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Hello and welcome to my partner search! I hope I can interest some of you into RPing with me.

I should probably introduce myself right? I'm Silver and I'm from a small country in Europe. I have a bit more free time recently and really want to start writing again so here I am *smile*.

To make this easier I will just put a few questions here and my answers below them so you can get to know me better:

- What is your writing style?
*third person, past tense*

- How long is your average response (words or paragraphs)
*at least two well sized paragraphs, usually more depending on how things are.*

- How often can you respond/post IC?
*At least once every two or three days, it depends on how busy real life gets. But in the OOC I can respond every day.*

- Where do you prefer to roleplay?
*I can RP in private messages or on Discord, whichever you prefer is fine with me.*

- Which pairings do you like to write most?
*M/M with occasionally M/F but it really depends on the plot. I never even tried F/F pairings so I don't know much about that, I wouldn't mind at least trying it someday through. *

- Do you have any triggers?
*not a full on trigger but I don't like suicidal characters or the two main characters being overly cruel or abusive towards each other.*

- Anything else you think is important for your RP partner to know?
*Communication is important to me, if I don't hear from someone for too long without prior warning I start thinking they lost interest or something. I also want us to work on the RP together so the work won't be left up to only one person. Tell me if/when you want to change or add something, Don't be shy and keep it all in. But most of all I don't want one liners, they tend to discourage me...*

Pairings I'm interested in at the moment:
*I often like to mix and match stuff so if you want, we can mix some pairings... Also if you have an idea for a pairing and it's not on this list feel free to pitch it to me anyway, I just wanted to keep the list short so the list won't be too long.*

- Witch/warlock x familiar
- Witch/warlock x witch/warlock
- PI x rival PI
- PI x psychic/medium
- Werecreature (werewolf, werepanther, etc...) X werecreature
- Werecreature x supernatural being (witch, vampire, demon, angel, fae, merman/maid, etc...)
- Werecreature x veterinarian
- Rivals
- Reincarnated lovers
- Colorblind x person who can make them see color
- Person that can't feel physical sensations x person that can make them feel
- 'My sister's boyfriend'
- Heartbroken on vacation x other hotel guest (or flirty bartender)
- Crime boss x criminal
- Musicians or actors

Genres I like most:
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OMG I have a plot for Reincarnated lovers!! may I dm you?
I have a sorta plot for reincarnated lovers if your interested in a mythology tie to the plot
Hey there, I'm interested in a werecreature x werecreature, werecreature x vet, werecreature x supernatural being or rivals, or a mix of any of those. Dm me if you're interested!
Hiii! I really like the 'My sister's boyfriend' idea! I'd love to come up with some plot ideas for that. I have some ideas we could maybe build on

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