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Hi hi! My name is Cloud or Sunny and I'm starting my new RP journey fresh on a new account. I'm a fandom only role player and my primary focus right now is One Piece, but I would be interested in some of the other fandoms I have listed too. I am a bit picky with OC/Canon couples, so unless a fandom is marked with an asterisk (*), I am only really comfortable doing Canon/Canon for it.


- 22 yrs old, freelancer, mentally and chronically ill, this affects my reply times
- "Lazy-Lit"; I can do anywhere between 1-5 paragraphs per normal reply, and more if the mood strikes!
- Ghost friendly, OOC friendly, LGBTQ+ friendly and preferred
- If we're doing hetero presenting couples, I probably canon the involved characters as trans, nb, bi or some other flavor of queer.
- If I share my art and characters with you and you recognize them, no u don't 🤪 (I had an old account I kinda dumped because there were some scary people in DMs and I wanted a fresh start)

- Please be 18+, I'm not keen on interacting with minors
- Slow burn romance is my lifeblood. Love that shit.
- I will do DMs or Forums, I do not give out my discord.
- I do not have a trigger or squick list, but please be considerate and talk about limits with me beforehand. I can handle most dark topics, but I ask that mental illness, if involved, is handled with respect.
- No reply time requirements, but I do try to get back to my partners at least once a week, or more if I'm really feeling the story and have the time.
- OOC is preferred, but not a requirement
- I will double for you if we're doing OC / Canon, if it's canon/canon I usually prefer one ship unless we talk something out!

I have no preference for who I play! I think I could pull them all off fairly well.
Have a ship you don't see here? Ask me!
I am completely caught up with One Piece now! Waiting for new chapters to drop :-)!

I canon the Straw Hats as one big polycule (excluding Brooke, Chopper and Jimbe), with Franky being committed to Robin only, but supportive of everyone else. If that's not your cup of tea, peep my other shipping preferences below! (Brooke, Chopper and Jimbe are just super great, supportive friends, just like franky :-) )

*= Craving
Luffy / Usopp
Luffy / Nami *
Luffy / Zoro
Zoro / Sanji *
Zoro / Usopp
Nami / Robin
Robin / Franky *

I would love to explore some slice of life things with the Straw Hats. Maybe work through s a few of the arcs with an angstier, more romantic tone between characters if canon is more your style.

AUs are always welcome as well, though I don't have many in mind at the moment. I love horror, so maybe something along the lines of monsters, demons and slashers would be fun if anyone is interested in that! I'm always up to talk plot with people

*= Craving

Laxus / Freed *
Lucy / Natsu
Juvia / Grey
Lucy / Erza
Erza / Juvia
Erza / Jellal *
Mavis / Zeref
Elfman / Evergreen
Precht / Warrod *
Precht / Yuri *

*= craving

OC x Zed *
OC x Captain Flynt
Timothy x Rhys *
Wilhelm x Timothy * (BIG CRAVE)
Rhys x Vaughn
Sasha x Rhys
Fiona x Vaughn

Just about anything you can think up, I'm drawing a bit blank on my end lmao. Just ask and I'll let you know where my preferences lie! Generally speaking, though, I don't enjoy writing jack as a love interest. He's a villain and I would love to write him as such.

Warrior Cats*
Generally speaking, I'd like this to be OC only, the canon characters don't appeal to me much!

Ace Attorney (currently playing T&T, just finished JFA and I finished AA while ago! No solid character prefs, just wanted to stick this one on here)

Genshin Impact
Ask me about shipping and stuff! I'll update this later with a better list.

I prefer very high fantasy worlds, as most of my personal OCs are made directly for my D&D world and I'd love to play around with something like that. I can share my worldbuilding with you, or water them down for some other, already established world.

I prefer paragraph only, no dice rolls for these, sorry! I get enough dice engagement from my players 😭.

Wizard / Apprentice ( Platonic ONLY for this one)
Swordswoman / Guild member
Literally any monster / Monster Hunter *

I don't have a ton of specifics in terms of like pairings, but here are a few plot candies for those who are interested: (totally 100% need to expand upon them, I just don't have any other pairing prefs so I want to give you a taste of some of the OCs I have on hand)

- Y/C meets a dark haired, powerful looking swordswoman. She has an unfriendly air about her, but maybe a few drinks can loosen her up and get her to talk to you. (m/f , f/nb, f/f)

- Y/C is a member / new recruit of an elite group of assassins called Mockingbird 89. There, they meet someone claiming to be the son of a well known chaos god. He's tall, terrifying, and - unfortunately for Y/C - quite a smooth talking gentleman. (m/m, m/nb, m/f)

- After a night of festivities, Y/C stumbles into a fun looking oddities tent. There they meet a strange little woman named Cassius, she plays a game of cards with them, which they win. It's only after Y/C goes to pay for their room at the local inn, that they realize Cassie made off with all of their gold. (f/f, f/nb)

- Y/C is a wizard/sorcerer studying at the biggest magic academy in the country! There you meet Ruby, daughter of the headmaster. She seems to have a few secrets hidden under those brilliant white gloves of hers. (f/f, f/m, f/nb)

I am ALWAYS open for new plots for my OCs, if you have something you'd like to pitch, pitch it to me!
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