Fantasy Partners in Crime

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  1. Juane was sitting down when Charnette walks in. "I was just curious, sixteen men are not in this room but I see no died bodies. You are a vampire aren't you." When Juane said this the men got worried looks on their face. "Now since there aren't any dead bodies here I'm going to guess you freed men. And I'm going to say this, I didn't hand over 30 perfectly good men to be freed!"
  2. Charnette: She shrugs her shoulders when he started shouting. "I asked for ten, you gave me 29 and a rat. You gave me a gracious gift. As far as I'm concerned, once you give someone a gift, that gift is their's to be used how they like it. I don't kill unless I have too. I'm not cruel and I don't torture people. Besides, I don't plan on setting them all free. Some of them are going to die." She uses her speed to her advantage and suddenly she was behind the one that ratted on her and she wraps her arms around his waist before dragging him away from the rest. Her teeth was at his throat. "It's a shame, I had plans for you. But I don't like rats. You want me to kill someone, Ark? How about him?" Her fangs were inches away from his throat and she kept a tight grip on him. Arks's answer and reaction would depend on whether he would live or die.
  3. Juane pulls out a knife and plunges it into the man's chest. He pulls it out and walks over to the other men. "Heres how I see it. I think I'm a pretty simple man. I have a simple plan for everything and I will say this." He stabs one of the other men in the neck. "I don't care about any of the men in my camp. If I wanted to and sometimes I do. I could wipe them all out. Try to threaten me with any of them and you will be sadly disappointed." He gets angry. "I give you a gift and freeing them is just spitting in my face for me being nice. That's not how these things work."
  4. Charnette: She drops the man that she was holding and she walks over to the man that he had stabbed. She licks his blood and bites him, turning him into a vampire. She carries the man and sets him on the bed. "You insult me by killing one of my men that you gave to me as a GIFT! I will do with the men I take as I please, if I choose to set them free then I will. You do not control me," she sits on the bed, watching the man slowly die. It would be a painful process for him. "Don't do this again or your alliance with me is over," within seconds she breaks the rest of the cuffs off the men and they run away from Juane. "If you give me men I'm allowed to free them, it is my choice and my right. If you don't give me men, then that's your choice," she sits back on the bed, trying to remain calm.
  5. Juane walks to the door. "I'll continue to provide you men but I will give you a little worrying." He smirks. "Once you free men that I give you then they are not yours anymore. Which means I can do what ever I want to them. So you should hope they get away or it was all for nothing." He walks out of the room feeling happy for what he said.
  6. Charnette: She picks up the man that betrayed her and drinks his blood dry before tossing him out the window. "The rest of you will be my guards and servants. You answer to no one, but me. Do not let him scare you, he is nothing compared to what I can do. I am Princess Charnette Vanilla Daricus of Wonderland. You have nothing to fear here. Swear your fealty to me and you will be safe and well provided for," she demands of the men who all bow to her, swearing their loyalty to her. "Good, now I want two men outside of my door at all times and I want three watching the one on the bed at all times. Take shifts, do whatever. Do not try to escape or you will be killed." She hands five of the men swords and sends two outside of her door. She then moves away from the bed and sets down her coffin, it growing once more. She slips inside to finally sleep and Black Rose sits on top of it, guarding her.
  7. Juane goes to sleep so he can forget all the nonsense of the day.
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    Charnette: She wakes up to screaming and she opens up her coffin and sighs. Three more men were dead while the others and Black Rose was trying to contain the new vampire. She steps out and goes over to the new vampire. "Relax. This is your new life it will need getting used to but you'll survive." She takes off her cloak and a few potions. She takes one lets a drop fall onto her cloak before she pries them apart and gives one to the new vampire. "This is your lifeline, it will have you with everything, especially the sun," she then goes to her coffin and does the same thing before handing the miniature coffin to the new vampire. She shows him how it works. "Get used to your new sleeping place, I have some more work to do." She finishes off the two men he killed and toss them out the window. She pulls out a suit of armor before calling in all of her men, asking how many actually knew how to fight.

    She got lucky this time, four of them knew how to fight. So she takes her replication potion and dips it on the suit of armor, making three copies of them and handing the suits of armor out before demanding two of them to guard her door. She made sure that they also had swords to use. She picks out three men and gives them new sets of clothes, they would be her servants. There was two remaining and she couldn't just kill everyone, but with two vampires she needed more blood constantly. "I'm sorry, I should have been more careful with our new vampire friend. But you're the unlucky ones. Don't be afraid," she cuts her arm and forces them to drink her blood before she bites them. She had a hypnotic control over both of them now as they were her undying servants. Though she could have done this to all of them, she only needed two to be blood bags for her and her new protege.
  9. Juane wakes up very early and goes out check out the village. It was going well, it's mostly rebuilt. And with the wall completely rebuilt he has defenses to protect him and his army. Juane goes back inside and finds one of his men. "Hey go cook up some breakfast for me and the girl I don't care what you make just have it made soon." He walks to Charnette's room and notices the guards at the door. "Well, aren't you two fancy for a new start."
  10. One of the guards was brave enough to speak to him. "The Princess is asking that anyone who comes to see her will wait out here until she is ready. I will ask if she wants to talk to you, if you can wait out here." Of course this man was terrified of Ark and had killed one of Charnette's men yesterday but he believed in the princess and hoped that Juane wouldn't just kill them on the spot.
  11. Juane exclaims a very loud sigh. "Fine I'll wait for her but if she says she doesn't want to see me, I don't care I am going to see her no matter what." He crosses his arms waiting for Charnette to tell them what she wanted to do.
  12. Charnette: She looks up when a guard enters her room. Her room has expanded tremendously, the bed was no longer there and instead there were two coffins on each side of the room. What was in the middle was a couch, love seat, and futon with a TV as well. On one side of her room was another room, a much smaller room than hers but with three beds and three dressers and tables. The door was open and there was a matching smaller room on the left side as well. "Whatever, send him in." She says in an uncaring voice and the guard goes back outside and lets Ark inside the room.
  13. Juane comes into the room. "Well, you really made some changes. I came to see if you wanted to have breakfast. I'm pretty hungry and I was thinking we could have something to get to know each other better." He thinks a bit. "I know you don't need to eat but Jormont taught me that the undead still enjoys the taste of food."
  14. Charnette: "Well your man Jormont was wrong, wrong about me anyway. I don't enjoy the taste of food anymore. I suppose I can come with you if you allow Carson come with us," when she mentions his name, the new vampire comes to her side instantly. He looked pale and terrified and wasn't sure what to say to Ark. "This is my protege, you know, the one you stabbed. Anyway, he's new and I need to watch him constantly. If you don't know how to handle new vampires it'll will be bad for everyone," she explains to him though she was sure he has dealt with new vampires as well.
  15. "Yeah, whatever. I don't care if he comes, as long as he doesn't kill anyone. I just need to discuss the terms of our agreement and I'm hungry." He walks out of the room and heads to the dining hall. He sits down and waits for Charnette to arrive so he can eat.
  16. Charnette: She snaps her fingers and both of her human blood servants comes to her side. "One of you stay," she commands and the one sits down on the couch. Black Rose was on her shoulder as always and her entourage follows her to the breakfast table. Charnette sits across from Juane and the two men stay standing by her side. She looks up at them. "Sit," she commands and they sit on either side of her and Charnette looks at Ark. "Devin is my blood servant, do you mind if he has food? I need him to be healthy so I and Carson can stay alive," she was trying her best to be polite with him but she hasn't forgiven him in the slightest. "In general I'm going to need food and drink for all of my men too."
  17. "Well, of course, they get food id be better if they don't die." He begins eating. "Is there anything else you want in exchange for helping me." Food gets brought out to the servant and a slave is brought for the other Vampire.
  18. Charnette: "A portal home," she mumbles and looks as the slave is brought out for Carson. Carson looked at the slave hungrily and his eyes begged Charnette. She eyes the slave wearily. "That's not necessary. I have two blood servants, one for me, one for him. But he does need to learn control first so he doesn't just kill him. Go ahead," she says to Carson and the vampire doesn't waste a second on the slave. She wasn't really sure what to say to him, she hated him. He was ruthless and cruel and his behavior last night was unacceptable to her. She couldn't stand the thought of torturing people like this.
  19. Juane stops eating. "Look I normally use slaves for food with my vampires. Thats how I reign them in. I sent 10 slaves down to the new vampires I made yesterday. I figured yours could use one too." He begins eating again. A guard comes to the table. "Sir one of the vampires has gotten out of his chains and is trying to destroy the dungeon." Juane sighs. "Oh gods, I have to take care of a problem. you can join me if you like."
  20. Charnette: "No I don't want to go, I want to go back to my room and pretend I'm not here," is what she wanted to say to him but she doesn't. Instead she sighs inwardly and stands up. She looks over to Carson who was a mess and who stopped drinking. "Finish all the blood or else he will turn," she snaps at him. The last of the blood tasted the worse but it had to be done and he had to learn to like it. Carson frowns but does as he is told. Charnette goes over to the slave, checking out to make sure the body was completely drained. Once she was satisfied, she stands back up and Carson and Devin both follow her. She follows Ark to the dungeon.
  21. They walk to the dungeon and a guard opens the outer door they walk in and the guard closes the outer door then opens the inner door and as soon as he does a vampire lunges at him sucking his blood. Juane grabs the vampire by the collar and throws him inside the dungeon. he prepares an extremely powerful sleep spell and when the vampire lunges toward him he grabs him and casts the spell knocking him out. He drags the vampire back to the chain and locks him back up. He goes to the dying guard and throws him to one of the vampires who consumes the rest of his blood. "I always lose a guard doing this. It's so troublesome."
  22. Charnette: She was horrified and disgusted, her hate for this man growing and she glares at him. "You're despicable," she hisses and orders Carson and Devin to stay behind her. "You made them nothing but feral. They need to be treated proper. If you want a mindless army, then go for it, but not a single person is going to respect you if you ever gain that throne you dream of. If you want to to be a real ruler, you earn respect. You can be fearsome and cruel, but at least have respect," she scolds him and steps into the cage of the vampires. They were fresh but they weren't too far gone yet.
  23. "I don't need respect just fear. That's all you need for people to follow you. It's easy and less troublesome." He closes up the dungeon and heads outside where a guard was by. "You. You are to guard this dungeon now." He begins to walk back to the dining hall. "If you want to be in charge of the vampires you can but if you have any problems you will have to deal with it."
  24. Charnette: She leaves the vampires locked up for now and gets out of the cages, following him back to the dining hall. "You're a terrible leader. You haven't read your history at all, have you? Sooner or later, everyone that rules with fear only eventually gets overthrown and killed. From now on, I would like to be in charge of your vampires from the beginning. I will train them properly. Fear not, they will be loyal to you," she makes sure Carson and Devin follow her too and to prove a point she calls Carson over to her. "If you want a useless army then train them your way, but if you want them to actually be able to do something, let me train them."
  25. "Sure, you would probably be more qualified so you can take care of it." He goes back to the table. "There isn't anything that needs to be done today so if you want to roam around the castle I don't need any help. If you want to go back to the castle tell the guard at the dungeon door. 'Jormont' and he will open it for you."

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