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Futuristic Paradym Shift IC

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Here Be Dragons
"I fail to see the issue. The sins of the father aren't the sins of the child. So long as he seeks to do what's right, that's what matters."
Just because you’re in the same family doesn't mean you’re the same person. Take mutts from non-mutt families; their parents don’t have powers, yet the kids do.

His classmates' words were able to bring a stillness within his heart. Amid the scorching rage and shame that were now frozen in air, Alex was able to feel the understanding offered by his fellow students gently seeping past his shell, like water droplets on a dry sponge. Just as he was about to implode under his shell, his classmates offered him the comfort and kindness part of him was longing for.

"Thank you, for speaking the truth-"
"I mean, speaking up...for me." Alex looked at Gabriele, then turned to faced the feathered girl to signal his appreciation. Alex felt like he could be a little more vulnerable around his classmates.

He was never expecting to be given any chances at becoming his own character as soon as they heard about his family, he had only ever been the one to clean up his canvas of life that was smeared black by his parents, a tiring and frustrating role. The fact that he felt like he can only try as hard as he could to erase his parents' marks when he knew that they were permanent, and will forever be a part of him was devastating.

"I am different from them, I will become a hero." He lifted his head slightly and spoke again, directing his voice at no one in particular.
"That's why I am here," Alex spoke with determination at the root of his voice.

Ada, the one person that cared about him since small was the one to told him that if there is not any way to erase and cover those marks, just make something pretty out of them. Some of them here with him seemed to understand his goal, and that alone was more than enough for him.

"Let's all try our best...no matter how 'crazy' things may get." Alex declared.
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absolutely average
Flick was thankful for the upperclassman to arrive and clear up the confusion about their teacher, although she was surprised to hear they weren't out fighting crime, or at least getting coffee. It was odd to imagine a hero teacher at Invictus to just... not show up. It didn't sound like the upperclassman had much faith in this particular teacher. Flick frowned slightly. It was one thing if maybe their teacher's power caused them to have some kind of downtime required to recharge, she understood that completely, but it didn't seem to her like that was the case here...

Soon enough the class was following him to their next activity. Leaving school grounds to head to the train station, it was exciting to get a fieldtrip the first day. She wondered what exactly their first task would be. Would they get to show off their powers today? Spar? She got giddy at the idea, trying to evaluate her classmates discretely. She knew you could never anticipate exactly what ability somebody had until they showed their hand, but it was fun to imagine anyway. She guessed maybe the boy with the eyepatch had some kind of laser eye. Or maybe that would be too obvious. It could be totally unrelated. Would that make it rude to ask then? Mm probably. Time will tell. She got lost in thought, her focus starting to drift until the group stopped, having reached their destination.

There they met with two individuals. The first actual adult that seemed to take charge of their class who stomped out a cigarette, and a girl with flowers in her hair and her phone in her face. Dr. Essa introduced herself and explained her role. Flick grinned politely at her while she spoke. When she explained they'd probably be seeing her a lot considering how beat up their training would make them, a flash of determination came across Flick's eyes. She liked a good challenge, and so far it was sounding like she was in for everything she expected. After boarding the train they moved on to rollcall, Michelle taking over. She seemed to speak her mind a little too freely, popping off with a judgement about one of her classmates. Flick looked at the boy, Alex, curiously. He seemed to look nice enough, why would Michelle be rude to him? Flick tried to recall what significance his last name held but she couldn't place him. Odd... Maybe she'd recognize where the jeer came from later, but she wasn't one to indulge any kind of negativity.

She was glad when several of her classmates jumped in to defend him. It seemed to make him relax a bit, and showed that they were in good company. She smiled at him from her seat across the aisle. He thanked the ones who had spoken up and started to declare that he would become a hero, and that they should all try their best to do so.

"That's the spirit!" She chimed in, finding inspiration in his declaration. "We all have to work to prove who we are. It won't be easy, but your determination already shows that you're different than who they think you are. By the time our class graduates, we're gonna be the best heroes this academy has ever seen!"


Spring Thief
On the train...@Fluffykitty9000 The True Plague The True Plague ItsKenAgain ItsKenAgain Dreamtique Dreamtique @blitzfritz
⤫ ⤫ ⤫​

For once, Essa cracked a small smile as she watched the students interact. Her cool blue eyes studied Alex closely, waiting for how he would handle the situation. She probably should have stepped in sooner, but curiosity had gotten the better of her. In a way, she wanted to see how the class would react to this. They did not disappoint.

Well, most of them. Loretta, Micheal, Tal and Royce seemed to be minding their own business or perhaps were avoiding getting any suspicions thrown their way. After all, they were the ones with criminal charges on their head and had just been offered a way to escape punishment by joining the school.

Michelle couldn't get another venomed word in once Alex's classmates jumped up to defend him. Still, it only seemed to deepen the frown on her face. She opened her mouth, ready to spit out an angry retort, but was stopped by a sharp word from Dr. Essa. "Michelle, just leave it. Unless you'd like me to start comparing you to your old man. I'm sure you'd love that."

A muscle in Michelle's jaw twitched and she gave Essa a baleful look.

"Questions are done." She hissed, tossing the attendance sheet onto Essa's lap. Then she plopped down onto her seat and angrily brought up her phone again, tapping away furiously. The flowers in her hair began to wriggle slightly, releasing a subtle scent akin to lavender.

Essa flipped through the sheets, "Sheesh, you all sound like heroes already. Of course, Alex and Felicia are right; you have all been given a chance to prove what you're made of. Become a hero and whatnot." She folded the papers and stuffed them into a pocket, "Just don't mess it up. That's the tricky part, right."

"Such little faith in the newest rank of Invictus heroes! I'd wager we have a few S Class in the making~!" A voice rang through the train cabin. The suited man who had been taking notes now strolled towards the group, a hand in his pocket and a relaxed smile on his face. "It's a pleasure to see the new faces of Invictus. I'm-”

“Leaving.” Essa cut in, crossing her arms over her chest. “You know the rules. No scouting students until at least 3rd year.”

“Surely a little introduction will do no harm? I’m merely curious about the newest roster of soon-to-be heroes. Purely personal. No offers, I promise.”

"Well sorry to say but you're disrupting a class, so you'd best be on your way."

The man looked at his watch and then outside the train. The towering buildings of City A had given way to shining glass domes, white tiled labs, and grids of solar panels. In the far distance, the grey walls of the Super Villain prison could just be made out. "Off to the training facility I see? Well we have a good 3 minutes before we arrive at the terminal. Don't tell me you're starting lecture work on the trains! Invictus staff, so heartless! Give this poor hero fan two minutes!"

"One. And you delete that recording your partner is making."

The woman in the background flinched, but the suited man's smile never faltered. “Deal! As I was saying, I’m Alberto, a simple employee of Kali Co. But that's not important!"

Alberto held a gloved hand out to the students, shaking their hands one after the other

Should they accept the handshake, students would discover a small slip of paper in their hand, about the length of their thumb. A logo of a calico cat takes up the centre of the slip. When tilted to the light, faint words can be seen. 'Invictus is lying to you'. Below it is a number 776 432 876

"What matters is wishing you all a prosperous future! Though I have a feeling this group won't need well wishing. I know young potential when I see it. I’ve got good instincts for these sorts of things, you know”

He gave a wink and tapped his nose with a gloved finger. Essa rolled her eyes “Finished now?"


⤫ ⤫ ⤫​

The students have just enough time to ask Alberto any questions they might have. Or perhaps tell Essa about the mysterious card. She does not seem to notice any of the cards, and is more focused on watching Alberto. At this point, the City B station can be seen steadily approaching. It will not be long until they reach their stop.

The True Plague

Lord Doctor of the Plague
Gabriele hummed softly in thought, thinking on if it warranted a reply if he was thanked. The matron of the orphanage would probably want him to receive it graciously, but does that mean with words, or merely an acknowledgment of the fact? Such pressing decisions.

"It is no problem. I won't let unjust actions go freely in my face." He had the smallest hint of a smile on his face. The one he'd use for the small children at the orphanage when they wanted to ask him questions or hang around him. Kind, as a smile should be.

Briefly, his gaze shifted to Michelle, mild amusement in his eyes at the reaction she gave. Ah, a hypocrite. Throwing stones in glass houses. Casting blame when you've had a similar sin to the one you crusade against. Priceless. He did sniff a little at the vague scent of lavender. It's a good scent. Sue him. It reminds him of home.

As he returned to observing the train, just barely listening to Essa speak, he saw the suited man finally approach. Ah, what a shame. Seems like a salesman, based on the aggressive tactics used in procuring time to speak to the students. Perhaps Essa should have been more firm against this solicitor? He thinks so. He's not fond of buying what others sell.

When offered a hand, he'd make a point of setting his hands in his lap, and shaking his head. "Thank you for the words, but please do get along with the leaving now. You are doing a poor job of making a good impression." He'd nod his head once, before leaning back into the seat. Man reeks of con, in his eyes.


absolutely average
It wasn't hard to tell that Michelle was getting heated over their responses, but luckily Dr. Essa stepped in and brought the discussion to a close with a pointed jab at Michelle. They sat for a moment while Dr. Essa looked through their class roster making a few comments. Flick could swear for a moment she smelled something sweet and floral. She gazed around the train and then her eyes rested on Michelle with her flowered hair. Oh, duh. That makes sense.

Her attention was soon on the man approaching their class. He seemed to be friendly enough. Flick smiled widely at him, finding it exciting to be getting some attention for being heroes in the making. She knew the hero world was a business in many ways, and this guy was probably just a much a vulture as the next, but she had a horrible penchant for giving the benefit of the doubt. It was always good to make connections if you wanted to stay ahead. It's just not in her nature to turn down an opportunity to make a new acquaintance. Flick stood up as the man approached, holding onto the nearby handrail.

"Alberto from Kali Co., huh? Nice to meet you! Name's Flick Simmons, and I'm really more of a fist bump kinda gal." She explained with a friendly bravado. Flick held out her fist assuming he'd naturally return the gesture. The cheeky smile never left her face. "Handshakes are just so formal, don't you think? Anyway, thanks for showing interest in our class!"


Here Be Dragons
"What matters is wishing you all a prosperous future! Though I have a feeling this group won't need well wishing. I know young potential when I see it. I’ve got good instincts for these sorts of things, you know”

He gave a wink and tapped his nose with a gloved finger. Essa rolled her eyes “Finished now?"


The well-dressed man named Alberto came into the scene as Alex was just starting to recollect himself. Confused about the man's intention, all he picked up from Essa's attitude and their conversation was that the man was not very welcomed.

Alex paused before reaching out to accept the handshake half-heartedly, quickly realizing the slip of paper left on his palm. He didn't take the message on the slip of paper too seriously, in his mind it was just a form of marketing strategy, but the message was enough to get him thinking, maybe the marketing strategy did work a little. His eyes locked on the words, distracting him from the passage of time.

'Invictus is lying to you."

He never expected there to be any controversies surrounding Invictus. To him, Invictus had always been like a giant monument embodying peace and justice, he imagined it to be a unanimous subject of worship even. There were no reasons to believe what was written on the paper, but the lack of reasons also applied to his faith in Invictus.
Of course, he didn't come here just to question Invictus, but he realized he might have to reevaluate his faith. He wouldn't call himself free of bias yet, he questioned just because he wanted a way to justify his faith.

He scanned through the numbers on the paper before slipping it into his pocket.
"So, what does this Kali Co. you work for do?" Alex asked aloud before turning to face Alberto.
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