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Realistic or Modern Partnership Program (Closed)

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Yeah. I mean, for the most part we're all gonna stick together, but branched off then it's just gonna random each time so that everyone has a feel of everyone eventually. Unless you were talking about like romance sense of it then that's just up to each individual hahaha.
Hahaha, no. I meant when they have to go in pairs or something.
Romance will have to build in the rp and through character development xD so yeah don't like planning that on beforehand.


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Hahaha, no. I meant when they have to go in pairs or something.
Romance will have to build in the rp and through character development xD so yeah don't like planning that on beforehand.
Haha yeah when they gotta get paired off it'll be a random draw each time so that way no one's always stuck with the same person each and every time. Diversity yo lol!


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Name : Saul Westwood

Age : 42

Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual

Occupation: Agent

Nationality : American

Place Of Birth : Seattle

Languages : English (first language), Spanish (near fluent), Russian(Conversational)


FBI ID: 4991A

Rank: Special Agent in Charge (SAC)

Department: Critical Incident Support Group/Mobile Divison

Length of Service: 19 years, 11 months, 15 days


Firearms Training: Grade 4 (Small arms and assault weapons)

Driving: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

Medical Report:

Dr Julius Reynolds M.D, Medical dates 2 months old

The Patient, Saul Westwood, measures in at 5 foot and eleven inches, and weighs in at 11 stone. Eyesight, heating and balance tests have been passed with no adverse notes, and his fitness levels are still above the threshold despite his age. Existing injuries and conditions still ongoing or non-existent at the time of his previous medical report 12 months ago consist of the following:

Left knee contains 3 metal pins, they have been there for 4 years, and have shown no sign of degradation or any further wear and tear of the bones or ligaments.

Between the last medical and the current test, he fractured his collar bone, break was clean and did not require surgery to correct. Injury was obtained in the pursuit of a known Mutant terrorist. Was put on limited duties for 6 weeks and was in a sling for the first 4 of those. Injury has healed and appears to be presenting no further problems.

To conclude Special Agent in Charge Westwood is cleared for all duties. I have noted that he has picked up on my comments in the last test and has attempted to try and quit smoking through the use of nicotine patches, but Mr Westwood has admitted that he still smokes occasionally, but has significantly cut down.

Annual Performance Review, performed by the Assistant Director of the Critical Incident Support Group:

This marks SAC Westwood’s 8th year as SAC of the Critical Incident Support Group's Mobile Division. This also marks the 7th year that he has ranked as the highest scoring agent in performance-based reviews (he came second two years ago due to having to sit out 4 months with a double tibia fibula fracture).

SAC Westwood over the course of the year has led 5 different operations across Columbia in 5 different cities (New York, Columbia City, Detroit, Seattle, Pittsburgh). These operations have resulted in the apprehension of 42 Mutant criminal entities and terrorists. He has also attended 18 serious incidents over the course of the year, lending his years of experiencing dealing with Mutants to local law enforcement. These have ranged from simple crimes carried out by Mutants to more serious plots and planned attacks, perpetrated by more organised Mutant groups.

Once again SAC Westwood has refused a promotion and relocation to Central Headquarters, citing his willingness to remain working in the field. This has been noted and passed onto the Director. As of this moment in time I see this as a great boon to the department, as SAC Westwood has proven himself to be a great asset to and member of this department. I look forward to more years working with him.


Saul is a consummate professional, and a hard worker. And to some of his colleagues he's a hard nosed, by the book, killjoy. Saul has given all his adult life to the FBI and is a career agent, a lone point of continuity as management and agents around him come and go. As such he doesn't normally socialise with other agents or members of his team, not really seeing the point as they come and go, assigned off to other regions or promoted out of the department. In his heart he knows that his time is coming to an end, his mind is as sharp as ever, but the years of wear and tear are beginning to show physically, he's not the young man he once was. That's why he took the position with the new Mutant partnership initiative, one last hurrah and a chance to look at going out on a high note. Lord knows Mutants have caused a myriad of problems for the country. But right here they could have a solution, one that Saul could be a part of.
So, I have this idea. You don’t have to agree to it, just a thought. What if Saul was the agent who happened to get Meredith locked away? Not cause she was committing a crime, but what if she was already working an investigation in, say, Pittsburgh, regarding a string of murders and possible mutant terroristic activity? And then the FBI swoops in at the last second once they catch wind and it is confirmed that a mutant terrorist group is linked, and in the process of ‘collaborating’ with the Pittsburgh PD, it somehow comes out that there are rumors that one of the detectives on the case (Meredith) is a mutant. Her integrity is called into question given the case she was working, and after a quick interrogation (she ends up just telling the truth to get the annoying charade over with), she is hauled off and the investigation is officially handed over to the FBI, citing a lapse of judgement on the part of the Pittsburgh PD.

She would probably think he looked vaguely familiar upon first meeting him, but would eventually remember him. You could decide whether or not you want Saul to remember her.


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Canth Canth

Definitely like the sound of that, would create a nice bit of tension that we could work off as well. I'm sure Saul would remember her! Most likely wouldn't have anything against her personally mind you, to Saul it's all just part of the job


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So....now that everyone has their characters ready.....when do we start?
(I am so sorry for being "that guy" but I'm really excited to get this show on the road!)
RayPurchase RayPurchase

Sweet! I’m not entirely sure how I’m gonna play it yet, but I feel like Meredith won’t exactly take it personal either (she was a cop, she knows the drill), but she’s def gonna take every chance she can to remind him of it, and basically bring it up all the time. Maybe there’ll be some suppressed passive aggressive frustrations building up inside her. She’d probably be more pissed at the fact that her integrity was called into question and all her ongoing cases got dropped and thrown out when the prosecutor found out a mutant had been working them. She would not take that lightly.
Sounds like a fun dynamic


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Nah I'm eager to get things rolling as well. I'll have something up in about 2 ish hours or whenever my son naps in the next 2-3 hours lol
Just a quick heads up. My best friend is marrying tomorrow so I won't be available tomorrow at all. However I will catch up the weekend, most definitely!

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