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Pathfinder 2.0 Character Upgrading

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Hey Gang!

This thread is entirely dedicated to Out-of-character changes from the Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest to Pathfinder 2.0 live. This thread is here to help us focus on the Wayward Wanderers 2.0 (if you will) without filling up Adventurers' Table. I'll be putting links from the Adventurers' Table here and character-based information as I come across it.

Here are a few tidbits and changes that we are using right now:

1. Say goodbye to Hero Points; we are using Action Points from 1.0!
2. We are not using Traits as they apply to characters, but instead Signature Abilities.
3. As with Pathfinder 2.0, we are not using Resonance (which limited the amount of magic items a character could make use of).
4. Your temporary Felane bonuses will be yours to enjoy and I'll post them in full here.

Here is where we will be discussing individual spell selections, new class abilities, and important changes as they affect the Wayard Wanderers. This is NOT the 1.0 crew! As you discover how your 2.0 character works, it will help everyone in the Gang if you talk about your character's new or different abilities right here. =)

"Moar" later. =)


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A minor correction and addition?

This is the proper link for 2nd edition (the one above goes to their main page, which defaults to 1st).

And the addition:
I'm assuming Nivirea is going to go with her Fey bloodline still, which means she'll be using the Primal spell list rather than Arcane. Edit: (21 Nov 2019) Then again, I should ask Wolf which path he'd rather have for Nivirea and let him choose?
Also, if Psychie decides to go bard after all, she'll need the Occult spell list.
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I thought I mentioned this in the Adventurer's Table, but I'll be selecting Nivirea's spells until Wolf is in a position to jump in there himself. Thanks, though! And for the links!


Kaerri's Man. =)
Sherwood Sherwood Dungeon Master notes on upgrading Luna to Pathfinder 2.0.. These are my mental meanderings that rose to life as I upgraded your character. Don't try to make sense of all of these unedited thoughts and notes of mine. Just know that they're there for your amusement as well as mine. =)

1. Luna has more skills available than skills. Luna despite her Noble background, Luna the Ever-closeted Wizard chose no social skills whatsoever. Keeping with this spirit, Luna now has Survival and Medicine in 2.0.. Enjoy.

2. Luna's bond with the aging Sparkle has improved. See, I made a mistake in an earlier Oscar-related post (where he talks about Arcane Substitution and Spell Blending). I thought those powers all came with Wizards. They do not. You select one. So, I selected Improved Familiar Attunement. =)

3. Many of the Feats Luna chose in 1.0 were the typical "cause the most damage at the highest DCs possible" Evoker build. This makes things easy on me because I've run so many of them through my games over the decades. However, Pathfinder 2.0 is, at least on the surface, less about the big numbers and more about using one's creativity and cleverness. And so, Luna's Feats (since many of them don't exist in 2.0), have changed to provide different benefits on and off the battlefield. So, 2.0 changes the Evoker to be more of a student of magic and less of a single-minded glass cannon. Luna, I'm guessing, is (at least on paper) turning into more of a true student of magic who is also a glass cannon. =)

4. There is now a Feat called "Trick Magic Item." Luna used to have many ranks in the now-non-existent "Use Magic Device" skill. This Feat seems to replace that skill nicely.

5. The Feat selections demanded a new skill be chosen from among those Luna did not have. Thus was Luna the Diplomat born (with Training in the Diplomacy skill). Looks like being the daughter of a noble means you have to go through all of those classes of how to act among the gaudy and self-important. =)

6. In 2.0, Luna's Arcane knowledge is through the roof. She knows so much about Arcane magic (as it applies to 2.0 which is noticeably different than 1.0), that she now has cause to feel embarrassed if she should miss a reasonable roll. I've also selected a Feat allowing her to also "Take 10" using Arcana. =)

7. Ability Score Boosts. Luna seems to have developed some ability scores to the neglect of others. So, for her Ability Score improvements, I have increased INT, WIS, CON, and DEX.

8. Concerning spells, I kept the number of spells in Luna's spellbook the name, selecting new Evocation and "Buff" spells whenever possible to replace those spells that no longer exist. And there are some pretty neat ones in there. Hydraulic Push, Telekinetic Maneuver, and Negate Aroma anyone? =)

9. Along with Chain Lightning, Luna can now Disintegrate things. Isn't life grand? =)

More later. I need a break. =)


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Sherwood Sherwood So... here is Luna's new spellbook. She has the same number of spells as in PF 1.0 and I took from your Wish List on your 1.0 character plus that post I was asking for in Adventurers' Table and here's the end result. Enjoy! =)

Acid Splash
Dancing LIghts
Detect Magic
Electric Arc
Mage Hand
Produce Flame
Ray of Frost
Read Aura
Telekinetic Projectile

1st Level Spells
Burning Hands
Feather Fall
Floating Disk
Gust of Wind
Hydraulic Push
Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Shocking Grasp
Unseen Servant

2nd Level Spells
Flaming Sphere
Mirror Image
Resist Energy
Telekinetic Maneuver

3rd Level Spells
Invisibility Sphere
Lightning Bolt
Wall of Wind

4th Level Spells
Fire Shield
Rope Trick
Wall of Fire
Weapon Storm

5th Level Spells
Cone of Cold
Telekinetic Haul
Wall of Stone

6th Level Spells
Chain Lightning

* * *​

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Luna's Concubine
I'll have to look up some of these spells to see what they can do. Other than that, it looks great!


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Wolf Rawrrr Wolf Rawrrr In Pathfinder 2.0, Sorcerers of Fey Blood typically use Primal magic, but back in Pathfinder 1.0, Arcane was what Nivirea was used to. I'd like to give you the choice. Which would you rather her go with?

Wolf Rawrrr

If that's ok, I'll get back to you tomorrow. It probably doesn't interfere with me casting a cantrip, and it's too late to brain over here :C

Wolf Rawrrr

Now that I've taken a look, this Primal Tradition does seem to make more sense for a character of Fey origins. At least based on the description... I couldn't well go through all of the spells to see the differences, and there is probably some overlap as well, but for now I'm of this opinion. So you can sign me up for that.

Are there things I need to do to update my sheet yet? Or are these still temporary sheets until we've cleared the dungeon? *woof*


Kaerri's Man. =)
Primal tradition it is!

Well, I have been trying to update all of your sheets to 11th level, but I've been running into some roadblocks. Kaerri has been a big help, but I'm still sorting through it all.

You have the option of deciding what your characters's Known Spells are, or I can decide them for you based on the spells you had in First edition.


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Your characters levels have been restored; it's your 11th-level character sheets I've just been having issues with. Pathfinder 2.0 is very much a "new language" and many feats, spells, items, etc. don't transfer very well from our game. Plus, my Broadsword game has recently exploded with activity (6 players!) and I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes GMing things too. =)


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I think so and I really appreciate you asking! Psychie Psychie I think we should get away from Bard and go back to Wizard. Could you choose 4 1st-level and 4 2nd-level Arcane spells for Oreleth's spellbook, please?


Princess Psychie
Level 1

Burning Hands
Magic Missile
Ray of Enfeeblement
Shocking Grasp

Level 2
Acid Arrow
Hideous Laughter


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Life is keeping me busy (and silly).

Gang, I'm starting to think that Pathfinder 2.0 is an excellent tabletop game but not the best thing for RP Nation. I'm thinking of a hybrid system that I've used in the past to make things simpler - something combining elements of both the Palladium system and Pathfinder 2.0..

I'll post more when able.
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