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Off to a Better Place
"What happened?"

Walt stood there, on the edge of the desolate parking lot. Gus Fring was finally dead. His family was safe, and, perhaps something of equal importance, Walter could now assume control of his organization. It had been a long journey, but for Walter... maybe his was finally at in end. At least, for now. With a smile, Walter nodded into the phone and said two, simple words. Words that summed up everything he had accomplished with his own sheer will and determination.

"I won."

And with that, the man known as Heisenberg began to make his way home. His work was done. Maybe he could even finally settle down and have a delicious, home cooked meal...


...or not.

Just as Walter began to make his way home, hell before he even set foot in his own car, he just... vanished. Out of thin air. He just vanished. And that vanishing was quickly made apparent to the meth lord as he suddenly tripped over a walk and fell right on his torso, causing his glasses to fall off his face. He fumbled around for a bit as he attempted to find them, before his rough hand finally fell onto the lenses of his glasses. He quickly picked them up and put them back on his face, before squinting his eyes and glancing around.

"Where the hell am I?" He asked as he looked around, only to immediately find that everyone in this... mysteriously well gardened cave were arguing over some nonsense. His facial features all dropped as he grit his teeth, before beginning to grumble under his breath in an annoyed tone, though the words were inaudible due to all the bickering.

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Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch

Benedict opened his eyes as he saw the sun. His mind started racing, was he at peace? He looked around, only to look down at a little penguin in a suit, holding a tray of crumpets, “Ah........never mind Josh......you’re here.” Josh gave an acknowledging honk as Benedict pulled out a very large, thick, book. “Ah......let’s see what the handy.......survival guide says.” He said as he dropped it on the sand and started reading, “Ah.....just as I thought, we must.......interrogate the locals.” Benedict then pulled out his pistol and proceeded to walk, Josh following closely behind.

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Daldra Ghotie
Location: The Island
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When another voice sounded from behind them, Daldra turned to observe them. They looked human, or rather, weren't a troll as far as Daldra could see. But given how this place seemed to pull in just about anything and anyone, it would be rude to assume this other person was also human right off the bat. Zira made a snide remark to the newcomer, and Daldra slowly began to realize that perhaps it was simply in Zira's nature to be a bitch. She shouldn't take it as personal as she was taking it... The thought calmed down Daldra slightly. "I know for a fact we are not on Alternia," she stated to the newcomer, "but what planet this is remains to be seen. What is your name?" she asked, "Mine is Daldra."

Dax Hartnet
Location: The Island
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Humming, Dax retracted her hug, holding his hand instead. She didn't want to let him go, truthfully she'd rather just spend the day in his arms, holding Felix tight and never letting him leave her sight again, but formalities were important, and simply ignoring their company was rude. When the cowboy introduced himself, Dax nodded in greeting in turn, despite the fact that she had no hat to tip. "Pleasure to meet you, Arthur. My name's Daxtrien, but you can call me Dax for short. If I had to guess where we are, given the method of bringing us here out of the blue and with no explanation, I'd have to guess a certain pocket dimension we usually called the Paradox House," she tapped her lower lip with her free index finger, turning to look to Felix as if for confirmation. "But if Felix didn't tell you that off the bat, then it's safe to assume we're somewhere with similar properties, but not the exact same location. This is an island, so perhaps a change of name would help distinguish the House from here? How about Paradox Isle?"


Raptor Shapeshifter
Kaya Scodelario as Elizabeth „Effy“ Stonem in Skins

Kristine Giovanni

Kristine was listening to the two distant children arguing when suddenly a new smell invaded her nose and she spun around instinctively: an old man, around fifty or so, bald with glasses, was looking around confused, letting out the usual exclaimation before grumbling something under his breath. Oh sweet, another one has joined the party.

"Oh lovely, another one has joined our luxurious party!" She yelled, a little louder than she intended, then again she was a tad bit drunk. She smiled at the old man. "You look familiar, have I seen you before?" She furrowed her brow and then shrugged. "Probably someone I met during my blackout, sorry for not remembering you." She thought for a moment, knowing she was forgetting something. What was it? Oh yeah! How could she be so utterly stupid! "The name is --- is ----- Krist ..... Kristi.... Kristinnnne? Merda! Yeah. Kristine."
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Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch

After a lot of walking, Benedict decided to stop and settle down in this new world. “Ah......this seems like a fine....... golfing spot.” Benedict pulled out the large book once more and flipped to the proper page. “Ah.....time to deploy our company-issued survival camp site.....how quaint.” Josh held up a little rubber square and pulled the pin, revealing a massive tent fit with the finest in rubber furniture and appliances. Benedict smiled as he grabbed a stick, stuck it in the sand, and hung his hat on it. As Benedict sat in his new rubber chair, he read his survival guide once again. “Ah........we must follow rule 32 of paragraph 15-346548997654665455-J.......build a high wall or other protective barrier to protect your camp against....the enemy.” Benedict looked at Josh, “Ah.......that means......you get to work.” Josh gave a honk and waddled to go gather wood.​

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Location: Wherever Zira, Daldra and the others are
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Moissanite suppressed a smile at the human-like individual. No, no something was off about this one. Nothing like the stories she had prepared herself with before arriving to Earth. She spoke an awful like the inhabitants, but it was more...formal. Supposedly, humans were awful good at being a disorganized bunch, just like this one. The gem watched as she was scanned, subconsciously blowing a strand of curl away from the top of her eye.

“Lost too, huh, darlin’? Well I figured as much with what now all about this here scramblin’. Guess it would be rather silly now t’be askin’ if any of ya’ll lived here either.” She returned the smile with a practiced one of her own. Just like in them books, she concluded before turning to the rest. The trees absorption of the sun's rays caused the gem to heat around the top of her head, seeping into the ‘roots’ of her fine hair, lowering her gaze to the ground as she concentrated on her action. “Coastline? Figured as much, ‘s well given my ship landin’. Knowin’ my luck it was carried out to them liquid terrains.”

A new voice seemed to address her, causing the gem to spread her attention span from one individual to now two, wanting to keep both looped in the conversation. “Alternatia? Ain’t never heard of place as that. Is it another subsection of Homeworld I ain’t heard of? Maybe a place on earth,” Moissanite offered a slight smile, one with undertones of bitter resentment that was coaxed with a polite stigma. Silver eyes flickered at herself when asked about her name, letting out a snort. “Now, where are my manners? Name’s Moissanite, darlin’, like the gem, and don’tcha forget it. Crash landed from them distant planet known as Homeworld, and well, here we are.” She then opened the rest of her attention to the rest, not wanting to exclude anyone. “Now, ya’ll haven’t happened to have set up a camp someplace now, have ya’ll? Places to sleep, maybe them food sources? And, of course. Names.” While everyone else was intended, Moissanite flickered a gaze to the horned female and the ‘funny sounding’ human.


Raptor Shapeshifter

Zira took a while to comprehend what the female was saying, her matrix wasn't good at reading accents. But her matrix did pick up on her thoughts. Surface level of course.

"No. We have not set up camp. Not yet anyway. I am called Zira. Pleased to meet you." She stretched out her hand for her to shake though considering that she was another alien. Another nonhuman.

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Make us whole......

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    Alpha was just about to respond to the big bear when she noticed that she wasn't standing there anymore. She was in some other spot on the island, surrounded by trees. She frowned, and took a knee, loading a fresh clip into her pistol while she pinged Xander over her Team 73 comms.

    "Xander? Where are you? You there? Something's going on."

    She said shortly, not sure what to do. She wished she had her helmet. The comms suite on board would have surely worked better than her earpiece, tucked neatly under the velvety underside of one of her long ears. After a second of nothing but the crackles of static, and the realization she might not even be on the island anymore, she looked around for something to light on fire. The smoke would likely attract someone.

    A few minutes later, Alpha had a pile of kindling on top of a few wet tree branches she'd gathered. It'd make more smoke this way, and it gave her something to do, so that she didn't focus on the 'what if' of the situation. Mentally, she reached for the fragile and barely lit vein of magic, recessed in the back of her mind. She tapped into it, and let a flicker of fire fall on the kindling, lighting the twigs, leaves, and pine needles she'd gathered.

    A thin column of smoke rose into the air, buoyed by the heat underneath.

    "If you can hear this, follow the smoke."


*indeeding intensifies*
Somewhere on the shoreline, a body lay unmoving in the sand. Then suddenly, bright, aqua blue mechanical eyes that glowed shot open, and the figure sat up, coughing and breathing heavily. "Gaah! Okay, that hurt." Cayde-6, Hunter Vanguard cried as he rapidly ran a hand down his chest and cheek, noting that there was no damage on both.

Which was weird, because he first remembered his Ghost getting shot by one of those Fallen freaks, and then getting shot by his own gun by Prince Uldren Sov, who was an massive emo ass, by the way. And then dying in the arms of the Young Wolf, like he always wanted to. Kid was a prodigy, after all. Made him proud.

Speaking of which, he spied his gun sitting just next to him, also in the sand. He reached for the Ace of Spades and picked it up, inspected it, and spun it around. "Hey, Ace." He spoke, then glanced up towards the ocean ahead, before getting to his feet.

"Yeah, that's weird," Cayde muttered as he glanced around. "Where am I?"

"No idea," He new, feminine voice came from behind. The Hunter spun around to see his Ghost hovering in the air, sunlight glinting off her red and gold shell.

"Sundance?" Cayde asked. "Didn't you, I dunno, get shot and explode?"

The Ghost seemed to consider that for a moment, before giving what was probably an approximation of a shrug. "I don't know. All I remember is you asking for my help, and then I was here."

"Riiiight..." Cayde said, not really that convinced. He glanced around again and settled on the endless ocean ahead. "Is this where Guardians go after they die for real?" He mused. "I mean, I wouldn't mind. I kind of like it here. You know, sitting by the beach with a mojito in hand, and maybe a nice hot bowl of spicy ramen."

Sundance seemed to roll her single mechanical eye. "I'm sure you can come back here later. What we should do is figure out just how we're still alive, and how we got here. We can probably thank the Traveler for that. We should get moving." She told him. "I'm detecting several signatures up ahead."

Cayde rolled his eyes. "Alright, alright, fine. But I'm coming back later."

Satisfied, Sundance disappeared into his storage.

Sighing, Cayde began his journey forwards. "Helloooo? Anyone here?"


Off to a Better Place
Arthur sniffled a bit as the others approached him and his little group, all while still trying to process what that Dax woman had said. By itself, the "Paradox House" sounded like some kind of flimsy tourist trap you'd find over in Saint Denis, but what really confused Arthur was a pocket dimensions. Now, Arthur was pretty fair when it came to knowledge. He knew his ABC's and his 123's and all that basic stuff, but fancy science talk about 'dimensions' were a bit outside of Arthur's area of expertise. So, he simply listened to what the others had to say. At least, that's what he did until some tall man in fancy looking armor showed up, asking if they knew where he was.

"Well, accordin' to the Dax lady over here," Arthur said before pausing briefly, looking downwards towards the sand below, and slightly tilting his head upwards to look slightly up at the UNSC soldier. "We're in some kinda fancy... pocket dimension called the Paradox House... except it's an island, so they dubbed it the 'Paradox Isles'. Now, I won't pretend to know just what the hell that is, but I think that these two might know a thing or two about it." Arthur said as he lightly pointed his index finger towards Felix and Dax, thought just enough to direct Buck's attention towards them.

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Hermoine turned toward the voice and blinked a bit in brief shock: a space marine stood there, his armour and helmet vaguely familiar and she remembered that her creator had played a game involving space marines that shot aliens in one of his rare down times. She didn't pay much attention to video games: she was too busy training and occasionally GMing M&M - Magic and Monsters - with her main group of players - in her down time, when she was not particpating in actual fights and battles with Dominion or even soveriegn nations that sided with the Dominion. She found herself instinctively training her hand on her hidden hoister the moment thea armed adult appeared but then relaxed when she noticed that the space marine's gun was not pointed toward them. So she relaxed and smiled, but stayed put. She had pretty much turned invisible since the woman and cowboy arrived, heck, the cowboy didn't even notice she was there. Despite that minor annoyance, she didn't have anything to say that wasn't already said, and it would be rude and childish to whine about being completely ignored so she waited until the adults acknowleged her to say something.

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Everest Skies

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Location: Beach Shore
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Moissanite’s suppressed smile stretched at the odd human’s extended hand. “Zira, quite the name there, ainnit? Pleasure’s all mine, darlin’.” This is what humans do to greet, right? Or was it to assault them? She don't seem like she doin' much assaultin' here, maybe she means t'play nice. The gem met the now acquainted individual halfway, taking her hand into hers. With a single gentle shake, Moissanite lowered her arm back down to her side, internally distancing herself for a moment.

The crashes of the ocean filled the silence between the two, giving way for the newcomers. Recentering herself, Moissanite kept her warm expression, offering a curtsy despite her growing cluelessness of the island itself. Ain't nothin' worse than a sittin' duck in a muddy situation. Best keep movin', talkin', acceptin'. These here seem like awful nice folk, ainnit? Can't be all bad.

"Well how-dy,"
she began. Her accent enunciated with the presence of more, unfamiliar people, all of her learnings of the speaking type becoming more by the book and less natural sounding.

"'Scuse me! You wouldn't happen to know where I am?" A large metallic human stumbled from the outsides of the group.

" 'bout as knowin' as you are, sweetums." The southern belle crossed her arms lightly, minding the gem beneath. "All we be knowin' is that we're on this here island, but tha's 'bout it. I can tell you I've seen some critters peerin' in an' out of them woods like no body else's business, but them's 'bout as harmful as a rock-"

"Scratch that, what planet am I on? this ain't Harvest."

"Harvest? Planet? Can't say name rings a bell. If I ain't mistakenin', should be on them human's territory known as earth. If tha's the case, help shouldn't be no further."
The endless blue in her peripheral vision cued her that maybe finding outside help was easier said than done. Still, she kept eye contact with the metal man until another voice broke through.

"Helloooo? Anyone here?"

Ya'll keep poppin' an poppin'... A frowning thought was quickly replaced with yet another welcoming smile. "Over here, sweetums!" Moissanite felt her very being vibrate as she strained her voice into a higher pitched shout to get the male's attention. As if to add to the cluster of confusion, another voice was mingling among the already existing members of the group. Something about a paradoxical dimension and what could might as well be time travel at this point. Another cowboy, an accent much more perfected than her own, took the stage.

"We're in some kinda fancy... pocket dimension called the Paradox House... except it's an island, so they dubbed it the 'Paradox Isles'. Now, I won't pretend to know just what the hell that is, but I think that these two might know a thing or two about it." Moissanite followed the dark figure's finger toward two others, her gaze finally lowering into a frown.

"An' just might what they know?"


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Location: Beach Shore
Status: Opertional; undamaged.

Zira of course detected all the surface thoughts in the woman's mind pretty easily, and personally thought she was a bit of ditzy with her illogical smile and preppy attitude. Then again. She WAS an alien. She may not have caculated how dire the situation was just yet. But her bitch functions was waned out at the moment.

"Thank you madam. It is a pleasure to meet you. Now if you will come with us, we are about to interact with another group of potential allies. That or engage in a fight if hostilities are started." Her servos pulled her mouth into a smile. Yet her voice was still 'funny sounding'. She was a machine after all.

The matrix noticed that the female humanoid didn't even glance Carmen's way once. It was if she had not even noticed her there. She frowned.

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It's birb time babeyy oh yeah


Delta seemed rather bored now, watching the group walk. He grunted stretched his arm across his chest. No one knew his name yet... he might just keep it that way for now. But he should learn the names of the others.

"Soooo.. WHO exactly are you all?? Like, by name??"

He crossed his arms and waited. Perhaps he could get by without telling his name, but he'd have to wait and see the reactions of the others of the group.

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☾❝Wᴇ ʀᴀɴ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴀʟʟ ᴡᴇ ʜᴀᴅ❞☽

Kristine Giovanni
Location: Caves
Status: hungover, slightly drunk but otherwise healthy minus some liver and kidneys

Being buzzed had some benifits - or in her case slightly drunk - one of those benifits was that apparently her hearing was increased, the other being that she wasn't nearly sober enough to take anything that was going on even remotely seriously. If she had, she would have panicked. Once she had introduced herself to the bald man, she turned to the ninja boy who sounded extremely jaded and irritated while he leaned on a large plant just as he asked for everyone's names. She smiled and decided right then and there to have some fun. Switching her language from english to italian - it still shocked her that she knew two languages to this day - she said in a slight slur: "
Ciao ninja-ragazzo, puoi chiamarmi Kristine Giovanni, l'adolescente ubriaca." (Hello ninja boy, you can call me Kristine Giovanni, the teen drunk) She smiled at the ninja and did a small curtsie, why she did it, she had no idea, she was suffering through a hangover and was slightly intoxicated. "You guys going to help those kids or not?!" She then turned toward Laffey, and immediately realized she didn't like her that much. She was robotic and smelled funny, funnier than the rest. "What are you, some sort of robot-thing?
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Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch

After a good while, Josh came back with enough wood to start a small fire.....but Benedict didn’t want a fire, he wanted a wall. “Ah, Josh.....that’s a protocol violation. As punishment, you will carry me as we explore this grand new territory.” Josh honked as Benedict climbed on, he knew even if he got enough wood to build a wall, Benedict would still ride on him.....a sad thought indeed.​


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Kristine Giovanni
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"So you're a special robot, got it!" She smiled and gave her a thumbs up, as far as she knew, she was a robot - no matter how special she thought she was. She eyed the bottle and her hands twitched, a sudden urge to snatch the bottle out of her machine hands settled through her gut but while she was drunk, she wasn't that drunk. She didn't want to be blasted into smithereens anyway ( her werewolf healing would patch her up, but she didn't know that). "Word of advice, if you are going to say you are not a machine, don't give a machine name, it will just confuse people." She took her flask and drank from it as she talked. The sweet nectar of liguor flowed through her viens, calming herself down as she looked about, avoid the weird freaking plants that were around. A couple times she was entangled by the plants but tore her legs free in a huff. She was also wobbling slightly but considering she was only slightly drunk, she easily maintained her balance (this was nothing compared to near-blackout drunk, where your balance takes a sucide dive out the window) as a matter of fact she was partically sober which wasn't much fun. It did help numb her shock though.

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Carmen watched a bit ruefully as the kids ran away from her. She watched them go and gave them a headstart before running in after them. They were good, stafing and zigzagging through the area. But they didn't know how to cover their tracks just yet and after some time, she was able to find them. She didn't move in on them through, just stayed in the shadows, listening in on their conversation. The little boy was chatising the girl being "stupid" and that "of course she was going to shoot them", "because she was a bad person", clearly too dumb or scared to realize that if she had wanted them dead, they would be. But they were no threat. Not yet anyway. It's not like they were Dominion children, which were free game as far as she was concerned, Dominion children had distinct mannerisms and would have recongized her instantly - she was one of the most wanted on the Dominion's list.
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Raptor Shapeshifter
Kristine Giovanni

"Is your special coolant alochol? If so, I would like some."
She smiled at the "warship" which is just another word for special "robot" - as far as she knew as long as she was a machine with programming, and looked human, she was a fucking robot. She didn't press it though. It was not her problem and people were entitled to their own beliefs about themselves, however delusional. "Though I must warn you, I am already a little drunk."

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And don't you dare go hollow....
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    ~Shilo Saga~
    Location: Paradox Isle (Cave)
    Inventory: N/A
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    Condition: Healthy

    Shilo’s eyes widened a bit in surprise when the boy snapped at her, but the emotion left her features quickly. “Pussy?” She asked, confused by the word. She’d never heard it before. At the mention of her wrist, the girl looked down at it. It was still a little red, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Shilo sighed as he decided call her mean and stupid. “If she was going to kill us, she would have done it. Instead, she was just trying to scare us. Show of power, or something. She’s just a stupid kid.” Shilo got to her feet. “We should keep moving, just in case she tries to find us.”
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Tiberius sighed and stepped off the vehicle he was on for the last 12 hours and was met with a blinding light, that left him blind for a bit. "Ah, damn! I thought I'd arrive at nightfall, not daytime...", he said. His vision didn't come back and a few seconds later he begins to panic, stumbling about and changing directions in a desperate struggle to find something to hold to. He bumps against a tree and holds on, while he would slowly lower himself to the ground. His vision comes back after a while and he realizes he is in a forest, not the small town he was supposedly deployed to. Tibs spun around to look at the bus, but there is nothing: just more trees. "Aw hell, this ain't the AO... Where am I?!"

He stops and does a check for items he has with him. Fortunately, his case was with him, holding tools for his trade as well as personal items. Tibs checks his phone to see if he can call his superiors, but to his dismay, there's no reception. "Guess I have to walk around and figure out where I am." With that, he puts his phone up, picks up his case and begins to run through the woods in a random direction, hoping he will find something to navigate off from.

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