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Futuristic Part II: OOC

Which Stories Are You Most Interested In?

  • The Formation of Guild "Week"

  • The Rise of the Group "PK Fire"

  • The Circumstances of the Accused

  • The Secrets of the Blackland

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White Masquerade

QuirkyAngel's Red Oni
@The One Eyed Bandit
Potara with a RAID phantom would be dangerous. Also, there will be no dark elf pottery golem >_>

I did not know Bob was a thing.

I thought of introducing Cho, but went against it. It’s nice to leave plot threads untouched after one go at them. Besides, had they sided with her, she would have never left Pwnies. I like the notion of decisions mattering. Harks back to the Kakureyami days and those “destiny choices”.

@Azure Sky
Herald is an NPC? Also you’re joking about Spongebob. There is no way that would happen. I don’t believe anything you’re telling me about it.

@Lucem Tenebris
Lol. I don’t know if that was official or just OOC talk.

Haha. How did you even know there was an Airwalk skill? There are also 4 immunity slots at maximum so it won’t stop everything. That’s good to point out.

White Masquerade

QuirkyAngel's Red Oni
@Kalin Scarlet @hosaki @BlacklegSanji Heyo. I am letting you know you have a deadline if Friday to let me know if you’re participating or not as I’d like to keep this moving at a good pace. If you’re busy or not interested there’s no shame in saying it. I’ll stalk your profiles on Friday before I transfer your characters to NPC if I don’t hear anything.

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