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Realistic or Modern Partnership Program (Closed)

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Shy 'n Bubbly Panda

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    It had been a few years since people with powers surfaced. People who exhibited powers were labeled as mutants and were thrown into camps. The government and general public feared those who were more evolved than them. They feared that they would use their powers to gain the upper hand and take over. So, the government came up with new laws to suppress mutants, to control them. Anyone who was discovered to be a mutant, through slip ups or various blood and DNA tests, was rounded up and put into camps that consisted of just mutants. The mutants in the camp would have special collars that would have to be worn in order to suppress their powers so that they would be easier to control. For the most part the government round up was successful, but there were a handful who the government could not touch. Mutants who weren't afraid to use their powers fought back. The government didn't have the means to deal with them as those who were still free banded together, forming gangs and mobs that proved more than what the government officials and agents could handle. At their wit's end, the government decided to fight fire with fire and came up with a special program that would involved the mutants who were in the camp.

    There were to be special groups, composed of mutants and government agents, to deal with the rampant mutants and mutant gangs who were wrecking havoc on cities and towns. The individuals who were behind the program wanted to do more than use mutants as weapons. They wanted others to see, through the program's hopeful success, that mutants weren't as bad as they were made out to be. The mutants at the camp were carefully screened for the program, and those who were seen fit would be offered the opportunity to be free of the camp. In return for participating in the program, the mutants would be living outside the camp and be living a somewhat normal life outside of work, and if they were good enough then they would be granted special requests.

    Will the program be a success? Or will it backfire like most think it will?

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Shy 'n Bubbly Panda
I would be interested! I can do either agent or mutant, whatever you need
Well, so far we only got one agent, so if you want to even the odds then be an agent. I feel like finding people to fill up the agent slots would be kinda hard so xD but which ever you feel like yo lol


Amateur Wordsmith

Name: Joelle McClellan ( or just JJ to her friends )

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Height: 5"11

Weight: 135lb

Occupation: Agent

Power(s)/skill(s): Has a doctorate in criminal psyche, been training in Muay Thai since she was seven, has been taught how to handle a wide array of weapons ever since joining the FBI at age 18 from simple handguns to sniper rifles.

Background: Joelle McClellan was born to Irina and Hubert McClellan who immigrated to the US in the 1980's. She had a pretty simple life growing up in Columbus, Ohio where her parents instilled in her strong moral values and to stand up for her beliefs. At age 18 she graduated high school in the top ten students of her class and was accepted at the FBI academy. Six years later Joelle was accepted into the organization as a field agent just as rumors of people with strange powers started to crop up. When the mutant crisis started in full Joelle wasn't entirely sure how to feel about whole situation. Yes, taking people from their homes and families to put them in camps felt wrong, but was there truly any other way to handle beings who could very easily harm/kill hundreds of civilians? Joelle struggled with this question until the Partnership Program was announced. She, like many others, were skeptical about the project's success but maybe this was an opportunity for Joelle to receive the answer she'd been longing for. When agent's were asked to participate in the Partnership Program Joelle one of the first to volunteer.

*Here she is! A bit basic, but I hope to develop her further during the actual role play.


Shy 'n Bubbly Panda
Serena Lee



Sexual Orientation:


125 lbs

Mutant. Formerly an A.D.A.

-Voice manipulation: can manipulate her voice to make it sound deeper or higher in pitch (aka she can sound like an actual man or another person all together). Her range is somewhat limited though, she can only go about three octaves lower or higher than her normal voice.
-Sonic scream: can let out high pitch screams up to 300 decibels, but the higher it is the more it tires her out (reaching 300 will make her pass the hell out).
-Voice charm: her voice has the ability to trigger certain parts of a human's brain that makes them obey her. This trick only works on weak minded people or if they are vulnerable, and there is a limit to what she can compel them to do. If she tells them to slap someone then they will, kill someone then no.
-Proficient fighter knowing Jujitsu and Taekwondo.

Serena was born with mutant genes as both of her parents had rather prominent genes within them. She knew about her powers, her parents made sure of it. She got a hang of her powers from a young age, as her parents wanted her to know how to control her powers to avoid any slip ups in the future. Serena never was one to use her powers unless she was backed into a point where it was either use her powers or die. She actually hated her powers for a majority of her life until she figured out how her charm speaking could come in handy. She had so many points in her life where she could have gone off a bad path, but she had morals that her parents instilled within her. She never planned on doing anything law related when she started college, but after her parents were killed and she involved herself in their case, she saw how her powers could come in handy when it came to wiggling confessions and answers out of people. Ever since then, she put herself on the path to getting a law degree and after passing the bar exam, she got a job as an A.D.A. in hopes that she could put away bad people to keep them off the streets.

She wasn't thrilled when the government started their mutant busts. One stupid blood test was all it took to get her thrown into the camp along with others like her. She hated how everything was stripped away from her like that, even though she was practically a good and normal civilian. She did no harm, she was doing good if anything. She didn't hesitate to accept the offer of being in the program when they offered it to her. She wanted to show people that mutants like her weren't bad people, that some actually did good and that they didn't deserve to be locked up in camps like this because of stupid misconceptions and theories.​
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Creator of my own little Universe

Name: Alexei Valentin Ignatkovich. Most people know him as 404 though
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Unclear. He isn't sure if he is sexual attracted to anyone. So far women have done little for him.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155lbs
Occupation: Agent

* Hacking: He is a great hacker. He can get into most computers within two minutes. Including Interpol and several countries security systems. Other than that he can make people disappear. Not killing them (well he can also do that) but digitally he can find every trace of them and make it disappear.
* Tracking: Along with great hacking skills, he can find anyone in the world very fast. By hacking into security cameras and other cameras. As long as you have been picked up on a camera or device, he will be able to track you down.
* Kyusho Jitsu: He is not someone to kill right away. He is more a fan of using pressure points to either cause great pain or make someone pass out or otherwise unable to fight.

He is not your typical goody good shoes agent type of guy. No, he actually used to be on the other side. He enjoyed driving the FBI and MI6 and what all not completely crazy, by constantly breaking through their security. He hardly did anything with the information he obtained though, but the fact that he was able to wipe their securities completely to the side was enough to get a lot of attention. It was four years ago that the russian intelligence him finally found. He was given the option of watching his whole family and everyone he loved being killed or join them and work with some of the best computer systems in the world. That was how his journey started for the secret intelligence. He had severed ties with everyone he knew completely and apart from computers he was forced to go through a very intense training program. Both mentally and physically.

Word quickly went over the whole world how he was able to track the most wanted criminals in just a few weeks time, where before no one had gotten closer. Eventually he was bought by the FBI and used to track down the more difficult mutants. He didn't agree with how these people were just ripped away and put into these facilities like they were nothing but beast. He wasn't supposed to know about the project, and even less supposed to be a part of it. But yeh... hackers... There was little you could do about them when they rewrote the coding to make themselves selected.
Are you not looking for anymore Agents? I noticed that you had three slots from agents and mutants, and I recognize that you would like to have an even number. If you are at capacity for agents, it's not a problem, just thought I'd ask.


Shy 'n Bubbly Panda
Are you not looking for anymore Agents? I noticed that you had three slots from agents and mutants, and I recognize that you would like to have an even number. If you are at capacity for agents, it's not a problem, just thought I'd ask.
I just started things off at 3:3 just to make it simple. I don't mind adding another agent :) just didn't want to just leave it completely open then end up having too many people and being overwhelmed.
Alrighty, I totally understand. I'm willing to wait a bit to make sure the mutant spots are filled before throwing up an agent cs. It makes sense to keep things even for the sake of the plot.

Gaius Danius Griinia

Kamen Rider Amino

Name: Carter Morris
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 175cm
Weight: 77lbs
Occupation: Destroyer

Dimensional Walls
Carters power is seemingly useful as a means of transportation. He can create dimensional walls that allow him to transport himself, whatever he wants and whoever is with him to another location entirely. Carter can either choose to go somewhere if he knows the location well enough, or let the wall take him to wherever the dimensional energy is fluctuating the strongest. His self proclaimed title "Destroyer of Worlds" comes from the more sinister applications of his power. He can teleport a plane into a skyscraper, drop explosives from the heavens and even leave someone at the bottom of the ocean.

Carter has not had the easiest life. He doesn't have any memory of who he is or where he came from. All he remembers is a girls voice telling him to "Connect Everything.... Destroy Everything". He emerged just before the government began taking people with powers and imprisoning them. He found refuge in a powerless family who ran a camera shop. The man who worked there with his granddaughter taught Carter that "All life deserves a chance". The pair treated Carter like family, in turn he returned their affections. One day, Carter discovered he could view distant places through the mysterious ghostly walls he would create. The FBI soon came and in their attempts to capture Carter, shot the owner. Escaping through one of the walls, he found himself near a secret hideout for the mutants like him. Beginning anew there, he soon made friends that helped him to move on from his old life. That soon ended as government agents came and quickly raided the camp, capturing mutants. One of the younger mutants who helped Carter adjust was accidentally killed in the struggle. Escaping once again, Carter remembered the old camera store owners advice. ALL life deserved a chance, these agents had squandered THEIRS. Tracking down another team of agents, Carter used his powers to send their cars tumbling down a ravine. He wasn't done, he began using his walls to transport things directly onto agent hideouts, vehicles and leaders. Alternatively he would send them elsewhere when they'd pursue him. For all the destruction he brought these people, an surviving agent called him a MONSTER. He simply responded that "You government types do nothing but destroy the worlds of innocent people.... you just aren't used to someone destroying YOURS". Calling himself "The Destroyer of Worlds", Carter kept using his powers to destroy. However he always made sure to keep bloodshed to a minimum. While he destroyed vehicles, buildings and squadrons; Carter never went out of his way to kill people. He endeavored to save them if possible. If they refused to budge from their position on hurting mutants, Carter would leave them to die. If they showed signs of empathy and humanity, he'd save them. Carter later came into conflict with mutant terrorists who used their powers to hurt people, mutant and human alike. This group showed utter disregard for human life, only wanting to further their goals. So Carter reluctantly allowed himself to be captured. He was subsequently tortured and interrogated, but the agents he saved ensured he was at least CONSIDERED for their new partnership program.


Shy 'n Bubbly Panda
Crysie Crysie Just out of curiosity; how were you planning on pairing everyone up? Just at random?
Yeah. I mean, for the most part we're all gonna stick together, but branched off then it's just gonna random each time so that everyone has a feel of everyone eventually. Unless you were talking about like romance sense of it then that's just up to each individual hahaha.

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