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Partner Requests (MxM, FxM pairings)


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I'm looking for people to RP with.

I'm not super picky but hoping for at least good spelling and semi-good grammer.

I'm quite alright with posts that are a minimum of 3 sentences.

I am open to F/M, M/M, F/F pairings but prefer F/M and M/M pairings.

I like doing original characters with original plots but prefer canon characters with fandom plots.

I don't really have set plots but I do have pairings I like.

I really prefer to have adventure plots to go along with my romance. ^^

1: Human x Tribal elf

Theme: Meet in ancient ruins

2: Explorer x Ancient tribal human or elf

3: Vampire x Dragonboy

4: Young human x Were-dragon

5: City Teen x Werewolf

6: Queen x Apothecary/Alchemist

1: Vash x Wolfwood

Theme: Hurt/comfort, no established relationship.

Plot: After Vash gets wounded and smacked around by bounty hunters. Wolfwood has to help him home and can't help falling in love.

2: Vash x Wolfwood

Plot: Escalating conversation with a drunken Vash.

3: Vash x Meryl

1: Jayce x Lissandra

2: Vladimir x Diana

1: (classic or Legend) Lara x Raziel

2: (classic or Legend) Lara x Umah

1: Riku x Xion

Plot: Takes place after KH2. Riku tries to go back to his normal life but is haunted by memories of Xion, a girl he can't place.

2: Leon x Yuffie

1: Vincent x Yuffie

2: Vincent x Cid

1: Spyro x Elora


Resident Babyface
I'm interested in the city teen/werewolf or the explored/ancient tribal elf if you're still open to rps?
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Goats In the trees.

I am interested in the mxm, Romance? We can come up with our own plot and rp through PM if you would like.

But quick question, would you be okay to play the dominant partner in the Rp relationship as I only like being the sub.

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.

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