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Vallaki | Mid-morning | The Red String:

While Ezmerelda explained Thia's words to the shopkeeper, the older woman led the pair out of the shop and pointed down the street. "There's a house, dearies, that most people avoid." Waving her hand idly she continued, "Now, don't be afraid, young ladies, it's only, mm, that people dislike the ideas of poor widows ... especially ones still in their prime!" she laughed before it turned into a cough.

"Speak with her, m'dears, perhaps she can offer her gown for a new bride," the old woman smiled with her few teeth, "it might cheer her up."


Once she had been given the direction from the shopkeeper, Thia bows politely to her and smiles. <"Thank you so much for your help, we will leave you in peace now. Have a good day."> As soon as Ezmerelda finishes translating the goodbye she moves towards the new destination of the widow's house. <"We can only hope that she will be happy to give the dress away, but if she wants something in return I guess I have a few things I could offer."> She says back to Ezmerelda as they walk.

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