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Kiv Turnuroth
Seeing the figure standing in shadow, Kiv slips into his familiar's senses as it perches on a nearby branch. "Well that's... strange," he says, eyes appearing blank and lifeless, then shifting back to his own senses. "That guy looks an awful lot like the innkeeper. Maybe a brother?"
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Eight other figures emerge from the trees. All of them wear dark leather rain coats and cowls which obscure their features.

The old man that beckoned steps forward, pulling his hood back. His face looks old and weathered by the years. Small pluck of white hairs protrude from his otherwise gleaming scalp.

"I do not know what brought you to this place, but you picked a bad day to pay the winery a visit. Dark druids have raised the forest itself against our family to claim our winery -our birthright!-." The old man then stares intensely at each of you. "I am Davian Martikov and I am the patriarch of the Martikov clan. The winery is mine to lead, though as I told you there is currently an issue with that. Tell me strangers of beyond the mists, would you be willing to lend us your aid?"


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Magnus's heart skips a beat as the eight figures walk out of the tree line, his hand goes halfway to his rapier before he catches himself doing it and stops. "Yeah, sad to hear that. Urwin sent us to pick up the last wine shipment that never arrived, but the vineyard is currently controlled by dark druids?" He arches an eyebrow and sighs, "first vampires, and now dark druids! It sounds like we can't get a day of rest in this gods-forgotten place." "Well, we can lend you a hand, right guys? I'm not the best at fighting, but we'll do our best to rid your land of the dark druids, whoever they might be."


Kiv Turnuroth
"You will fight with us to secure your birthright?" Kiv asks, scowling. He normally enjoyed the rain, but here it only chilled his scales. Fighting was always a good way to warm up. "Tell me where these druids lie. I don't like surprises. I'd rather get a look at them first." He nods to his owl, while flaps its wings and takes flight.


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"Huh, I thought druids were supposed to be the helpful type."

Thorvir stretches his shoulders and lazily draws his axes. "Let's do this then, aye? No sense wasting time when we've got our steel to speak for us."


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Rolax rolls his shoulders "Well, I've brought my Axe a long way, it would be a shame to not put it towards some honest work"


The old man Davian seems bemused at your words. “Good to see such eager young folk. Urwin sent you? That's at least something good that idiot son of mine. Evil druids and blights have attacked the winery. One of them wielding this strange staff has infiltrated our home. We suspect that he is the source of the attacks. He proved too strong for us, and I don’t want to risk more of my family’s lives. We can distract the blights outside for a short time. You will need to find this druid as quickly as you can and deal with him.”

Davian then gestures to the figures behind him. “Me, Adrian, Elvir, Stefania and Dag will get the blights’ attention.” The people he addressed nod at Davian’s words. The old man then turns to a teenage boy. “Claudiu, keep Martin, Viggo and Yolanda safe you hear me?” You now realize that the other three figures are two young boys and a baby girl. Claudiu stands at attention and nods. Davian smiles for a moment. “Good boy. Now strangers, let’s go.” Before you can react the five adults rush forwards.

Situated in the midst of the vineyard, the winery is an old, two-story building with multiple entrances, thick ivy covering every wall, and iron fencing along its roofline. The trail ends at an open loading dock on the ground floor.

A wooden stable of more recent construction is attached to the east side of the winery, next to the loading dock. West of the winery is a crumbling well and a wooden outhouse.

You hear the rustle of dead vines all around you. Inhuman shapes emerge from the vineyard, their limbs cracking as they trudge forth through the mist and rain.

Davian starts to yell: “Go, be swift as the wind!” Suddenly his and his family’s clothes drop to the ground. From where they stood, five large ravens take off towards the army of blights.

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