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sunflower scout

an unhealthy obsession
hello ! my name is sun/scout, i go by they/them pronouns and i live in est time zone. i've been roleplaying for maybe four years now and i'm here on this site to expand my writing a bit more with some friends. as do a lot of others, i attend classes and do the occasional working shift that takes up a little bit of time from writing. as life comes and goes, things happen and if i had spoken with anyone before, feel free to message me again. i can be terribly forgetful sometimes!

lowercase for aesthetic only but here's some more information about my writing. i can do anywhere from 2-12+ paragraphs but tend to stick around the two or three mark for normal posts. if you want longer, you'll have to wait longer, simple logic. i pour a lot of effort into my characters and ideas and i hope to find someone who will do the same. character sheets can be made, in which i'll typically use a realistic face claim. speaking of characters, i'll do f//, m//, nb/all or m/f [in which case, i'd want the f role]. as for doubling, i might or might not. i don't want to double just to please someone with a gender pairing because they only want one type romance. if we double it's because it will contribute to the story without simply being for romance. also important to note, as of right now, i am not overly interested in f/f pairings. it might change on a later date but i can't seem to stay in one for too long without getting uninspired to write. please note: the plots i have marked with f/f are most likely the only ones i will confidently take on. first come, first served.

i will normally roleplay in a pm but ooc may be done on a thread and possibly on discord. i'll write in the third person and do past tense. i love ooc banter and finds that it really helps me get motivated to write with someone but this isn't always required. i have proper spelling/grammar and i can make my writing sound really fancy or keep it really simple. as i mentioned, i can be terribly forgetful so it's alright to bump me every few days if you haven't heard anything. personally, i try to post at least once a day or every second day and would appreciate someone to do the same! i try to keep everyone updated on my activity/interest but things happen but just know, i'll never intentionally ignore you.

i tend to do this thing called "purging old roleplays." if i haven't heard anything and it's been much more than a week or so, the conversation might fall and get left. it happens,, especially if i wasn't enjoying the roleplay anymore and you've just disappeared without word. if i've left and you want to talk about it or ask why, feel free to shoot me another message, it's not bothering me one bit.

roleplay specsword bank:
mental illness [done properly], fluff, angst, hurt.comfort, drama, robbed innocence, love-hate, conflict, high school, soulmates, supernatural, musicians, corrupt governments, synthetic reality, aliens, crime roleplays, gang wars, not-so one night stands, forbidden romance, more to come!

hacker x other, ci x cop, rich x poor, demon x demon, escort x client, kidnapped x kidnapper, dancer x dance partner, cop x doctor, magic creature x other magic creature, photographer x model, gang member x rival gang member, assassin x other assassin, undead x living, monster x other, cop x criminal, drug addict x dealer, dancer x client, video game character x real person, robot x anyone, more to come!

modern/realistic/slice of life, romance, modern fantasy, sci-fi, futuristic, cyberpunk, space cowboys, platonic, family dynamics, CRIME, horror

detroit become human, life is strange: before the storm, dc, some marvel, death note, scream queens s1, friends, dead by daylight, brooklyn nine nine, equals, miss kobayashi's dragon maid, hunger games, more to come! [i will play an oc only]

current cravings
partners in crime
muse a and b are at odds. muse a is a cop, living in a high tech city (think cyberpunk/near future) with good ranks and an outstanding reputation for being a "good cop." when the mayor decides to that they want to cut the crime rates lower, they start a criminal outreach program that allows criminals to become a ci instead. muse a agrees to this, thinking that it wouldn't be terrible. however, they didn't expect longtime offender muse b to waltz up to their desk, claiming that they're going to take them home. things get even worse when more life threatening cases come up and muse a's protectiveness of muse b starts to show a lot more than they wanted.
  • role pref | none
  • gender pairings | mxm | mxf | fxf
  • genres | futuristic | sci-fi | romance | crime | dystopia |drama | action |
date live
spirits are powerful beings that walk the earth, possessing gifts that can easily be used in the wrong way. considered monstrous, they need to be stopped. muse a is chosen by an origination to hunt a spirit that’s relatively close them, in the form of muse b, who’s considered that person in class that everyone knows yet doesn’t. to neutralise a spirit, one must kiss them. however, muse b and all other spirits aren’t that easy to get a hold of. muse a must date muse b in order to neutralise them.
  • role pref | muse b
  • gender pairings | mxm | mxf | fxf
  • genres | modern fantasy | angst | romance | college | high school |drama |
muse a is a nerd. that is no lie. as they got older and are now in college, they're at one of the highest ones out there. it's very odd, however, when they meet muse b, who seems quiet and cute enough. muse a can't help but think they've met before and that's when it hits them. muse b is an erotic dancer/actor[actress]. in exchange for keeping this secret, muse b has to pretend to date muse a, who's trying to convince their family that they do, in fact, have a partner. trouble arises when muse a's sibling can't help but shake the feeling that they've seen muse a before....
  • role pref | none
  • gender pairings | mxm | mxf | fxf
  • genres | futuristic | sci-fi | romance | crime | dystopia |drama | action |
the one that got away
muse a and b are in a dangerous gang. partnered to do a job together, it leads them to create a bond and grow feelings for each other. however, muse a is quickly targeted and forced into hiding because they want out of the gang, yet have only the chance to escape now. they can’t take muse b with them and muse b is too deep to escape with them. muse a visits muse b’s apartment, telling them the bad news and confessing their feelings before taking off into the night. it’s months later, muse b is still in the gang and muse a is nowhere to be seen. muse a makes a dangerous move when they meet muse b again by chance.
  • role pref | muse b
  • gender pairings | mxm | mxf |
  • genres | modern | romance | crime | angst |drama | drugs |
party next door
a loud and rambunctious group of supernaturals are like... a weird sorority/frat house in college. they throw the wildest parties and are viewed as the "it" crowd. muse a is one of them, always the centre of attention and seemingly getting everything they want. when muse b, the quiet kid, is just sitting on their roof, muse a is very confused as to what they're doing there. wanting to find out, muse a is oddly charmed by the weird and wacky muse b, who calls them out for being nonhuman.
  • role pref | none
  • gender pairings | mxm | mxf |
  • genres | modern-fantasy | comedy | romance | college | supernatural |drama |
purple lamborghini
muse a leads a crime ring, they're the best at the job too. they're a killer, they're madness and they strike fear within everyone. a club is the best place to schedule a meeting and that's where muse b is going, for a meeting, they can't help but be drawn to muse b, a favourite dancer there. with a grin on their face, their foe introduces muse b as their best and favourite dancer. muse a, doesn't care about that. they only care about getting to know muse b more. muse a starts showing up at the club more often but business and pleasure tend to overlap. a lot. muse a's foe is not pleased that they're stealing away their favourite dancer.
  • role pref | muse b
  • gender pairings | mxm | mxf |
  • genres | futuristic | sci-fi | romance | crime | dystopia |drama | action | gangs | drugs |
a robotic roommate
muse a is a hacker/robotic engineer that bought a rare and one of a kind chip from the market with sketchy origins. it's supposedly all mighty and powerful but not even they're sure of that. it's late one night, when the chip activates on its own, muse a doesn't know what to do so they leave it alone, hoping it'll stop eventually. the next morning, muse b is sitting in their living room, waiting for command. muse a has bought muse b's control chip, an android that, like its chip, has questionable origins.
  • role pref | muse b
  • gender pairings | mxm | mxf | fxf
  • genres | futuristic | sci-fi | romance | crime | dystopia |drama | action | crime

if you have any questions or suggestions, pm me and we can talk! i'm open to nearly all suggestions and i'll be honest when if i see something i don't like.

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optional plots — no guarantee

sunflower scout

an unhealthy obsession

  • ★☆☆☆☆ | very low chance i will do. not interested in. nearly no convincing will make me do this one
    ★★☆☆☆ | moderately low chance i will do. depends on what you want for it but possibly. a lot of convincing would be required for this one
    ★★★☆☆ | kinda feelin'. little convincing. probably have ideas/character i want to use for it.
    ★★★★☆ | definitely want to do. needs little convincing.
    ★★★★★ | yes. just. yes. pls.

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sunflower scout

an unhealthy obsession
"tomorrow comes and it's still today. tomorrow's a relative term, we're not getting there"

☀ author's note:
    • memories... do not open - fantasy
      • changed the entire plot, same title
    • genie in a jar - fantasy
      • completely new plot
  • Spec. note: since it's pride, i want to add a couple more mxm's to my roster
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sunflower scout

an unhealthy obsession
"how-- dare-- you-- detective-- diaz... i am your superior offICeR! bOOOnnEEEEEEEEEEE"
- capt. r.h.

☀ author's note
  • brand new format, mobile friend code as well as desktop
  • added current craving plot
    • memories... do not open
  • brand new plots
    • all modern/realistic
    • all fantasy
    • two (2) sci-fi plots

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