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Magic Eight Ball
Hello! ~
About me: I'm 18 and currently studying Zoology at University meaning that I am quite busy during the day but have evenings and weekends to reply, I'll reply every 2-3 days at a minimum if not daily. I've been roleplaying online for about seven years, stopped for a year and I'm getting back into it. I've always loved writing and roleplaying was always a fun way to explore that and so now that I have more free time on my hands I'm looking to start up again.

When it comes to roleplaying I love discussing ideas and talking to the people I'm roleplaying with occ, it makes it more interesting and in my experience it helps keep things flowing and alive when people are willing to talk about where they want things to go and bounce ideas around.
Typically I match my partners length, can do anywhere between 700 and 3,000 on average as it depends on where about in the RP we are and what's going on.
I'm fine with or without character sheets however if we're doing face-claims I prefer realistic ones simply because I find it easier to imagine what's happening and block their movements and the scene out.
Ditch friendly, just let me know! Get that you can fall out of love with an RP or that life can get in the way sometimes just please don't ghost if you can help it. I'll show you the same courtesy, also if you know you're not going to be on for a while please let me know but life happens and emergencies happen so if you don't I won't hold it against you.
Please try to be as literate as possible, mistakes get made and I'll never claim to be anywhere near perfect but if I'm struggling to understand what you're saying and having to decipher what you've written then this likely isn't going to work.​
If there's anything I've left out feel free to ask! I don't bite.

more to be added as and when
[Wait Out the Sun] A and B were once Hollywood sweethearts, met as fresh faced bright eyed teenagers on their first film set - the entire project a gamble fronted by two relative newcomers. The film was a hit and the pair went from there, starring in twelve different films - alongside each other, of course and winning four Oscars between them by the time they were twenty one years old. Smash hits. But stardom and fame that young? It can really cause things to spiral. After years of being one of the most loved duos Hollywood had to offer the pair split, each tabloid had a different reason and theory and there were even a couple of bets going on. Places clamouring to get the exclusive but the pair remained tight lipped about the entire thing. A and B dive into different projects but none are as successful as the ones they did together. A has been working on a script for years, has always been fascinated with what goes on behind the camera as much as what happens in front of it. However places are reluctant to take it on, A doesn't have the same draw to their name as they once did and so they start to give up until one studio says yes. The only condition? They have to work with B to make it.​

Vaguer Ideas - platonic and romantic
Pomade x Poodle Skirt​
Actor x Actor​
Criminal x Criminal​
Hunter x Supernatural Person​
Criminal x Detective​
FBI Agent x Small town Detective​
Rival spy x Rival spy​
Pirate x Stowaway​
Enemies to friends/lovers​
College student x student, friendship​
Secret Garden type RP​

Very open to suggestions!

Now I'm willing to play certain canon characters for each of these Fandoms however playing canon characters is a new thing for me and I'm still getting into the swing of it all so I can't promise to be the best at it and I'll be finding my feet as we go but I'm willing to learn and try and adapt. Willing to do: canon x oc's, oc x oc's. Also interested in exploring what-if canon divergence scenarios were we change something that happened and explore the world from there.​
Leaning towards platonic relationships for now, always prefer to do romance as something that happens rather than starting out and having some kind of instant love going on.​
* = Means I'm willing to play canon characters or try to for the others it means I'd prefer us to go the OC route but depending on your preference/idea I could be willing to do a canon for those too!​
- Harry Potter*​
- Game of Thrones​
- Misfits​
- Agents of SHIELD*​
- Stranger Things​
- Maze Runner​
- Hunger Games​
- Haven*​
- Percy Jackson​
- How to get away with murder​
- Safe​
- Black Mirror​
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~ Amethyst ~
I'm very interested in your first plot! I can send pictures of my OC Valyrie who has a realistic face claim. Please message me!

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