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Her Majesty Victoria
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Based upon the Papers Please universe, this RP will be turn based, with turns expected once every week on saturdays. Currently, we have need of two players, but if more than that express their interest, we can reserve the next spot that opens for them. Here's the Discord link for the RP, but you could also ask questions here, obviously. Soon, a CS page for nations will be up.

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Obristan: 150 points to spend. (Taken)
Republia: 50 points to spend.
United Federation: 125 points to spend. (Taken)
Impor: 100 points to spend. (Taken)
Arstotzka: 75 points to spend. (Taken)
Antegria: 75 points to spend.
Kolechia: 50 points to spend. (Taken)


Flag/symbol: (does not need to be canon)

Agriculture: (every point here feeds a million people, for every full extra point here above what is needed to feed your people allows your population to grow by a thousand every turn)
Industry: (every ten points here gives you one civilian or military factory, your choice)
Military: (every five points here gives you four infantry divisions, or three motorized divisions, or two mechanized divisions, or one tank division, or one marine division, or one paratrooper division, or one fighter squadron, and, finally, or one bomber squadron, your choice)
Population: (every point here gives you a million people, the last point you place here gives you anywhere from one to a million people, determined by dice roll)

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