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Trickster Crayon

You've Been Tricked
I haven't been on in a long while due to lots of business and stress over real life things, however my life has finally come to a calm. I've been craving some roleplay action but I haven't been able to get myself up to make a forum and post it. Really, I'm interested in someone who will reply to me and not ghost me. I'm vaguely aware that the reason why I got so bored of this was because I was being ghosted. I'm really interested in something Romantic only I don't like roleplays without plot. If you're going to come at me with no plot, that is completely fine.. only expect me to literally over complicate EVERYTHING!! I like to play as female. I'm fine with nothing romantic as well so don't be afraid to ask!! There isn't much I don't like, but I'm going to put some ideas down below that I'd like to try out.

Lets start simple, Fandoms:

- Boku No Hero -
oc (me) x Midoriya (you)
oc x oc

- Soul Eater -
oc x Soul?
oc x oc

- Full Metal Alchemist -
oc x Edward
oc x oc

-Steven Universe -
Honestly idrc what happens here, Its adorable.

- Attack on Titan -
oc x Eren
oc x oc

- Goblin Slayer -
Oc x OC
oc x Goblin Slayer??
maybe even.. Priestess x Goblin slayer??????????????????????
Other things:

Really any Genre is nice.. but I'll give some off the top of my head:

- The Office -
(Not really an other should've gone into Fandom)
oc x oc

- Music -
oc x oc

- Superhero related -

-Slice of life-

-Horror -

-Future/ Sci - fi-

-War related-

-Historical -


-Dungeons and Dragons -
Thats right, ya girl is into DnD. This doesn't have to be romantic only I'd like for the person to have quite a bit of knowledge about Dnd. I'm still a squishy, so I am still learning.. it would be nice to have someone who could teach me and such. Really, it doesn't need to have romance. Who tf would fall in love with a Dragonborn anyways.. and also! It doesn't have to be going by the game, if you just wanna do it for Roleplay and not campaigning, that is fine!!

These are just a few of the things I could think of. I can rp here or on Discord if you want to. Remember, it doesn't have to be romantic. I'm also okay with heavier topics and messed up things, they usually don't make me uneasy. If you have any requests, that is fine as well! The characters I put above in Fandom were really just ideas that I kinda liked but I can always do others as well, it's not a big deal!! If you wanna do discord, my # is #9777!


Optimistic Realist
Hey 🙂
I’d be up for a soul eater oc x oc of your up for it. Also I’d be more than happy to do d&d with you.
I’ve got no problem with romance either, but it’s not a necessity.
Shoot me a message if your interested 😁

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