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Paradox Quest: Dimension Hoppers

Dice System


Fantasy Geek Memer Otaku
Long Ago, An Ancient War Broke Out Between The Kingdom Of Katherdrial And An Ancient Demon Known As Nexuson. The Kingdom Was Victorious, But As A Last Resort, Nexuson Divided The Kingdom Into 5 Parallel Universes;
The Woodland Dimension, Home Of The Many Species Of Elves
Transylvanian Dimension, Home Of The Vampires
The Holy Dimension, Home Of The Angels
The Ocean Dimension, Home Of The Merpeople
And The Earthen Dimension, Home Of The Mortals
Now These Universes Are Beginning To Merge, With Devastating Effects.
Now, (Insert Your Characters Name Here), Its Your Time To Save These Worlds!

(this is a copy paste from the lore thread. If you have any interest i will dm you the link to the character thread)


New Member
Hello! I'm interested in playing a elf mage. Can you describe what you're imagining for winged and blood elves?


~a FiSh wITh LeGs~
I would also like to join this rp if there are any spaces left for another member!

Ps- I would also like to play as a fishy if not minded

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