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Dice Path of Legends (Information)

  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    I am looking to run a Chronicle featuring five players for the Exalted game. The players will each make unique characters that will each some how change the world as it is, in dramatic way for good or ill. Each has been gifted with great powers that makes them very dangerous to the established powers that be. How will they use those powers? Will they try and make a better world, conquer the lands or bring about the destruction of the world?

    The game begins with very few people (if any) realizing your abilities. If the wrong individuals find out what powers you have attained they will try to destroy you. This world once belonged to the Solars which you have unknowingly recently become, but your kind has been demonized throughout history. Beings with powers like you are called “Anathema” and your powers are believed to have origins from demon worshipping and evil sacrifices. For nearly 800 years the Dynastic Empire has influenced most of the world. Their leadership is lead by a type of “Holy” Exalted known as “Dragon-Blooded or Terrestrial Exalted." They happen to be the most populous kind of Exalted throughout Creation. Those who belong to the Realm will stop at nothing to destroy individuals like you!

    Other magical creatures have their own plans for the world, most of whom are not benign. Recently within the last couple of years your body has been infused with an immortal spark that moves from host to host when the body dies. It seems to carry some memories of its past lives and it is what gives you the powers you now possess. You are unsure if your powers are evil but that is the general consensus. Maybe, it is like a weapon and depending on the type of person who wields it will makes the difference if the power are good or evil. Maybe your parents sacrificed your soul to a demon. Maybe, your powers come from something else.

    Many powerful beings have their own designs for Creation. You may wish to support them or stand against them. Will you become saviors of humanity or new dictators in a cruel world? This is what I want to explore with you in this game. Your characters are powerful beings but you are not the only ones with such gifts. There are other Exalts some just like yourself and they each have their own desires. The Dynast wants to rule the world, other beings want to subjugate the inhabitants of Creation, and you have your own choice ideals.

    Your character actually will begin fifteen years earlier as young children. We will build up your past before exploring the chronicle as thee exalted. All good characters have a back story, let's start building yours.

    There is much to discover, ancient ruins, treasure and artifacts, monsters, and more. You do not need to be an experienced player to play . I will help each player to create suitable characters for the game. Contact me via PM if you want more information or have an interest in playing.
    Thank you for reading all this,
    Theme and Character Creation Restrictions
  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    The themes of the game I would like to explore is:
    Ancient Rivals groups being intermixed in the present and how each present incarnation remains somehow tied together. And how they each will deal with it.
    A group of recently Exalted Solars have to find Allies (the other players) and avoid the Wyld hunt for as long as possible while trying to establish themselves.
    UnEarthing their pass and the secrets in the present that have survived to the present
    Dealing with the city-state of Treqe and determining its future, rather for better or worse.
    The game location will be focused between the Scavenger Lands and the East (most of the group should be from these areas, but one can be from the south, and another can come from anywhere else; taken on a first come first serve approved character basis). The Campaign will center around the City-State Treque, you may wish for your character to begin in this area as it is the easiest and will allow your character to know more about the area everyone will be playing within. If your character is not from the Scavenger Lands be sure to include a reason why they came to the starting area as well as how. The game begins with the characters in Eastern Treqe. Which is south of Thorns. The start date is the 12 of Ascending Air Realm year 768. Although the prelude period begins in Resplendent Fire Realm year 753.

    The group will start out not knowing each other personally in this present lifetime. Their original Exaltations consisting of two rival circles having been intermixed and now only a few from both sides have exalted and must work with each other for mutual protection and support in each others goals. (Note this is not known in the beginning of the chronicle but may be discovered in the future).
    This chronicle Explores the players finding out their destinies and realizing that the vision they each had (read teaser) was shared by them and it is filled with symbolism and the actual pieces of the entire book series. ( I am writing a nine book trilogy on this subject. The first three books deals with the UnEarthing. (This chronicle is book 1) The lords of an ancient kingdom in the past have come back and must reclaim their lands and lost treasures of a forgotten age. This kingdom lost in time is something sought after by several different groups. The players will be racing in the end for control of these prizes while fending themselves from the Wyld hunt, and dealing with an infestation of undead and possible demise of a great portion of the mortal populace. At the end of this chronicle the circle should have control of a kingdom of there own and get a better understanding of their circle rivals. Which is really not going to be explored completely in this Chronicle as we are just going to concentrate on the first book which features your circle and its battle with the Dynast culminating in a large fight with a kingdom in the balance, will the kingdom be yours?

    When making your character’s it is important that the players try to allow each other a unique specialty area even if they are of the same caste, everyone should have an area where they shine. So coordination is advised when coming up with the type of character you each will create. But, in order to maintain Surprise the storyteller will ensure each character will not copy another's specialty. Each character also had other things that happened in their vision when they Exalted this will be covered in individual Preludes (so please do not write any information on the exaltation in your background. The circle will not begin together at the start of the game, and none of them should know each other as the curtain opens (yes, their essences have past lives that are connected but this is not known).

    Limitations/ Requirements:
    Only use rules found in the Core 2nd edition Book when creating your character (The Errata or Ink Monkey Scroll version will not be used, yes I know some of you may not be too happy about that but trust me things will be okay for this chronicle).
    Limit only two characters can be made of each caste type. The group does not have to make a perfect circle. Example: The group could have two Dawn caste members but not three
    Maximum Starting Willpower is 8, and your two highest Virtues must be a 4 to have an 8 Willpower. Suggest you start with a score lower than 8, but if you wish go ahead and max out to 8.
    Non-Sorcerous Characters have a limited beginning Essence Rating of 3, Sorcery characters max rating for Essence is 4.
    Include your character's description. Attaching an image is welcomed.
    Every Background details must be worked out/ explained.
    All characters must be able to speak Riverspeak which is the common tongue of Treque.
    I prefer Sorcerers to be limited having access to Terrestrial Circle sorcery, and the starting limit is Celestial Circle Sorcery. No characters will be allowed to know the Charm Solar Circle Sorcery. Knowledge of Necromancy not allowed at character generation at the start of the chronicle.
    Characters without Mentor background of a rating 2+ do not know they are Solars, nor have any knowledge of Celestial Exalts, they begin the game thinking they are Anathema.
    (Sorcerers must take Mentor 2 for Terrestrial Circle Charm access, and Mentor 3 for Celestial Circle Charm access). Only a Mentor of a sorcerer may be a Celestial Exalt, No Dynast Dragon-Blooded as Mentors will be permitted at the start of the chronicle.
    No other background trait should be of any other type of Celestial Exalt, or Dynast Dragon-Blooded (or concerning any Celestial or Terrestrial Exalt allied with the Dynast. Only characters with sorcery have access to having known affiliations with a Celestial Exalt.
    Do not include anything about the Abyssals in your background or story that is prior to the campaign beginning.
    One Manse or two Demenses allowed per character. It would be preferred that you do not have any, and those you do have cannot reside within the city-state of Treque. You must determine each location before the start of the game. The location must reside within the River Province or the East.
    Only one Attribute may have a rating of a 5, and only two other attributes may have ratings of a 4, all other Attributes must be 3 or less
    No Sidereal Martial Arts permitted at the start of the campaign.
    All Artifacts ratings above 3 must be approved on a case by case basis. Each artifact must also include descriptions on how they were acquired.

    All backgrounds must be detailed (Storyteller Assistance is available if wanted/ needed). All Daiklaves must have a name and a full description. Remember these restrictions are mainly for starting characters coming into the chronicle. Experience and experience points can change most restrictions.
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    Hidden Gaming
  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    So what is my hidden gaming method all about. Well if you have played in any of my games you know I am good at holding a lot of info about your character and surroundings. I will have you make blind rolls, roll for your character so you have no idea why I am even rolling, or refrain from telling you about bonuses or penalties that your character would have no idea are present.

    The reason I do this is simple, “real life.” In our own world none of us have a strength store tattooed on our forehead. When we get sick we don’t have a readout on our body telling us how much constitution we are down due to the illness. All we have is words that we can convey as to how we are feeling to someone else, and to ourselves all we have is how we feel. When we are healing from wounds eventually as we get close to full recovery we may actually feel great, but still be less than one hundred percent. You hear people say things like, well I think I am good enough to finish the game coach. Do they always know how terrible they have been injured? No in fact often times we are worse off or better than we thought after being examined by a doctor or nurse. This is the key to how I think while running games.

    Hidden Statistics include:
    Health Levels
    Limit Break
    NPC characteristics that are not obvious
    Exalted status, unless something is currently obvious to let you know that someone is one of the chosen. For example, glowing caste mark.

    In a game it is impossible for me to hide everything away from players. You will know the reason for most rolls you make, and other things you may know through keeping up to date on things you do. I just don’t want anyone to get upset when I withhold information from a player or request that a player withhold information. If I am keeping something from you about your character it is because I want to keep you guessing. Please don’t take it personally.
    My gaming style
  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    As everyone knows being a referee is not an easy task. Besides the story, npcs, rules knowledge and interpretations. Sometimes the most difficult task of being an ST (Storyteller) is the same difficulty players are likely to run into.
    I am sure if you have had any gaming experience you have run into the variety of players and GMs that exist. In truth they are as varied as people are unique. Not every player will like how every GM runs their games.
    I think this is the most often overlooked aspects of gaming. Players and GMs alike are so anxious in getting into a game they often don’t take the time to see if everyone expectations on a good game will integrate well.
    That being said I think it is only right I tell you a little about what I am like as a referee and player.

    The main reason I love to play role-playing games the stories created by the group and individuals, especially when surrealism is a constant theme. As a player I try and find enjoyment with a character that I get involved with then co-operate with the group to try and make the best collaborative story I can help make. Fun is the goal in all games I play, which for me is brought about by story immersion and sharing.

    From a player perspective I never try to modify the set rules of the game. As a referee I try to stick by the original rules of the game and version in which I am playing. If I change any rules it would have to be because of problems encountered during game play. Changing rules is something I, just often reluctant to do. I prefer working with the rules as written, it just makes things easier for not only my running of the game, but also of introducing new players to my game who have read the rules. These players know the rules and can just concentrate on making characters and playing.

    My favorite to least: Adventure, Mystery, Horror, Comedy and Romance. I like to mix things for variety.

    Rather as a player or ref I don’t think reality just places things/ situations that we can apparently deal with on our plate. Reality causes a person to analyze situations and react appropriately or inappropriately as they will. With that being said, I do try to always keep in mind the current power level in all sessions. I wouldn’t like a game where all I did was get beat up and lose, or die each and every session. I just think players should always be prepared to know when fighting is futile and another solution would be the wiser. There are plenty of ways to win, and sometimes a person must lose to learn how to win. Challenging characters is always my goal when designing sessions.

    I make characters with concept in mind (always). When designing sessions or running a game I keep concepts in mind. Concept keeps me on the tracks and the end result is often characters that others find relatable.

    I hope that helps you understand how we may be similar or different (neither is a wrong way to enjoy, in fact all have positives and negatives). Running games requires a lot of forethought and preparation yet, as we all know players have a tendency to throw wrenches in session outlines. I am able to adjust to the player's actions in a game which I understand the setting/ rules fairly easy. Freedom of choice is important and designing a game that has good plots, sub-plots, antagonist and supporting characters are important as well. I try and have a planned beginning. The player’s characters and backgrounds help me to try and develop the rest of the story from beginning to end.
    The city-state of Treqe
  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    Two landmasses comprises the largest city-state satrap in the East. Treqe and Eastern Treqe, are considered the gateway of the east for the Realm. The capital city of Treqe is located on the Omitted Island. It is approximately 800 miles southwest of Thorns across the Gulf of Tears.

    The Omitted Island’s tropical climate and lush vegetation fills the uninhabited portions of the island. The most famous wilderness area is called Hag’s Jungle, a thickly overgrown area that the local citizens feel is cursed. Hag’s Jungle filled with savages from a time long forgotten. No known person has ventured more than a mile within the jungle after sunset and returned to tell the tale. There are no known paved roads or trails exist within this jungle. Past trials have been covered with the growth of flora, and new roads or trails disappear before the new dawn. The most famous object within this dark area is called the Caliginous Tower. This tower’s age has never been confirmed. and whether or not it has any occupants is a mystery. Most citizens doubt the savages could have ever gained access to such a mighty looking building that maybe of first age construction. They say magic can’t penetrate it and using magic near the building results in chaotic results that may result in multiple deaths. The most troubling to many is the facts that this tower cannot be seen from anyone whose feet are off the ground. Caliginous Tower appears to move within the jungle, and no one has ever found anything to give a clue as to the tower’s purpose.

    The savages known as the Calisons seem to have a high reverence for the building and prevent outsiders from getting close. Only the most powerful of beings have ever even seemed to get close to this structure, but none have ever been known to have ever entered the building. No one has ever seemed to come out from within this large building. No lights have ever emitted from this structure at night. It just sits, dark and ominous. A mystery to everyone.

    (Treqe City)
    The capital city is a famous vacation area for House Ragara as they have held the position of Satrap for more years than any other House. The other houses have also vied for this region since it became a satrapy, and some have held onto the coveted position for some time, but never more than three consecutive years at a time. The many mines of the island have an abundance of materials, mainly different forms of jade. This is one of the few Satrapies that all the advisors are rumored to be Dragon-Blooded and from different houses. While Ragara’s house may run the Satrapy they are not the only ones with interests in the area. Before Treqe had become a Satrap it was a member of the River Provinces Confederation. In Real Year 708 the then young king Jasant Aroun withdrew membership from the confederation and quickly allied itself with the realm. They say the entire ordeal was very questionable. Many point to Wut the king's adviser as the likely person who encouraged the king's decisions. The city-state was key in helping Thorns when it went to war with the rest of the Scavenger Lands. When the deathlord appeared it was key strategies of the Meridian Knights that allowed for key Dynast in Thorns to escape the worst of the onslaught delivered by The Masks of Winter's forces. Currently Thorns and the Deathloard has not officially made a move towards Treqe but it is believed that could change at any moment. The Shadowland of Thorn seems to be affecting the northern areas of Eastern Treqe which lies on the coast of the East, the Omitted Island separated by the Desolate Channel.

    Eastern Treqe is about 700 miles away from Thorns just on the southern most portion of the Gulf of Tears. It is divided into three small regions Northern, Central and Southern Treqe. Northern Treqe's northeastern portion of land has been slowly transforming into a blighted area. It has now been plagued with walking dead infestation, disease, and famine for years. The land is filled with many old noble land-holdings and a couple of 1st age buildings that were used as the foundations for several of the towns and villages of the area. Current conditions have drained many resources and the population has suffered greatly. Most of this regions northeast lay in ruin. Many that have not died have either migrated elsewhere or disappeared. Brave Mercenaries from Nexus has been hired out since last winter, the fact is that there's not enough people to protect the north any longer. The high amount of tribute tax from the Dynast has further hurt the war effort. Many nobles in the area has moved south or headed to the island hiring others to oversee their lands in their absence.

    The other two areas of Eastern Treqe try and maintain their lands while staying vigilant against the blight and the northern war. Both regions have sent troops to help the north. Very little assistance have come from the Omitted Isle. Rumors spread that many of the Knights of Eastern Treqe are tired of their arrangements with the Realm and speak of dissolving their alliance with the Dynast. The serfs till the land, the nobles take their taxes and pay tribute to the king who then pays tribute to the realm. Yet the King is not providing any assistance to support Eastern Treqe and many of the nobles in the east are beginning to voice their concerns.

    The Desolate Channel that lies between Treqe and Eastern Treqe is dark waters that have no known marine life. It is not a Shadowland, but it has some common trait. Hulls of dead ships litter this body of waters. Only small ships can make it through this dangerous region easily so many ships avoid the channel. In the past ships have been known to disappear while traveling through this area, especially during the days of Calibration.


    The total population of the city-state of Treqe is over 700,000 strong over half living in the east. There is an estimated three hundred seventy total Terrestrial Exalts that are non- Dynast citizens or mercenaries in the city-state. There are about 130 terrestrial exalts on the Omitted Isle most living in the city Treqe. Approximately 40% being mercenaries. (The amount of Calisons is unknown but estimates say they may be as many as 30,000 of these savages).

    Jasant Aroun the King is a depressed man who has ruled since he was a young adult. The kingdoms greater noble lords known as the Meridian Knights (each lord knight is in charge of a City that forms a Democratic element to the Feudal System. Every Meridian Knight is a members of the royal court who votes on all matters of government. The lesser nobles who either run a town and or lands outside of major populated areas make up the bulk of the royal court. They have no ability to introduce laws or subjects of interest (instead they comprise the popular vote). This process has worked for many years to the apparent dismay of Wut. Now with the Dynast trying to prepare for what may be a civil war, the nobles of Treqe feel that all their resources are in jeopardy of being removed by the Dynast. Once all of the resources of Treqe is gone, many feel the Dynast will leave the city-state to the whims of the Masks of Winters. The Meridian Knights position is hereditary, the kingdom's laws dictate that a noble lord must be a terrestrial exalt. They only have a few exalts, as the Realms Houses really do not see a need to marry into a family that will keep all of the terrestrial exalts because of current Treqe law. This law stats that terrestrial exalts born in the lands of Treque cannot be recruited by the Dynast or any other foreign power. These are all considered "outcaste" by the Dynast. None of the Treqe exalts are ever trained by the Realm, due to laws that require "lost eggs" to be adopted into a noble family of the Dynast which is prohibited by the laws of the city-state. These laws protect the kingdom from losing Dragon-Blooded to the Realm. Many fear that this law is currently in jeopardy and the king may decree a change in the law soon.

    The individual noble families tend to give their hereditary title to an exalt boosting their families political and defense influence. Besides the Knights the King has always had an adviser whom he often holds council with this man has been Wut from the start of his reign. Wut has not been seen in the last few years.

    The game begins with an important winter court coming, only time will tell what choices made in the royal court will have on the rest of this kingdom.
    As of 768ry
    Treqe (population 200,000)
    Jadeston (14,000)
    Agate (9,000)
    Wall (12,000)
    Fort Soules (4,500)
    Shadow Gate (2,100)
    Hagstown (1200)

    Rivetid (400), Tessel (300), Jasant (400), Lors (200), Creaha (200), Veggins (300), The Wash (500), and Stormhold (300)

    Terrestrial Exalt 130 on the Omitted Isle, 40% which are mercenary

    The King of Treqe

    The Blue Knight

    The Satrap of the Realm Shunai




    North Treqe and the city Abanor
  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    The dark city called Abanor is the only city that lies in northern Treqe. The rest of the inhabitants residing in towns, villages and farmsteads. Once the most heavily populated region of Eastern Treqe it is now but a shadow of its former self. Once the city of Abanor bragged to have nearly 150, 000 citizens, now it has been reduced to approximately 60,000 of its former self. The lord of the city and Meridian Knight of the region is called the Black Knight. He is now the last surviving male in his direct family. He has a few surviving relatives many dying in battle.
    Two towns remain of the six that once dotted the land. Both located south of Abanor. Each town has been affected with major losses in their populations as people have migrated south for fear of the diseases and walking dead that has decimated the other towns and most of the villages in the north. The remaining towns of Naalehu and Northlake Port has a combined total of around 5,000 people. Half of their buildings are unoccupied. Most of the noble lands that remain still have serfs working the land with highly paid collectors visiting to collect their taxes.
    The populated areas are defended and watched by the Black Guard troops who work as police, soldiers, and over all security. They don’t have enough soldiers to send bodies to protect the very north which only has a few villages still standing. This area has hired mercenary forces mainly from Nexus to protect the lands and fight back any undead incursions. The coffers of the Black Knight is not limitless nor the funds received from the noble owners of the region. Half the nobles lead small forces against the walking dead, but these small forces now supplement the mercenaries instead of the other way around. The surviving terrestrials are mainly on the front lines. Although a few are protecting the inhabited areas by several patrols of soldiers.
    The Realm has steadily increased the tribute amount of troops and has taken most of the best abled bodies of the land. Their situation is beyond bleak. The Black Knight has spent most of his time defending from the front lines. He knows that he cannot afford to keep his lands protected alone. He has constantly been requesting aid of the king, who has sent few additional troops.
    Names of Known Populated Areas (approximate populations):
    As of 768ry

    Abanor (60k)
    Naalehu (3k) and Northlake Port (2k), which port is no longer active
    Villages north of Abanor: Half-Moon (100), Westgate (100) and Yetter(100)
    Villages south of Abanor: Abbottsville (200, has an Immaculate Temple), Babb (300), Clay (300), Eads (200), Fishing Creek (100), Iago (200), Jayuya (300), Meadow Grove (300) and Rehoboth (200)
    Estimated native terrestrial Exalts: 50 including the Black Knight himself.

    The Black Knight
    Central Treqe and the city Xiao Mei Mei
  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    Xiâo Mèi Mèi is the heart of central Treqe. It is the heaviest populated area of the eastern side. The second most populated region of all of Treqe and considered the most loyal to the Realm. The city owner and region high lord is Sachi Hakushaku, the Red Lady. Where the northern region has lost many of its people, the central region opened their doors. Rumors abound of the great treatment of the peasants and the protection it’s forces provide for both nobles and merchants. These are only rumors whose sources can never be discovered. The sad truth is many who come to Xiâo Mèi Mèi without family roots are prime suspects for the slave market. Where the purchase of slaves is prohibited in every other region, the central region legalized the sale and purchase of slaves. A common penalty for crimes of the middle and lower classes is slavery. The laws of the kingdom protects all from slavery, except for non-natives. Hakushaku uses this law against the poor that move into the land from other regions. Hoping for a better life is usually an unattainable prospect for serfs. Yet the rumors persist.
    In the central region coin and title speak volumes, the lack of either is a dangerous prospect for most. The native only receive protection from slavery if their family has lived on the soil of the central region for three or more generations. The wise from the other regions stay far away fromXiâo Mèi Mèi . If a person has coin and can afford to maintain an adequate lifestyle they will have nothing to worry about, but those who fall into debt must be cautious. Borrowing from the banks is easy but the usury is steep. Those unable to payback their loans in a timely manner are striped of everything and sold into slavery, including their children. The nobles and merchant class all own slaves. Here, having large amounts of slaves is a status symbol.
    Ironically Hakushaku supposedly has no slaves, and pays every servant, and serf under her very well. Her family has never owned a slave and she refuses to become the first one. Most of the wealthier individuals own slaves and they are seen almost everywhere you go. The slaves are protected by central laws and they have certain rights including families not being separated or deliberately injured or killed.
    Outside of slavery most of the known gold and silver mines can be found throughout the land. While the Omitted Isle has plenty of jade, and other rare materials the central region is known for their metals, especially their precious metals. The wealth of the land has translated to the some of the best roads in the city-state. The law is meted out by the Jìng Zî. An intimidating force supplied by Sachi herself. They not only cause fear to the lower classes, nobles and merchants alike fear them as well. They function as spies and enforce the laws of the land. Their numbers are unknown, but supposedly they go no further than the central region. They have been outlawed in all other regions. No one is known to have ever captured members of the Jìng Zî outside of central Treqe. There has been sightings of the mirror in the rural regions throughout Treqe but never has anyone been able to provide any proof of such claims.
    There are but two towns in the region the rest of the land consist of villages dotting the region. Road use comes with a fee so the poor walk beside it or on the trails. Entering and departing any populated area is taxed as well making this area of Treqe the most costly to travel through. IF you have coin though you are well pampered. One of the most frequented areas for Dynast to take a vacation. The wealthy consider Xiâo Mèi Mèi he place to visit.

    Population as of 768 ry

    City: Xiâo Mèi Mèi (168,000)
    Towns: Shī Chì Pìn (18,000) and Gāo Fēng (14,000)
    Villages: Ái Gaó (400),Wēn Dìng (600), Kû Nán (500), Bái(300), Bêi (200),Sì Hú (100), Haw (300), Jì Xiáng Yī (600), Yù (400), Kēng (200),Dào Tián (300) and Mú (100)
    The region has approximately 100 terrestrial exalted natives and from 10-30 Dynast vacationing at any time of the year.

    The Red Lady
    Southern Treqe and the city of South Landing
  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    South Landing

    Treqe’s gateway to the East is the beautiful port city of South Landing. It is the one of three places of the kingdom with a functioning port, the others being Northlake Port, and a small port in the northern village of Fishing Creek which cannot accommodate large vessels. The southern region of Treqe considers South Landing to be their crown jewel. The city’s owner and ruler of the region is the popular Green Knight. The region was once the least populated area of Eastern Treqe, now the south has enjoyed growth. The reason being many nobles who could not afford to stay in the Omitted Isle relocated to this safe area.
    Southern Treqe is protected by the inhabitants of central Treqe that sits between them and Northern Treqe. Its lone city boast 130,000 citizens alone. It is the land least hospitable to Dynast and the Realm. It actually has approximately 90 or so terrestrial exalts most of them nobles living throughout the region, with nearly half calling South Landing their home. The Green Knight used to supply the north with extra troops for years to help combat its undead problem, but the last few years the land has been taxed heavily with troop tribute requirements of the Realm. The Green Knight proposes that they hold off from paying any more tribute to the realm, due to the need for troops to be sent north. Rumors speak of several units of troops from the south assisting in the north under a false mercenary flags.

    Population as of 768ry

    South Landing (130,000)
    Like Northern Treqe, Southern Treqe has two towns, Harve (21,000) and Ramer (28,000). Each town is ran by noble families of the same name. The villages of the south are the largest of the kingdom, and supposedly they are some of the happiest.
    Haxtun (700), Artas (400), Bells (400), Ducor (300), Eitzen (300), Ferron (200), Gorst (300), Keys (500), Maceo (400), Quail (300) and Seven (400).
    Approximate Terrestrial Exalts: 90

    Eastern Treqe Note
    Laws of Treqe prohibits ownership of slaves, except in Central Treqe. While they permit the outsiders to have slaves, they are forbidden in almost every city, town, and village. Only one Guild Factor named Mia Yanxing is allowed to transport slaves to Treqe City from South Landing but they are not permitted to purchase any citizen of the kingdom. Laws are different in Central Treqe and The Omitted Isles which have been enacted into law several years ago.

    The Green Knight
    Warning to the protagonists
  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    I should tell you all that this chronicle centers around your Circles interaction with the Wyld Hunt of the Dynasts. It does not center around it in the beginning but it will climb into being the great plot of the chronicle. It basically will boil down to will your characters survive the hunt? Those who comprise the hunt are Terrestrial Exalted and there support group. Please keep in mind that your characters will need to be able to survive being assaulted by several terrestrials. The eventual out come will depend on the protagonist finding and helping others like themselves all the while trying to attain their motivations and making a big impact on the region. Don't just build a character that is so specialized she or he cannot get themselves out of a jam when other Exalts enter the picture. Yes other characters may be best at combating these foes, but your character best be able to escape of defend themselves in some way. My only warning is that both physical and social combat will have influence in this chronicle. Be wary.
    Mnemon Karasu sample character
  • Phyre

    Fate of Creation
    This is a copy of a character that I created with a Dragon-Blooded Chronicle. The Storytelling had there own house rules but it was pretty much a standard creation process, which included more freebie points and something else Possibly, but the point is to show you how much effort should go into your character. I made here many years ago, but she is a great example. I'm going to show you what a filled out 10-page sheet should look like and include the story I sent along with the character.

    Mnemon Karasu History


    Mnemon Karasu 10-Page Sheet