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Near the Fortress of Argynvostholt | Morning:

Ezmerelda blinked at Thia's shift in language, smiling as she replied in kind, <"I doubt they will, but there are some that wander this land that would. Myself included, if you feel you need to use me as a middle-person to hide your voice."> Returning to common she listened to the rest of the conversation, "Whenever you all feel ready to continue we can be on our way -- there's little daylight in this place to begin with, best we don't lose what we've been given."


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Luna River Crossroads | Late Morning:

Leaving the spectral dome, it fades away as soon as Ezmerelda steps out, heading towards her wagon and checking over the horse that pulls it, offering a gentle head rub to the beast. Motioning for everyone to gather themselves, offering to carry things on the wagon, the group sets out.

The dirt road is soft and at times causes a struggle for the wooden wheels, but Ezmerelda and her horse seem accustomed to such issues and rarely does it take too long to get their pace going once again. Sounds of birds here and there echo out among the trees, a few times small squirrels or rabbits dash across the path, but nothing of note seems to happen otherwise. The time passes, eventually bringing the group to a more established and maintained road as the wagon turns to the right, towards Vallaki.

After awhile, the road comes to an X intersection, with branches to the northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast. The lower half of a snapped wooden signpost thrusts upward at an angle near the eastern elbow of the intersection. The top half of the sign, featuring arms pointing in four directions, lies in the weeds nearby.

However, Ezmerelda pulls up short as she softly clears her throat, attempting to get the group's attention. Lingering near the broken signpost are three men who seem to be laughing and enjoying themselves, the smell of pipe smoke in the air, and a heavy wineskin being passed among them.


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“You know them milady?”, asks Fargrim realizing that Ezmerelda stopped the wagon in the vicinity of three men.
”Or do we need to prepare for a fight?” , He whispers to her while holding his heavy steel mace.


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The men’s dress and behavior reminds Naivara of the Vistani men. Her previous mistake of pointing out their useless violence makes her hesitant to say anything to them. Ever. They aren’t the type to try reasonable conversation or attempt logical agreements. She purses her lips. She will not speak.


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“No need for violence here Fargrim. We have enough of that on our hands already.” Azgard spoke softly, trying not to offend him.
Azgard remained in the wagon, hoping to not make eye contact with the men, as he noticed Ezmerelda seemed a bit on edge about them.
“Is there something we should be worried about Ezmerelda?”


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Luna River Crossroads | Late Morning:

Shaking her head, Ezmerelda answers Fargrim, "No, I don't know them at all, which concerns me considering the time I've spent among the Vistani. Not all of the caravan travelers are friendly, so I advise we be on our guard. They'll likely try to hail us, but perhaps they can be used for information all the same."


Thia looks out to the Vistani, but doesn't see anything immediately threatening about them. She trusts what Ezmerelda has to say though, she seemed to know a lot about this land. "Yes, l-let us c-continue on. If they s-stop u-us, then w-we can deal with i-it. If they s-seek to h-harm us, then w-we can d-deal with it." She puts slightly more emphasis on the last part, then looks away and nervously messes with her hair. "If t-they w-want information f-from us, I don't t-think we should t-tell them too m-much. Best we j-just go a-as q-quickly as possible. This whole s-situation is c-concerning..."

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