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Futuristic Partner Search, SCI-FI Crewmate RP 1x1


I'd be so happy...
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
My Interest Check


-(GMT+2) similar times preferable
-adv. lit.
-FxM, MxM, I don't care

-DM me

-Have an OC created, detail and quality over quantity

-not connected to any known franchise, its an OG rp
(would be nice if you watched Alien, Bladerunner, 5th element, 2001: a space odyssey)

-take care to read atleast once, details are provided bellow


>RP plot summary:
A big star Sector filled with planets populated by humans. Thousands years of medical/scientific and social development lead to humans establishing a firm presence way beyond the earths solar system.

Anomalous stretches of empty void envelop the known space routes. Leading nowhere. All expeditions to date never yielded any returning information nor survivors.

With seemingly no intelligent life even amongst the stars, humans have separated into major factions controlling sections of known space.

1. Void shadows- Pirates
2. NHU (New Terra Union)- Orthodox earth humans
3. Outter Colonial Union- Earths Star systems off world colonies.
4. Foundation Interosulary- Independent off Terra industrial company
5. Hegemony- Space Police
6. Sun witnesses- New branch of Christianity
7. True brotherhood- New branch of Islam
8. Void watchers- New branch of Judaism

Each work with and against one another. In a constant rat race for influence, supply to satisfy demand and power.
>My OC:


Kenny "Ken" Torrent, Age 27, Interosulary employed Junior electrical technician

Born aboard a class 3 civilian Space cruiser to Senior Work Safety technician Mira Watkins and Senior Electrical technician Rob Torrent. His first memories were of claustrophobic brightly lit rooms and branching corridors.
Due to the nature of the space jump, and Miras unplanned pregnancy, he lived his early years on the vessel.

He was brought up in a Industrial company colony in Sector C-2. Where he was enrolled early on into practical vocational school.

In his teens he attended and finished the Interosulary youth work training camp. Adding a trained technician onto his CV early on allowed him to further pursue an interest in civilian Ship wiring and microprocessors.

Kenny lived with his parents until he was 17, but when he was about to finish the training camp, he was send off to an Interosulary enrichment facility on his home colony. Where he worked as an Junior Electrical Technician. And slept in the barracks with the other entry level workers.

Days went to weeks, weeks went to months, months went to years. All that time Kenny was still diligently working aboard the company.

He was offered a renewed contract every new Christian cycle (1 earth year Gregorian calendar), and with each contract the pay was steady, his food and stay was handled.

In that routine he eventually started to feel a creeping sense of detachment from his surroundings, gradually automating his days into set patterns and routines.

Days bled into one another. And his work kept him a Junior.
He started skipping his weekly allowed interplanetary call to his parents. Seeing their faces for a couple of hours couldn't make up for lost time.

His colleagues we're equally uninteresting, Kenny was of the same cloth as every other worker. Obedient, useful and ultimately replaceable. None of them could go home due to the contract. None of them knew what to do home even if they could go. Time home could have been spent making a living. Time that could have been spent on a possible promotion. After years of talking most conversations boiled down to greetings and idle chit chat.

The lesser of two evils was to conform and keep his head down. Take it one day at a time.
Be a good worker. Don't break any rules, don't attract attention. Keep repairing and checking fuze boxes every morning, and crawling trough the went system every 2 weeks.

-5+ years of roleplaying
-can't understand/won't understand smut roleplays
-(GMT+2) timezone, google Serbia timezone to know when I'm active
-I can keep an open mind to any kind of relationship, but at the end of the day, we are two brains talking together trough text in a Forum. We are unlikely to meet, thus, I focus on roleplay and a quality story.

-Will have days where I will reply a mere hour or half an hour after your last replies every time, other days I can only send one or two replies. Depens on my job and programming studies. But I always try to reply atleast once to show you I am alive.
-Especially free on weekends.
-I have a job, a █████████████████████████████████, and I am studying programming.
-I rp to distract myself from the boring monotony of life.
-triggers? don't worry about it.
-MxM, FxF, MxF, I don't care. Just don't be weird

>RP ideas I like:
-Coworkers (TAKEN)
Two employees hanging out and doing daily chores, slice of life casual doings.
-Experiment/Project incident (OPEN)

Something has gone horribly wrong aboard the ship/facility, and we need to get out fast.
-Military coup (TAKEN)
The regime in the local star system is changing, chaos is rampant. Black markets are on the rise, piracy is unregulated, smuggling is commonplace, Hegemony is losing influence and authority.
-AI takeover (open)
Machines have gone amok, an anomalous computer virus is taking over and neutralizing important automated infrastructure. Water has gotten dirty and unfiltered, infected robots are not following basic protocol and are becoming unpredictable. Microwave units explode and cause apartment fires. Nobody has a ready explanation, nor solution. From the looks of it, something is changing. And not for the better.
>Some pics
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