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*it's a nervous breakdown*
Hey everyone, Serpentalis here (but feel free to call me whatever, i honestly do not care.) Obviously I'm here about finding new 1x1 partners, so I suppose I should start with some basic info about myself?

I've been roleplaying for a long while, I don't know exactly how long, but I've been writing for even longer than that, and I am a fairly literate writer, being able to spit out paragraphs upon paragraphs of detail and all that fun stuff depending on how excited I am about the story or whether or not my brain is even working in the first place. I am 18+, and I am open to basically every kind of theme or setting or pairing, just suggest something and I'll share my thoughts! However, I do love to plot with whoever I end up writing with, as I find that joint work put into a story very satisfying, and very fun. As of right now, I'm generally looking for MxM only, but if we do double (and I do love doubling) I could be convinced to do MxF (FxF is just a no, i'm sorry.) I'm usually very flexible so just...ask.

I also do not RP anthro, at all, or animals unless they are side characters. I have not had good experiences with stories solely surrounding those types of characters and it's not something I want to relive.

I am willing to roleplay here, but I have a preference for gdocs or Discord (this is usually where I do all my plotting for the most part.)

Anyway! On to the good stuff!

Prince/King|(anything, really.)
Obviously there's more, feel free to shoot off ideas. This was just all I could come up with right now.

*Fandoms*--keep in mind that I will not play a canon character, only OC's(i just feel like I can't do them justice, you know?)
Supernatural. Always SPN
LMAO that's it. I'm a sad human

*some vaguer ideas*
anything supernatural, really
The four horsemen? Please?
Anything to do with the apocalypse? I love myself some good apocalypse RPs, whether they be zombies or something else completely weird (and i do have an idea for this one) please. like....please. Maybe something like Mad Max: Fury Road would be fun, too.
Omegaverse. I understand this isn't for everyone, but I've been wanting to do it for a while now, and it can be combined with almost any ideas, too.

Romance usually happens with me at some point, so be prepared for that
Angst and dark themes, please and thank you
Tbh basically anything

So yeah, just comment here or PM me if you're interested! (if you can PM, please do. It makes me nervous to have to do it on my own lmao.)
Also, if this thread seems a bit lacking in any respect, please let me know. I kinda forget about things when I'm excited/nervous
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