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Desert Rose

Adored Muse
Hello and welcome! My name is Rose or Rosey, she/her

    • 3rd person
    • past tense
    • I like to write with realistic possibilities. This includes in fantasy that there is a method and some sort of science or mana-energy behind the magic. This is a good way to keep powers balanced.
    • I like to write around dark themes with some grit.
    • I don't like to stick with a stereotypical trope. (i.e. master x slave being your borderline lewd romance story- no... none of that from me).
    • My writing will often contain descriptors such as the various senses around the scenery and characters in that particular scene. I like to get immersed in the world will try to write accordingly.
    • My writing length varies depending on if the scene is dialogue or an action scene etc. I can post anywhere from 3-10+ paragraphs.
    • I don't like doubling for the sake of doubling. I play multiple characters each with a purpose to the story not just as an addition for my partner.
    • I can write in a thread, pm, google docs, or discord

  • These pairings is more like the character type and relationship, this does not necessarily mean romance. This can be friends, romantic, platonic, enemies... etc.. this is just the idea of potential pairings that the story can center around.
    • criminal x runaway/kidnapped
    • crime lord x informant
    • runaway x runaway
    • royalty x rebel
    • elf x human
    • angel x demon
    • vampire x human
    • vampire x vampire hunter
    • hunter x hunted
    • bad boy/girl x good boy/girl
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