker down in a small gated area.” Rouge sighed, though she didn't explain her reasons she hoped at least that the two didn’t go to the middle school.

Maybe it was her paranoia but she didn’t think that the whole town of Aurora being shoved into a small school would end well. Maybe in a regular disaster it be fine but undead corpses? No, the town wasn’t prepared for that. There wouldn’t be enough rations and that many humans in an enclosed space would just be a ticking time bomb…….. Rouge glanced out the window as a thought occurred to her.

“........i remembered that there were cops at the hospital…...but…...where are the police now? Or….anyone for that matter?”

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Collette “Colt” Stanhope

Colt took her leg from the woman with a quiet "Cheers." as she put the prosthetic back on. Once it was on, she was able to stand up, albeit shakily. Lowering her camo army cap further over her face she looked down at the girl, stooping to grab the unfired pocket pistol from her grip. "Y'dunno how to fire, do ya kid? Doesn't surprise me," she questioned, despite knowing the answer before it was even said. Despite her annoyance, Colt was the very least appreciative of a couple of things. "Still... Not firing when ya don't know how into a small room; good." She took out a piece of beef jerky from her pocket, tearing it with her teeth, "Ya'll need to know how to handle a gun... I could remedy that."

As she chewed, she watched the other man leave, probably to look for a way to get the approaching Hazmats away from them. Cursing, Colt roughly grabbed the girl and threw both herself and her behind some trashcans, hoping to keep cover. She could hear the distinct rata-tat-tat-tat of an M4 being fired among other gunfire. The man was stupid, thinking that he could handle this by himself. With a sigh, she took her rucksack, holding the jerky in her teeth. "Where is it... where is it...?" she mumbled around the piece of meat as she dug through her bag. Ah ha! She pulled out a slim tube. A silencer for her own M16. She hadnt put it back in its case yet as she had been at the shooting range just yesterday. It was the only thing Colt had to look forward to, aside from vindaloo.

Screwing the silencer on, she propped it on the top of the bin, watching through the scope mounted on top. Switching it to automatic, she watched the Hazmats. "Watch my back, kid." she growled at the girl in a commanding tone, her gaze not moving from the scope. Back in the Corp, this was what they always did. Always have a gunman watching the backs of the main firing squad. She could tell there was a fight going on. At the very least she could do some chip damage. While she tried to remain focused, her drunkenness made it difficult. She'd sway without realizing it and it was hard to focus. They were wearing bright yellow.

"Hold still..." she grumbled to herself, before firing several shots. The gun shook from the recoil, causing Colt to grip tighter onto the M16. She couldn't mess up here. She focused on one of the Hazmats who had turned to notice them prior to her shooting. Biting her tongue, Colt continued firing, she could only hope it was helping the man. If he wasn't dead. He probably was. But still. Worth a shot, right? Well not really. Yes. No.
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