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Realistic or Modern Patient Zero (A Zombie Survival RP)



Your Majjiesty
University of Aurora:
Tuesday, October 16th, 2018
10:00 am

6b9ef6cd5139e7524ff250eaab851f0a.pngA delicate chime sounded as Andy entered the small establishment right outside her campus. The warmth from the coffee shop spread across the cold of her cheeks like an embrace. The cold season had already set in across Aurora causing the indoors to become inviting and cozy. Normally the outdoorsy type, Andrea Jordan loved the way it felt to warm up after being out in the cold, and now was no exception. The male running the front counter greeted her cheerily and she gave him a half smile in return.

“Can I get an Americano please?” the girl asked. The barista got to work making the drink as she dipped into her side satchel for a few dollar bills to pay and tip him with. Andy frequented this coffee shop and knew the man to work here often, he always treated her nicely and never forced her into pointless conversations, which she appreciated.

He handed her the warm paper cup, and she handed him a few bills. When he went to make her change, she made sure he knew that he was to keep it as a tip and thanked him. Andy was supposed to be meeting her mother for coffee, although from the looks of things she hadn’t made it yet. She took the initiative to sit her slender frame in one of the booths that occupied the floor space of the mostly empty cafe.

Taking a careful sip of the steaming coffee, Andy pulled her phone from the pocket of her hoodie. She had been almost certain that she had been running late herself, her mother should have been there by now. The time that shown on the screen of her cracked smartphone showed that she had been right. With a sigh, the girl clicked on her mother’s name and gave her a call.

“Hi Honey I’m so sorry!” Her mother answered without missing a beat. “I’m not sure I can make it for our coffee date after all. Things have gotten a little hectic at work. Can we reschedule for a dinner date instead? My treat!” Andy could tell by the commotion going on in the background of the call that her mother was indeed swamped at work.

“Yeah that’s fine. What’s going on over there anyway?” Andy asked. Her mother was one of the head nurses at Freeman medical center. Her work schedule often caused her to miss their mother daughter dates, but Andy never minded. Her mother’s strong work ethic was one of the things she loved about her. If it hadn’t been for the nature of what she wanted to talk to her mother about, she wouldn’t have insisted to meet today in the first place.

“We got someone emergency transported in this morning. He’s from a hospital a few towns over that couldn’t treat him. I can’t go into to much detail, but it has most of the doctors in a tizzy which means…” Andy could hear someone call her mother in the distance.

“I’m sorry sweetie, I have to go. I’ll text you later this evening!” Her mother said a brief goodbye and Andy followed suit. Their conversation would have to wait for another time.

Andy’s twin brother Owen had been a subject of a lot of thought and worry for Andy recently. His behavior had always been sort of...eccentric? But recently she had learned some things that put things about her brother into a different light, before confronting him about it Andy had planned to consult her mother.

They had chosen different paths in their lives, Andy had gone to college, she had worked hard for scholarships and she gave her all in archery. It had once appeared that Owen would do the same, and it had been likely that he would a full ride to a college a few states away based on his prowess playing baseball. However, that wasn’t the case. Owen had begun to change in a drastic way.

She didn’t have too much time to dwell on it now though. With her meeting with her mother postponed, she would have plenty of time to get some extra practice in before her evening classes. The girl chugged the rest of her coffee before giving a small smile and wave to the barista at the counter and exiting the shop. She made her way to the football field on campus where her archery practices were held.



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wonders in revealing every obscured demon

University of Aurora
Tuesday, October 16th, 2018
10:00 am

(Translated from Spanish) A calm sea never a skilled sailor made.

His first day in Aurora was proving to be far more eventful than his second and last. Which was ironic, considering he was scheduled for an actual event this day. The University of Aurora had been kind enough to get him in early enough to enjoy a complimentary breakfast prior to the beginning of the symposium, however, so that was good. This time yesterday, Benny had been stranded on the side of the highway with nothing but a bag of cold fries and a fuming rental car. So, all things considered, there was something to be said for an uneventful day where something miserable didn’t happen and everything went according to plan. At least… for now.

“Mr. Cala-bass-saw, we’ll be ready for you in five. Please follow me.” The blonde attendant whispered to him from across the laps of several other seated attendees in the college auditorium. She pivoted on her heel and strode up the walkway towards the entrance shortly thereafter, gesturing for him to follow.

Not caring to correct the young woman’s mispronunciation, lest any attention was drawn away from the current speaker on the stage, Benicio chose to ignore it and instead politely scooted his way out of the aisle before jogging up the aisle to catch up with the young woman. From his jacket pocket, he withdrew a small napkin upon which briefly worded bullet points were inscribed. Glancing over them, however, he nearly laughed at the futility of having done such a thing before tossing the napkin in the trash on the way out. This, like in many other instances in his life, would be something he felt confident doing on the fly.

He was escorted backstage where, as the current speaker was tying up his speech in a nice little bow, Benicio was looked over by a tiny yet mature woman draped in many scarves. She fixed his sharp blue tie and pressed down on the lapels of his sharp blue jacket before reaching into a small handy bag beside her and retrieving a comb she used to fix his messy mop of brown hair. “You’re that farmer’s boy aren’t you? I’m told you’re the fella to see if I want a bottle of the strong stuff. My ex-husband always used to say to me, he’d say: ‘You’re not everyone’s cup o’ tea, Margaret, but you’re sure as hell a lot of people’s shot of tequila!’” Margaret laughed, smoothing out the sides of his hair with her palms.

Benny laughed. “That’s one I haven’t heard before.” He spoke, his Spanish accent smooth and filtered, smiling as she finished up and proceeded to put her comb away again. “Tell you what, I’ll have a bottle sent to you this afternoon. Mi placer. If that’s okay with your bosses in faculty, that is.”

“Oh, it better be! I’ll hold you to that!” The old woman grinned, patting Benicio’s firm chest twice before hurrying him along. “Now go on! Break a leg, sweetheart.”

Benny chuckled as he stepped forward, just at the edge of the stage, as the dean of admissions concluded the previous man’s speech with a handshake and an urge for applause. Behind the podium, there were six neatly assorted lounge seats. With the last guest finished, four of the six were occupied. The two that remained vacant were for Benicio and the dean himself after the former spoke his piece.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, give a warm round of applause to our next speaker: all the way from the fields of Jalisco and the headquarters of Tequila Sepulcro-- Benicio Cala-base-saws!”

Dios mio.



Gray skies in Aurora again. It seemed as though they had been lingering this week.
Luca’s fingers had been wrapped around a beer bottle, which he had brought to his lips. After the liquor inside of the glass had been depleted he placed it on the ground near his feet. The capo wouldn’t remember to pick up the glass, though he figured someone would eventually get around to it. Even in the case of his littering, Downtown was an absolute shithole. No amount of trash being thrown out was going to save Aurora; the very same went for him leaving the empty glass bottle on the concrete. The mafioso had been sitting down on a ledge leading to the inside of a bakery which had been primarily used for laundering money. The feds had well-known about the traffic of both cash and drugs that went through the pastry shop, but at this moment Luca had been completely off of the map.
He had three men with him. One was a rather large, fat black-skinned man named Big Mo. The second was Luca’s associate named Stefano. He was a few years younger than Luca, but the boy had been raised to be a part of the Mafia much like Luca had. As a result of that, Luca trusted the red-haired boy with his life. Well, to Luca he was a boy; in reality, he was only a few years younger at the age of twenty two. Regardless of age, he was one of the few trusted members of the mafia whom Luca had refused to rat out. Bloodshot eyes followed a trail of smoke which had enticed Luca, much like the smell of a home-cooked meal was the perfect way to seduce a jailbird. The source of the smoke was Mo, like it normally was.
“Che ore sono, Mo?” (What time is it?) Luca inquired, extending his digits toward the man in the form of an open palm. Mo shoved his free hand into his pocket and fished out a slightly-crumpled pack of cigarettes. He placed it in Luca’s hand, who had promptly removed one from the rather thin cardboard before tossing it back. When Luca placed the cigarette between his lips, Mo would immediately bring flame to its end with a lighter.
“It’s a quarter to.” Mo replied as Luca took a drag, inhaling as much of the smoke into his lungs as possible. He removed the butt of the cigarette from his lips momentarily only to breathe in a small amount of oxygen.
“E tempo. Andiamo.” (Lets go, it’s time.)
Luca lead the two men from that spot on the back porch of the pastry shop and out of the alleyway. The house was in the projects, further down south closer to the suburbs of Aurora. It was a bit of a hike but the three were able to make it to the rather run-down looking home in the amount of time they had estimated. The cul-de-sac was close to a main road, but a plot of land and some trees separated the way. At the end of the block was the house with a few other ones surrounding it. One man had been sitting in front of the house in question. Luca, Mo and Stefano had been strolling around the sidewalk of the block in attempts to do one last scope when the guard who had been at the front door had walked from his post to the middle of the street to meet two men in a rusty hatchback.
The three slowed their pace. An exchange of drugs took place, from the guard’s pocket to the passengers hands. The car drove away and the guard stood in the middle of the street counting money. Luca looked at Mo, who immediately grasped the the ski mask masquerading as a hat from the top of his head and pulled it over his face. As Mo walked up the stairs leading to the front door of the house, Luca removed a silenced pistol from the back of his pants’ waistline and fired a bullet straight through the back of the guard’s head.
Stefano had followed Mo up the stairs. Luca turned as the man’s body hit the concrete, grasping his ski mask and pulling it down over his face. He walked up the stairs just as Mo slammed the heel of his boot into the door, right underneath the knob. It broke off the hinges inward. There were three men inside, along with a few girls who had not been entirely clothed. Stefan walked forward first, pointing his gun at one of the men who had been sitting. Mo pointed his gun at the other. Luca walked inside of the house behind the two, aiming his pistol at the head of the third gentleman who had been pouring himself a glass of alcohol in the back of the room.
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Calcium Name Piece.png
The past week had been keen on keeping the woods damp and misty; the soil was on the verge of conforming to the moisture, making travel harder. Additionally, the sticks that littered the ground were unable to provide Calsy with a warm night for the last few days.

Calsy had been sitting on a particularly comfortable fell tree. Her eyes had been set on a colony of ants who have seemed to have been harassing a poor, immobile, cream toned fungus at the base of another nearby tree. The notebook she had only begun to use was already filled with scrawlings of plants and creatures she had found in this forest she’d grown so attached to. This doodle in particular appeared to be significant, as Calsy had let her pencil wander across both open pages. It was the need to stretch that pulled Calsy out of her world. She placed her notebook into the special compartment of her bug out bag, then placed her hands on her lower back. The lean back provided a little series of crackles that could be heard for a small distance despite the ambiance of the groggy morning.

Almost losing her balance in the stretch, Calsy adjusted her footing and took a deep breath before bending over to touch her toes.
It had been almost two years since Calsy came upon Aurora, she counted the months on her fingers as she resumed her position sitting on the fallen tree. After counting, she hoisted her bag onto her lap to check if she had proportioned her provisions properly.

A few two-tablespoon containers fall out, filled with various mushes, ranging from dark green to maple brown. They each hit the dampened soil with soft plaps as Calsy ignored them for the time being. She pushes her hand into the bag and fishes around until she pulls out a few air dried zip bags filled with various dried berries and fruit. She opens one of the bags and dumps the contents into her mouth, then her free hand goes back into her bag to pull out a repurposed pill bottle, filled with a vibrant green substance and a consistency similar to soup. After she finished off the dried fruit, she brought the pill bottle to her mouth and threw her head back, hoping to let the liquid slip past her taste buds. In the end, Calsy had failed; her hacks and coughs filled the forest, echoing throughout. She ended the fit by spitting off to her side and finishing the overview of her bag’s contents, leaning down to put away the forgotten containers then closing her bag.

Calsy tucked her messy, unkempt hair into her turtleneck and hiked her bag onto her back. She bent over to view the ants and fungus one last time- the ants were winning- then began her trek towards town.

This forest she found herself in had done nothing but provide for her these past years. As far as she could tell, these have been the most relaxed, somehow comfortable years of her life since being on her own. Though as much as she had considerations of settling, there were reasons for having to move along. But still, aside from the forests, some of those people that live in Aurora seem so content with their lives. Not to mention the cute couples! The determined workers!
The happy families.

Calsy adjusted her turtleneck as a gust of wind pelted her face. As she managed to cover most of it thanks to the generous amount of neck on her clothing, she tried to take her mind off of what she loved about the place. She figured it would be more helpful if she had just repeated a list of what she needed from town aloud, treating it simply as a business trip. Her voice cracked as she began, seeing as she hasn’t needed to speak for an extended period of time. “Thyme... Feverfew… Lemon Balm… Thyme… Feverfew… Lem- oh- Sage… Lemon Balm… Thyme...”
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President Soap🧼
Lucia Gonzaléz
Tuesday, October 16th, 2018.

The past few weeks in Aurora, much to Lucia's surprise. Everything was going smoothly, She isn't sure if Antonio was adjusting well. But there wasn't a reason to think he wasn't, not yet anyway. Her thoughts continued as she worked under the hood of a banged-up car, It was old enough that even she wouldn't want to drive it. Lucia wondered why the customer had insisted on getting it fixed. She shrugged conversing with herself. Oh, who cares. At the end of the day she's the one who gets the money in her pocket. She sighed loudly, rubbing the back of her neck. Lucia had started to hate this. Which was surprising to her, she loved working on cars with her father. Maybe because he was gone she started to lose interest. Perhaps she didn't want just a memory of him. Or it could've been that she'd been working almost non-stop this week. She was exhausted. But she had decided to push on, it was difficult sure. But the money was worth it. She stared up at the clock and groaned. At this rate, she wasn't going to get anything done, "Alright, Lucia. The quicker you get done, the quicker you can get out of here." She said to no-one but herself. She continued on the car in silence. The quiet and stillness was relaxing enough, she didn't even notice that her job was done. She smiled in satisfaction, which quickly faded when she looked over the state of the car, quickly remembering that her job wasn't done. She glared harshly at the vehicle. She went to double check the engine when her phone rang and made her jump, it caused her head to hit the roof of the car.

She muttered a curse as she reached around the desk, grabbing her phone and answering. "Lucia." Silently awaiting for whoever was on the other-line to speak. Upon hearing what they had to say, she slowly pulled the phone away from her ear as she scowled at it, as if the phone itself had just insulted her. She pulled it back up to her ear,"Mmhm. Yeah, yeah. I'm on my way." She said, as she hung up. Gripping the phone tightly, taking her anger out on it. She grabbed her bag and keys and headed towards her own car.
She got into her car, starting it and leaning back in her chair, taking a deep breath. She knew this wasn't going to look good with her boss, skipping work? It's either skipping work, or letting her brother get expelled, she rolled her eyes. Getting expelled would be the least of his worries, she sighed heavily in frustration. Stepping on the gas pedal harshly.

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D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
It was a particularly hectic day at the hospital, it seemed. All the doctors seemed to be fussing over a patient in particular. Some guy that got transferred. That was all he knew. It was annoying, in that busy days like this made it bit harder to get around and do what needed to be done. For Gregory, that today was going around and replacing burnt out lightbulbs. An easy task, normally, but he wasn't about to get a ladder in the way of the rushing doctors.

So instead, Gregory was just hanging out by the nurses station. Pouring himself a little coffee as Nurse Jones ran off. He might as well take a fifteen while he could. With a double check to make sure his radio was on, he leaned up against the counter, just watching.

Greg was a fairly average sized man. His dark grey jumpsuit being quite the contrast to the colorful scrubs and white labcoats. And his toolbelt signifying exactly what his position was. He wore a ball cap with the hospitals logo on it, one he bought from the gift shop. A bit of static went off on his radio. It was likely just Mike accidently hitting the button again.

He went from looking to the nurses scurrying about to looking down at his cup of coffee and the steam that was coming from it. Well, if he couldn't do lightbulbs today, he could always help Mike with parts inventory. Yeah, it was about the only thing to really do when things were this busy. It was funny, the busier the hospital got, the harder it was for his department to do anything. Which meant that the chief was likely going to ask him to pick up a night shift to try and catch up on things. But hey, that meant overtime. And overtime was always nice.


Your Majjiesty
Suoh.pngOwen sat on the porch of his family home, a lit cigarette held thoughtfully between his fingers. It had been three days since he had spoken to his twin sister, and not for a lack of trying. She was dodging his calls, ignoring his texts and pretending not to be home when he visited her dorm. The whole ordeal was infuriating. Owen Jordan loved his sister more than anything in this world, despite her rather large attitude. They often argued about differences of opinion, which is one of the countless reasons he had never meant for her to see what she had.

Why she was out in the downtown area that night was beyond him, and if he wasn’t so concerned with covering his own ass he would be lecturing her about the dangers of doing so. Bert had sent him to collect payment from one of his late paying customers. Normally such activities were done behind locked doors, but this asshole had decided to run and had made Owen chase him down.

He wasn’t as agile as he had been when he was going to baseball practice all the time, and many smoked cigarettes had done a number on his lungs. Chasing wasn’t exactly his strong suit, but the guy had been on something and had taken a turn down a dead end alley. Owen had cornered him and did what Owen did best. Scare the shit out of junkies who didn’t pay their dues.

Her voice had sounded so appalled and scared when she called out to him, standing at the lit end of the alley. Just his name, in the form of a question. It couldn’t have been a pretty sight. The man he had grasped in his hands was half unconscious, bleeding, his blood glazing the tops of Owen’s knuckles. She shouldn’t have been anywhere near here, yet there she was. Red hair, spilling around the edges of her hooded coat.

“Andy what in the hell are you doing…” Her eyes widened as she realized that her fears were realized. It was her brother there beating this man. She didn’t know the circumstances though, she didn’t know anything.

Well that wasn’t exactly true was it? Andrea was a smart little college girl. He had made sure of that. They had grown distant over the last year, and part of that was because she kept questioning him about his life, and he had refused to provide answers. She wouldn’t have liked them anyway.

She had refused to talk to her when he approached her, in fact she got in her car as quickly as her legs would allow her to. Owen had spent the night thinking of some story that would make sense to her, that would soothe her worries. No amount of planning would do her any good if she didn’t answer his calls. He had done everything he could to provide for his family, he wondered how Andy would react if she realized how much of her blessings came from encounters just like the one she had witnessed.

He finished his smoke and pulled on his jacket. He couldn’t make her speak to him, and he couldn’t put off his work until she did. Owen would just have to be more careful. He got into his beat up Camry and made his way from his mother’s house in the suburbs to the pawn shop that had become like a second home to him in the downtown area.


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Dead-end Girl
It was proving to be one of those days at the hospital. Emily sat on a bench, facing away from the roundabout at the entrance of the hospital. She'd been lucky enough to be allowed to have her lunch outside. Today, she was slated for a 10 hour shift and then coursework at the local university, an easy day had it not turned so busy. She stared thoughtfully at her chicken BLT as she whispered along to the song playing in her earbud. Sad little thing, scraps of ingredients between two heels of bread. Greg better have taken the lunch she'd packed him.

Quiet (relatively) moments like these were ones where Emily really felt enthusiasm for the future. Like things could only go up. Having finished her lunch, save for the chips which she elected to save for now, she used the time she had left to just relax. Taking a sip from her water bottle, Emily let her head hang back off the back of the bench and closed her eyes. Earbud in one ear meant she was partly listening to the outside world and partly to Custer by Slipknot, her right leg fidgeted to the beat. In this position she went numb for a while, mostly ignoring the world and imagining the music coming to life. Emily didn't look the part of nurse at the moment, she was wearing a tank top and classical style yoga pants, less tights more pants. Both were easy to wear under her training scrubs and constituted appropriate clothing on their own. Opening her eyes to the blue, morning sky, she traced the contrails. Her break was just about over. Taking one last sip of water from this lazy position and she was off. The trashcan nearby saw to her garbage and she reentered the hospital with just her bag of kettle brand chips and a 3/4 empty bottle of water.

Approaching the nurses station, Emily was able to spy Greg standing idly right near it. She'd assumed he had some down time and had decided to come by and see if she was around. He was staring into his coffee as she approached, so she came in from one side and pulled in next to him from behind him, hoping to at least catch him by surprise.
"You know you can't force these things." she said smiling at him. "Jesus just has to appear in there all by himself." With that little quip, she continued on into the room and started getting back into uniform.

@D. Rex


“Nobody move.” Mo cooed. Luca took a few more steps toward the man in the back and pressed the barrel of his gun into the side of the man’s head.
"You know what I want, Corderone.” His italian accent rang a bit thin, but it had been present nonetheless. The man had shakily put down his drink, unsure of what to do. He had been frightened for his life, though all of his years acting as a gang-banging hard ass had culminated in quite the pathetic being when confrontation came to his doorstep. Luca removed the cigarillo that had been lying between the man’s lips with his own fingers and bit down on the mouthpiece with a wide smile.

The man on the couch whom was in Stefano’s sights had slowly been reaching for a pistol at the back of his own waistband. Stefano pulled the trigger of his gun upon noticing this, splattering the man’s brains along what could presumably be seen as a rather expensive painting. The couch was also going to have to be reupholstered. A few screams escaped from the mouths of the girls who had been present. Mo spoke up.
“Sit down and shut up if you don’t want to die.”
“The safe.” Luca reminded Corderone, as if he had demanded the man bring him to its location in the first place.
Corderone lead Luca from the back of the living room past the kitchen. He grasped the handle of a latch belonging to the wooden floorboard of his pantry, leading to a rather steep staircase down into the basement. Luca followed quietly. When the two got to the bottom Luca found that it only led to a room of guns alongside a rather large safe. These were the only items that adorned it. Corderone turned to look back at Luca, an angry look on his face.
“Open the safe and i’ll let you live.” Luca lazily pointed his pistol at the safe. Corderone hesitated before ultimately deciding to turn and kneel down to open it by inputting the combination. The only thing that had been separating Luca from Corderone aside from the barrel of his gun was the stream of smoke provided by the burning cigarillo between his lips.
Luca took a drag, exhaling the smoke through his nostrils.
“You’ve been getting sloppy in your old age. I found one of your men outside selling your product for a bit of cash on the side. I assume his hand was digging through the honeypot?” Luca mocked him, as he shakily opened the safe with use of a combination. He didn’t respond to Luca’s inquiry. At the end of the day, Luca didn’t need the man alive in order to get the safe open. This was just the quickest option to getting the contents inside. Luca was also extremely aware of the man’s immediate family being a bit of a sore spot to him, so the man’s forfeit of his own property came with the ideology that Luca wouldn’t come after his family if he just gave up what he had and lived to fight another day.
Half of that was surely right.
The combination gave way and the safe unhinged before the door began to slowly creek open. Luca’s finger pulled the trigger of his pistol back, forcing a bullet through the chamber which fired into the side of Corderone’s forehead. It exited the other side, leaving a dent in the safe immediately as the dead man’s head smashed into the metal. When his cranium bopped off of the side as though he were a ragdoll, Luca used his shoe to kick the man’s hand out of his way before he began rummaging through the safe.
Pills, bricks, money, promethazine and a ledger were inside. From the top of the cellar, Stefano dropped an empty duffle bag. Luca grabbed the bag and began stuffing it with all of the paraphernalia he could possibly fit. Once the safe was completely looted, Luca zipped up the bag and turned to the body of Corderone. He stripped it of all of its possessions; a small amount of cash, maybe close to three racks. Corderone had on a gold watch worth close to about fifty thousand which Luca took and put around his own wrist. A chain worth close to the same amount that was covered in diamonds and a dimebag of cocaine.
Climbing back up the cellar, Luca first walked out into the living room to see one man still alive. Luca was impressed by the man’s demeanor; he was able to keep quiet despite one of his comrades dying before him. He probably was not able to hear his boss die in the cellar down below due to the silencer Luca had used.
Luca broke the diamond chain in half, ripping it apart with his hands. A few diamonds hit the floor and rolled about, but Luca didn’t pay them any mind. Instead he threw half of the chain to Stefano and the other half to Mo. He counted out fifteen hundred dollars and put the three racks in two stacks onto the table. Both Mo and Stefano had stopped what they were doing to listen to Luca, but as Luca parted his lips to speak Mo decided to shove the butt of his gun into the bridge of the rival gang member’s nose. As his body went unconscious, Luca resumed speaking.
“c'è un libro mastro in quella borsa.” [There’s a ledger in that bag.]
The capo dumped out the dimebag onto one of the granite countertops in the kitchen. He flicked the burning blunt from his lips onto the carpet. Then, using a razor blade he had found on that very same countertop, Luca began cutting up the cocaine as fine as he possibly could. He edged it up into a skinny line as he resumed speaking.
“That ledger is full. These are people that Corderone had strong-armed for protection payment. Make sure Tortuga gets that list, so we can begin taking in some of Corderone’s profits.”
He rolled up a hundred dollar bill and hunched over slightly, placing one end to one of his nostrils and inhaling along the line. As the powder was sucked up into his nasal cavity, Luca was sure to press a finger against the opposite nostril before sniffing up as much of the remaining residue as possible. To finish his test, Luca then placed a finger into the nostril he had used to blow the line of coke. He swished it around and then placed the finger into his mouth, rubbing at his gums softly.
“The cocaine is fire. Find the supplier. Tell him the unfortunate news about Corderone. Then let him know we will beat his price. If he refuses, I want him dead.”
The fabric on the floor had caught fire from the burning cherry of the cigarillo Luca had thrown. They would eventually all split up and go their separate ways, leaving the two men in the living room - one of which was burning alive. Luca was asked by Stefano where he was headed to next. The man’s reply was to visit his mother, which was a lie.
Twenty five minutes. The usual spot.
I’ll be there before then.
I am pleased to hear this, my boy.

“What have you got for me today, Mister Brasi?”
A black bowler hat covered a head full of silver-hair, as an older-looking gentleman with a rather thick mustache leaned against the side of a helicopter. It wasn't that the agent had landed moments prior; rather, that helicopter was property of the hospital itself. The agent had accessed the rooftop via in the inside, much like Luca had. He was lighting a rather thick cigar with a match which he had struck against the heel of his boot, waiting for Luca to respond. The capo didn't need to turn around to match the voice to a face. He had spent many nights forced to replay various things the man had said to him over the past few months. Luca turned from the sight of the highway to the FBI agent who had been handling his case. He never understood why the agent chose the hospital of all places to be the spot where they met for briefings. Although Luca could never be seen entering or walking into a police station, Luca felt as though hiding in plain public was a much better option. After years and generations of successful mobsters doing the same, the man had wholeheartedly failed to understand why it was the agent went about doing things in such an erratic manner.
The rooftop of the hospital was one of the sketchiest places Luca had ever seen.
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Your Majjiesty
Freeman Medical Center:
Tuesday, October 16th, 2018
11:35 am

Andy hadn’t been on the practice field very long when she realized that none of her teammates would be joining her. There was some assembly today with some hot shot CEO or something that most of the team had decided to go to. Andrea had no interest in that kind of thing so she hadn’t planned on going. She could practice on her own she supposed, although mostly the practices were to help her team at this point.

Andrea had proven her prowess with a bow on multiple occasions. Between meets for the school teams and even one summer that she went and competed on the national level, she felt secure in her ability to perform. Although she was a believer that there was always more to learn, she had too much on her mind to focus on the task at hand without others needs distracting her.

With a heavy sigh she put her gear away and walked back out toward her car. She knew deep down that she wasn’t going to be able to relax until she talked to someone about Owen. The emotions that followed her about what she had seen were conflicting and confusing. She knew deep down that she was ultimately worried for her twin brother. They had once been so close and time and distance had began its work and severing some of their ties to each other. But he had withdrawn so much from her, become secretive and now she guessed she knew why.

Anger, disappointment, and fear also came to mind. How was it that he had gotten himself involved with such shady characters? She had to talk to her mother, busy or not. Owen needed an intervention or something. So if she had to quickly talk to her mother in between patients. That was what Andrea intended to do.

The drive to the hospital was relatively short. Both the university and Freeman medical center resided within the central part of Aurora. Before the girl even made it in the doors, she could sense a sort of organized chaos in the place. Her mother had been right, whatever was going on in the hospital had caused everyone in the place to sort of buzz as they moved with purpose around the building. Andy didn’t bother checking in at the visitors desk, most of the staff knew her over the years of her coming to visit her mother.

She made her way toward the nurses station her mother frequented and received a few curt nods as greeting from staff who recognized her. The first thing she realized was that her mother wasn’t there. That wasn’t a great surprise as she assumed that her mother was busy, like she had said only moments ago on the phone. Working with this new patient wouldn’t be the first time she had been forced to move all over the hospital. What she wasn’t expecting was what came next.

A scream echoed through the halls. It seemed to bounce and linger through the brick corridors, causing the loud and buzzing hospital to become still and quiet. Like a heartbeat the place was still, and then all at once the life seemed to come back to it and people started moving again, many of them in the direction of the scream to help. Ultimately the hospital was a place of sick people, sometimes death and that meant mourning, but this was different. Andrea felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck, like a sixth sense that something was amiss.

Andy turned back toward the nurses station, ready to ask the girl at the desk if she knew when her mother would come back. When another scream sounded, a different one. What in the world was going on? She wasn’t a doctor or a nurse and ultimately it wasn’t her problem or business but still it was...unsettling.

“Um hi,” Andy stumbled out, distracted by the sound. “Sorry to bother you but do you know if…” She was cut off by a voice over the loudspeaker, calling people to the emergency ward. It wasn’t the same dry tone of the voice she often heard when walking the walls of this place, but panicked. Was it because of the screams.

“Do you know what is going on?” Andy finally asked instead. The nurse looked worried herself.

“Not exactly. I’m sure they have it under control though. Are you looking for your mother? It’s probably a bad time, she was down in the emergency ward herself.” The lady sitting at the desk informed her. Andy nodded, this was information she mostly knew already. Some sort of instinct to check on her mother took over her. Something felt off, maybe because of the screams, maybe because she wanted an excuse to bother her mother.

Andy thanked the woman and made her way down to the emergency ward. A door thwarted her progress. She didn’t have a badge to get through, but people were making their way in and out at crazy speeds. It was obvious this was the source of the screaming as the next few that followed were much louder. What bothered her the most was that they weren't from one crazed patient, but rather a symphony of other voices.

“We are initiating Lock-down procedures.” a voice over the intercom commanded.


What was going on? Suddenly a group of uniformed police officers marched past her with an employee in tow. Panic gripped her, something was wrong. Could one of those screams she heard had been her mothers?

“Can you tell me what’s going on, my mother is in there,” Andy asked one of the men walking past her.

“You need to get out of here.” His tone was curt and short. “Some crazy person is biting people in there. We will get it under control.”

Patients did crazy things all the time. Andy knew this from listening to her mother talk about stories from work. Why in the world would one patient be causing this much problem. Surely the nurses and hospital security could handle a situation like that on their own, why would the police need to get involved? Andy decided to call her mother again, to check on her. No one answered, just the sound of her mother’s voice mail.

She felt helpless, stuck waiting behind this locked door. More screams sounded, and then the deafening hopeless sounds of gunfire.


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Lucia Gonzaléz
Elementary School.

Strolling through the halls of the school, she winded up outside of the Principal's office. Sitting on a chair to the left of the door, was none-other then Antonio. She approached him, as he looked up to meet her eyes. "So, care to tell me why you punched a kid?" Lucia asked. His brown eyes drifted towards his hands as he absent-mindedly twiddled his thumbs. "No." Was the only word he spoke. She nodded. "Guess i'll find out myself." she said as she took a seat next to him. "Did he start it?" She asked, He didn't acknowledge the question. Or maybe he just pretended not to. "Antonio, you have no idea how upset i am right now." She massaged her temples, attempting to fight off a headache. "I know. I'm sorry." He spoke. She sighed in defeat "I know you are." She looked at him and her eyes softened, she was so upset earlier. But she couldn't stay mad at him, He was her baby brother. Despite the trouble he got into, She loved him. He was all she had left, and vice versa. She put her arm around him, pulling him into a half-hug. "I know it's been hard. It's been hard for me too, but you can't do this anymore. It's just making it more difficult. I'm saying this because te amo, Hermano." He gave her a half-hearted smile, "Te amo." The sweet moment they shared, for the first time in what felt like forever. Was broken by the door beside them opening, "Antonio & Lucia? Please come in." The principle said, While fixing a loose button on his suit.
Upon entering they both took seats on the opposite side of his desk, "Miss Gonzalèz, Principal Anderson, we spoke on the phone. Violence on school grounds is strictly prohibited. Which is why, I he's being expelled for at least a week." He said as he folded hands together, to place them on the desk. Antonio interrupted to say exclaim "Eso no es justo, Pero no fue expulsado!" Antonio said, obviously annoyed with the whole situation, "I'd prefer it if you spoke english, please." Principle Johnson said, with a smile on his face. One that had seemed all too-fake for Lucia, She raised a brow at the man. "I'd prefer it if you'd let my brother speak." His smile loosened for a second, "Why wasn't the other boy expelled?" She asked. Mr Anderson opened his mouth to speak, but before he got any words out. The door behind them opened, a woman in her late thirties appeared behind it, "Anderson, there was.." She trailed off looking at the two of us before continuing, "There was a shooting at the hospital." She barely muttered, but the Principal understood it anyway. He quickly stood up, "What?" He cleared his throat, the color draining from his face, he started moving towards the door-way. "I-i'm sorry we'll have to uh, reschedule." He said as shoving past the woman who was in the doorway. I gave the woman a questioning look, "His wife works there." She instantly felt bad for the man, But she knew there was nothing that she could've done. "Did you hear anything else about it?" i asked her, she nodded no, "I just know that it was a patient." She gave a apolegetic smile, "Alright then, I hope everyone is okay." She murmured an "Me too." before she turned and left. "At least i'm not expelled yet." Antonio said, i glared at him "Don't say that. People could be hurt, or worse." He looked down at his shoes in guilt, and gave a nod. I put an hand on his shoulder, "Let's go home." He nodded once again.

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Suburbia, 8:00 am

she had woken up with a pen stuck to her face and drool over her notes on her desk. the morning was slow as was usual for her, most of it being spent wandering about her morning routine at a slow pace, her limbs feeling numb from awkward position she had fallen asleep in. after washing up she lingered by her window nursing a cup of tea as she watched the area in front of her house. the occasional residence goes down the road either by car or foot. stay at home parents wandering with children too young for school.

oh, the neighbor's dogs, Riot, escaped again. Amused, she watched him race by looking chipper at his new found freedom.


she made sure she kept her smile in place as she saw the owner give chase. It was a guy around her age. mr. whatshisname. He was friendly, one of the firsts to welcome here to the neighborhood. Always one to rangle her into conversation whenever he caught sight of her at her outings. she nodded her head when he noticed her at the window and gave a cheerful wave as he passed by. The moment he was out of sight she dropped the smile.


That friendliness unnerved her to no end.

finding her cup empty she pondered on what to do for the day. well, it's been a while since she got fresh air. maybe a stroll? she tilted her head and mulled over that thought. though a stroll would be nice, it be at the risk of running to that neighbor. after she waited a moment she sighed and got her small backpack.

10:00 am

sneakers, mixed color socks, dark shorts, an oversized knitted sweater was the outfit she had that morning. Inside her bag was a novel, art supplies, paper, her wallet, and some kid snacks.

just her luck that when she locked her front door the prementioned neighbor was already coming back down the street with his dog on the leash. she blinked at him slightly surprised that he went straight to her instead of locking his dog up first. tch, there goes her escape plan.

"Hey! you're up early for once! right on yah!"
"Ah, good morning." that small smile appeared again on her face.
"had a nice run?" she asked as she scratched between Riots ears after he demanded affection via nose nudges. A winded laugh bubbled out of her neighbor. he scratched the nape of his neck, eyes avoiding her figure for a split second.

He's embarrassed....

"yeah, Riots been a bit restless lately. the bigger he gets the harder it is getting him enough exercise. He'll settle eventually."
"hmm....." was her reply as her scratching traveled to the scruff of Riots neck.
"uh, hey, so about that barbeque that's happening this weekend. I was wondering-RIOT NO!" her neighbor yelled as the clip to the leash slipped from the collar and his dog charged the opposite way down the street. Her neighbor apologized for cutting the conversation short then ran off after his dog again.

Rouge stared at the duo, her smile morphing into a lopsided one as she watched Riot jump a fence leaving her neighbor desperately scramble said fence in hopes of keeping up. Perhaps, next time she'll damage the leash on top of releasing Riot.

she turned away and walked down the street at a leisurely pace already knowing her destination.

The park.

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Jenna: Suburbia
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Jenna took a deep breath and raised her stick upwards.
"Hello darlings!" She called, a smile on her face "This is PurpleNoodle coming to you live from Aurora! I'm still doing my trip across the US of A! Before we begin, just a few updates. I got new merch in for this trip. The link to it can be found in the doodle-do below. T-shirts, hoodies, mugs. You name it. And fifty percent of all proceedings go towards the Best Friends Animal Society. For those that don't know, they're a really cool charity that has a no-kill policy in their shelters. If you want more information, check out their website at bestfriends.org or if you wanna see yours truly..." She pointed at her face "Then watch last Wednesday's stream, where I met a lovely man named Stephen, an advocate for the organisation."

She took a breath "We're meeting more dog owners today. So keep watching this space."
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A bright smile crept across her face "Aww, thank you darling. And I agree."

It was an ideal time for her to start in the suburbs. Parents had dropped their kids off at practice and took the time to walk the family dog, or dogs. A few cats also patrolled the area, keeping a lookout for prey. One caught Jenna's attention immediately, a tabby she recognised as an American Shorthair. A common breed, but it that wasn't what drew the girl towards it. The cat was missing it's left eye.

Walking towards it, Jenna allowed the cat to study her before she gently petted it's head. It had a collar, at least but no nametag.
"I would have tried to smuggle you home with me." She chuckled, before looking directly at the camera "If anyone from airport security is watching, I'm kidding."

The tabby started to move away, and Jenna watched as it leapt over a fence into somebody's garden. Knowing cats, it probably wasn't even the garden of the owner.
"You know, cats get a pretty bad rep. But they can be sweet if you give 'em a chance. I'd probably have punched a guy over wanting to put down his ex-wife's cat." She grinned
Her last sentence got an odd glance from a passing by jogger but all Jenna did was laugh.

You should get the cat an eyepatch A message in the chat read.
"You think? Yeah, I think it would suit her. Gives the cat a bit of an edge. Other cats look at it like: Oh, that one's got a gruff past. We'd better keep away."


> Freeman Medical Center

Screams were followed by gunfire, interrupting the conversation that the officer and Luca were having on the rooftop. It had been loud enough to capture the officers’ attention, whose thoughts had aligned much with Luca’s. Typically speaking gunfire in a hospital wasn’t a sign of anything good to come. Without an extra word, the officer immediately turned from Luca and ran to the rooftop door; the only means of access into the hospital from that spot. Luca followed, withdrawing his pistol as his forearm pushed the door open and entered the staircase.

People had been moving in a panic. As Luca descended as far down the staircase as he could go, the distinct smell of body odor would invade his nostrils. It was hard to hear anything, between all the random conversing and shouting that came with the panic. Luca followed the officer through the doors leading to the hallway of the top floor. As the means to get down the staircase further than the top floor was completely jammed up with human traffic, it seemed to be the only option viable. The top floor was quiet; not a civilian in sight. Rather, a few nurses had been about continuing to do their jobs despite the panic and unrest. The officer, with Luca close behind, would end up walking down the hallway and confronting one of the women. He flashed his badge, explaining that he needed to get down to the first floor as quickly as possible. Luca rolled his eyes. It must have been nice to have that piece of metal - signifying that he could get what he wanted at any time.

The nurse complied, asking the two gentlemen to follow her. She would eventually lead them into a doctor’s office at the far end of the hall, which had its own personal elevator within it. The power to the hospital was still working and there was no fire, so this was surely the quickest way to make it down to the lobby without having to wait behind a line of crazed visitors. The officer hit the button to open the doors and the two men would step inside. Shortly after the elevator would begin its descent. Luca wondered why it was that the two men didn’t take the fire escape, as it would have been the more intelligent option. Then again, the officer seemed pertinent on gathering information before leaving. Luca was curious, but had not been dismissed by the man so he was forced to follow.


Doors slowly opened revealing both men on the other side. Luca followed the officer out, turning his head to the side to see a red-haired young woman standing around looking rather confused. She looked extremely familiar. They were near the emergency room, tucked away in another room on the first floor. Luca stared momentarily,, trying to put his finger on who it was that he was looking at. The officer had busied himself, moving past Luca and Andy toward the doors that had been locked. Luca moved a bit slower, before stopping in front of the female and audibly questioning her identification.

“Andrea Jordan?” Luca asked, the digits of his right hand wrapped around the grip of his pistol. The capo was aware of who she was because in his childhood he had been friendly with the girl as well as her brother. He grew up with them, attended primary school. It had been quite a few years since Luca had seen the girl; it was obvious that she had done quite a bit of growing up since the last time he had seen her. When Luca dropped out of school, he also dropped out of a lot of the relationships he shared with people as well.

The sound of metal being pushed out. Screams had continued to sound, but the sound of gunfire had eventually lessened before completely dying out. From the depths of the emergency ward came a lone man holding a rifle, covered in blood and screaming as he ran down the hall toward the main lobby. Behind him was a single patient in a hospital gown, entering through the doors with a frighteningly quick pace. The officer lifted his arm up, aiming his pistol at the patient and telling them to freeze. No dice. When the officer noticed that the patient had begun running toward him, he fired a few shots into the man’s chest. It failed to hinder the patients’ progress, whom promptly latched onto the officer’s arm and took a giant bite into it.

As the man shouted in pain, Luca’s eyes widened slightly. More patients from inside the emergency ward were coming.

“Oh shit. It’s time to go.”

Not wanting to be responsible for the death of his acquaintance because of his lack of action, Luca’s free hand grasped Andy’s wrist and tugged, as if he were letting her know that she should follow his lead. If there was any place that was desirable to be bitten by some crazy nut bag, it was the hospital. It was undesirable to fight off a sea of crazy nut bags that had fought off an entire firing squad. Luca trusted himself more than any other person - he was going to find a way to get out of the hospital no matter what.

Given the direction in which he was running, Luca’s first move was to check the status of the lobby.



Your Majjiesty
The morning had been unusually quiet for Owen. He had stopped by Bert’s for work but found that there wasn’t any to be had. Owen even had called a few of the people he often did odd jobs for and was met with radio silence. With a heavy sigh and a roll of his eyes he decided to call the morning a wash and head back for home. The one thing he hated more than anything was a financially unproductive day.

Before long he was cruising down some of the backstreets of Aurora, window cracked to while he enjoyed a cigarette and blared some music to brighten his mood. It might have even worked if he had been able to successfully get home. He was barely on the road for a few miles when a warning light lit up on his dash. His piece of shit car was overheating.

Owen growled a variety of profanities and slammed his fist into the steering wheel. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford the repairs, but it never failed that right as you were getting money together for something you wanted (in this case a replacement car) something threw a wrench in your plans. He did what he could to keep the car from blowing up in his face, turning on his fan and letting it blow the hot air from the engine into the car, and drove slow and careful to the nearest repair shop.

It was one right on the outskirts of the downtown area that he frequented when his POS car decided to die on him. It was a clean little place. A chime sounded as he entered the door to the lobby, a girl was inside. She was cute, maybe a little older than him, but she had a pretty face. He didn't recognize her, which was strange. Owen made a point to know most of the goings on in Aurora, that included most of the people in the small town, that's part of what made him so valuable to the people he worked for. Somehow this girl had flown under his radar. Owen approached her with a cocky smile on his face and laid the keys to his car on the counter. Owen was a little surprised to see her running a place like this, not that he didn't believe that girls could be mechanics, but she just didn't look the type. He wasn't one to judge.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” he started “...but my car started overheating on the way here. Do you think you could take a look at it for me?" His phone rang, interrupting him.

"Excuse me, I'll be right back. I'll leave the keys in your capable hands." With that Owen turned and stepped back out of the shop and slid his thumb across the screen of his phone to accept the call and put the thin electronic to his ear.

"Yeah." He answered stiffly. Jessie was a friend of his, but these days most people didn't call Owen unless they needed something.

"Is your mom still working at the hospital?" Jessie asked. Owen affirmed this. "You need to check the news then dude. Some shit is going down." Owen didn't let his friend finish, he hung up and before checking he immediately called his mother, but it went immediately to voicemail. This was highly unlike her, he quickly went to the browser on his phone and scrolled through a few tweets from the local news channel describing some sort of "massacre" at Freeman medical center. He flew back in the door of the shop.

"Hey! I'm gonna need those keys back!" He shouted worriedly, running back up to the counter.



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Doctor Ralph Fisher: Freeman Medical Centre

The team of CDC staff consisted of seven people, including Fisher himself had entered through a backdoor to the hospital. It was a staff only entrance and this had been under Fisher's strict instructions. When asked why such a request was made, Fisher had only one response:
"Panic is one of a virus' strongest, and sometimes the most dangerous weapon in order to spread. If we go in like the FBI, badges shown and guns blazing people will panic, and whatever virus here will gain the lead. We don't know what this thing is yet, so it's already ahead of us."

They didn't ask him a second time.
The small CDC detail operated out of a back room in the hospital, sealed off from the rest of the building. That didn't stop some word from getting out though. Something was going on in Aurora, and if the CDC were present in the otherwise quiet town then it couldn't be good. Ralph had to bribe one of his colleagues to speak in front of the cameras, if it came to that. The last time he was on camera he ended up getting into hot water for blaming anti-vaxxers for a measles outbreak, and tore into their beliefs.

A large man named Simon approached Fisher from behind as he read over some notes.
"Try to stop touching your face."
"I'm sorry?"
"The average person touches their face once every twenty minutes. You've touched it twice since you walked into this room. Stop."

Simon gave him a look of bewilderment.
"Well, um. I'm sorry."
"Okay." He shrugged "Just try to stop...What was it you wanted anyway?"
"Oh, right. They've brought another body in. Jane Doe."

Fisher's head shot up, his eyes widened.
"Shit. Do they know the..."

Simon raised a hand
"Ralph. I talked to them. Unless they're wearing protective gear, nobody is allowed to even look at the body. Elaine is doing the autopsy now."
"Good man." Ralph gave him a light smile "Until then, we need to get a lid on this thing. Anyone that comes into contact with an infected person needs to be put in forty eight hour quarantine. No exceptions. At least not till we figure out what this thing is."


Simon had left to have a smoke, leaving Fisher alone in the back room to read more reports. Picking up a walkie-talkie he sighed deeply and began to speak.
"Elaine? How's that autopsy coming along?"
He only heard static in response
More static
"Elaine, if I don't hear back from you in five minutes then I'm coming down there."

This time he did hear something on the other side. The sounds of somebody yelling.
"Elaine? Elaine?! What the hell is going on?"

Pocketing the walkie-talkie, Fisher dropped his notes and ran out of the room. He made his way towards the stairs.
"Simon. If you can hear me, Elaine's in trouble! I need you to..."

There was static from him too.
"Shit." Fisher muttered
He stood outside the morgue, took a moment to compose himself and stepped inside. There was no sign of Elaine or the body, with cordoned-off area lying empty. Aside from his own breathing, Fisher couldn't hear anything.
"Elaine, are you here?" He asked "Hello!?"

The only response the doctor got was the sound of rattling. He stopped in his tracks and looked around only to see that the container for a body was shaking violently.
"Elaine? Are you in there?"

He reached out to open the door, but stepped back as the sound of rattling filled the room. To his horror, every single container was shaking violently. Taking two steps away from the containers, Fisher leaned against one of the tables.
"What the hell?" He whispered.

He'd examined the room thoroughly before setting up any equipment. Every body in those containers was dead, he'd seen the autopsies for himself. He knew it.
As Ralph tried to process what stood before him, he heard the sound of something clattering to the floor behind him and spun around. Standing at the other end of the room was an injured person wearing a hospital gown. She studied Fisher as the doctor paused, afraid to make any sudden movements. As he focused on the infected person the rattling only got louder and louder.

He glanced over to the containers, to see one of them open. Followed by another. Two bodies fell to the ground, pulling themselves to their feet to stare at Fisher. He didn't wait in that room a second longer and right before either of the bodies could stand, Fisher had charged out of the room and was making his way through the lower levels of the hospital.

He only looked back once, seeing that the infected were chasing him. His first though was that of any animal in a chase situation: survive but at the same time he knew he couldn't let the infected escape. Upstairs into the rest of the hospital or into the outside world, either way it was a disaster. Thankfully, he'd read a map of the hospital a few times over and knew where he was running to.

Yes, that was it. He told himself he could seal them in the derelict basement until he could get help. It wasn't ideal, but it would have to do.
Breathing heavily, Fisher picked up the pace and tossed a bin in front of the pursuing infected to slow them down. It bought him a few precious seconds, little else. He didn't want to look back, but he knew he had to. If the infected were too close, or even too far away the plan would fail.

A few feet away, well out of arm's reach so long as Fisher kept on his toes. Perfect.
Fisher jumped over a bucket and stood at the door to the old hospital basement. He tried the door, praying to God that it would open. His prayers were quickly answered and he managed to push the heavy fire door open right as the infected closed in. He ran towards the other basement entrance, making sure to check that the fire door closed itself. It slammed shut and the infected didn't seem to notice.

Charging through the other basement door, Fisher closed it behind him, putting his back against the door as the pounding started. Gasping for breath, Fisher found himself holding back a laugh and slid down against the door.
They were trying to push open a pull door.

The virus, or parasite as was his working theory had the ability to take control of the dead, but lacked intelligence. After he placed a makeshift barricades in front of both doors, made up of chairs, tables and a broom he pulled out his notepad and started to jot down notes.

Controls dead hosts to spread infection. Possibility of a fungus crossing the species barrier?
Heightened aggression, but lacks intelligence.

Ralph's handwriting started to get worse, and only then did he notice his own hands shaking violently. His pen clattered to the ground and Ralph held his left hand tightly. He jumped as he heard gunfire coming from upstairs.
Had he missed one? No. He counted six infected, and the morgue had stashed five bodies...Then, there was Elaine. If the body of the Jane Doe had attacked her, she could have become infected too.

He reached for his phone, only to curse under his breath. He'd left it upstairs. There was still the walkie-talkie, but he still couldn't get an answer from Simon, Elaine or any of his other team members. There was only one thing for it, he needed to get back upstairs.

Bracing himself, Fisher approached the staircase and started to run up them. He could still hear the gunfire as he headed towards the back of the hospital.


wonders in revealing every obscured demon

Freeman Medical Center
Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Some people are just born with tragedy in their blood.
Gretchen Ross

Sarah wasn't exactly what many would consider the religious type, but she did like the peace and quiet of churches. Even the tiny ones, crammed right next to the hospital and just a door swing away from the busy nurses and wheelchair traffic, managed to somehow keep out the persistent noise (and, in this case, hospital smell) from outside. Sitting at the center of one of the wooden pews, she leaned forward and gently rested her forehead against the edge of the one ahead of her, sucking in a deep breath and releasing it with a sigh as her short locks of black hair bounced downward from her head.

What the hell am I going to do?

The question had been burning a hole in her head since she'd been given her diagnosis earlier this morning. Mom and dad were literally a thousand miles away and they had no idea... and they wouldn't. At least, if she decided to not tell them... but what good what that do if one day she ended up hurt and the hospital called them in anyway? As stupid as it sounded to her, Sarah had a great deal of pride in her decision to practically emancipate herself from her parents all those years ago. And somehow she felt that telling mom the news would discredit all the hard work she'd done to be self-sufficient.

Knowing mom, being proven right about her daughters illness was nothing more than a silver bullet she could use to guilt-trip Sarah into moving back. Or worse: her moving down to Aurora to look after her. With everything else going on in her life, that was definitely the last thing the university student needed. She groaned a little, her voice echoing in the small chamber, before she leaned back into her chair with her hands clasped atop her lap.

What am I going to do?
After a brief moment of thought and silence, she opened up her clasped palm and plucked up the crumpled prescription note she held. Not that it mattered, anyway: she couldn't read a damn thing the doctor had scribbled on top of it, crumpled or not. All she knew was that whatever drugs the doctor recommended her to take were damn expensive. Even more so if she opted to pay for them without her parent's insurance. And, unless she somehow managed to sell one of her paintings to a rich socialite from New York or something, there was no way that was going to happen.

The prescription note was, once again, crumpled into a ball when she clasped her hands into fists before crossing her arms. She leaned back on the pew, closing her smoky brown eyes as she lolled her head backwards and rested for minute... completely unaware that her pale exposed neck sparked a ravenous hunger from someone (or something) rounding the corner of the prayer chamber's ajar back door...


Your Majjiesty

Freeman Medical Center:

What in the world was going on in there? At the sounds of the gunshots Andrea had been torn between going to get cover and diving in to find her mother. If something bad was happening she should rescue her, shouldn’t she? But somehow Andy knew that if something was happening her mother was likely needed to help. At the sound of her name Andy spun around, the only people who still called her Andrea were either her mother, or people who knew her well enough to know what her real name was.

She gave the male a quizzical eyebrow. Did she know him? She looked at his face and then to his hand, that gripped a gun. Was he part of the shootings that had begun in the emergency ward?There was something familiar about him buried under all the tattoos. She couldn’t quite place where she knew him from, despite the fact it was obvious he knew her. Few knew her name was Andrea.

She hated being called Andrea.

“Do I…?” She was going to ask if she knew him him but was interrupted by more gunfire coming from the depths of the halls of the emergency department. Screams and weird growls and unsettling sounds came from behind the locked door. Andy turned back to it, pulling on the handle, to get in. Something was wrong, her mother was in there and all this time she wasted trying to decide if she should go find her or not could be the difference between saving her life or letting her die at this point.

She backed up as the door buckled, like it was trying to be moved. A man emerged, holding a rifle and covered in blood. He smelled of death and pennies and it caused Andy to feel queasy. The girl watched in horror as the patient that followed him disregarded the commands of the officer and then chomped into him. The sound made Andy flinch so hard that she almost hit Luca as he grabbed her wrist. Had something caused the people inside the hospital to go crazy? More of them were coming, and somewhat reluctantly, she let herself be led away.

Her instinct was to run away from the chaos that had obviously begun to unfold just on the other side of those doors, but a much larger part of her still wanted to check and see if her mother was alright. Andy took her wrist back and kept up with Luca on her own. Once they were far enough away she grabbed his shoulder to stop him. The lobby was full of frightened people from the lock down, all hassling a security officer by the exit. It appeared that he wasn’t letting people leave.

“I’m sorry but do you know what is going on here? Why do you have a gun? Who are you? How do you know my name?” Andy asked, somewhat irritably. While she was grateful to have someone to have witnessed what she just had, she wasn’t exactly fond of strange men grabbing her and dragging her away.

“Wait…” she studied his face a while longer, there it was again, something recognizable. Then she realized who he was, she hadn’t seen him in years, and he had changed so much she wasn’t sure how she recognized him to begin with, but there was something about the shape of his eyes, and the expression that he was giving her now that caused her to remember.

“Luca.” She didn’t ask, it was more of a statement, to let him know she had caught on. It had been so long since they had played as children, and even then he had been closer to her brother than to her. “Listen I appreciate you trying to help but my mom is in that madhouse. I can’t just leave her here…. I…” It was about that time that alarm bells started ringing throughout the hospital. Nothing came over the loudspeaker, but it was enough to send what people who hadn’t caught on into a panic.

It blared so loud that it forced Andy to place her palms over her ears. The security guard screamed for everyone to remain calm. Some irate man was screaming at him over the piercing sound of the alarm bells, almost like someone had pulled a fire alarm or something.

“I have to find my mom!” She turned back to Luca, grimacing from the headache the alarm was causing her. She did her best to yell over the alarms so he could hear her, but she wasn’t sure if he could make out what she was saying. A gunshot was heard over the sounds of the alarm. On instinct, Andy ducked.

The man who had been arguing with the police officer had reached for the officer’s gun, and in turn had been shot with it. Andy looked on in horror as his crimson blood pooled on the bleach white of the linoleum floors. It was immediate, the shot had hit him in the chest and with one final heave, the man was gone. Andy watched the color drain from his eyes in fascinated disgust. Like watching a soul leave its body, the crystal blue color of his irises went dull grey.

People roared in protest at the police officer, doing their best to push past him and exit the building, but he did his best to stay by the orders of the lock down. The mob silenced as the corpse behind them made a growling noise. His t-shirt was stained with a fatal amount of his own blood, his eyes were still dull and listless, but it didn’t stop him from standing back up.

The corpse lunged for the nearest victim and sunk his teeth into her neck, and chaos broke loose in the lobby as everyone did their best to evacuate.

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Something strange was going on in the town. The first thing that tipped her off about it was the police vehicles speeding down the street with their sirens going off.

Something about the air,the atmosphere of the town itself, was off. It was quieter than usual.

Even the animals were a bit off, she had already spotted three different packs of dogs running around in the distant. Restless like how the dog, Riot, was that morning.

When she had gotten to the park she could see police lights in front of the hospital quite a ways away. At least she thought they were in front of it, kind hard to tell with how small they're were in the distance.

Oddly enough the park wasn't as populated as the other times. She had just sat down on a bench and got a sketchpad out before a rushing mother caught her attention. She looked stressed as she buckled her toddler into the stroller while she talked on the phone.

“- y-yes were ok…….no I'm taking her home right now…. What? Well, how is that ok!? Your supposed to be off duty by now!......no...no….I'm, not happy about this but….. just stay safe….. ...we'll meet you back at the house….. yes I remember where it is….. love you and be careful!” she hung up and was just about to pass Rouge before she noticed her sketching.

“oh! Did you just get here?” at the sudden attention, Rouge only nodded

“I really recommend going home right now. There's a shooting happening in the hospital. My… my husband's a police officer over there and some of the people seem to be going rabid! I'm afraid a couple of those lunatics are gonna run rampage outside. “

“.....rabid?” Rouge questioned tilting her head a bit.

“...........is there a rabies outbreak or is it more like a hostage situation?” she asked the mother. The mother only huffed seeming stressed as she checked on her child in the carrage..

“honestly, I don't know. My husband's only backup but still, no one really knows what's happening. E-either way I'm not going to risk my baby's safety! I'm going home and you should too!” with having said that, the mother hurried off.

Rouge watched her go for a moment before looking back at the hospital in the distance. If she focused she could faintly hear a popping noise and the she could see a mass of what she assumed were people spilling out of the hospital. Stone of them speeding of in their vehicles while others…… just ran?

She shook her head. Everyone was being weird today. Still…..a shooting…..

being shot probably wasn't a pleasant experience, probably worse than a broken leg, but the whole situation caught her interest a bit. Part of her wondered if staying was worth the possible hassle of being maimed by crazed shooters . IF they ever came out that is. While she was debating, a old banged up visual speed around a corner and raced towards the hospital.

She blinked slightly surprised.

That's odd, normally when a disaster happens people usually run AWAY from it not towards. She stared at the back lights as it got farther.

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More than the screams, more than the gunshots, more than the alarms. The loudest noise to Greg right now was the banging and the scratching that hinted at the crazed people behind the door that he and a doctor where trying to barricade with their own bodies.

Gregory was on the ground, having slipped on blood that was pooling out from under the door, but was still trying to put all his weight against it. Whatever had gone on in that room... there had been only one guy, but now it felt like several bodies were slamming against the door.

This wasn't the only room... down the hall, there was another. A lone police officer was much trying to do the same thing. His gun having fallen useless to the floor. Empty, after having emptied an entire clip into one of those people. Yet as young and strong as that officer was, that door burst open. And they walked out.

They hardly looked like people at this point. Two of them looked like they had large holes in their flesh, like someone had repeatedly bit them, and all three of them were bloodied and bruised from having slammed repeatedly into that door like they were trying to kill themselves.

But to his credit, that officer didn't back away or cower or run. Did pulled out a baton and fought back. Trying to club them in the head and neck while trying to push them back.

Elsewhere, nurses and doctors, the ones that hadn't fled, were trying their damnedest to help patients flee, or to try and barricade themselves in rooms.

More screams, closer. This time. Another one? What was this, some sort of terrorist attack?

He heard another gunshot from farther in the hospital. Elsewhere too?

There was a shatter, and glass from the window on the door fell onto Greg, a bloodied arm reach through, slicing itself up on the shards as it reach for the doctor, grabbing onto him. When the doctor pulled free of the grip, so to it meant that without his help, these doors also burst open, pushing Greg up against the wall.

As Greg was getting up, the Doctor was already rightly fleeing. Brave or not, Gregory was right behind him as they hurried down the hall along with the rest of the masses.

He did stop at the next set of double doors were a few hospital personel had huddled together. The Chief of Medicine, a janitor, and a nurse, Ms. Jones. Apparently from the look on his face, they already knew what was going on down that hall.

"-lockdown! We need to evacuate everyone we can. Direct people to the fire exits and get as many people out as you can." The chief shouted into the janitors radio,"lock yourselves into rooms if you can. And for God's sake, stay out of the way of the police!"

Apparently he was trying to spread orders across the hotel.

Gregory pulled nurse Jones aside, "Hey, have you seen Emily? Is she safe?"

The older nurse shook her head,"No, last I seen her, she was sent to help in pediatrics in the west-"

"Jones! Get to the intercoms and see why they are nobody is using them. Henderson, start directing people to the fire exits." The older man barked,"Talbot, if you are going to pediatrics, I want you to help lock it up tight. Throw machinery against the doors of you got to. Turley, I want you to do the same with the birthing center. Don't let these lunatics anywhere near the kids. I'm going to go with Jones. You should hear us over the speakers in a few minutes, hopefully."

There was a collective "yes sir", and the group split. Turley to the east. Henderson , Jones, and the Chief of Medicine to the north.

Gregory went west.

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Doctor Ralph Fisher: Freeman Medical Centre
By the time Fisher made his way up the stairs, the sounds of gunfire and screaming were all that filled his ears. But he couldn't panic, not now. He had a job, no a duty. Dozens of scenarios ran through his head, the majority of them the worst case scenario if this thing escaped the hospital and made it's way into the town. The National Guard would be called, not knowing what they were dealing with and more people would fall victim to the outbreak.

New York was a few states away, but it would only be a matter of time. He tried his best to shake out the images of the infected breaking down the door to his family home, but it was no use.
With gritted teeth, Ralph charged up the stairs. Pushing the door open shoulder first he knocked an infected person, if he could still call it a person out of the way and ran.

He could see the door to the back of the hospital. The way to his phone, and to calling the CDC to contain the outbreak stood on the other side of two corridors. Fisher spun around, seeing that the host he'd knocked over with the heavy door was standing back up. His eyes widened but he pressed onwards. The host was closing in, but Ralph knew he could make it. He didn't scream, or yell for help or even try to fight the host back with something. He just ran.

Reaching the door, Ralph pushed it open. Now one corridor stood between him and his phone. Just as he reached the door, he stopped. The sounds of gunfire and screaming were getting quieter, and he had told himself he had to be the last person in this part of the hospital. They had to have evacuated, or at least moved further away from the hosts. But in a panic, people make mistakes. And in an outbreak those mistakes can be costly. A new sound filled his ears, that of someone screaming for help. Based on the higher pitch of their voice, Ralph knew it was a child.

He clenched his fists even tighter than before, and turned to see a host closing in. Two hospital beds blocked it off as the child held it back with a plastic chair.
Ralph looked at the door. If he got the phone now he could prevent a lot of further death and carnage. He could defeat the outbreak before it got even worse. The CDC had an inside man in their war already, and he could direct them to contain and destroy the parasites.

He shut his eyes, went to push the door open and stopped. With his eyes shut all he could see was Sarah in the place of the child, screaming for help and fighting off hosts breaking into Ralph's own home as best as she could.
He walked away from the door, and locked eyes with the child. All he could do was give her a reassuring smile, as giving away his position now would get both of them killed. If the host got to him, the child would have to fend for herself in a hospital that was being overrun.
He looked for a weapon, seeing an IV pole stand.

He detached the pole within seconds, and held it tightly.
"Hey!" He screamed at the host "Hey, over here!"
He threw a tray covered in half-eaten food to the floor and as it clattered the the host turned around.

It charged Ralph, who drove the IV pole straight into it's chest. He'd pin-pointed the best place to pierce it's heart, and yet...The host kept moving. There was about 5ft of pole between Ralph and the gaping jaws of the host. He yelled as he tried to push it back, but to no avail.

"Move the beds. Get behind me." He barked at the child. Seeing her still trembling he locked eyes and gave her the same reassuring smile "Look at me. What's your name?" His tone was soft, despite how much strength it took to hold back the host.
"That's a lovely name. I had an aunt called Rachel."

He pushed the host back, but only slightly.
"I work for the government."
"Like a secret agent?"
"Yeah." He grinned "I'm secret agent Ralph Fisher. And I'm going to get you back to your parents, okay? But I need you to be brave. Can you do that for me, Rachel?"

She nodded
"Okay. I need you to be as quiet as possible. Like a secret agent."
She shook her head
"I've got this one."

He pushed the host back again. So long as it was focused on Ralph, the child stood a chance. The didn't think he could stop it in time if it suddenly charged at her. Rachel climbed on top of one of the beds, and as quietly as possible dropped down in front of it.
"Okay, now on the count of three I need you to run towards me. I'm going to lock this bad guy in here and then we're going to run out the door...You ready?"

Rachel nodded.
"One. Two...."
He braced himself.

Throwing all of his strength in, he charged forwards and pushed the host back towards one of the walls. It tumbled over a hospital bed, the pole for the IV drip still lodged in it's chest. Given the position of the pole and the fact that the host was now on it's back, combined with the limited intelligence Fisher had observed earlier he'd bought him and Rachel enough time to get his phone and get out.

"Good girl! Now, we..."
He swung the door open to the back of the hospital and was immediately greeted by at least half a dozen hosts. Some of them he recognised as his CDC colleagues.
"Shit!" He yelled, slamming the door.

There was no way he could get to his phone. Not with the number of hosts. But, if he were to come back with help or even a gun he could do it. He could still save the town.
But the child came first. He grabbed her by the arm and ran through the other door.
"You're doing really well, Rachel. Just keep moving. Keep looking at me, and you'll be fine."

Jenna: The Park

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"Cheers, darling. And thanks for the..."
Jenna watched as a few police cars sped down the road, their sirens blaring.
"Damn." She muttered "Listen up, darlings. If you're in Aurora. Keep safe. Don't come out and try to meet me, alright? I haven't a clue what's going on, but it can't be good."

Is it a mass shooting? -User SantaPaws
Maybe it's a terrorist attack. -User TransPrincess
Don't be ridiculous. Why would ISIS attack a town like Aurora? -User Randy Beans34
ISIS aren't the only terrorist group out there, dumbass. -TransPrincess
Shut up, you two. Jenna, keep safe. Alright? -User Jesus
Head back to where you're staying, and hold down. -User Jesus

"It's nice to know Jesus is looking out for me." Jenna smiled "Alright, I'm going to start heading back."
She heard a dog howling from deeper in the park and stopped in her tracks.
"Just got to make sure that dog isn't hurt, and then I'm leaving. As I said, if you're in Aurora stay inside. I'll come meet you when this is all over, how about that?" She offered the camera a friendly smile

Hell to the yeah, let's party! -User TransPrincess
Providing ISIS doesnt kill you both 1st. User Randy Beans34

"Don't even joke about stuff like that!" Jenna snapped "We still don't know what's happening. People could be hurt or worse."

She walked deeper into the park, seeing a pack of dogs running in the opposite direction of the police cars. Even if she wasn't a qualified vet, she knew that animals were always the first to notice if something was wrong. Listening out, she heard the howling again and started to run towards it.
"Stay there pooch, I'm coming to help!"

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Ray Childress: The Bakery




The dough gave little resistance as Ray's flour encrusted hands took hold of the soon-to-be masterpiece. Puffs of powder escaped as the substance was lifted, squeezed, and molded into a shape that resembles the final product.

Ray paused as the all too familiar buzz of the oven timer rang out. The dough fell to the counter top with a slap and he spun around to cross the kitchen and answer the oven's cry. The dial clicked to off and Ray pulled gently down on Heaven's gate, leaning over to peer in. Four golden logs met his nose with an aroma that never failed to make his eyes roll back and warm his soul. He slipped on an oven mitt that hung nearby and worked the tray out of the chamber, careful not to bump it into anything. The cargo was too precious to drop, it had a mission to fulfill. That mission being some lucky customer's appetite. The metal tray clanged as it was set on the counter and was followed by the soft pat of the mitt landing next to it.

Ray leaned his weight on his arms as he grasped the edge of the counter. A slow exhale brushed his lips and he moved his attention to the clock that hung on the wall.

Almost noon.

Ray's business had been picking up this year, leaving him exhausted most evenings. He was thankful though. More happy customers, more money, more purpose... Nothing brought more joy to his life than seeing his work make people happy. The pay had him living pretty comfortably as well. And with the extra cash flow lately, renovations and improvements were coming fast. Which, if he played his cards right, would bring even more customers. He needed a helping hand around the store though.

"Could probably put up some flyers in the park or something..." Ray muttered to himself as he adjusted his glasses.

The bakery's location helped with the good business, as it was located right across the street from Aurora City's park. Especially when events were held in the park, people liked to head over for some of Ray's delicious bread afterward. Today, the park seemed kind of quiet though. Ray set his apron in a chair as he approached the glass front of his store.

"Not too many people out enjoying this wonderful weather at the park today huh?" He looked up past the trees and bounced his gaze around the clouds.


A police car followed by three others raced past.

"I wonder what happened." Ray scratched his beard and watched the sirens go off into the distance.
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> Freeman Medical Center

Before Andy was able to ask him any questions, Luca’s quick pace had come to a skidding halt. He most certainly did not want to get close to the mob of people who had started to become increasingly hostile. Luca took a deep breath, keeping in mind that down the hallway behind them led a fate that seemed far worse than trying to get through the front doors of the hospital. The man raised an eyebrow and turned his head slightly toward Andy, half-open eyes glaring in her direction. A distinct lack of enthusiasm for answering any of his questions should have come to the forefront with this inaudible response.

Luca knew of a few different ways to get out of the hospital; as was consistent with his level of anxiety as a capo, the man was always sure to perform a copious amount of reconnaissance work. The previous few meetings with the police officer who had gotten bitten only moments prior had been consistently at the hospital. Thus, Luca was forced to do as much research on the exits and entrances of the hospital as possible in order to maintain his own safety from rival gang members or those of his own whom may have gotten word of his betrayal - regardless of how.

One of the most interesting aspects from humans, aside from how they acted en masse, was the forced reaction that ever-growing despair had on their psyche. It was just as Andy had mentioned not being able to leave her mother when the alarms started blaring and Luca’s eyes turned from the woman’s face to the mob. A man had turned his hands onto the officer who had been attempting to keep people calm and tried to withdraw his weapon. Shots were fired. On instinct, Luca ducked. The two maintained their distance and waited, with Luca doing his best to formulate an escape route from the lobby entirely based on his memory. In this time, the corpse had reanimated and had gotten a hold of its first victim. The mob had completely lost it at this point, trampling over the officer and trying to get through the double doors of the lobby to the outside world.
Scrambling in response, Luca’s hands would find themselves wrapping around the stomach of the girl before he physically lifted her up and ran his ass back around the corner. His gun was still in one of his hands. Immediately, Luca let go of the girl before placing a hand on her shoulder and forcefully pushing her down into a crouch. He stood as low as possible, keeping adjacent to the girl while keeping his back against the wall.
“You want to go find your mom? Be my guest! There’s no way in hell i’m going with you! Did you see that guy in the fucking lobby that just got shot and came back to life?! If your mom isn’t dead, she’s one of them! There’s no fucking way!”
Luca furiously shook his head. Then, with his free hand he grasped a pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket. He quickly opened it up, removing a cigarette and a lighter from it's half-empty depths. The man shakily placed the filter between his lips and lit the opposite end, taking a deep drag and exhaling. There was a second of silence. Luca then continued to furiously shake his head, before offering his continued rebuttal.
“I know this situation is hard, but she would want you to save yourself.”
The skin on the bridge of his nose had crinkled slightly in agitation. Luca wasn’t a man who had much patience, but her lack of rational thought process given the situation at hand was something that he believed was rather unacceptable. He was sure that if Owen was there, he would agree with Luca. If it had been his mother, Luca would have made the same call to maintain his life, which was still guaranteed for the moment. The former capo’s fingers wrapped tightly around the grip of his pistol, his palm damp with sweat. He tried to do something nice for someone else. All it brought him was further time wasted when he should have been at least half a mile away from the hospital grounds at this point.
"I’m outta here. Do what you want.”
Cigarette burning away between his lips, Luca turned his back to the girl and ran about four feet to the nearest staircase. He busted through the doors with the use of his shoulder, grasping the closest rail with his free hand and using it as leverage to skip a few steps. He continued running up the staircase toward the third floor, which Luca knew was long-term care. In his opinion, that was the safest floor in the hospital at the current moment. From there, he would just need to get to the opposite end of the unit and find a room with access to the fire escape.

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Lucia Gonzaléz

The car ride was fairly quiet, "I forgot my bag at the shop..You mind making a small stop?" She said, it was more as a statement than a question. She knew her work wasn't done, but after today. She just didn't have the energy to continue working, She tried to call her boss earlier. But it was a busy line. Antonio just nodded Indicating that it was okay. She pulled in the parking lot not too far away from the shop. Antonio decided to stay in the car, "Won't take me long." She made her way inside the store, her eyes searched the place, and she remembered it was behind the desk. She grabbed her bag. She heard the bells chime behind her, "Antonio, i said it'd just take me a second." She said as she turned around to see a man walk in the shop. He approached her with a cocky smile, He was nice looking..But he looked a bit pretentious. But why judge a book by it's cover? She raised a brow. Awaiting him to speak.

She was technically still working but...really? now? "I was just about to-" She was interrupted by him getting a phone call and tossing his keys on the counter. Muttering something about capable hands. She huffed out a breath, taking the keys. Why not just check it out? She could always just deal with it another day. She headed outside towards where the car was parked. She popped the hood, and griminced mostly for him. It'd be pricey, but with a few days of work. It'd get fixed. She made her way back into the shop, just as he did. Asking for the keys urgently, "Sorry to tell you, but that car isn't going anywhere." Lucia said.

She bit her lip, and crossing her arms. Mulling thoughts over, she nodded slowly as if coming to a decision. "Where did you need to go?" She asked. Shrugging, "I..suppose i could give you a ride." He seemed trustworthy, and if he wasn't..well Lucia could take care of herself. She swung the bag over her shoulder, passing by him heading towards the door. "I'm Lucia." She Introduced herself, without turning back to the man. She walked out the door, holding it open, as she said. "Well, you coming?" Chuckling softly, "I'm warning you now though, someone already called shotgun." She exited the shop, making her way to her own car.


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Doctor Ralph Fisher: Freeman Medical Centre
Between the children's ward and the lobby the hospital was in absolute carnage. Hosts fed on people, tearing out their throats with their teeth and going to town on their guts with their hands. It wasn't just violent tendencies, but cannibalism. In all his years at the CDC, he'd never seen a virus or parasite like this. As much as it pained him to admit, the fact that the hosts were feeding was a good thing. It bought them time, and it meant that the hosts were distracted.

There was nothing he could do for the people being torn apart, but he could still save the girl and save the town. He just had to take it one step at a time.
He put a finger to his lips, looking at Rachel as he picked her up, allowing the girl to sit on his back with her arms and legs wrapped around him. He started to tip-toe through the corridor, holding his breath.
Sweat trickled down his forehead, his eyes were widened with fear but he didn't allow Rachel to see it.

A host feeding on a nurse lay in front of them. Her eyes were wide open with shock, and despite being cold and dead stared directly into Ralph's. He could only stare back for a moment, before snapping himself back to focus. He still had to do this duty.
Moving around the nurse, and the host tearing into what was left of her, Ralph kept his eyes fixed on the host. He watched for any sudden moments, or anything that indicate that he and Rachel had been spotted.

He breathed gently though his nostrils, knowing that the slightest noise would give away their position.
There were now two rooms between himself and the exit. He just hoped that one of Rachel's guardians would be there. He couldn't take her with him, not if he was going back for his phone.
At the very least he could hand her to a police officer or a remaining member of hospital staff. He hated the idea or just leaving her with a stranger, even if they were a trusted one but if he didn't get on the phone to his emergency contacts at the CDC then more people would die.

He gently pushed the door open, and shut it without making so much as peep. Setting Rachel down he tried to give her a reassuring smile.
"Well done." He whispered "Now, it's just a short walk to the lobby and I'll get you to your parents. Okay?"
She nodded
"Alright. Let's go."

Taking her by the hand, Ralph walked down the corridor past a few bodies. Most of them were hospital staff, but there were a few patients among the mix. He remembered what happened in the morgue and picked up his pace. If the parasite, and that was his working theory could bring back bodies to spread itself across a population then no corpse was safe. The CDC and the National Guard would have to burn every single body, that was after they put them down of course.

As he ran scenarios through his head of containing the outbreak, they reached the next room. And were met immediately by seven hosts. Thinking quickly, Ralph picked Rachel up and held her in his arms before running as fast as his legs could carry them both. The hosts clawed and snapped at Ralph but he just about managed to keep out of arm's reach.

One grabbed him by the leg but he pushed back, kicking it off. He muttered another prayer under his breath as he charged towards the fire door. Throwing it open with his shoulder, the next room had even more hosts. A few were feeding on the corpses of police officers, hospital staff and patients that had been caught in the frenzy.

As the door swung shut, the hosts looked up.
"Oh God..."

Ralph frantically looked around for an exit as the hosts on both sides closed in. To his left there was a window that had been smashed open, and a few feet away to his right side was a fire escape door.
If he tried the window, it was a whole floor down. He could break an ankle in the fall, or at the very least sprain it. The hosts would probably follow and he wouldn't be able to run anymore. There would be no way he could get back into the hospital and retrieve what he needed. However, Rachel would be in the clear. He could see the flashing blue and red lights of the police outside.

He didn't know what was on the other side of the fire escape door, but at the very least he could get outside, circle around the building and hand Rachel over to the police, or even her guardian.
He pushed the fire escape door open, and was met by a host. Screaming, Ralph turned around and jumped through the window. He tried to protect Rachel in the landing, putting himself first.
He landed on his back.

Looking upwards at the hospital he saw that several of the upper floors were on fire, and saw the flash of gunfire in several of the windows. He didn't have time to watch though. He picked himself up, taking Rachel by the arm as he ran around the side of the hospital. He threw up his other arm and tried to wave down a police officer.

"Help!" He shouted "I need help!"

Two officers noticed and one walked over. Ralph placed his hands on his knees and took a deep breaths.
"My name is Doctor...Doctor Ralph Fisher. I'm with the CDC. I need to get back inside that building."

He flashed his badge
"In our operations room there's a phone that lets me access emergency CDC contacts. I need to get in touch with them before this situation escalates."
"Where's the rest of your team?!"
"All dead. Those things killed them. I'm the only one left. I'm...I'm the only one that can do this."

The other officer looked at Rachel
"Her name's Rachel. Please get her back to her guardian."
"But I wanna help." She protested
"Listen, Rachel. You did well, really well. But I have another secret agent mission for you. Take your parents, or whoever it is that looks after you and make sure you get back to your house. Lock the doors and barricade them, the windows too. Make sure you have enough food and bottled water for the next week. Tell them what I told you."

He reached into one of his jacket pockets, producing a badge.
"Take this. I'm deputising you and ordering you to do this. Understand?"

She took the badge and nodded
"Okay. Go. Go now!"

He watched as Rachel made her way towards the crowd, jumping into the arms of a young woman who had the same hair colour. He briefly smiled before spinning around and facing the hospital.
"Spare badge." He told the police officer
"Can't you just call your people on an ordinary phone?"
"If I want to be on hold for an hour."
"Then wait an hour. We can't risk anymore people."
"Listen to me! The more time we waste the greater a foothold this thing gets. This isn't like a robber or some terrorist. You can't stall a disease. There's dead bodies coming back to life and eating people in there! I've never seen shit like this before! And neither has the National Guard or the CDC. By the time they get there, there'll be more panic and more death and this thing will only get stronger...I need to reach my people and tell them what I know. How to fight this thing."
"And what do you know? What knowledge could possibly be worth risking the lives of more officers?"

Ralph took a deep breath "Not a lot, I'll be honest. Just how these things work. How to fight them and how to avoid them. How the parasite spreads and how these things behave. If the National Guard arrives blind, thinking they're just dealing with a case of civil unrest this thing will only spread more. The entire country could be in danger if I don't speak to the CDC within the next few minutes!"

Jenna: The Park

Aside from the dog howling, the park was quiet. Jenna assumed everyone had seen the police cars and had gone home, and if anything the lack of noise or other people made locating the dog a bit easier. She kept the stream going, looking at updates of the situation.

Something's going down at the hospital. - User SaveDaredevil91
My Cousin works there as a janitor. They're trying to evacuate it. -User SaveDaredevil91

"Is your Cousin okay?"
Got out before shit went down. -User SaveDaredevil91
He says things were crazy. A few of the upper floors are on fire and all. -User SaveDaredevil91

"I'm going to stay well away from the hospital then. Send your Cousin my love."
The dog howled once more
"I'm getting close to the pooch."

Lying next to a bush was a German Shepherd, it's head looking upwards and howling at the sky.
"Hey sweetie."
Jenna took a few gentle steps towards the dog, resting her left hand on it's back. The dog kept howling, but tilted her head towards her. Jenna smiled back.
"Shh. It's okay. It's okay." She ran her hand along it's fur.
Examining the dog, Jenna noticed it's back left paw was bleeding. A piece of glass was embedded within.
"Where's your parents, huh?" She asked, still stroking her. The dog wasn't a stray, as she noticed a collar around it's neck.

The collar was a bit bloodied too, but Jenna couldn't find a wound. She wiped the blood away and kissed the dog on the head.
"Wait right here. I have some things in my car. I'll patch you up."

As the dog howled again, Jenna sighed
"You're right, I can't leave you here. I'll carry you."
Tucking away her stick and placing her phone in her pocket she knelt down towards the dog. Reaching underneath her belly, Jenna picked up the German Shepherd and held her, making sure not to touch the wounded paw.
"C'mon sweetheart."

It was only a few minutes back to her car. A piece of crap rental held together by sheer stubbornness and probably the fear of what Jenna would do if it stopped running. With her focus being on the dog she was unaware of the infected person stepping out from behind a tree and stumbling towards her.

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