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And don't you dare go hollow....
Inspired by The Paradox House

How this happened or why this happened aren’t questions that can be answered. All you know is that it happened. One moment you were going about your life, maybe on the way to school or work, fighting with a sibling, or even fighting the great villain of your world, and the next moment you feel the cool breeze hitting your face, the taste of salt in the air. People from different worlds, realities, times, they all come together. Some wish to explore, others merely want to survive.


1: All RPNation rules apply.

2: No OOC talk on the thread. We have a discord for that.

3: We welcome all role play types. However, please refrain from short hand or text speak.

4: No god-modding or meta-gaming. You will be corrected, if you are corrected please take it with grace.

5: Harassment, abuse, or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Characters can be mean, but you don't have to be.

6: Please leave all OOC drama out of the role play. Drama can happen, and when it does, we can all try to work it out civilly in PMs.

Mechanics and About the Role Play

1: This is not a GM driven role play, we want members to have free reign over their characters and what their characters do.

2: There are two category of characters, Survivors and Vanishers. Survivors stay on the island at all times. Vanishers come and go from the island without control. If you're more of a fast passed role player, you might want to choose a Vanisher, so you can post as much as you want, while you can, and once you have to leave your character vanishes so you don't freeze anyone. If you're more slow paced, you may want to have a Survivor who is on the island at all times. Of course, you can be whatever you want no matter your role playing style.

3: The island is large, surrounded by crystal blue salt water, and covered by forest. There are fish in the sea and animals in the forest. Some of which are dangerous, some of which are edible.

4: Time on the island is completely separate than time in other's worlds. Vanishers will experience no time difference no matter how long they're on the island between the island and their world. For the Survivors, however, they experience time on the island in a very different way. Those that can build things that are not from the island (Example: Gearblade654's Nikolai Petrov's Land Factory) experience time at accelerated rates. Meaning, the Land Factory or any structure built in such a way, not using resources specifically from the island itself, will crumble and deteriorate into a useless ruin in a matter of days.

5: This may go without saying, but communication systems do not work on the island.

6: The island itself does not have a language barrier. No matter the language you speak, or what kind of creature you are (unless you are just unable to speak in general), you will always be able to communicate with the others on the island.

7: Characters who can fly will find that if they fly in any given direction away from the island, they will appear flying toward the island from the opposite direction after a matter of time.

8: There are cave systems all over the island. They can be found just about anywhere. These are not ordinary caves. Every cave leads to anywhere. To a small room filled with candy, a different island with dinosaurs, or a small pool of water where your characters turn into fish. Not all caves are dangerous, not all caves are good and fun. Anything can happen.

9: It is up to you to figure out how to leave the cave. Maybe there's a puzzle, or you just have to spend enough time there, or whatever else. Once you figure out how to leave a cave and come back to the island, the cave then leads to a completely different area. They always change, you will never enter the same area twice.

10: How to leave a cave will be discussed OOC between all of those participating. It is up to you to figure out how you want a cave to end.

11: Anyone can come up with a cave idea.
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And don't you dare go hollow....
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    ~Shilo Saga~
    Location: Paradox Isle (Beach)
    Inventory: N/A
    Mood: Scared and worried
    Condition: Healthy
    Mentions: N/A
    Interactions: N/A
    The girl sat in the closet, hands over her eyes as she tried not to breathe too loudly. A smile danced across her lips as she thought about her mother finding her. Hide and Seek was one of the girl's favorite games, after all. Her mother's "Ah-ha! There you are!" the giggling from both as the child was tickled. Shilo would have to be careful not to kick or struggle to hard on the off chance she hit her mom's round stomach. Eventually, the child would get away from her mother and run and hide again, the sound of the older woman's voice calling from where she stood "One, two, three-." Yeah. It was the girl's favorite game.

    However, as she sat, suddenly he floor gave way to something softer, the smell of salt hit the girl's nose, and she could hear the sound of waves hitting the shore. The five year old dropped her hands from her eyes and looked around, wide eyed. What...was this? She was no longer in the closet on the main floor of the cabin. Instead, she sat on a beach, clear blue water stretching as far as the eye could see in one direction while sand and trees covered the other three directions.

    The child pushed herself to her feet, her feet sinking into the sand. Panic washing over her for a moment as her mind raced. Had she fallen asleep? Was she dreaming? With small fingers, the girl gripped a piece of skin on her arm, pinching tightly. "Ow..." she murmured, rubbing the spot on her arm. No...she was definitely awake. She thought about calling to see if anyone else was here...but thought better of it. Just because someone else was here, didn't mean that they would be nice to a small, stranded kid. She stood still, hand still rubbing her arm and she tried to figuring out something to do.
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UEF Commander Nikolai Petrov
Status: Fine but Alert
Actions: Creating a Base
"What the-"
A giant flash of light materialized out of nowhere on the island, and when the light cleared, a 40 meters tall... blue mech was left standing.
Almost immediately, when the light cleared, Nikolai Petrov of the UEF wasted no time in performing analysis on the world around him, and what the UEF commander found was not reassuring. Something had gone horribly wrong in the quantum gating process, and Nikolai knew for sure this wasn't where he was supposed to be. The ACU (Armored Command Unit) swiftly turned around, and noted that from here on out was only sea. A turn back, and only forest could be seen.
"Where the hell am I?"
Petrov spent a good few seconds in astonishment as he stared at his ACU's screen, before springing into action.
"All Coalition forces, this is UEF Commander Nikolai Petrov requesting support. For unknown reasons, the gating system appears to have taken me somewhere else. All friendly UEF, Cybran, or Aeon forces, please respond."
No answer. Petrov sighed. He was going to have to find a way home. But first, a base would have to be created in the event of hostiles-for all Petrov knew this was some elaborate Seraphim trap.
The ACU wasted no time, as its right arm suddenly began projecting two small beams of blue energy, building a Land Factory. The UEF's forces were automated, and as such there was no need for human pilots and soldiers.
Meaning a base could be easily created if given enough time.
(Open for interaction)​


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Kade was playing his own game of hiding and hoping his dad wasn't doing any seeking. His dad wasn't being bad yet, but he'd just drunk something, so it was only a matter of time before it hit. Best just to not be in the way. He pushed his way into the closet and closed the door behind him, leaving it cracked slightly as he burrowed back into a pile of dirty and clean clothes. The little sliver of light would give him warning.

He pushed further and further back into the closet. It wasn't a big closet--he didn't have a big house--but... it wasn't this big. The next time he reached behind himself to scoot away, his hand landed in a pile of dust, and he jerked around--to be blinded by the island sun. He rubbed at his eyes, but his hands were now covered in sand. "Fuck," he spat. "Fuck!" He couldn't have been more than five, but those fucks were no slip of the tongue. Kade stood up quickly, rubbing his hands on his shirt and then using his shirt to wipe the sand from his face. The sand felt weird. This was sand, right? On a beach. Sand on a beach. He was on a beach? He'd played in a sandbox before, but it wasn't quite like this.

Kade scowled at the beach, trying to figure out what was going on. How had he ended up here? Had he accidentally taken one of his dad's drugs? He pinched his arm, hard, but nothing happened. It hurt. He let go.


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The Goo
Status: OK
Actions: Exploring
Alpha 01.09 was minding its own business when... systems across the Goo AI's board shut down momentarily.
Prior to that, 09 was off quickly assembling a scouting party of Drovers to search for enemies. This darkness had finally shown themselves, and the Goo were determined to defend themselves. Through a twist of cruel fate, 09 would never get to enter combat against the darkness. Instead, as the AI rebooted, the 09 instantly noted something was different.
This wasn't where it was originally. And 09 realized it only had a Mother Goo (the blob in the bottom left of the image) to work with. None of its forces-well, not counting a Drover-were here.
(A Drover)
The hive mind of the Goo on the Isle instantly burst into internal cacophony as the AI tried to figure out wherever it was. But first, a quick reconnaissance of the area to find out wherever it was.
The Goo on the Isle noted that it appeared to be on an island, with sea everywhere and no other place to be found. Inland, there was obviously sand, and a forest as well.
There was no time to be lost. The Mother Goo immediately absorbed whatever mass it could from the sand, while the Drover moved in the Forest in search of whatever was there.
(Also open for interaction)​
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Make us whole......

Wayne Holden
Wayne shook his head, unable to gauge what was going on. His VS' cockpit was quiet with the hum of the engine, which had slowed to a crawl in terms of fuel consumption. The air around him quickly rose in temperature, as the monitors showing the external cameras went fuzzy. Then, it was dark. Wayne noticed his VS, the PTX-40a, was in a dark cave of some sort. Turning on the mecha's external lighting would validate that, even as his throat tightened with bands of adrenaline. Akrid populated the cave, their glowing bodies heavy with the thermal energy needed to keep fighting.

Twin chainguns blazing, Wayne would maneuver his VS around the gigantic bugs, cutting them apart at the arms and their glowing thermal energy stores. The gunfire and the sounds of aliens clashing with the chainsaw built into the VS' left arm would bleed out onto the shore of the island, as a few akrid would flee onto the shores, heavily wounded and bleeding glowing orange and mottled green.

The VS would follow them out, peppering the bugs with chaingun fire, and zipping up to another bug, using the chainsaw to bisect them. The VS was large enough to be seen and heard by everyone on the shores, and would be sure to garner attention.

@Nightwisher @Recko


Preview image for Sheeping Cats Font

The lonely Sgt. eyed John Connor as he heard his mission. He was to go back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor, John's mom. It required a very personal sacrafice and he volunteered for it. One way in, no way out. A suicide mission.

But as Kyle headed out as the legendary John shook his hand, he didn't appear in 1984 but somewhere much different.

Warm sand crunched under his feet, the waves crashed.

He panicked, he would fail his mission and John would seize to exist.

Something was VERY wrong with the time machine. This must be some sick joke.

He was dressed in a greenish coat with a red patch on his arm.

He walked the beach as he turned. He wasn't alone in this island paradise so far.


Sgt. Kyle Reese
Year: ???

Time: ???

Mission status: Failing...

@Nightwisher @Recko (Whomever else)



Preview image for Cross Town Font

Maximus had been wearing light thick armor and a grey shirt drenched with sweat as he was still wearing his helmet from years ago. He had learned to survive on this island with the skills of being a farmer from his past life.

He pushed himself off the ground, taking a walk among the dusty sands "This isn't Esylum, but I'll make do."



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UEF Commander Nikolai Petrov​
The Goo​
Status: OK​
Status: Alert​
Actions: Constructing Base​
Actions: Building Forces​
And noticed the VS (@Alpha007) was.
The first to notice was the Drover that was steadily marching through the forest. The Mother Goo hanging behind and absorbing mass was slowly creating a minimap based off what the Drover was noticing. Lots of trees, and of various types-pine, fir, oak, a large variety, really. The Drover hadn't spotted sentient life, however.
Until now.
As the Drover was continuing its lone mission, it took note of the VS suddenly in the forest. The Drover, interested, meandered just a bit closer to see what precisely the VS was doing.
Then it took note of the giant alien bugs, and instantly scuttled on back to avoid destruction.
The Mother Goo was instantly in an uproar as it failed to identify the odd beings the Drover encountered. Whatever they were, they seemed hostile. The Mother Goo instantly split off a small part of itself into a smaller blob.
Said blob almost instantly divided into four more Drovers, which moved up to support their retreating comrade. The Mother Goo itself moved up some-if the bugs were foolish enough to attack it they would be assimilated into the Von Neumann probe.

Petrov took a deep sigh of relief as he finished up his Land Factory. But it would not be enough. Optimally, Air and Naval Factories thrown into the mix would give the UEF Commander a much higher chance of surviving. Mass Extractors/Fabricators as well as Power Generators would be a great idea as well.
There was a patch of rocks nearby, inland. Petrov decided it might be worth a try-if it didn't, hey, Mass Fabricators exist for a reason.
But to Petrov's relief, it did work. The ACU was instantly at work assembling the Mass Extractor on the patch of rocks. After that, a power generator wouldn't hurt.
Then the ACU picked up an unidentified signal. Not UEF, Cybran, Aeon, or Seraphim. A completely new... signature.
Wasting no time, Petrov ordered the Land Factory to start knocking out Mech Marines and Engineers-Mech Marines for preliminary defense and Engineers for generic base building.


And don't you dare go hollow....
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    ~Shilo Saga~
    Location: Paradox Isle (Beach)
    Inventory: N/A
    Mood: Scared and worried
    Condition: Healthy
    Mentions: Kade Song (@Recko), Petrov (@GearBlade654), Maximus (@darkred),
    Interactions: N/A
    The little girl’s teal eyes were already wide and large, as more and more people appeared around her, they merely grew wider. She was backing up, away from the adults around, the giant robot thing. Before she could run into whomever was behind her, loud cursing came from not far off and she turned to see a child about her age only a few feet away. Before she could say a word to him, an armored man appeared. “Mmmm,” the girl whimpered, taking a step away from everyone, backing up toward the forest. It may have been different than the mountain woods she was used to, but at least there was less likelihood of there being people in there. Here mind flashed from all the warnings and stories her parents told her about strangers. Never give your name. Tell them you’re parents are going to be there soon. But how did she tell an entire group of adults, and one kid, and a giant robot, that her parents were coming to a strange island that she’d just appeared on from her house closet? No one was going to believe that…

    The child flinched at the sound of gun shots and froze on the spot. The idea of running crossed her mind but she couldn't make her legs move. For a moment the five year old wanted to cry, call for her mother, something other than stand there. As the large, terrified, and injured bugs hurried toward her and away from the VS the little girl crouched down into a ball, holding her hands over her head as she tried to make herself as small as possible. Maybe no one would notice her? She was already small for her age, after all. Maybe, just maybe she could get away completely unnoticed and then she could sneak away into the forest and wait for her Papa to realize she was missing and to come find her.


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Kade slouched, the small boy trying to seem more small and less threatening while he watched everything that went on. It wasn't real. It couldn't be. And so he let it play out like one of those movies his dad would occasionally watch with him, admiring the high definition in his imagination... until he heard the shots. He felt nauseous and cold at once, and he knew he had to run. But where? This was the closet, there was nowhere to run.

He wasn't going to fucking die in a closet, though. He started running, bolting by the girl (who seemed to be one of the only normal things here) on the way. "Run, stupid!" he snapped at her.

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Make us whole......

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    Wayne registered something moving on his VS's systems. Fearing it was an Akrid, he brought the mech to bear....then stopped. What he saw were two kids running away from the mech. Well, one kid. The other was scared to all hell. Wayne brought the mech closer to Shilo, then halted the VS. After a few button presses, the VS squatted as the front opened into seperate panels.


    Came from the VS's internal speakers as Wayne stepped from the mech. He approached Shilo's curled up form, and crouched down. He put his rifle on the ground beside him, and took off the respirator on his face.

    "You okay?"

    He asked, quietly, in what he hoped was a calming tone of voice.

    "I'm not gonna hurt you. My name's Wayne Holden. What's yours?"


And don't you dare go hollow....
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    ~Shilo Saga~
    Location: Paradox Isle (Beach)
    Inventory: N/A
    Mood: Scared and worried
    Condition: Healthy
    Mentions: Kade Song (@Recko)
    Interactions: Wayne Holden (@Alpha007)
    The five year old was about to start humming to herself when she heard the sound of foot steps approaching and a younger voice yell "run, stupid!" Shilo looked up to see the boy she'd seen earlier running away from the commotion, throwing the insult her way. Well, if there was one way to get the kid moving, it was to insult her. She wasn't used to that sort of thing, growing up completely isolated with her adoring parents. Rude nicknames weren't something she ever heard, unless in jest, and even then they were rare. With only a moment of hesitation as she registered the insult, Shilo pushed herself to her feet and was about to dart after the other child. The VS was getting closer and she dropped back down into another ball.

    "Releasing Pilot." Shilo looked up to see the front panel of the VS open and a man stepped out. She looked up at him, eyes wide and innocent, and just stared as he crouched down in front of her. He asked for her name and little girl just shook her head. A fake name, she could always give a fake name. But in the moment of actually interacting with someone, and terrified of how she'd gotten here, Shilo couldn't think.

    The girl looked over her shoulder at the boy who had run away and wished that's she been quicker in trailing after him. Maybe it wasn't too late. Was it smart for the youngest of the group to leave the adults and wonder alone? Would the adults even care enough to come after? Were they bad adults like her parents always warned her about? Her gaze darted back the man in front of her. He didn't seem bad... Did stranger danger apply in life and death situations? She didn't know, but she had a tight feeling in her gut that she was going to get scolded something awful when she got home.

    Home...was home even an option? The reality, or what reality she could grasp, of the situation came crashing down on her. She was alone, well not alone, but without her parents, on an island. She didn't know how she got there, or how to get home, or even how to tell her parents she was missing. Come on, there had to be something Mamai or even Papa had told her about being stranded. But of course they hadn't. Shilo never left the cabin, the worst that could happen was her getting lost in the woods and running into a hiker that had gone off the trail, or some animal. This, well this had never been covered by her parents. She felt her throat tighten even more, her eyes start to sting...
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UEF Commander Nikolai Petrov​
The Goo​
Status: OK​
Status: OK​
Actions: Dispatching Forces​
Actions: Studying the Island, Blasting Bugs​
As the fifth Mech Marine walked off the Factory, Petrov overheard Xander (@Nightwisher) loudly call that the factory wasn't in a good location. The UEF commander wasn't used to comments like that-usually civilians seeing an ACU in action just watched as the machine would get to work. So Petrov raised an eyebrow to hear this man acting so casually. Also registering on the ACU's sensors was... someone. Someone who clearly shouldn't be here. Petrov realized that a little girl had somehow wound up here.
Something was, very obviously, very wrong. Petrov just thought that it was only him, but for whatever reasons others had appeared on this island for no real reason. Petrov attempted to hail the sudden mech.
Only to be greeted with static. The comms systems had failed. But... how? They were some of the mightiest comms systems in existence.
Petrov silently looked onwards. The UEF Commander, until now, had simply thought there was an error in the gating system. He thought the island was some simple island.
Now, Petrov wasn't so sure. This island had something to it.
Something mystical.
And something Petrov wasn't sure if it would be beneficial for him.
The UEF commander immediately ordered the construction of a "Snoop" Land Scout. The small bike would roll off the factory in a minute and twenty seconds. And when it was completed, it would go forth in search of whatever lied in that forest.
Petrov's expedition had begun.

The lone Drover was in for a very rude surprise when it turned back.
Okay, it was also in for a pleasant surprise. The giant mech, which the Goo immediately categorized as "do not provoke", had slain the hostile wildlife.
The rude surprise was the sudden creature (Avan) that for some reason had followed it. The other four Drovers were about to start moving out when they, too, spotted the Umbreon, just... standing there.
The Goo's systems immediately ran a number of calculations, not counting the sudden influx of newcomers. Whatever it was, the Goo were wary around the Umbreon, and attempted to see if it was possible to intimidate it. One Drover left for scouting, while the other four Drovers formed a defensive line of sorts and slowly marched forwards in an attempt to make the creature go away.
A risky move, but the Goo's purpose was always to scout.​


“I’ll name my first born, Loader Bot”

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    Work, friends, botched promotions, heat stroke, regular stroke, stroke stroke. Those were most of the things a Hyperion Business man had to deal with if he wanted to reach the very top even if it meant having your nemesis botch your promotion and having to go through various things that may have killed you. And so that was Rhys's path for most of his days working at the Hyperion Corporation and so it continued until.... something like this happened.


    "Well well... something I can enjoy finally" The business man stated as he just kept walking like if nothing had happened "For now at least". Rhys hadn't felt a cool breeze hit his face in forever, just pressurized atmosphere in a space station with the shape of an H and the sand from a desert that has just.. very much deteriorated land which very much just left him with a smile on his face, and very much something he will never erase from memory [Even if he is some sort of cyborg]. Now the thing for him would be to explore and survive this island...


    [Open for interactions]



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"Fuck off!" Kade snapped, sliding on the sand to avoid the guy with the sniper rifle (FUCK), avoid the goat-thing (WHAT THE FUCK), avoid the machines (ALSO FUCKING WEIRD), and avoid every fucking person out here because he didn't know where he was or what he was doing or if he was even okay. What if he wasn't? What if he'd been killed? Kade pushed down the panic at the thought of being dead, because if he was dead, then that meant that this was heaven or hell, or some sort of shitty afterlife, and he'd imagined the afterlife being less sandy.

Kade headed towards an outcrop of rocks, trying to hide within them, noticing. They were big rocks, and he was small. He squeezed between a few, finding pools of water beneath, and tried to disappear. He wanted everyone to leave. He just wanted to be left safe and alone. Was that too much to ask?

It always was.

Kade picked at a scab on his knee while he waited, eyes trained on the crack of light from above the rocks as dutifully as he had watched the sliver of light in the closet.


It's birb time babeyy oh yeah


Delta was doing as he always did. Sitting in front of a lake, minding his business, and drinking from a bottle of water. He looked into the bottle, at the last few drops that refused to come out. An annoyance, but one that could be solved. He pointed towards the droplets with his index finger and they began to float out of the bottle. He directed them towards his mouth and they landed perfectly. He smiled proudly, even though it was a simple task for him. He put the bottle back on his sash and reached for a second one. Before his hand even made contact, he smelled something new. Salt water.

He looked up, confused. He wasn't supposed to be at the ocean, he was supposed to be at a lake!! Yet when he looked up, all he saw before him was the vast ocean, and the feeling of a cool breeze. The ninja jumped up, confused and a bit startled. He put his mask back up, listening quietly for anyone. He heard nothing, other than the ocean. Well, however this happened, at least it was an ocean and not a place without water!! He could work with this. He filled up the empty water bottle with salt water, he could easily purify it later. The ninja sighed and decided the best thing to do was to see if anyone else was here. He looked down the shore line and saw what looked like two children, some sort of robot, with a man climbing out of the robot too. One of the kids was running off, but the man wasn't hurting the other child.

The ninja decided the man wasn't a threat, but it probably wasn't good to let the child run off. He took a detour, going through the jungle brush and around the other two, and came out on the other side by the rocks that the child had ran off too. The ninja jumped on top of the rocks and looked through the gaps, and saw the boy. He looked half scared to death!! He was probably really freaked out if he was trying to squeeze himself through some rocks!!

"Hey there.. you ok??"

He gazed down calmly, hoping not to intimidate the child. Hopefully the kid would be willing to cooperate.

@Recko @Nightwisher

Open For Interaction



Kyle's head hurt. Going from a pure war-zone to 1984 and now to a Sandy Island was really confusing him to be honest.

It left the Sgt confused and somewhat annoyed as he could only watch as the two pictures he held would disappear unless he did something.

Kyle grunted as he pushed himself up off the sand, bag full of future war items/plasma rifle, homemade things and more.

He turned only to notice a giant robot named a VS. He didn't want to know what a VS was or cared at the moment. He froze as he stared at the giant VS above his head.

He was just about to aim at it when a human hopped out and he took a deep breath.

He turned toward the two humans: one that appeared to be piloting the giant robot, another a little girl.

He eyed the VS pilot, then he eyed the little girl. He seemed more worried about the little girl.

He looked up to see, was he seeing this right, a goat-like creature staring at the little girl like they knew them.

He stood back, rather still in a state of shock.

"Who are YOU PEOPLE!"

@Alpha007 @Nightwisher @GearBlade654 @KnightLight


Make us whole......

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    Wayne sighed. More and more people were quickly showing up, which seemed to only worsen the little girl's fear. He looked around, and slung his rifle on his back. One of them had even considered opening fire. He scanned the crowd. A Ninja, a man with a robot arm, a man with a bag full of questionable items, a...goat, a guy with a rifle, and the other boy who was being talked to by the goat and the ninja. In the distance, he saw buildings being constructed. Wayne considered he was wayyy over his head.

    "Alright, uhm. I'm not gonna hurt you. This-"

    He gestured to the VS, which was inert, the monitors inside flickering with data around the mech.

    "-is to stop the bugs."

    Wayne said, looking at the group.

    "Maybe we should all just take a step back, introduce ourselves, and maybe not shoot each other or run away?"


Reality Warping Child
If the kid wasn't actively aware of the danger he was now in before, he definitely is now. He knew he wasn't in the building where he was currently staying with his Protector. No, by awakening on a sandy beach he knew something unnatural went on without his full understanding. His first instinct was to collar out in a cute little voice: "Mister Protector.... Are you there ?!". Despite the voice on the physical plane being small, it seemed his voice did carry some minor stuttering as he was nervous about being alone. Alas no one was there to answer his response ".

However, he sort of was timidly making his way deeper into the island, with others noting how scared he was if he was to be seen, holding a makeshift teddy bear he had alongside the ride with him. As he went in deeper, stranger noises he did hear within. However, if there were noises not belonging to a forest, it meant those of civilized mannerisms weren't too far behind. So, swallowing any hesitancy a child would normally have, his trudging continued undeterred.

He managed to arrive just in time as someone else said "Maybe we should all just take a step back, introduce ourselves, and maybe not shoot each other or run away?" . The kid was a bit hesitant to reveal he was there to the others. However, eventually went on and said "...M...My name is Franklin. I... It's nice to meet you all". He said with a small nod, hugging the stuffed dinosaur in response.


We can't change what's done. We can only move on.


No matter how black-out "drunk" he seemed, he almost always could figure out what had happened a few minutes earlier to land him in whatever shitshow he had found himself in during the present. This was the first exception in a long time.

Well, sort of. He could clearly remember being on the Area 51's teleporter to the Moon just a few moments ago. It was about... a half hour after that wretched Nazi Richtofen betrayed everyone to take control of the world's undead, and only ten minutes after Richtofen's ex-coworker Dr. Maxis tricked Nikolai and the others into blowing up their Earth. The thought of that could never be erased no matter how much vodka he drunk- the Russian knew that for certain. Regardless, the original trio- him, Tank Dempsey, and Takeo Masaki- were left with Maxis' deranged daughter (who was stuck in Richtofen's body- it was a long story) Samantha to fend for themselves. The first to disappear was Dempsey- he'd been shooting that weird Wave Gun on the teleporter just before disappearing like he had went off to Area 51, but when the other three had teleported back on their own Tank was gone. Nikolai had gotten on the teleporter back to the Moon, believing Dempsey might have just teleported at the same time as they had...

...And was promptly dropped onto a sandy beach with a loud yet audible sound that could only be attributed to a cheesy space sci-fi TV show. The communist stood there for a few moments, bottle of vodka in hand, just staring at everyone that had clustered onto the beach that was around him. Since he teleported just after people began to introduce themselves, he had absolutely no fucking clue who any of these people are- or what some of them were, for that matter. Leaving his beloved FN FAL and HK21 shouldered over his back (and the Ray Gun hidden), he slowly walked over towards the rest of the group. His stride seemed normal enough, and would make it seem like he wasn't drunk at all. This was partially due to alcohol tolerance and partially due to having been trying to get drunk for a long time. Regardless, everyone would know he was an alcoholic- if not by the sight of his flask, then due to the nasty stench of his breath. He pointed a relatively steady hand at the one-eyed talking armored animal in particular, before beginning to make his first "introduction"- completely ignoring everything else, including but not limited to the man with the mech and the little girl nearby, the similarly-little boy, the ninja, the American-ish man, another little boy with a toy dinosaur, and some weirdo with two different colored eyes and a robot arm, some handsome-looking guy, a medieval-armored soldier, a black animal in the background, or the giant robot and some nearby sentient blobs. Nope, it was the weird goat thing that got his attention.

"Either I'm drunk, or I'm seeing a two-legged, talking goat... thing." He declared before letting off a soft belch, then taking a giant swig of his flask. Yeah, this was going to be a great first impression for everyone, especially the kids. Not that he knew this- chances were he was too dumb and too drunk to realize this.

...Or was he?​

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    ~Shilo Saga~
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    As more and more people appeared and started to form a small group, Shilo’s eyes darted around. The boy that had told her to run had hidden himself in an outcrop of rocks. She wished she’d been quicker and followed after him. He said bad words, which the girl didn’t like because her mom didn’t like it, but he was little so maybe he just hadn’t been told better yet. Maybe she should go check on him...but before she could, she realized someone else was already there. Some blonde male in odd clothes. So, the little girl stayed where she was, looking up at the adults. Her eyes had stopped watering now, with her being too distracted to focus on crying.

    The child’s wide, innocent teal gaze flicked to a man who demanded to know who everyone was. Did it matter? Why did these adults want to know everyone? She only knew her Mamai and Papa and that was fine. Then again, if they’d lived somewhere other than the mountains, she would probably know more people...and people would actually know her...Shilo was incredibly conflicted on whether or not she should say anything at all.

    Her gaze turned back to the man who had been shooting at the bugs as he explained to her once again that he wasn’t going to hurt her and that the VS he had was to shoot the bugs. Part of her wanted to ask why, the bugs hadn’t seemed harmful. Then again, they’d been too busy running away from this guy to do any harm. Before she could actually voice the question, however, another child who was older than she was by a good few years, approached the small group and introduced himself.

    The girl’s gaze flitted between the boy, the dinosaur, and all of the adults. Some seemed to be more calm than others. That was actually quite comforting. Still Shilo didn’t know what to do. However, as yet another man appeared on the island and said something about being drunk or seeing two-legged, talking goats, the child at least found someone that she was for sure going to avoid. The girl wrinkled her nose and took a step back away from him, closer to Wayne, as the Russian man belched and took a long drink.

    Clearly, the man was drunk to some capacity, and clearly, there was a talking, two-legged goat. So maybe, the man just wasn’t the smartest. Xander, who had called Shilo ‘sweetheart’ before, stepped in to defend the existence of the goat-lady and introduce himself once more. Special Agent… kind of like Papa! However, the excitement from the connection she made melted away as he said a bad word. Shilo’s innocent gaze turned into a hard glare, which the man definitely caught. She turned away from him and back to the group, the annoyed look still on her face.


Reality Warping Child
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"Franklin Richards"
The kid known under the moniker of 'Franklin' was now officially surrounded by a multitude of people he didn't recognize from anywhere he's seen. This is saying a good deal about the situation, as he his Protector have journeyed across a multitude of worlds looking for a safe haven from the people the Protector formerly worked for. He was hesitant to speak at all after revealing his name, shaking nervously in place, and if one woudl notice was holding his stuffed dinosaur tighter than before. If anything this was a good confirmation that the kid wasn't used to being around people besides his protector, and also wasn't usually one to initiate conversation as he did just moments prior. If one were to notice, his dinosaur changed into literally 'Franklin the Turtle' , albeit it would just be one of those subtle things you wouldn't have notice if no one even saw he had a stuffed dinosaur.

However, his eyes side glanced at a person who appeared beside him without so much as making a sound. Red headed older female , wearing an military outfit which people affiliated with the army would recognize as one usually something a dictator would wear.

This person was known as Vicky, a vile former babysitter who went on to become Dictator of the entirety of the World, not just a country... However ... How did Vicky end up here ?

Future Vicky was actually prior to this working on a military strategy alongside her most trusted assailants. They conquered the entire world in such a short amount of time it was unprecedented, using the naivety of children to their advantage and even forcing them as workers in the USA. To think that almost lal the adults were stupid enough to allow someone like her to be a babysitter. Perhaps if this was avoided her eventually world conquering spree likely would've never happened. It was one of the most proudest things she ever did. However, next thing you know some blinding light shined throughout the room she was in, and she was in there no longer.

She then was seen looking around and about at the new location. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her whip to confirm she still had something connecting her to her previous location, and it was confirmed. She wore the same military gear that a Dictator would. Her eyes cold, ruthless, and unrelenting, she proceeded to look about her new location which was the island. She had no fear, just a silent determination to figure out how she got here and how to escape as soon as she remotely can. However, she was usually able to figure out exactly where children were in conjunction to herself. Call it a babysitter's intuition , if one could really even call her a 'babysitter' , after being around the 'little brats' for so many years.

So she decided to follow her intuition and lead the way, as otherwise she didn't really have any other place to go. When she came across the group, she knew for a fact they would be useful. She normally would've judged the fact there was a goat amongst them but she shook the thought out of her head. The important thing to her was... She glanced at the two children. " A Island were children aren't enslaved and put into labor ? What is this place ?! " . She asked to herself, looking at the children with honestly the most disgust and or hatred anyone could have at a human being, like as if the very thought of children being free and without bondage disgusted her down to her core.

She shrugged this off, and would proceed to say, looking at the others. " If any of you have useful information feel free to spill it". There was a hint of sarcasm obviously, tapping her foot as if waiting impatiently for a answer.



The time traveling Sgt. Kyle Reese eyed the woman who dressed like she was in military garb, almost dictator like.

He didn't trust her but if her rank showed anything, he'd have to follow orders.

"What do you want? I'm not revealing my ranking to a officer I hardly know. "

"You are on a island, not sure what year or date it is here."

He looked over at the scared little kid holding the dinosaur plush.

"Hey, kid.. you alright?"

@Franklin Richards


Reality Warping Child

Future Vicky recognized that the person who responded was indeed a Sargent of some sort [ @darkred ] . While the platoon he was in was unknown to her, which again cemented the theory that they came from different time periods or from another set of worlds altogether, she knew obviously in terms of rank she had the advantage in terms of demands, at least if he respected that. His answer caused her to to gain a smile in response, as his response definitely showed he respected that at least. "You may keep your rank a secret... To be fair, in the situation we are in, ranks do not matter so much as your will. Without will, you are nothing but wisps ready to be snuffed out at any time... Hence my distaste for children. Their will is determined by those in chargerather than having their own determination and freedom. Their submissiveness both gives me a sense of disgust and pleasure... even without using the Crush-- {COUGH} I mean crush soda pop as a means of persuasion... Oops". She said, faking an apology "... I shouldn't have gone into that much detail with children in the vicinity". She saw the kid known as Franklin and just shook her head " I usually have to do tort-- {COUGH}... I mean being around a kid for longer than a few minutes to get that type of face from any kid " . It was one thing to say she didn't like children, that was normal among older people. it was another thing entirely to admit to those who seem to have not as corrupted mindset as her that she tortured kids and used them for the labor force, and actually even killed kids without remorse if they disobeyed . She knew the risks of revealing that piece of information, especially since she knew some of them have already grown attached to some kids even now, at least until she became independent enough to go on her own away from these hazardous folk.

If the kid wasn't any more scared of the others before, he definitely was at this point in time. He softly remarked in a small voice that was borderline a whisper : "I'm just... n-not used to being around others sir". This was the truth and no lie was escaping his vocal chords . For the most part he's either been running away along with his Protector, or being forced to stay in an isolated room to avoid anything bad happening. As a result, he has developed a fear of social interaction, and is actually afraid of adults due to most of the interactions he's had weren't exactly experiences a kid should have to face . However, most of the adults currently around seemed nice [apart from the obvious aforementioned former babysitter], and may eventually help break his trauma.
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