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Fandom Partner search for fandom roleplays [Updated 12/04]

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Audacious Minacious

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Hello! I'm interested in finding some others roleplaying for fandoms that seem to be less popular now.

I much prefer literate roleplays, so if you aren't usually up for that, then this might not be the right thread for you.

Feel free to shoot me a private message or comment on this post for more information/to set something up!

*Bolded character is who I'd play
Italics- most wanted
For Hunter x Hunter, I don't have too much experience in roleplaying.
Kurapika x Leorio (Maybe doubling as Killua x Gon?)
Kurapika x Pairo
Meruem x Komugi
Gon x Killua (Preferred to do in tandem with Kurapika x Leorio)
Kokichi x Shuichi
Kokichi x Kaito

Kokichi x Rantaro
Kokichi x Kiibo
Nagito x Hajime/Izuru
Nagito x Kazuichi
Nagito x Fuyuhiko
Makoto x Byakuya
Taka x Mondo
Yuuri x Viktor
Sebastian x Claude
Sebastian x AGED UP!Ciel (He has to be aged up! He could not have been a child at any point in this roleplays' canon where he would have had interaction with Sebastian, I'm not comfortable with that.)
Sebastian x Will
Sebastian x Snake
Violet x Greenhill (Manga)

I'm interested in doing the plot of the current point in the manga (volume 28) where our Ciel, Sebastian, and the other servants are on the run from the real Ciel, Undertaker, and Scotland Yard! So if you're interested in doing that, I'd be super down!
Haida x Retsuko*
*For this one, I'd like to do human versions of them, since I'm uncomfortable doing roleplays with animal characters. We can think up ideas for looks/find references together if you'd like!
Kaido x Saiki
Hairo x Saiki
x Saiki
x Kuboyasu

This is a newer fandom for me, so I'm sorry if I'm not great at roleplaying the characters yet!

I have a fair amount of starters for Kokichi and Nagito in Danganronpa and one for Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter, feel free to ask about them!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask about other fandoms/ships that I don't have there.
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