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Collette “Colt” Stanhope
Colt listened to the purple haired woman in the car as she explained her own plan. Colt’s lip twitches as she thought back on it. She didn't like the idea of them going off on their own and ignoring the order given to them. People died that way. Stupid people. But… she wasn't in Afghan anymore. She could not keep thinking that way anymore. These were civilians. And so was she. What could she do to protect them? Nothing.

The veteran bit the side of lip as she thought of an answer. What did the woman mean by followers?
Followers? You have followers?” She asked, “for what?” What did she mean? Was she the leader of some kind of cult?
...Doesn’t matter. Best tell them. This might be big.” But then as the woman asked her if she was injured, Collette froze as a bright light flashed in her face and she heard a deafening bang in her ears, heat rushing onto her face. Screaming.

Stanhope shook her head as she suddenly woke back up. She looked at the girl as she offered her help despite just being a vet. With a slight grumble, Colt took another swig of whisky to clear that memory from her mind. “No- no, I’m fine, thanks. Just…” she thought for a second before reaching into her rucksack.

Pulling out a glock from her bag, she handed it to the woman through the car’s window. She looked to the younger man again and gave him a weak smile though she doubted it would help. “Just… maybe come to the school once you're done… name’s Colt.” She said before taking her leave and continuing down the street, now stumbling slightly as the mix of whisky and the hangover began to affect her sense of balance. She hoped the pair would be okay. They seemed able enough. Still, this day was getting stranger by the second.

As she approached the school, she noticed the crowd of people assembling. It was almost like the whole city was here. Her attention was diverted to a couple of younger teens who seemed rather unsure of the whole situation. She took on more whisky before putting the flask away and adjusting her cap lower over her face. Her eyes were bloodshot and aching badly.

It's probably just a prank. Like those clowns. Terrorising America my ass…” she grumbled the last part mostly to herself, “Still….better get inside.” She frowned a little. She seriously wished she had the answers. Surely this was not real. There were not dead people running around attacking the living. It sounded so stupid. But she didn't seem to know anything now. Nothing learnt meant. As she stood, she kept moving her prosthetic leg a little. If she kept it still people would get suspicious. As she stood waiting for their response or being told to proceed, she wasn't aware of herself unscrewing her flask again. It was basically second nature. She couldn't walk right anymore, but she could still exercise her arm.
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Rouge: currently in the car with @The Mad Queen , @AgWordSmith


Just as soon as the guy enters their car another lady walks up to them as well. At this point, Rouge starts to gradually feel apprehension though her expression stayed polite. . No, she didn't regret helping the purplenette but with more than one person occupying the same space as her for an undetermined amount of time…..well…. She wasn’t sure she could handle that. At the very least they were level-headed and seemed to know what they were doing.

What surprised her was that the lady didn't join them. Instead, she handed over a firearm to them and advised them to seek the middle school.

Rouge frowned as she watched the ladies retreating back……

As they drove off Rouge kept quiet wrapping her arms around her torso and shrinking into herself as her thoughts went into thinking over random thoughts. Some were from different plans for different scenarios, some were possibilities for makeshift supplies if they couldn't find proper ones, and others were possible routes if she was alone and being chased…..

_”aw don't be like that Ruu! Well always stay together! You're not gonna be left alone! Cross my heart and hope to die!”


_“? what's wrong?”

_“Though, though that seems a bit dramatic….I agree with *****. Your our sister ruu, were like peas in a pod!”

_“Ew! Why would we pee in pods!?”

_“Thats an expression *****!”

“........” Rouge sighed, she wondered how long she’ll survive if decided to live in the woods…...


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Lilly Verde


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Located: Middle School
. Marcus made his way to the school getting closer and noticing more people gathering to the entrance. "I guess we go inside?" He asked.
Lily nodded. She wasn't sure what to expect, and what they over heard back there. The voice of the other guy. It was odd but the way he spoke sounded familiar. Though instead of going back she stayed with Marcus. "Let's see what's going on." Lily opened the doors. Seemed like most the town was here. The crowd...made her shrink back a bit, sticking close to Marcus. Her curiosity how ever wanted to know everything about what was going on.

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Luka Cole


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Located: In the car
As she did, she glanced to the side just in time to see a kid getting into someone’s car, talking about… a dead guy attacking him? “wait!” She raised a hand, having to step back to regain her balance. She screwed the top of her flask back on, “is that what people are freaking out over?” Colt has dealt with people shooting, stabbing, stuff she really didn’t want to remember… but never something like this? Taking another drink from her flask, Collette signed, “whatever this is, some middle school won’t be able to handle it.” She grumbled as she took out her gun. Seems this was going to be worse than expected. Good thing she had whisky.
"I'm not going to the middle school. I'm-we're heading to the edge of town where I'm staying. Got to treat a German Shepherd with glass in it's paw and warn my followers that dead people are running around." She noticed the limp as the woman walked over, but if she was injured it was hidden by her jeans. "Are you hurt? I'm not a doctor, but I'm a qualified veterinarian." She offered a smile
Just… maybe come to the school once you're done… name’s Colt.” She said before taking her leave and continuing down the street, now stumbling slightly as the mix of whisky and the hangover began to affect her sense of balance. She hoped the pair would be okay. They seemed able enough. Still, this day was getting stranger by the second.
Luka had half a mind to join this Colt. As they went he spoke up. Er well ranted off. "So, instead of heading to a safe environment. You're taking 1, maybe 2 strangers," he didn't know if the other two knew each other or not, " to the EDGE OF TOWN. to TREAT A DOG, in the middle of THE MOST LIKELY ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Are you crazy? and second, followers? You in a cult or something? Got a little instagram? What are they gonna do? You'll cause mass panic as well and invite apocalypse nuts to come out here to go crazier. As well as the government to possible screw us all over as well. AND Seriously you can treat the dog at the school, its just glass, they have things i'm sure for taking it out and bandaging it up, dog or not." This was insane. He had half a mind to jump out the car. He waited to see if she would turn around on her own though.

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ee6f7cbea685f7d985f82f8ccbbe004e.jpgLeliana James
Location: Downtown, Heading Towards the Middle School
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"Mom! Mom, we have to go!" Her voice was frantic, her appearance deshelved, and her mind racing. "Mom! Wake up!" Her voice echoed through the small house, receiving no answer. Leliana groaned in frustration, but she wouldn't try again until she finished scrubbing the blood off her hands and face. Michelle's blood. A fellow housekeeper she was working with at Moe's until just fifteen minutes ago when some psycho attacked their manager. He burst out of one of the rooms they hadn't cleaned yet, needle in his arm and everything. They both thought he was just a drugged out maniac, and while they tried to help, they both witnessed their manager get his throat ripped out, and he...no, it lunged at her. Michelle threw herself infront of Leliana and suffered a fate similar to their manager, before Lelia was forced to smash the junkies face in. She, god, the sound is still ringing through her head, and she tried to save Michelle, but there was nothing she could do to help her. Leliana could barely drive home through panicked tears, let alone the carnage she witnessed in the streets. What the hell was going on? The only things he had heard so far was the emergency warning from the city, but that was it. She had even tried the radio in her car, and then the T.V, but nothing. Either the stations were down, or in such a panicked state nobody could make anything out.

Leliana was finally pulled back into reality when her hands were burning. She looked down, the water now clear, but her hands blotchy thanks to the temperature. She quickly turned the water off, and hurried to he mothers room. She entered, and began to search for the large book back they used for trips. "Mom, do you think you'll be able to walk?" No answer. "Mom? Mom, wake up, there's something going on in town, we need to leave now." Again, no answer. "Mom!" A light groan came from the bed, the bed springs creaking with it. "Finally! Look, we have to go. I knows it's gonna be rough on you, but-" she turned to the bed when she finally found the bag in question to see her mother. One hand was outreached, her mouth slightly ajar, and her eyes were white and glassy. "Mom?"

Another groan, louder as her body lurched forward. Leliana was frozen in place, unsure of what was happening, until her yes glanced to the heart rate moniter beside the bed. It was flat lining, but the alarm hadn't gone off. "What th-" Her mother lunged off the bed at Leliana, causing the girl to drop the bag and just barely was she able to move out of the way. "Mom! What are you doing?" She yelled, falling to the floor as she tripped over down wires. Her mother groaned again, an odd clattering sound that Leliana quickly recognized as teeth as she turned her body, twisting and jerking in ways that didn't look human. She didn't know what to do, but had no time to think as her mother once again lunged at her. Leliana scrambled backwards, her hand brushing up against something under the bed. She didn't time to register what exactly it was as she insticfully kicked out, landing a blow on her mother's face that sent her back. She quickly pulled out whatever was under the bed, hoping to use it as a weapon. Leliana almost didn't realize it was her mother's pistol. She aimed at her her mother, who was still trying to figure out what to do after being kicked. "Mo-mom," she choked out, tears welling in her eyes as she watched her mother twist and jerk right into a lunging position. "Mom please! I don't want to hurt you!" She cried. Her hands were shaking, but she somehow managed to flick the safety off. Her mother lunged again.

A gunshot echoed through their house, and out into the street as her mother's body collapsed right on top of her lap. Leliana almost lost it right there as she saw the hole she had just shot through her mother's head. Dropping the gun, she pushed the body off of her lap, tears spilling down her cheeks as she began to sob, apologizing over and over again. She didnt mean to fire, she didnt want to fire, but she didn't want to die. Her work clothes were now stained with her mother's blood, her hands as well. She couldn't form words, she couldn't think, Leliana was so distraught she didn't realize that it wasn't her mother anymore. A solid five minutes went by before she could even stand up, and it took another five for her to even begin moving again. Leliana knew that she couldn't stay there, that she had to get to the Middle school. But she didn't want to leave, and the barrel of that gun was looking tempting. No. No, she couldn't think like that, she couldn't. Leliana finally threw up as she stumbled into the living to try the news again, but she figured there were better things she could do. Like pack.

After mentally preparing herself again, she entered her mother's bedroom once more to grab the bag, which was a teal North Face duffle bag, and threw up again once she left the room again. After rinsing her mouth out, she went to her room, and began to pack a few things. Three changes of clothes and multiple pairs of underwear and her bras, as well as an emergency first aid book her grandmother, a retired Navy nurse, had given her a few years ago. She had a feeling it would come in handy. After that, she went and packed a few other supplies. Some easy to transport food, a knife, and the little multi tool they had for minor matenice. She was actually about the leave when she realized something.

She needed to arm herself, which meant another trip into her mother's room.

Leliana stood outside the door trembling for a few minutes, before she opened it and went in. The carpet was covered in her mother blood, but she wasn't moving. Still, Leliana moved slowly, grabbing the gun, and then moving to the closet for the ammo. She found the box, and the holster, which she quickly put on, before checking to see how much that had. Almost a full box of 50 rounds, with maybe five or six missing. She didn't do the math on how many clips that was, and put the box in her bag, and the gun on her hip, before she not only left her mother's room, but her house. Leilana's little Honda was sitting outside, with the keys still in it, but when she tried to start it the engine wouldnt turn over. She slammed her hands on the steering wheel, before trying a few more times, to no avail. With a defeated sigh, and the tears thretening to spill over again, she just got out, and came to the conclusion she was either going to have to get a ride, or-something in the back seat caught her eye. She smiled a bit, reaching back for the small first aid kit she kept in the backseat, as well as the small tire checker bat. She took both, realising shhe had seen to many movies, an attached the first aid kit to her bag, before beginning her dangerous walk to the Middle school.

God, she hoped she'd get a ride there. Maybe someone would be nice enough?
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Ivan Zamorozka

Ivan jumped awake in his college dorm room, sweating a bit as the sun shone brightly through his window onto his face. He stretched intensely as he looked around the room, sitting up slowly as his eyes were drawn to his roommates bed. He quickly noticed that he wasn't present, likely already dead. Ivan didn't know this of course, he'd only seen a snippet of the infection in action the night before and he's nodded it off as two students getting frisky in the library. He stumbled tiredly into the kitchen of his room and grabbed an open bottle of something from the counter, taking a large swig of it before tossing the now empty bottle into the half-full garbage can in the kitchen. He flung the door to the refrigerator and sighed quietly.

"Damn, now I need to go get groceries."

He said quietly before closing the door and going back into his room, closing the door behind him as he started to change into "I'm going into public clothes." He slapped a watch on his wrist and put his phone in his pocket before grabbing his wallet. He was practically at the door when he came to a quick realization. He rummaged through the messy drawers of the kitchen beforev grabbing a pen and an old napkin he'd stolen from the local diner. Quickly, Ivan scribbled a note onto the napkin with the pen, having spent two minutes drawing on it trying to get it to work.

~I'm going out to get groceries for us so I should be back in about half an hour. Can you make an attempt to not inhale them over a week this time? It's getting expensive.~


With that, Ivan cracked his neck and grabbed the knife he used for self-defense and walked towards the door again, leaving the dorm quickly


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Marcus Howard


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Located: The Middle School
Marcus followed behind Lilly but was soon standing next to her due to her shrinking back. He forgot how much she disliked crowds but she would be fine. “Well nothing bad so far.” he smiled at Lilly but then looked over and noticed a woman he had seen earlier, wow she got here really fast…wait did she have a prosthetic leg? Hmm never noticed before. Maybe he missed her walking by because of the crowds of people. He held Lilly’s hand and walked over to maybe start up a conversation, she seemed to know what may be going on. Marcus tapped the beautiful woman with the smell of liquor on her. “Umm hello…I seen you earlier talking with that group in the car…you wouldn’t happen to know what is going on, would you? Oh sorry and my name is Marcus, I hope we aren’t bothering you.” He said speaking for Lilly and himself as he looked the woman up and down avoiding looking at her leg figuring it would seem rude to do so, she looked like a sexy badass out of some sort of resident evil movie. He chuckled to himself at the thought. "Sorry you reminded me of that sexy Resident Evil woman...." he blushed for a moment and covered his mouth, what was he thinking saying that out loud, why did she make him nervous?

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Owen was relieved when Andy answered her phone, whatever was going on at the hospital was definitely bad. The hoards of cop cars and crowds of people had made that very apparent. He still hadn’t found his mom, but it looked like at least Andy had made it out safe and sound. He waved at her across the parking lot and she returned the favor. He couldn’t see over the crowd, but it looked like she was with someone. The redhead was turned away from Owen, talking to someone. Curiosity took him, but he waited patiently for his sister to join him.

He turned back to the cute girl and her brother in their car. The man didn’t want to keep them any longer than necessary or put them in any unneeded danger, especially since the kid was with them.

“Thanks again for the ride. I’ll stop back by to pay for my car once we get everything sorted here. I still need to find my mom but my sister is here to drive me so if you need to take off….” Owen was interrupted by the shrill sound of the alarm on his phone. His wasn’t the only one going off either. A symphony of buzzing and long beeping tones filled the air.

“This is not a Test. Aurora Township is in a state of emergency. All citizens should report to James D. Wilcox Middle School for testing and quarantine. This is not a test.”

What in the world was going on? He couldn’t wait to talk to Andy and find out exactly what sort of insanity had happened in the hospital. Why in the world would they need quarantine? Wasn’t this a massacre? Owen quickly darted his green eyes back up from his phone, to the girl sitting in the driver seat of her car. He forced the worry out of them and smiled.

“Sounds like we will meet back up sooner than anticipated. Andy can drive me over to the school. I can meet you guys over there. Be safe.” He shot the girl a wink before jogging over to meet Andy in the hospital parking lot.

The first thing he noticed as she neared was the blood splattered across her cheekbones. It stained her pale skin like a blush, vibrant and violent. He had hoped that she had been spared most of the gore, but it didn’t look like it.

“Oh my god Andy…” She cut him off by putting up her hands and keeping him at bay.

“Owen, I’m fine.” His sister did her best to recount her time in the hospital as quickly as possible. Everything from the initial gunshots coming from their mother’s department, to the corpse rising back up. All the way to Luca saving her from the male nurse near the fire escape. The story sounded made up, but Andy had always been a logical one. Making up wild tales was not something he had ever known her to do.

“Wait...Did you say Luca. As in Luca Brasi?” He asked, obviously concerned. Luca was not someone he trusted. They had all known each other as children, but people grew up, changed. Luca maybe most of all. Owen sometimes did things that were less than legal, but Luca had a reputation that far preceded him. He wasn’t someone Owen trusted, and he was definitely not someone he felt comfortable running around with his sister with a gun.

“He’s dangerous Andy.” Owen scolded.

“Oh my god Owen!” Andy ran her hands through her hair with an eye roll so hard her eyes might have gotten stuck in the back of her skull. “People were eating each other in there! My company during my life and death situation should be the least of your concerns! Besides, I wouldn’t have made it out without his help. He saved my life.”

It took him a little bit to digest that particular piece of information. While Owen was glad that Andy was safe, owing a debt to Luca wasn’t something he was overly fond of. He decided not to dwell on it. There were more important things at stake right now.

“And you didn’t see mom at all in there?” He asked again. Andy shook her head, if she had been anyone else the girl would have cried but that wasn’t something Andy did. Her emerald eyes began to swim, but not so much as a drop rolled down her crimson splattered face.

“It started where she was Owen, I’m not sure that she…. There were so many crazy people…. If she was there she’s…” Owen knew what Andy was trying to say, but the words wouldn’t come to her. Andy thought their mother was dead. Going back into the hospital sounded like a death wish, and protecting Andy was more important than risking both their lives for a ‘what-if’ scenario.

“Maybe she’s helping out at the quarantine zone,” Owen suggested, his voice soft and low. It was the same way he used to talk to her when she was a little girl and someone had upset her. Andy nodded in response, but he could tell she was unconvinced.

“Let’s head there now. My car broke down on the way here so I’ll need to hitch a ride with you.” Andy gave another signature eye roll before leading the way to her car.

They didn’t talk for most of the trip. The air was tense and tight, like wearing a shirt that was just a bit too small, it pressed into his windpipe and made him uncomfortable. He could tell that she was still upset with him about the other night, and likely if there hadn’t been a literal life and death situation she wouldn’t have let him anywhere near her car. But family came before bullshit, and even prideful and angry Andy knew the importance of that.

Despite leaving almost immediately after getting the message, the parking lot to the middle school was swarming with cars and families. Many officers were out and about, helping direct traffic. The town of Aurora wasn’t that large, and it appeared that they had to bring in some help from a few of the neighboring townships. According to the message they had received, the town was in a state of emergency. Owen hoped that whatever had caused those people in the hospital to turn on each other wasn’t contagious. But the idea of “testing and quarantine” wasn’t ideal.

He snapped out of his train of thought at the sound of Andy shutting off the engine to her car. They were parked, sandwiched in between a bunch of other cars. By the way they were packing the things in here, it didn’t look like they were planning on letting anyone leave in any timely manner. Owen wondered if they should have gotten supplies before coming, but it was too late now.

“Come on,” Andy addressed him, climbing out of her car. Her brother followed suit and walked up beside his twin as they walked into the crowd of people piling into the school. Owen had lived in Aurora all his life, most of the faces in the crowd were people he had seen or interacted with at some point in his time here. He wondered how many people had actually died in the hospital...how many faces would he never see again? Would his mother be one of those faces?

“Looks like we need to check in,” Andy suggested, pointing to a table up ahead where people were providing identification and given masks and stickers to wear. It felt weird, like they were being herded. The whole thing felt….off. He made sure to stick close to his sister, in case anything went south.

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Ivan Zamorozka

Ivan walked down the road quietly, humming the beat to a song he didn't completely remember. He couldn't help but notice how barren the streets were, especially for this time of day. Not only that, but Ivan was getting the faintest tingle in the back of his neck that something was wrong. This suspicion was solidified when a shrill scream sounded from further down the street. Ivan's instincts didn't allow him to do anything but sprint towards the scream, gripping the brick building as to give him a way to channel his momentum as he shot around the street corner. Because he wasn't being extremely careful, he scraped his palm on the brick of the building, the slight pain taking his attention away from his objective before a second scream roared through the otherwise silent streets. Ivan looked up from his lightly bleeding hand to see a woman fearfully scooting away from a shambling individual who was making slow and drunk-like advances towards her. Sticking out of the individuals neck was a basic pocket knife, no doubt one the woman assumed would be enough to protect her from anything other than a rodent. The woman began digging through her purse, violently throwing miscellaneous items at the unknown man, until she caught sight of Ivan. Before he had an opportunity to say or do anything, she screamed at him something that sent a shiver down his spine and a memory through his head.

"Please! Help me!"

The woman shouted, spiraling Ivan into a memory from when he was undercover in a foreign country, one where corruption and crime was rampant and unconditioned. He quickly came back from the flashback, snapping back to reality as the unknown man growled at the woman, shuffling closer as she screamed again. Ivan sprinted forwards, taking the man's attention as he neared before bending forwards and slamming his body into the man's, lifting him up momentarily before slamming him to the ground in front of him. Without another moment having gone by, he turned to the woman and offered her his hand.

"Ma'am, are you alright?"

He said quickly as the individual started to shuffle to a sitting position with nothing but a groan. As the woman took his hand, a loud buzzing erupted from his pocket, and he reached into it, pulling his phone out as his eyes scanned across the message on the screen.

“This is not a Test. Aurora Township is in a state of emergency. All citizens should report to James D. Wilcox Middle School for testing and quarantine. This is not a test.”

A shudder ran through Ivan again as the woman took his hand and stood up, looking over his shoulder at the message before she began shaking lightly.

"Ma'am. We must go, now."

The only response from her was a short nod and they were off towards the school.


> I-76 in Aurora

Another empty road.

No, Aurora certainly wasn’t the largest town as far as Colorado went, but it seemed that in a state of emergency that even the outskirts would be far more inundated with traffic than it was. Regardless of whether or not it was more rural, everyone in the town was expected to gather in the same place - but things were far from normal. There were various cars abandoned on the highway, even some people wandering about aimlessly. At least, that was the way it seemed from the inside of his car. No one whom Luca was normally in touch with was answering their phone; perhaps they were already at the middle school, where the former capo was heading toward. The man removed a cigarette from the pack sitting in his cup holder. He lit it, allowing a bit of the smoke to escape his nostrils as his foot pushed down on the pedal. Luca’s car sped off, taking an exit from the highway toward Aurora. It hadn’t taken him long to get to the ammunition shop initially, even though he was heading out of the city. There’s no traffic going into the city. The outbreak was obviously not getting any better.

It was when Luca got past a small bridge that the main road leading to the middle school would provide him with a large wall of traffic. To avoid it, Luca opted to turn into a neighborhood and go around. Luca had lived in the city his entire life. He was well-aware of each road, where it lead to and how others converged with them. It had absolutely nothing to do with countless hours studying a map, autistically studying how to get around. Rather, this knowledge simply came from the ridiculous amount of times he used certain roads to traverse around over the years. Driving a bit too fast through the residential neighborhood, Luca would notice that there wasn’t a car on the road in sight. Some cars still remained at their houses. Others were gone - but there were no cars in the road. It seemed as though Luca had made the right move turning off and avoiding the traffic.

The sound of metals slamming against one another radiated throughout the neighborhood. An elderly gentleman had been sitting in his car and turned the ignition on, successfully pulling out. However, he had done so far too fast and without looking. The trunk of his civic slammed into the passenger’s side door of Luca’s sports car, denting it inward in the process. The force of the blow caused Luca’s head to connect with the driver’s side window and crack it. As the trunk connected with his car, it completely obliterated the front-end, pushing it in and destroying the battery. Smoke erupted from underneath the hood. Luca was conscious, but extremely agitated.

Luca stepped out of the car, calmly adjusting the jacket around his collarbone. Then, he walked around the backside of his car and up to the passenger-side window of the old man’s vehicle, which was parked. Luca notioned for the man to roll down his window, before his hands dropped to his side. The old man immediately bursted into tears, explaining that he had been going through a lot recently and had not noticed Luca was in the road. Luca listened to the gentleman, leaning over slightly so that the man could see his face. There wasn’t a soul in sight, aside from one woman down the road. Her hair was long, and extremely light. It was either the blondest hair he had ever seen, or it had been dyed a platinum color.

“Should I call the police?” The elderly man asked, his flip-phone in hand.

“There’s no need.” Luca replied, with a warm smile on his face.

The former capo then took a step back from the window. He pushed his jacket back slightly with one of his hands and drew a silenced pistol from the waistband of his pants. Then, he aimed the gun at the man’s head and pulled the trigger. The bullet was pushed through the chamber and was lodged into the side of the old man’s skull, killing him instantly. Luca watched as his body became limp, dropping over the steering wheel. His large, bulbous stomach pushed against the horn, causing it to sound off. Luca was not happy with this. Quickly, he walked around the front of the car and opened the drivers’ side door, reaching in to unbutton the seatbelt. The seat he was sitting in smelt pretty badly of cheese, enough so for Luca to cough, and then gag. He dragged the obese elderly man out of the car seat and onto the concrete of his driveway.

“Porca puttana.” The italian immigrant muttered, spitting on the ground besides the deceased man. He reached two fingers up to his forehead, wincing slightly. When he brought his fingers back down to eye level, he saw blood. There must have been a small cut somewhere on his forehead.

Luca grasped the filter of his cigarette with his index finger and thumb, parting his lips slightly in the process to remove it. Then, he threw it on the ground and stepped on the burning cherry with the tip of his shoe, putting it out. He walked over to his car and opened the middle console to grab a small travel-sized bottle he kept on him, before walking back to the civic and spraying the seat.


The driver’s side window had some blood splattered on it. Luca was sure to push the window down so that nothing seemed out of the ordinary, with the use of the window roller provided. This bucket must have been from back in the eighties! He only needed the car to get to the middle school, which was just a bit too far to walk to. By car, it would take five minutes to get there at most. The blonde had been walking away from her driveway at this point, which told Luca two things; one, her car must not have been working - or she didn’t have keys to it - so she couldn’t drive it. Two, she was most definitely a breathing person.

Fingers grasped the shifter and pulled it back into drive. The old, beat-up civic began rolling forward. Luca turned the wheel and drove all over the poor dead man’s lawn, before he finally made it back to the street. He rolled up to the woman who was walking down the sidewalk, taking note of what she had on her. A bag and a bat, mostly. Luca then stopped, whistling loudly out of the open window toward the woman. One hand was on the steering wheel, gripping it lightly. The other was on his lap, covering his pistol.

“Hey. You going to the middle school? You need a ride?”

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ee6f7cbea685f7d985f82f8ccbbe004e.jpgLeliana James
Location: Downtown, Heading Towards the Middle School - In the car with Luca
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She was tempted to go check her neighbors houses, her hands gripping the half sized aluminum bat as she approached the house on the left. She climbed the steps, the wood creaking due to its old age. She stood there on the porch for a second, before she knocked. No answer, and unlike the situation with her mother, she didn't try again. Instead, Leliana tried peering through the window. From what she could see, the living room was a mess, and from behind the couch, she could just make out the form of what looked like an arm laying behind the couch. She couldn't see anyone else, and was smart enough to know that trying to go in and help wasn't a good idea. Instead she turned and quickly got off the porch, another wave of nausea washing over her. At this point, if she lost it again, it would be nothing by bile and dry heaving, so Leliana tried to keep it down, but to no avail. Leliana made it to the side of the porch before she threw up again, using a beach towel hanging beside her to clean her mouth. She wanted to stay there for a few moments, but the sound she knew was a collision caught her attention.

She moved out of her neighbors yard, breifly walking back to her own, before deciding to use a car parked nearby as cover until she could figure out what was happening. From there, she saw a man who she knew but not personally. If she remembered correctly, he lived in the area, and whenever she saw him, he was doing something shady. An old man, another neighbor had hit his car, and both were probably injured in someway. She was about to make her way over when she say the younger man pull a gun and shoot the other. Leliana shot her hand over her mouth to keep from making herself known. After a moment, she dropped it, her hand going to the holster on her hip, fingers dancing slightly over the pistol grip, before she decided against it. When the man started cleaning the car, she turned and quickly started walking in the opposite direction.

She knew she had seen him before, Leliana was also certain she had heard his name, but she couldn't remember it right then. It frustrated her, but maybe it was for the best? He had just killed someone in cold blood, but, based on the situation...maybe she shouldn't judge too much. Leliana might have done the same thing in his shoes. Well, probably not, but, actually she didn't know how she would react. The whole town seemed to be going crazy, and if her mom was anything to go on...Leliana shook her head, wiping her slightly puffy eyes as she continued down the sidewalk. Lost in thought, Leliana almost didn't notice when the man pulled up beside her, and whistled.

When he did, she visibly tensed up, but turned to him. She was going to decline his offer, and tell him that she could get there on foot just fine, but she realised something. What were her chances of survival on her own? It was, realistically, too far to walk before the situation got worse, and if she knew her movies, it was gonna get worse. She stood there for a few moments, debating before nodding, and ended up ultimately going against her better judgement; Leliana got in the car. With a man she just saw murder someone. "Thank you," she said quietly, putting her bag in her lap. She was nervous, for good reason, but if he was going to hurt her, he probably would have just done so as he drove by, or just not offered to give her a ride at all. Leliana glanced back in the direction of the crash, then to the man, before down to her bag. "I saw what happened back there," She said, unhooking the first aid kit from her bag, looking to Luca. "Your head's injured, isn't it? I can take care of it. You know, clean it and stuff." He may have had some little peices of glass or something stuck in the cut, and it could be worse than it looked. She had the stuff to take care of it, and maybe even check to make sure he didn't have a concussion. "I'm Leliana by the way."
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Jenna: The Suburbs


"I go by PurpleNoodle on Twit..." Jenna tried to say, but Colt was already walking away from the car. She hoped that the woman wasn't hurt, but there wasn't a lot Jenna could do if she was refusing help. At least she seemed to have her wits about her, which is more than she could say for one of the passengers currently in the car.

She let out a heavy sigh as Luka ranted, her hands gripped on the steering wheel but keeping the car straight.
"So, first off. Imp. It's not a cult. And second, I'm warning them. I have followers in this city so I need to warn them of the zombies." Her teeth were gritted
She spun her head around, looking back at Luka "Or...You know, I could say absolutely nothing and they all get torn to pieces! Does that sound better?!"

Jenna shook her head, focusing back on the road. Despite the circumstances, she still kept well within the speed limit. The last thing she wanted to do now was hit a person, or animal on their way back to the motel. Hitting a zombie was another thing, but it would probably destroy the car.

"And yeah, I'm sure a school with limited medical supplies already will willingly hand those over to a vet when the city's already about to go to shit." Sarcasm oozed with every single word
"Worst comes to it, I can skip town before they quarantine it. After all, the dead seem to be coming from the centre so..."
She shrugged, looking back in the rear view mirror at Luka.

"If I keep driving you it's basically child kidnapping. And as a foreign national I'd rather not end up in an American prison. So if you want to get out..."
She gently slowed the car to a stop.

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Lucia Gonzaléz
Lucia’s eyes snapped to his in concern when he cursed. Her eyes softening when he said his sister was here too. She just gave a nod to Owen. Acknowledging his thanks. Antonio just eyed his fistbump for a few seconds before giving in, putting his own fist to his. “Will do.” He replied.

Starting the ignition, although hesitating to leave. “What are you doing? Let’s go.” Antonio spoke impatiently. Whatever was happening in there, knowing she couldn’t actually do anything to help bothered her deeply. She raised a curious brow when Owen turned back their way. Waving away his thanks “Hmm? Oh. Yeah, don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal.” She stared at him for a long moment. Lucia hoped his mother was okay, she knew first-hand what the worrying was like. An alert on her phone caught her attention.

Lucia bit her lip at the sight of it. A state of emergency? She got this feeling in the pit of her stomach, she usually does whenever she gets an eerie feeling about something. Which happens most of the time, She’s cautious. Lucia can’t help it. Focusing back on Owen, eying his smile and giving him a weak one back. “Yeah.. You too.” She told him. Hoping he’d actually stay safe.

Antonio spoke once Owen left. “So.. are we going?” He asked her. Lucia raised a brow. “Home, yeah.” Antonio tilted his head towards her phone. “But they said like.. all citizens or whatever.” She could tell he was nervous. Lucia sighed heavily. “Hey, It’s probably nothing serious. And we’ll go.. i just need to stop by home first.” She explained. Putting the car in drive, and heading to her destination.

Making her way around the cars that had been abandoned as she’d seen earlier. Remembering the words she said to Antonio. Sure, she told him it was nothing serious. But everything about this screamed ‘serious.’ She shook her head at the thought of it. Lucia didn’t like this, not one bit. Who would? Everything and everyone seemed to be in a constant state of distress, ever since this morning. She just silently prayed today wouldn’t get worse.

Finally getting home, she pulled into the small suburban style house. Lucia wasn’t exactly the type for the whole ‘picket fence, and family dinners’ kinda thing. But it seemed appropriate for her brother to grow up in. It wasn’t fair that everything changed for him, he should still have the opportunity to feel like a normal kid, she didn’t want him to remember his parents and think, ‘i could’ve had more.’ Because the truth was he deserved so much more. Just like any other kid. So, Lucia was going to try to be the best sister she could be. And if that meant she had to settle for the picket fence, helping with homework. Attempting and failing horribly at making dinner. She’ll do it.

“Okay, just let me get a few things and we’ll get going.” She told Antonio, as he didn’t waste any time getting comfortable in the house. Throwing his backpack to the side, flopping on the couch and turning on the tv. Lucia walked up the stairs, going into her bedroom. She sighed at the sight of it. She hadn’t had time for the past few weeks to clean, it was like there was just never enough time to do anything. Lucia slided the closet door, kneeling on the floor. Entering a 4 digit code into the safe she’d recently bought. Biting her lip, mulling it over if she even should bother with all of this.

Opening the safe, grabbing the handgun inside of it. She bought it the first day she joined the academy, Lucia scoffed in disbelief. Reminiscing how excited she was..If only that girl knew what life decided to have in store for her. She shook the thoughts away. Was a gun really necessary? The odds are probably not. Did it hurt to be prepared in case it was necessary? She checked the gun’s magazine unloading and reloading it with a click. The answer to that question was a definite no. Her gaze landed on the badge that was in there too. It was her grandfather’s. He was the whole reason why she wanted to become an officer in the first place. He even cheered her on when he found out she joined the academy. At least he didn’t live long enough to see her drop out.

It probably wasn’t a good idea to bring a gun into the middle school. But if there was anyone she trusted with it, it was herself. Pocketing the gun behind her, and pulling her jacket over it to hide it. She made her way downstairs, “Antonio, you ready?” Lucia yelled out. Hearing no answer, her eyes traveled over the house. The living room, the kitchen, she even went upstairs to check his room. “Antonio!” Trying again, yet to no avail. She heard a thud. That seemed to be coming from outside, speeding down the steps for a third time, and going out the door to the backyard. She finally caught sight of Antonio. “Jesus, Antonio.” Lucia shook her head.

Although, she noticed he wasn’t alone. “Mrs James?” She said, it was the woman in her 70s who lived next door, she’s very sweet, she even helped Lucia make dinner when she almost burnt the house down. Her dark brown hair which was almost always in a bun was mussed. Antonio was backing away from her in fear. She furrowed her brows in confusion. Walking up to them and pulling her brother further away from the woman. “Mrs James.. are you okay?” She asked. Lucia flinched slightly when she lunged at her, backing up with Antonio closely behind. The old woman sounded like she was just groaning, unable to make or understand any of the words she was saying. She lashed out at her again, and Lucia narrowly dodged it. “What the-“ Lucia pulled Antonio, rushing into the house. Closing the door, and locking it effectively behind them. “Did she hurt you..?” Her eyes focused on him, turning her gaze back on the woman outside. Antonio shook his head. “No, she just.. tried to i don’t know! Hurt me or..” he trailed off. Unwilling to continue.

Lucia just nodded. “Okay. Okay. I uh..” she didn’t know what to do. What should you do when the old woman next door goes crazy? “Let’s just.. leave.” She said hesitantly. Shutting down any protests Antonio had. “Maybe she’s sick or something, that’s why the quarantine is happening!” Antonio guessed. Lucia winced at the thought of it. If it was up to her.. she probably wouldn’t even go to the whole quarantine and testing thing. Wasn’t it though? Up to her?

Despite racking her brain for any other ideas, she couldn’t come up with anything. “Pack a bag Antonio.” She told him, walking to the hall and grabbing a duffel bag from the closet. “Just in case.” She tried to reassure him. It obviously didn’t work as she could visibly see the fear in his eyes. “Antonio, it’s fine. We just don’t know how long this testing this will be. Best to have a few necessities.” She gently pushed him towards the direction of his room. “Don’t pack games.” Lucia said.

After watching him leave, she turned to look outside the window. Staring at the old woman, she seemed so.. different. If she truly was sick. What was it? Shaking it off, she continued. Packing a change of clothes, a few snack bars which she regrets buying, considering neither her or Antonio ever eats them. Why not try, right? Grabbing two bottles of water. Odds are they probably had food and drinks there. Better to be safe and content than sorry and uncomfortable. Antonio came downstairs, with his backpack around him. He seemed set to go, she considered checking the bag but decided against it. She tilted her head in the direction of the front door, while they walked Lucia turned her head taking a last look at the woman outside. It killed her to know she was just leaving her here. But was it even really her? She was just so.. Different.

After a very quiet car ride, they arrived at the middle school. Her gaze roamed at all the cars and people that were here, she sighed. Reluctantly stepping out of the car, and heading inside. As soon as she did, that feeling came back. She pulled Antonio closer holding him by his shoulders as they waited in line to walk up to one of the tables. After providing her with whatever information he needed, The man handed them masks, which Antonio wasn’t particularly interested in wearing. “It’s to make sure you don’t get sick.” Lucia explained, taking the mask from his grasp and putting it on him, herself. “Thank you.” She told the man, putting a mask on herself. “Do you know anything about.. all of this?”

The man shook his head. “Just that those masks probably won’t stop whatever’s coming our way.” Lucia glared at him, and gestured to her brother. Why say those things? In front of him. More importantly.. why be an asshole? She stopped herself from cursing the man out altogether. “Take a seat and someone will—“ Lucia didn’t let him finish, she just walked away with Antonio in tow. Taking a seat with him wherever was available. Crossing her arms obviously uncomfortable with this whole situation. “Don’t listen to what he said.” She reassured him. “It’ll be fine.” She told him, although that feeling in her stomach told her something different.

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Luca waited as the woman walked around his car and opened the passenger side door. There was a cassette in the tray, playing music at a low volume as she got adjusted. Luca barely recognized the artist to be Johnny Cash, but he wasn’t exactly attune to the fine musical tastes of those who lived in the fifties. His attention was soon taken away, as the passenger side door was shut. He hit the gas, driving off down the road and out of the neighborhood at a quick pace. He wasn’t in a rush, nor was he driving like a maniac - rather, he was going maybe ten miles per hour over the speed limit. The woman he had picked up had thanked him for his offer, but Luca didn’t give her appreciation any sort of response.

She mentioned that she saw what had happened moments prior. Luca was not concerned by her knowledge, but typically it was best behavior to capture or eliminate any threats or witnesses to his crimes. In this case, since the town of Aurora was going to shit, Luca didn’t exactly have plans to dish out any damage to this poor woman. It was obvious that she was thrusted into the situation and saw something she didn’t want to see. Aside from that, what officer is going to be concerned on following up on a murder when dead people are coming back to life and eating perfectly healthy ones? Luca turned back onto the main road, avoiding quite a bit of traffic by taking what was normally a scenic route.

“Do you normally worry about the welfare of murderers, Leliana?”

Luca asked this rather plainly, turning his head slightly over to her so that his eyes could briefly run over her features. Then, he removed a cigarette from the pack in his pocket and placed it between his lips. His teeth bit down on the filter, holding it in place as that same hand brought a lighter to the tip. To Luca, it didn’t matter if the smoke bothered the hitch hiker he had grabbed off of the side of the road. It wasn’t too long until the two would make it to the middle school, anyway. A bit of silence was kept between the two; Luca wasn’t about to offer his name to someone who didn’t need it. Besides, a quick search on his actual name using the internet would get most people up to speed on the type of person Luca was.

As far as he was concerned, the cut on his head was nothing. Luca had been through the ringer plenty of times, but this was not one of them. He had been shot multiple times on different occasions, stabbed, slashed, beaten with bats and fists alike. The scratch on his head was nothing. If he hadn’t been dead yet, it definitely wasn’t going to kill him anytime soon. The silence continued from Luca’s side. The entire situation was strange to him, from start to finish. Not so much the shooting, but the act of picking up a random person on the side of the road and driving them to a middle school because people were coming back to life and feasting on others. That entire situation? Not normal.

Initially, Luca had wondered whether it was smart to offer the girl a ride or hold her hostage to drive him to the middle school. The former capo didn’t have much luck driving cars. Typically, that’s when bad stuff happened. In his current position, Luca was completely open and viable to attack. At least in the passenger seat or the back seat, he had full capability of paying attention and keeping his hand on his gun. If he had held her hostage initially, however, it would have bit him in the ass once the two finally made it to the middle school. Such as being denied entrance. Not that this couldn’t still be the case based on the murder she witnessed, but Luca could always just… Deny it. Her word versus his own.

When the two had made it to the middle school, it was about three minutes later. Three minutes of unrelenting silence. Luca couldn’t get a close enough spot to park. The traffic leading up to the middle school was obnoxiously long. So, Luca pulled out of the line of dead-stop cars and parked the one he was driving right on the side of the street. He kept the keys in the ignition, hell, he didn’t even bother to turn off the engine. Luca opened the door and stepped out, taking a big drag of his cigarette in the process. Smoke escaped his barely parted lips as he turned briefly to Leliana. Then, the former capo opened the back driver’s side door and wrapped his fingers around the aluminum bat he had stolen from the gun shop just out of town. His other hand grabbed his backpack and threw it over his shoulder.

“Andiamo, donna. Make haste.”

Nodding to the girl momentarily, he slammed the back door shut and made his way across the street through traffic. The cars weren’t moving, so it made maneuvering around them relatively easy. When the two got to the school grounds, they would find it was an extremely large area. And it was almost completely full with people, just standing around. Some were waiting for others, perhaps. Others were waiting at one of the designated entrances to enter. Luca would have to wait in line just like the others to get in. Opting to avoid the main entrance, Luca moved from the front grounds of the middle school to the side, which provided immediate entrance to the auditorium. It was about the same time Luca got in line that he flicked his cigarette away, forcing it to fly a few feet away before coming to a rolling stop in the parking lot.

Two police officers and a guard stood around the entrance, checking people and making sure they were safe to enter. Luca waited fifteen minutes in silence on that line, waiting to get to the front. Once he did, an officer put his hand out and placed it on Luca’s chest. Luca’s first instinct was to look down at the hand. Fighting back the urge to retaliate based on the contact, Luca took a deep breath while the school guard took his bat and removed his backpack from his back and began checking its contents. He removed Luca’s front wallet from the front pocket, taking out various cards in the process. They were all different forms of identification, from different states and containing different names. However, one resonated with the school guard, who passed it to the other officer.

Meanwhile, Luca’s sides were being felt up by the officer - checking him for weapons. Luca’s eyes, however, were fixated on the officer holding his identification as his coworker finished checking his body for weapons; he didn’t do a very good job, however, because Luca’s gun was currently sitting in his underwear, pressed against his asscheeks. The only thing that could make this situation any more uncomfortable would be if that gun repositioned itself in a less-than-favorable manner.

“You’re free to go.” The officer said, his voice shaky at best. Luca raised a finger, still staring at the man. He wiggled it from left to right momentarily, much like a mother would in disciplining their child.

“Uh uh.”

He pointed to his belongings as well as the bat. The officer gulped, placing the wallet and its contents back in the bag before handing it over. Luca took the backpack and placed it on his back, but did not move. Instead, he continued staring at the officer until the man picked the bat up off the table with the rest of the populous’ confiscated items. Then, he gave it back to Luca. In response, Luca continued walking without extraneous commotion to go with it. The officer and the guard looked at each other momentarily, then looked at Luca - watching him stand at the banister overlooking the auditorium as the door closed behind him. The first thing Luca noticed, was the deafening sounds of a chaotic mass.


There were too many people here.

The man placed his free hand on the banister, walking around the length of the auditorium to the other side. It was at this point that Luca could have opted to take the stairs down to the ground level of the auditorium, or seek another spot in the school to find a bit of quiet. So, Luca opened one of the doors leading out to a hallway on the left side of the school. There were a few people, including officers, standing around but nothing like the overflowing mess that was the auditorium. Perhaps the gym wasn’t so full? It was without a doubt that one of the classrooms would be open as well, but Luca wasn’t privy to sitting around without any form of stimulation to keep him busy. People watching was one of the best ways to generate entertainment out of thin air, considering how unintelligent and soft they were for the most part. It was when large crowds got involved that anxiety kicked in.

The gymnasium was not a short walk. It was literally the entire length of the school, on the south-east side. However, the humans that normally traversed these halls were weak and small, so compared to the size of a college building, it wasn’t all that bad. Luca was pretty young, in decent shape, and climbing a staircase wasn’t something that was exactly physically unbearable. Pushing one of his hands against the horizontal door handle that allowed access through the gym’s double doors, Luca would step in. He found that the gym was, in fact, less populated than the auditorium was. Perhaps they were just trying to fill up the auditorium in its entirety before moving new intakes to the gym?

Such a thought was irrelevant. Luca continued walking inside, opting to take a seat on the ground in the furthest corner possible. There was a list of criteria that Luca’s resting place would have to match, given his paranoid demeanor. First and foremost, his back was completely covered. Sitting in the corner of the gymnasium meant that no one could sneak up from behind; regardless of whether or not zombies were roaming the Earth, there were far more people out there looking for the opportunity to kill Luca aside from the undead. He placed his backpack down onto the ground next to his feet and leaned up against the wall with the bat lying over his fully-extended thighs.

It was interesting to Luca that the gymnasium had been filled with sleeping backs, or other bullshit. Did people think there would be enough room for this? For them to lay out comfortably while the town of Aurora attempted to fit its entire populous into one middle school was something that Luca couldn’t comprehend. There were even some people sleeping in the middle of the floor, which was another feat in itself. The gymnasium was loud and its acoustics were absolutely terrible. It was as if each conversation or noise to be made was spending its time bouncing off of one wall to another.


It still beat having to sit in the auditorium filled with double the amount of people, though.

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ee6f7cbea685f7d985f82f8ccbbe004e.jpgLeliana James
Location: Middle School Gym
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The music helped ease the tension, at last for her. Johnny Cash was a favorite of her grandfathers, so the music put a small smile on her face, despite who was sitting next to her. He didn't say anything about her offter, so she let her gaze wander to what was passing outside. Until his voice drew her out of thought. She shrugged, unsure of what to tell him. Working at Moe's, she saw a bunch of shit she could have used against people, and even ended up patching quite a few people up. "Good reason to make a good impression I guess," she said finally after a few moments of silence. Who knows what the future held, and even though murder wasn't high on her list of things she would typically ignore, he seemed like someone worth having on her good side. Or at least, someone good go be on somewhat good terms. She glanced to him again, before her gaze went back to the world passing outside. It was weird to see how panic changed the streets of Aurora, in just a short amount of time. Leliana didn't like it at all, it made her feel anxious, or maybe that was just a feeling she was going to have to get use to.

She shifted slightly in her seat, moving her bag to expose the holster on her thigh. She glanced to Luca, before down at the buckles and snapped them open. They were uncomfortable to sit on, and while she moved the holster, she made sure to make it evident that it wasn't to attack him, or to even threaten him. Once it was off her thigh, she opened her bag, and hurried it under her underwear with the the box of bullets, before quickly closing it. Again, she didn't want him to think she was a threat, and she didn't really want to get shot. Once again, she looked at him, wanting to ask something, but decided against it, and just kept her eyes on the road ahead of them. The silence was agonizing, she hated it, but maybe it was for the best. This guy didn't seem very talkative, and its not like she didn't notice the gun in his lap. Leliana knew she probably wasn't in the most danger, but she kept her hand close to her bag just incase. Though that wouldn't do a lot of good against a gun.

When they finally made it to the Middle school, she was surprised by the line, but it made sense. People were scared, in a hurryy, nobody would go and ignore the chance of beingt into a safe haven. But...was it a good idea? They could have set up more than one location, so if one failed, people could be moved to another one. And what if those things showed up? The panic could be deadly and-she was so lost in the thought, the sound of Luca's voice startled her. "Oh, yeah, sorry." She mumbled, climbing out of the car to follow after him. She stuck close, but not close enough to cause discomfort. The middle school grounds were chaotic, long lines and people yelling. Leliana hated it, she absolutly hated it, but she did her best to ignore it. Focusing on Luca's back. She stood behind him in line, still trying to remember his name. It was only when he was up to be frisked that she did. She reminded silent u t he was gathering his stuff, before she coughed to grab his attention. "Thank you again, Luca." She said with a friendly smile, before he walked away and entered. His name was a common one at Moe's, either being praised or put down, but common either way. She was glad she finally remembered it though.

Her turn now. She put her bag up on the table, tensing up as the police officer frisked her. She was worried they would take her gun, but the man checking her bag stopped when he got to her bras, and just closed the bag. Leliana was surprised, but didn't question it. Howrver, as she grabbed her bag to be let in, one of them stopped her. "Follow Officer Carson, you need to be cleaned up," he said, pointing to a female cop nearby talking to two other women covered in blood. Leliana walked over cautiously, just in time to hear the cop say they would be taken to the locker room, and the clothes they were wearing confiscated. That made sense, so Leliana said nothing as they were beckoned inside. The auditorium was loud, to loud for comfort, but her stay was brief as the cop took them out into the hall, and towards the gym. Officer Carson was explaining how they would be given a towel, and some soap, but they couldn't do much for clothing other than t-shirts and whatever was left in the lost and found. Leliana was glad she brought her own clothes.

The locker room was empty, save for the cop giving them a towel, a small bottle of travel size soap, and a small washcloth. The showers were old ones, that hasn't been disconnected from the water pipes, but they water was very cold when she turned it on. And they were only given a few minutes to shower before t e next group would be brought in. Leilana's assumption was that this was the best they could do for decontamination, but it was better than nothing. Once she was done, and got dressed in what she considered her typical style. Skinny jeans, a red shirt, and a black hoodie. Afterwards, she was quickly hurried to the gym so more people could wash up. The showers seemed to be used nor than she thought they be, seeing as how there a good little group in grey shirts and odd pants walking around, but Leliana wasn't going to pay much attention to them. She quickly found a seat that wasn't surrounded by to many people, and sat down. She was hoping that this was all a bad dream, but something told her it wasn't.

Maybe that's why she wasn't letting go o the bat.
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Ivan Zamorozka
(and company)

Ivan looked around as he led the woman by the hand towards the middle school. They didn’t make it far when Ivan noticed the woman had a limp and was wincing with every step. He tried to ignore it due to the urgency of their situation, but couldn’t just stand and watch a woman in pain (typical white knight.) He stifled a short sigh before stopping in his stride and turning towards the woman.

“Ma’am, are you alright, your leg seems hurt.”

He asked, keeping a friendly tone even though he was becoming very paranoid of standing in the open when they likely needed to hurry and get to the school. The woman was hesitant at first, but slowly cleared her throat as she began speaking in a slow and soft tone.

“My ankle hurts, I.. I think I sprained my ankle when I was running away from that man earlier.”

She said in a bit of a frightful tone as the event ran through her mind like it had happened mere minutes ago (because it fuckin did)

“If you’d like to go on ahead I’m fine with that.”

She said, allowing for her head to hand low. It was pretty obvious that she was pitying herself, which was fairly annoying for Ivan given their current situation. He contemplated agreeing with her, but he remembered a time where he would’ve thought like that and shook his head.

“Нет. No one gets left behind. If you will, I’d like to you to relax your body. This won’t be comfortable, but it’ll work.”

He said before kneeling down next to her and pulling the woman over his shoulder into a fireman’s carry. She yelped a bit as he picked her up and he grunted before moving towards the school at a jogging pace.


Moving like this was relatively faster, but it also put them at a disadvantage if they were to be attacked, so Ivan became extremely cautious of his surroundings. Because he was carrying the woman, the amount of noise made was considerably higher, drawing unwanted attention as they neared the school. Ivan groaned loudly as roughly 5 of the infected shuffled towards them from down the street. He gently put the woman down before drawing his knife from its holder thing and turning it away from him as they shuffled closer.

“Давай, придурки!”

He shouted loudly, waving them towards him as he turned to the woman, shooing her towards the school as he turned to the group and cracked his neck loudly. As the first stumbled towards him, he swung his arm outwards as if he were throwing a punch, the 5 inch blade piercing the side of the stumbling man’s head as the body suddenly became limp. Pulling the knife from the man’s head, he looked down at the now dead infected before up at the others, moving in between them with quick and professional movements, planting the blade in different parts of each of their skulls until they were all lying dead on the ground. After the miniature massacre, Ivan looked down at his hands, his right stained in the blood of those around him, while his left hand was completely clean beside the scrape he’d gotten from the brick wall, which was scabbing over now. He looked back quickly, seeing the woman stand there in shock as she hid behind the open door of an abandoned car. Ivan looked down at his bloodied clothes and a shuddered breath escaped him, he dropped the now crimson red knife and it clanged loudly to the ground as he shook lightly. These were the first lives he’d taken in years, and he’d gotten quite used to the peaceful side of life. He quickly shook off the wave of fear and anguish that came with what he thought was murder and put the knife back in its holder, walking over to the woman and gently putting her arm around his shoulder as they continued towards the school, which was now at most a few blocks away.


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"Sorry you reminded me of that sexy Resident Evil woman...." he blushed for a moment and covered his mouth, what was he thinking saying that out loud, why did she make him nervous?
Lilly watched as he spoke to the other woman. She stayed silent, looking around as he apologized. The place was packed with people left to right, and no answers so far. He was drooling after the stranger and she just wanted to keep going. Her hand held his tightly as they conversed.

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Luka Cole


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Located: the car
"So, first off. Imp. It's not a cult. And second, I'm warning them. I have followers in this city so I need to warn them of the zombies." Her teeth were gritted She spun her head around, looking back at Luka "Or...You know, I could say absolutely nothing and they all get torn to pieces! Does that sound better?!" Jenna shook her head, focusing back on the road. Despite the circumstances, she still kept well within the speed limit. The last thing she wanted to do now was hit a person, or animal on their way back to the motel. Hitting a zombie was another thing, but it would probably destroy the car. "And yeah, I'm sure a school with limited medical supplies already will willingly hand those over to a vet when the city's already about to go to shit." Sarcasm oozed with every single word "Worst comes to it, I can skip town before they quarantine it. After all, the dead seem to be coming from the centre so..." She shrugged, looking back in the rear view mirror at Luka. "If I keep driving you it's basically child kidnapping. And as a foreign national I'd rather not end up in an American prison. So if you want to get out..." She gently slowed the car to a stop.
He looked back at her through the mirror. Though not accusingly. Luka was weighing in what she said and putting it into account in his head. His eyes calculating the pros and cons of each situation. "I'll stay." He said simply, crossing his arms as he leaned back He came her to find his sister and family but with all this going on it may be better to skip town if he was able.

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The Paradise Hunter

Collette “Colt” Stanhope
Collette massaged her temples in an attempt to soothe her hangover-induced headache which was being made worse by all the noise in this damn school. Why did she even come here? She should have just stayed home eating vindaloo. Speaking of vindaloo, Colt was developing a real craving for the demonically-spicy curry. Surely this could be easily sorted and she'd get to go home. Zombies... what a load of crap. This was some kind of prank. The cops saw a few people running around dressed as zombies and panicked. It was a dumb trick pulled by some kids. Yeah... that had to be it. She had already survived one hell hole. The last thing Colt needed was to be thrown into another.

As she was sipping more whiskey and watching the ongoings, she heard a male voice speak towards her. She turned to see the two teenagers she had seen, the boy (who he introduced himself as Marcus). "People call me Colt." She responded, giving the boy a slight tip of her cap. As he questioned her on her knowledge of what was happening, she blew through her teeth. "I dunno... Probably some trial evacuation or something," she said, before noticing that Marcus seemed to have spaced out. "...'Ello?" she said as he came to, comparing her to the "sexy woman" from Resident Evil . Something about the name of that movie made Colt blackout.
"I mean ever since they ditched the fixed camera shots and tank controls, it basically lost what made it so special." the woman finally concluded as she gave the M4 its final polish before completing it's cleanout.

"Sasha... you lost me at 'tank controls'. What does that even mean?" Collette questioned with a snort., earning an eye roll from the slightly older woman.
"Dammit, Colt I thought your generation knew everything about games."
"Aye well, you're talking to the wrong person."
"Have you even played any of the Rezi games?"
"Sash, I don't. Play. Games."
Sasha gasped as if she had just admitted to shagging her father before pointing at Collette, "See once we get the ranch, you're playing them all! I'll hog-tie you!"
"Oh yeah, you get to shoot things that aren't shooting back, you'd like it. You like guns."
"Eh... I dunno-"
"STANHOPE! OBERON!" A hard voice roared, causing both women to stiffen as they sat upright, "READY UP! WE MOVE IN FIVE!" The two ladies looked at each other trying not to laugh like school-girls caught gossiping.
"C'mon, lets get this over with so I can lecture you more."

"Dammit Oberon..."
The veteran drifted back into reality as she looked at the younger man again, gulping a little as she tried to think of an answer for what he had said. "I'm... flattered," she answered, not much of a talker so could not think of much else to say. She looked to the girl he was with, who seemed as puzzled as she was. Colt attempted to give the pair a slight smile (key-word being tried) If anything she was a little flustered about the compliment, however, her mood was shattered at the sight of a younger-looking man, hurrying a woman who appeared to be injured with her ankle inside. They seemed disturbed over something. The woman seemed to be struggling to walk. Knowing that feeling, she approached them.

"Better get inside. Just... Follow me or something." she added before heading further into the school, where she was then handed both a sticker and a facemask. This was overkill. She once crawled through a sewer pipe with nothing but goggles. It was a miracle her nose still worked afterward. Despite wearing the mask, it did not stop her from drinking her whiskey. Thank God she had the bottle in her rucksack. She turned to the man and woman again, "Cmon, there's probably a doctor in here or something..."

As she walked further in, she began to notice other people. The place was packed to the brim. This was ridiculous. "Sit her here." she said bluntly before starting to walk away, a slight limp in her stride, "I'd go find someone." this was enough for her right now, Colt had barely spoken to anybody for months so this was pretty overwhelming. She found a quieter place to sit, which happened to be close to a younger girl with light hair. Taking out her flask, Colt let out a heavy sigh as she uncapped it.

This was just getting worse and worse. Now being surrounded by people she didn't know, in a situation that was getting weirder by the minute... Well shit.

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Your Majjiesty
Something didn’t sit well with Andy. The school was packed, shoulder to shoulder with people who were scared and uninformed. She kept hearing whispers about the “massacre” at the hospital, and even a few whispers about something causing people to go crazy. But they hadn’t seen what she had. Every time she closed her eyes all she could see was the image of the male nurse, blue scrubs turned a violent violet color from the blood soaked into them, teeth, gums and mouth stained burgundy from the residue of his meal. Every loud noise made her jump, the sound of Luca’s gun sounding over and over in her ears. The sound of that police officers gun too.

She had watched the dead come back to life. Andy knew that no matter what was going on, no illness had the capability to do that. Something was terribly wrong, and somehow no one else knew exactly how bad it was yet. Even Owen, who she had told about her ordeal had no idea how bad it was. You couldn’t, not without witnessing the stringy meat of a grown man’s forearm stretch from the clenched teeth of another human being.

Andy led the way to the check in table, a few nurses sat at the fold out table, with large stacks of paperwork in front of them. From the looks of things it was lists of the known townspeople in Aurora, they were taking role call it seemed, seeing who was dead and who was still alive. The nurses gave her hope, maybe her mother had come to help here after all. However, the military grade males, strapped with firearms that stood behind them took all that hope away. It felt much like getting the wind knocked out of her lungs. Her alarm bells weren’t just going off, but screaming inside her.

“Excuse me,” Andy greeted one of the women at the table. “Have you seen…”

“Name?” the woman cut her off, on autopilot.

“Andrea Jordan. Have you seen my mother? She’s a nurse too, she wasn’t at the hospital and…” The dead stare the nurse was giving her changed, something clicked and an inquisitive expression took over the middle aged woman’s face.

“At the hospital? You were at the hospital?” the woman asked. “Like today?” Andy wasn’t sure what she had done, but she was already aware of the fact that she had said something she wasn’t supposed to. The nurse’s gaze darted to the blood that had dried to her face. The girl had been so focused on getting to the school she had forgot to clean up, it was residual from the first person that Luca had saved her from.

“Yeaaaah… I went to the hospital to find my mother and lost her in the chaos. Have you seen her?” Her question was ignored again, the nurse pointed to Owen who had put his hand on Andy’s shoulder in a protective manner.

“Were you at the hospital today?” The RN asked. Owen narrowed his eyes, obviously trying to figure out the importance of the question, and decide if he should lie for his sister’s sake. Andy rolled her eyes and pushed his hand off her shoulder.

He wasn’t. What does it matter? Have. You. Seen. My. Mother?” Andy asked again, making the aggravation in her voice more than apparent. “Her name is Mary Jordan. She worked at…” But Andy was cut off, without a direct answer to her question.

“No one made it out of the hospital. The few survivors that made it out before the lock-down have already be detained. Are you saying that you were at the hospital during the outbreak?” The nurses words made Andy feel empty, the noise of the people moving around her seemed to fade to white noise around her, as she tried to digest what was being said.

“No one made it out of the hospital...as in alive? Or because it’s still in lock-down?” Owen asked the unhelpful nurse. But his questions weren’t going to be answered either it seemed like.

“You need to be taken for special testing, I don’t know how you made it past the quarantine at the hospital. ” Andy didn’t have time to think about what was happening, this woman wasn’t giving her answers, only more questions. The unformed military men behind the nurse were already moving toward her.

Andy panicked. She tried to dart away, but the school was shoulder to shoulder with bodies. There was nowhere to run, she didn’t know why she was running but everything inside her told her it was the best course of action. Owen got in between her and one of the guards, and was immediately shoved aside and took a few random citizens down with him.

“Owen?!” Andy reached for her brother, but the burly male already had a hand wrapped around her arm.

“Oh for heaven sakes!” The nurse snapped, standing with her hands on her hips. “You aren’t under arrest! You are just being taken for some medical tests!” but it didn’t feel comforting, in fact Andy’s heart felt like it was stuck in her throat, causing her to be unable to speak. She gave Owen a pleading look, he was arguing with one of the nurses, as she was led away.

The girl only had to be forced along until she snapped back into reality, and then walked on her own accord down a few various hallways and into a classroom with a sign outside of it that read:


Quarantine. The word made Andy feel like she was swimming, dizzy in a sea of rushing and churning thoughts and worries. The text message they had all received had already said that they were here for testing and quarantine, but it didn’t help her feel any better. When the door opened a few men in lab coats and masks answered. A few hushed whispers were exchanged between the military looking male and the doctor and she was shoved into the room.

“Can you state your name?” The doctor asked as Andy tried to drink in her surroundings.

“Andrea...Andrea Jordan,” She answered, doing her best to focus on what was happening rather than the fear that was threatening to seep through her pores.

“Who else was with you at the hospital today?” the male asked. His voice was muffled from the mask, and it made it hard to see any distinguishable facial characteristics, but he was still clear enough to be heard. However, Andy answered with a rather stupid

“Were you the only person that you know of that escaped the hospital without being seen by our emergency team?”

“Yes.” She lied so immediately, she almost hadn’t realized that she had at all. Luca had of course been with her, but he hadn’t been stupid enough to tell them so. This felt bad, no one else needed to be raked the coals if it wasn’t necessary.

“It is highly important that we make sure you are safe to be around the rest of the town. Are you 100 percent sure. Falsities could put hundreds of lives at risk.” Andy stood by her story with a nod. The instinctual need to protect Luca shocked her, but she didn't balk from her decision to do so. He had saved her life.

“Good. Strip.” The doctor demanded. Andy reeled back with a defiant look.

“Um. Excuse me?” the redhead asked with a voice full of disgust. She could see the eye roll from the doctor despite the white glare on his thick glasses.

“You have to be examined,” the doctor retorted.

“With my clothes off? Can you tell me what is going on here? Why you are asking me to strip down in front of you, with this guy…” She gestured to the military man with his gun standing in the corner. “...here to watch? I find all of this very….” She paused, realization dawning on her. This whole ordeal had been other-worldly. Unreal. Like something out of a cheesy zombie movie.

“You are looking for bites… aren’t you?” she asked slowly. He didn’t answer, but his eyes locked with hers for a moment.

“Miss Jordan, I’m sorry this is uncomfortable. However, I’m going to ask again that you disrobe.” Andy sighed and slowly began to take off her layers of clothes. The armed man standing behind the doctor had the decency to look away at least. Her arms crossed over her head as she pulled her shirt over her. Soon she was standing in the classroom, in her bra and underwear.

Her skin blossomed with bumps as the chill of the room left it’s mark on her skin. The paleness of her curves seemed to almost get lost in the white of the lights and walls, her red hair falling about her bare shoulders almost as jarring as the crimson color that stained her cheek.

“All the way please,” he asked uncomfortably. Andy sighed, rolled her eyes, and slipped off her bra and then finally her underwear as well, standing with her arms crossed about her chest. It wasn’t that she had never been naked in front of someone before, but never because she didn’t want to be. It felt invasive, she wasn’t sure if her skin was crawling from the cold or from the doctor’s gaze as he took his time looking her over for any sign of bite or scratch. Then, as gently as he could he took a few containers of her blood and took them over the makeshift lab behind them.

He turned to talk to another man in a lab coat. Their whispers were hard to make out but one phrase stood out to Andy clear as day.

“...Only known living survivor…” Could it be? That Andy was one of the only people who had made it out of the wreckage of the hospital? Well Luca too, she supposed but more importantly that meant that her mother was statistically….gone. Hot tears burned at the corners of her emerald eyes.

“So can I put my clothes back on? Or am I supposed to stand here and freeze while you guys compare notes?” Andy snapped. The doctor who had examined her jumped, like he had forgotten she was there at all.

“Sorry. Yes. Please dress, you can rejoin the others, but don’t go too far. We will likely have more questions for you after we get everyone settled.” Andy put her clothes on in a hurry and showed herself out of the room, the doctors barely even noticed her departure.

Her first instinct was to find Owen. It looked like most of the people were gathering in the gym. It made sense, it was the biggest room. Andy made her way there and scanned the crowd for her messy haired twin. Her eyes settled on another face first. Luca’s. She should at least warn him, although Andy had a feeling he wasn’t stupid enough to repeat her mistake. Andy approached the rather unapproachable man sitting in the corner of the gym with a small wave.

“Hey, glad you made it okay.” The statement was genuine, anyone willing to risk their life to help keep her safe was okay in her book. Even if Owen would disagree. Andy took a seat on the floor next to him.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” She asked, looking up into his eyes a serious expression taking her soft features.

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Luca’s eyes moved from the random crowd to a familiar face, who had made her presence known. Andy had made her way to the middle school as well. When she mentioned that she was happy Luca made it all right, he offered back no response. Of course he was going to be fine. Shit hadn’t entirely hit the fan yet, and even when it did, Luca made his entire life pertinent to survival. Andy then took a seat next to Luca, whose eyes followed her frame momentarily before returning to the crowd of people that were standing around in the gym. That was when Andy asked if she could talk to Luca for a minute.

“What can I possibly help you with?”

He didn’t intend the question to be rude, rather, he was genuinely curious. Luca was never exactly the best beacon for advice. His mindset was different than Andy’s - while she was caught up living her life the way that a model citizen would, Luca had taken an extremely different approach. Perhaps she needed to vent. As time went on, Luca uncovered that this was mostly the case. Andy explained to him the events that had taken place in between the time Luca had left her and their present meeting. Luca was not surprised; he told the girl that it was best she left. There was no way that she was going to leave the scene of the crime completely unscathed, because public officials as well as medical professionals were completely unaware of what was going on. No one had ever seen a virus like this in the multiple centuries that humans have existed. They don’t know how to combat it.

They don’t know how to combat it.

The former capo took another look around. Luca removed himself from the hospital in hopes that he could protect himself. However, the more he sat around the middle school, the more uneasy he got. Luca had been in a bunch of different situations over the past twenty years. There were brawls, gang fights, gun fights, people putting hits on his head, prison fights and the like. He knew when he was being set up. Andy’s story time was far more telling than even she intended it to be. Initially all she did was ask about her mother, but she had to mention that she had gotten out of the hospital. Luca would have left well-enough alone. Andy was not in a position to do anything about her mother - she couldn’t save the woman from illness, or from the undead. Her mission was purely for information at the end. Furthermore, upon her confession, she was quarantined.

Luca’s breathing became labored.

Slowly, the man pushed himself up onto his feet. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper, giving him enough slack to reach back into his boxer briefs and remove the pistol from inside. He slipped the safety off and popped out the cartridge magazine to make sure that he still had ammunition. Andy wasn’t the only one put in quarantine; the entire middle school was quarantined. This wasn’t a safe haven, like everyone was led to believe. Even Luca fell for it. Though it took a bit of deduction, it was quite clear what was going on. No one was ever intended to leave that hospital alive, regardless of whether or not the undead got to them first. This wasn’t only something that Aurora was dealing with. This was far worse. It had gotten to the point where the government was willing to do whatever it could to contain the virus.

“We’re cattle.” Luca growled, the skin above his nose bunching up as the grip around his bat tightened.

He shoved his gun into his jacket pocket, retrieving a phone in the process. Luca attempted to dial someone, but the call never went through. At the same time, four trucks pulled up onto the middle school grounds. Out of each one, came five men all dressed in hazmat suits. They were all armed with heavy artillery. Two groups moved to the left side of the middle school. One group took the back. The last group took the front. One of the men dressed in the hazmat suits stepped in front of the others, as the two police officers and the guard that were watching over the entrance of the auditorium asked what their business was.


“We are going inside to investigate. There are quarantined patients inside that we would like to have a word with, and we need to make sure that no one close to death is within the perimeter of the middle school. Here are my credentials.” One of the men in a hazmat suit showed off his badge, forcing the officers to comply. With him, seven others entered the auditorium. Each man said nothing, nor looked to the crowd below them as they spread out across the length of the top ledge.

Then, at the same time, each of those seven men cocked their rifles, aimed downwards at the crowd of people, and then began firing off rounds without prejudice.

As soon as the firing squad began its offensive assault, the three men still waiting outside picked up their guns, aimed at the officers and fired. Both of the men in uniform as well as the school guard outside of the auditorium became riddled with bullets. The men outside the front door who were responsible for letting people in met the same fate. Finally, the officers in the back would too fall before the three groups outside advanced into the middle school, armed and loaded.

Twenty men with rifles are in the middle school and looking for your head.
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Ivan and Colt

Ivan looked at the woman who’d helped him as she walked away after he had helped her into one of the hospital beds at the school. Wanting to thank her, he turned quickly to the girl he’s arrived with, giving a friendly smile as he put a hand on her shoulder.

“Call if you need me, I’ll be right over by the water fountains.”

He said quickly before removing his hand from the girls shoulder and looking down at his blood stained jacket and hand. He wiped his bloodied hand on his cheap jacket before slipping it from his shoulders. Luckily, the blood didn’t have enough time to soak into the shirt below his jacket and he tossed it onto a pile of what looked like more bloodied clothing. He then walked slowly over to Colt, putting his back against the wall a reasonable distance from her before sliding to a sitting position and looking over at her without moving his head.

“Thank you, for helping me with her.”

He said quietly, as he reached into his back pocket, his face covered in mild surprise as he pulled a flask from it.

“Святое дерьмо, вот где ты был.” (Holy shit, that’s where you were.)

He said before remembering he was in the middle of the start of a conversation and cleared his throat. He set the flask down next to him before turning to the girl again.

“Have you… Had to see what’s happening out there?”


“Not really.” Colt answered bluntly, slightly taken aback by the man appearing. She did not respond to his gratitude of her helping, purely due to a lack of practice. Talking to others was still something she hadn't exercised in a long time. Talking to civilians that is. It felt strange speaking to them without having to scream “HEAD’S DOWN! GRENADE!” Or something equally scary.

“Just madness. Saw worse than this. It'll blow over.” She added, putting the cap further down her eyes to block out light. They still ached from her hangover and she was beginning to feel rather sickly. But Colt knew from experience to not show weakness. Especially in bat-shit mental situations like this where even the fact she was still holding her handgun in a school would basically cause a singularity within the universe.

Colt allowed a silence to develop between the pair as she watched everything going on. “If this is cause of some prank by some bored kids, I'm suing the crap out of this place for wasting my time.” She could have spent that time doing more productive things. Like… drinking and eating vindaloo. Unscrewing her flask, she took a swig from it before glancing at the man, who hadn't moved. Sighing irritably internally, she turned an eye to look at him.

“What happened to that woman’s leg anyhow?” She asked, though it suddenly made her more aware of her own. Or the lack of one. She fixed her jean leg hoping to cover whatever was exposed.


“Oh her? She was being attacked and instincts kicked in. Sprained her ankle running from whatever happened to this town.”

He said quietly, unscrewing the cap to his own flask before taking a large swig. He let out a short sigh once he’d swallowed some of whatever alcohol was in it.

“I agree with you though, never thought you could see so much wrong with the world in only 4 years, eh?”

He said, his friendly tone dropping to a more serious one as he thumbed the dog tags around his neck in between his fingers. The quiet noises of the school allowed him to sink into a memory he was too busy to reminisce in earlier, and not a good one in particular.The only memory from way he found remotely traumatic.

He’d been undercover in Saransk, the economic center of the Republic of Mordovia at the time, and also the center of it’s rampant organized crime syndicates. Human trafficking, Drug dealing, racketeering, prostitution, kidnapping, assassinations, and many other things that would best be left unnamed. Ivan saw the city as nothing but scum, until one night he was forced to witness one of its’ victims. A teenage girl, likely on her way home from late-night school activities, was cornered by about 4 or 5 corrupt police officers asking her what she’d do for however many rubles, when she declined their offer they continued pushing until they forcibly kidnapped her and took her elsewhere. The reason this traumatized Ivan so heavily was because he’d been ordered not to intervene because it would blow his cover. He would cry for days after that, only being able to imagine what they’d done with the girl. When Ivan was finally able to pull himself from the memory, he was clutching his flask and visibly shaking with tears streaming down his face. He coughed quietly before turning away quickly and wiping the tears from his face.


Colt stayed quiet as he mentioned “four years” and gestured to his dog tags. She just stared ahead. Oh no… He was in the military. What was she supposed to say? She did not want to remember anything from her time in the forces. Those eight years in Afghanistan had ruined what little faith in humanity she still had. The cause of all her misery. Revisiting those memories was something she was desperate to avoid at all cost.

He seemed to be thinking the same thing. He seemed disturbed, possibly by some kind of memory. Not knowing what to do, she simply glanced at the ground. She did not want to talk about it.

“...Thanks for your service.” she bluntly grumbled, it was hard to sound genuine despite being so due to her tone. Colt simply sighed and took out one of the guns she had in her rucksack, a 12 Gauge Short Barrel Shotgun. These shiny tubes of death were the one thing keeping Colt going. She had a sizeable collection of varying firearms in her apartment that she maintained religiously. Taking out some gun oil and a rag, she tried to take her mind off of everything by giving the barrels a clean.

Colt did not want to be rude, but she did not know what she could say to comfort the man. She just wished she still had her troop to back her up. That was what frustrated Colt the most. In the Marines, each one watched the others’ back. Here? What a joke.

Taking out her flask again, she unscrewed the top. But just as she tipped it to drink from it, something caught her attention. She raised her head. Through the walls, in another part of the building, she could have sworn she heard what would sound like firecrackers to a civilian.

“...Stay.” she grunted as she went into her rucksack, pulling out shells, arming the shotgun. Something in her gut told her something was going to go terribly wrong. Keeping the gun up, she made her way through the crowd of people slowly. As she did, her breathing -which she tried to keep calm and balanced- became erratic. She could only hope her hunch was wrong.


Ivan was still thumbing his dog-tags through his fingers when Colt thanked him for his service. A short chuckle escaped him before he looked over at the woman, who looked stunning by the way, and stifled a sigh.

“You don’t have to thank me miss, I was only doing what I thought was right.”

He said, trailing off a bit before he heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire from someone else in the school. Luckily, most of the other people in the gym were either too preoccupied or too tired to notice. Ivan judged by Colt’s reaction that she’d heard it too and, after moving over to her in a crouched position, spoke quietly to her.

“If this is what I think it is, you’ll need more than two barrels, I can help.”

He said, with a dash of hesitation. It’s been years since he’s held a gun so he wasn’t 100% sure he’d be as good as he was during his service. He quickly shook the self doubt and looked at the woman seriously, waiting for a nod or some sort of approval before he would take a weapon from her bag.

Colt was desperately trying to calm herself down as she got closer to the door. As she moved, she heard the man’s voice as he criticized her choice to go with her shotgun. She wanted to snap at the man about minding his own beeswax when a sound outside caught her attention. Men. Men in heavy suits. Judging by the gunfire she had heard, this was going to get ugly really quick.

“...Ugh...Fine!” she hissed, keeping her tone low, reaching into her bag, she took out a glock and slid it to the man. She grabbed a gym mat, pulling it towards them and standing it on its side. Cover. Leaning against it, she took several deep breaths. Why of all days? Hungover and with half a bottle of whisky in her belly was not a good state to be in for this.

“Listen. As soon as that door opens, don’t hold back.” She looked around, seeing others in the gym seemed to have caught onto what was going on and were backing away from the door. Colt knew this would end badly for either herself or the men. At least this way her suffering would stop.

There was a loud bang as the doors swung.

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ee6f7cbea685f7d985f82f8ccbbe004e.jpgLeliana James
Location: Middle School Gym
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Leliana wondered how big this situation was. Was it just here in Aurora? If it was, why weren't they moving people out of the city? They were trying to save everyone in here, shouldn't they be moving them? Leliana knew life wasn't a movie, even if it was starting to feel like one, and military or police procedures in most apocalypse movies -god she sounded crazy- always seemed to fail. Hopefully, that wouldn't happen in real life, and there wouldn't end up being some crazy Walking Dead scenario going on. God, she really dose sound crazy. Not even a full hour into the of the world, and she's gone crazy. Leliana had to laugh at the thought, but she didn't doubt it for a second. Just today she had witnessed multiple killings, even killed her own mother, or...she gulped as she felt a lump her throat form at the thought of her mother. How long had she been gone been gone before Leliana had gotten home? She didn't know, and honestly probably felt a little better without knowing. It was still a little to much to handle though.

When someone sat down next to her, even if there was still some space between them, Leliana gave the woman a soft smile and small wave. Leliana didn't recognize her, and almost immdeiatly wondered if drinking at this time was really a good idea, but who was she to judge. One of the thinks in her bag was a bottle of hot sauce, so, you know, to each their own. Maybe it was a comfort that the woman didn't partake in too often? Or maybe she was just an alcoholic. The second thing seemed a little more likely. Anyway, Leliana looked away, and began to scan the gym. First, she spotted Luca and a girl she saw around the college campus a few times but never actually spoke to before. Maybe they were friends? Luca didn't seem like the type to have many though. Leliana didn't stare at them for much longer than a few seconds, before her eyes began to lazily drift again.

When they made it to the door, she perked up. She was able to see some people in what looked like hazmat suits. Maybe the school was gonna be quarantined? It would make sense, but when some of them entered with guns. That...that wasn't good. Leliana immdeiatly made sure that her bag was trapped across her body, and the bat was secure in her hands as she watched the men climb to the top of the bleachers, take aim, and began to fire into the crowd. Screams erupted from pretty much everyone inside as people fell, the scent of blood quickly filling the air. Leliana was stuck in place for a solid ten seconds as bullets whizzed by her. She was only forced out of her shock when a stray one grazed her cheek. She stood, quickly deciding to head for an exit like many people, but one off to the side. It was a fire exit actully, and probably shouldn't be used, but she didn't care about that now. Leliana could feel the blood dripping down her face, from just under her fight eye. If she hadn't already been in the process of moving, she would have died. A scary thought that she should ignore for now.

Anyway, one thing that she felt terrible for being thankful for was the chaos. The gunman seemed to be focusing on the larger group of people, only picking off the stragglers if they made the mistake of making themselves a target. She was trying to stay out of sight the best she could by moving carefully, but quickly. She didn't have to go far, just another few feet, and Leliana would have been back out in the parking lot. Except, she could see more of them outside. Going out her her killed, but stung inside would also get her killed. And what the he'll were the guys doing? Who were they? It was a little early to start gangs wasn't it? Reguardless, she had to quickly revise her plan, when someone grabbed her arm. Her hopes of it being a friendly were dashed as soon as she felt the battle of a gun press to her spine. "Hi there kitten. You lost?"

The man's voice was muffled a bit due to his mask, but she could still hear the raspy words loud and clear. She knew that if she moved it could end badly, she knew it wukd get her hurt or in a position where she would, sooner or later, but put down. She knew these things, but it didn't stop her from trying to frantically pull away, struggling against she man's grip as he laughed. In one swift movement, his foot was between her legs, and he pulled it out, causing her to go down as her footing was ripped away. His grip on her arm remained, allowing him to pull her back up, and quickly wrap his arm around her throat. "Don't try anything, and maybe you'll live," he warned, a low chortle coming from his throat. Leliana didn't know what to do, even if the gun was now refocused on the crowd, he could still turn it on her and kill her before she could even get away. For now, until a better opportunity arose, she would just focus on trying to make a gap between his arm and her throat so she didn't suffocate.
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wonders in revealing every obscured demon

Freeman Medical Center
Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Sanity is madness put to good use.
George Santayana

Was there any chance this was all just some sort of fucked up illusion?

Flashback to this morning...

She leaned back and lolled her head off the edge of the pew, closing her eyes to try and figure out what she was going to do about this whole… situation. Then she heard it: a guttural snarl that sent a breath of hot air against her pale and exposed throat. Primal instinct kicked in and she rose from her rest in a jolt, immediately struggling to shove off the mass of muscles that had fallen upon her… only to realize it was just Patrick. Patrick Pratt, the nurse she’d met at the medical station at her university a year ago. The one she’d been dating, on and off, since then. Too much of an ass to commit to but just enough that she knew he wasn’t getting lucky with any of the other women in Aurora. He was an oaf, but a very good distraction from her episodes.

Sarah rolled her eyes as he continued to bury his face in her neck and pepper it with kisses, remembering how it felt like to be the owner of a puppy with nothing but love to give. She then patted the top of his curly brown hair with one hand while the other pushed firmly against his chest with her palm. “Paaaaat. Pat, stop, what are you doing? We’re in a church.”

The male simply smirked and continued his onslaught of affection, attempting clumsily to slip his hand beneath her sweater and up the length of her side. “I thought you weren’t into religion, baby. C’mon… you know this is hot. You like it.”

“I don’t. Off.”

But, after about half a minute of the same, it was clear he wasn’t going to. Rather than just roll her eyes this time, Sarah sighed before raising her knee rapidly and striking Pat directly against the crotch-- not hard enough that it’d have him squirming on the ground or anything like that, of course. But hard enough that he had to back off when she pushed him away, and catch his breath amidst the seething hiss that involuntarily escaped his lips. “Ahhh… ssshiii… you bitc-- I mean, god-- shit-- you didn’t have to...” He gasped, taking his seat slowly and carefully beside her on the pew. Like an old man careful not to break his hip.

“Clearly I did. Didn’t Ma Pratt teach you ‘no’ means ‘no’, baby?” She sweetly said, donning a fake smile before getting up from her seat. It quickly dissolved as she stretched, gazing at the large cross set before the stained glass ahead of them. Pat’s continued moaning didn’t interrupt her one bit from what she said next. “Besides, I may not take religion seriously, but I respect the fact that it works for some people. God doesn’t come to my house and make out with her boyfriend on the kitchen table, so I won’t either. That’s just fucking disresp--”

Then, without warning and like consecutive bolts of thunder: gunshots.


Sarah immediately flinched and yelped, feeling the knots in her back tie up again with the shock. In a few moments, amidst the screaming and yelling and scattered gunshots, she would build up the courage to look outside the door and into the hallways of the hospital. Pat, still incapacitated on the pew, would snap out of his stupor and ask what the hell was going on. Loudly. This, she believed, was what attracted the… thing to them.

| | |​


The pungent smell of gas stung her nostrils. The taste of copper flooded her mouth. She could hear one of the turn signals flicking on and off. Why the fuck would he have turned on the turn signal? She almost laughed, out of mania or pain she didn’t know. But she knew it was going to hurt when she did. The laugh curdled into a cough instead, however, and the pain came anyway. She had to open her eyes, she knew she had to. But it was just so hard and, for the time being, she couldn’t remember why she couldn’t just let herself sink into the darkness now.

The radio chatter of a nearby soldier’s walkie-talkie reminded her.​



Your Majjiesty
James D Wilcox Middle School

Suoh.pngHe watched helplessly as Andy was ripped away from him and carted away by the brutes in uniform. Why had the nurses freaked out when Andy told them she was at the hospital, and what did they mean about there being no survivors at the hospital. Owen had fantastic instincts, in fact, that was in short what made him good at his job. Right now everything in him said that something was off, like they were the last to be let in on some dark secret.

Having Andy taken away from him bothered him the most. With everything that was going on, he wanted her close by, where he could keep an eye on her. The whole situation made him highly uncomfortable. He pleaded with the nurses to let him go back with his sister, but they didn’t oblige. Instead, much like how he had been herded into the school to begin win, he was moved back into the gym with the rest of them.

The place was crowded, how they expected a whole town to live inside this room was beyond him. Owen had no clue what their plan was. How long were they going to be there? He recognized many faces, but one of a girl stood out to him. She had light blonde hair and soft features that were pleasing to the eye. He knew that he knew here from somewhere, but was having a hard time placing it. Did she work at Moe’s?

Not that he ever stayed at Moe’s No Tell Motel (Owen liked not getting infected with diseases), but his work often took him there to find people. For some reason people thought they were safe hiding out in the sketchiest hotel in Aurora. He thought maybe he had seen her there a time or two, maybe working there? She was far prettier than the trash that normally frequented that place.

He was lost in thought when Andy entered the gym, so he didn’t see her sit down next to Luca. What he did hear were the gunshots that sounded behind him. Owen jumped to his feet, a reflex from being around the kind of people who carried guns on a day to day basis. All at once, things came into focus for him.

Whatever happened at the hospital, the government didn’t intend on allowing it to spread outside of Aurora. This wasn’t a quarantine, but a slaughterhouse for the sheep-like mentality of all the people who had been herded here, himself included.

“Fuck me,” Owen growled under his breath. He caught a glimpse of what could have been Andy’s hair over the crowd of frenzied people but their wasn’t room or time to get to them. People were being shot, murdered in front of all of them.

The sickening symphony of children crying, people screaming and the ringing of gun shots was enough to make anyone want to bolt. Owen knew however, that he wouldn’t leave without Andy. The gym filled with people in suits with guns and the gunfire started. The sound was absolutely deafening, it caused the air to smell like pennies, like copper. The smell made panic surge to the surface, bringing life to the coldness that always lurked just under his surface.

Bodies around him dropped like flies, people screamed in pain. They weren’t aiming for the kill, just spraying fucking bullets around. When you had a packed room full of targets, you didn’t have to aim. He did his best to push past, toward the exit where he thought Andy would be. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the girl he recognized as a housekeeper at Moe’s, was grabbed by somefucker who thought that his gun made him tough shit. Why bother grabbing her? He was here to slaughter hundreds of innocent people, why did one girl make a difference? She had what looked like a long metal bat in her hand, but she was too busy trying to keep her windpipe open to use it to her advantage.

Owen stopped, part of him knew he should keep moving. He had to look out for himself, for Andy, but something in her eyes stopped him. They locked for a moment and he knew he had to do something to help. If that was Andy, in the arms of some power hungry asshole and he found out someone didn’t stop and help her...Owen would hit that guy till he couldn’t apologize to her anymore.

It looked as if she knew what he was thinking, although she couldn’t have known the significance. Her eyes were locked on his and she dropped her weapon, like an offering. It rolled to his feet, like it was meant to be, searching for someone to take up the mantle.

Owen had been an all star baseball player, he had won scholarships, won championships, and genuinely loved the game. When his family fell on hard times he sacrificed his ambitions for cold hard cash. It’s what made the world go round, it’s what put Andy in school, it’s what made sure his mother didn’t lose their family home. He hadn’t touched a bat in almost five years, and this was far from a regulation bat, but the feel was comforting to him.

Another woman seemed to be doing her best to keep the gunman busy. She looked about his age, with messy dark hair. She had managed to smuggle her own weapons into the school (How was beyond Owen) and was holding her own in this gunfight. In fact, she seemed the least perturbed by the whole thing, with focused eyes and trained hands.

His calloused hands reached around the slender part of the metal, and his heart raced in exhilaration. It felt right, like he had been missing a part of his arm and it had suddenly been returned to him. Owen have the girl a half smile to assure her that he was going to help her and then with all the force that he would have hit a ball coming straight down the line, Owen swung the thick metal bar against the side of the man’s head.

The green eyed boy was careful to swing in a direction as to not hit the gasping girl in his targets clutches. A sickening crack could be heard faintly over the cries and gunfire and the man slumped, unconscious. He had been totally unaware of Owen’s presence, the girl had put up enough of a fight to keep him busy. Owen kicked him away from the girl, in case he hadn’t hit him hard enough to knock him cold.

Hesitantly, he picked up the shooter’s gun. Owen despised guns, he thought that they were a cowardly weapon. He avoided them despite his line of work because he didn’t want to kill anyone. Accidentally killing a man with your fists was way harder than accidentally killing someone with a gun. However, he knew that left in this guy’s hands it would only kill more people. He swung the shoulder strap of the thing over his back.

“Hey, you alright there?” Owen asked, reaching his hand out to the blonde girl. “We need to get the hell out of here.”

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ee6f7cbea685f7d985f82f8ccbbe004e.jpgLeliana James
Location: Middle School Gym
Interaction: @Maj

Mentioned: Everyone in the Gym

She clawed at the man's arm, trying to pull it off from around her neck struggling and trying to kick his feet out from under him, but he was dragging her along, keeping her just slightly infront of his body. Leliana very quickly she was being used a shield incase anyone tried to attack him. The very idea terrified her, and what would happen to her afterwards? Panic as already setting in, and this, the feeling of someone constricting her throat, was something she shouldn't be familiar with. On the verge of tears, Leliana did the only thing she could think of. She bit down as hard as she could. The man grunted, hardly reacting with more than mild discomfort and a sharp twist of his hand. It broke her contact causing her to yelp at the sharp stab of pain, his hand moving to cover her mouth, and wether it was unintentional or not, he covered her nose as well. It only made her panic worse, causing her to scratch and try and pry his hand off her face, but to no avail. She didn't want to lose her bat, and was still waiting for an opportunity to use it.

And damn was the opportunity cute.

She had seen him before around town, but wasn't sure who he was really. And she had seen him at Moe's fairly often, so it probably meant he was either involved in something shady, or just liked such a respectable establishment. Regaurdless, there was only one thing she could think to do, and it was to drop her bat. She'd want it back, bht this was her only chance. Once it clattered to floor, she knocked it slightly so it was within his reach, her free hand now going up to try and pry the hand off her face. She was only able to provide herself seconds of oxygen before the man clamped his hand down hard enough to possibly bruise her cheeks. Her eyes went back to man she wantes to help her, eyes pleading with him. Leliana's heart skipped a beat out of excitement when she saw him it up.

She watched, the edges of her world beginning to dim because of either panic, or lack of oxygen, when out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Owen. She just managed to turn her head as her bet connected with the hazmat's head. As soon as the man's hand left her mouth she gasped, stumbling backwards, tripping over her own feet and landing on her ass. She didn't seem to react though as she coughed, gasping as she took in as much air as she could, before after a few moments, she could finally speak. "Thank you, thank you, thank yoy, thank you," She repeated, her voice panicked to the point where she was slurring almost. But as she did, she turned her bag into her lap, quickly opening her bag after she fell silent. She dug for a few seconds, pulling out the pistol and holster she had smuggled in, quickly snapping the thing into her thigh and through a belt loop. She also took out the knife, planning on offering to the man who had saved her. After closing her bag, she took his hand, pulling her still trembling body up.

"We can't leave through the doors, they're outside too," she said, voice still panicked. "We...we have to find another way out through the main building," she told him. Leliana was trying to rack her brain, there were a lot of options. The cafeteria would probably another area occupied by reffugees, and so another target. The classrooms may be promising, the windows would open, but they could be being watched by the people outside. The other thing that came to mind, was the basement, or some other maitence thing, or even getting to the roof an waiting for these guys to leave. She finally let go of the man's hand, putting the knife in it. "Can I have my bat back?"
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Roll Initiative
Jenna: The Suburbs


Jenna smiled back at Luka through the rear-view mirror and put her foot to the pedal again. Her gaze was fixed on the road, watching for anything that would stand between them and the motel. A few bodies littered the streets, and the odd car or two had been abandoned but aside from that the roads between the park and the motel on the edge of town were clear.

The sound of police sirens, gunshots and some screams became muffled further and further as the car sped up, but only slightly and managed to reach the edge of town.
The motel sat in the suburban area, with only half a dozen rooms and a small reception area.
"Alright, this town is going further and further to shit so here's the plan...I run in, warn my followers while treating the pooch and after that we get the hell out of here. It's glass, so I need to remove it, clean the wound and stitch up the paw. It won't take long."

Parking the car and turning off the ignition Jenna spun around to face her passengers.
"I need somebody to keep a lookout. These things are slow, but they can get the jump on you. I'd probably have most of my throat gone if it wasn't for..."

She stopped. In all the commotion she hadn't even asked the red-headed girl her name.
"You." She smiled "In all this crazy, messed-up bollocks...I don't think I actually caught your name."

"I'm Jenna. But Gem works too."

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Doctor Ralph Fisher: Police Station

By the time Ralph made it to the police station, he felt like his lungs were about to explode. There were still a few police cars outside, but the vast majority of them, as well as Aurora's officers were scattered around the city. The hospital was still a warzone, and then there was the middle-school.
He pushed the door to the police station open and was met immediately by a man in a hazmat suit. There were others in the police station as well, three that he could see.

Had the CDC already sent people? If so, they might stand a chance at beating the parasite.
"Hello." Fisher panted "My name is Doctor Ralph Fisher. I was with the CDC team at Freeman.

He scanned the room. No sign of police officers at all, and the hazmat team seemed to be armed. Heavily armed. He watched as the man turned to the others before looking back at Fisher.
"And the rest of your team?"
"Dead. All dead." Ralph shook his head "I was the only one to make it out alive."

He couldn't read their facial expressions under their suits, but watched for other body movements. Their hands were gripped around their guns.
"Listen. I think I know how to fight the infection."
"We've already got it under control."
"It's airborne, and every body comes back to life. We need to tell the National Guard to shut down every funeral home and morgue within one hundred miles of this city. Once this thing is contained, maybe we can start to work on a vaccine or some other kind of preventative measure."
"Were you at the hospital?"
"Yes. I was the one leading the CDC..."

Fisher's eyes widened.
"You guys aren't CDC, are you?"

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