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brother in the arcane arts
i'm currently looking for new partners to scratch my ever-growing fandom itch. for the most part, i only write canon characters, and i do prefer to write against other canon characters. however, if you are looking to double, i can totally write any of the canon characters i have listed below against your oc, provided i get to write a canon character for my part. i do love ocs! but right now i've kinda lost my passion in making them, and i really just love exploring canon character (:

baldur's gate 3
who i can write:
astarion, gale and raphael.
ships i'm looking for: gale x astarion, astarion x raphael, halsin x astarion.

dead by daylight
who i can write:
ghostface, any of the resident evil survivours, and wesker.
ships i'm looking for: ghostface x michael myers. also open to other ships including the characters i can write, just really craving some ghostmyers rn!

resident evil
who i can write:
leon, chris, wesker, birkin, ada, mother miranda ++
ships i'm looking for: chris x leon, chris x wesker, wesker x birkin, ada x luis, leon x luis and sooo many more. please don't be afraid to suggest other ships here either as i love everything about resident evil.

ok so, with that out of the way, i do have a few requirements or expectations!
  • since i'm 24 myself, i'm only really comfortable with roleplaying with those over 18, and i would prefer over 20.
  • length of replies is not a main concern of mine. however, i do tend to be anywhere from 300-1000+ words depending on the scene. at the end of the day, what's most important to me, is that we both have something to work with. and quality always before quantity.
  • for reply times, i'm really not picky. if you take a week to reply, idm! life always comes first. i usually try to reply at least once every day or every other day!
  • communication is key with me. i love ooc chatter, and honestly, it's a big part of roleplaying for me. i enjoy making friends with the people i roleplay with! tell me about your day, or gush about your interests. i love that shit.
  • and a must is of course that you're LGBTQ+ friendly.
if any of this at all caught your interest, please dm me!!
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