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Futuristic Panth30n: N30 (God/Goddesses + Cyberpunk + Superpowered = WTF)


The Origin of The End.

Millennia before 0 A.D., the gods existed. They ruled sovereign over the lands of Earth. Under the watch of the angels and guardians of the cosmos, these supermortal beings roamed the heavens and watched the advancement of man from above. There were some that chose to roam the primitive grounds of Earth, which they called Terra, to be directly worshipped from the feeble humans. These gods and goddesses would be revered and sanctified through the eyes of their mortals, while the divine did not intervene, they did grow feasibly concerned and curious at the antics of some of their fellow ethereal race. There existed Five Supermordial Clans that were granted access to the heavens along with the angels. They were the Shinmordial, Aesirmordial, Grecomordial, Pharomordial, and the Chakramordial. These clans and their almighty prowess governed the earth while the angels oversaw divine operations. One night, a large dark void filled the skies and cosmos, sucking in every inhabitant of the Supermordial Clans, and with it, leaving nothing but the angels and mortal mankind left in the universe. This was when the tale and legends of the gods and goddesses were born.

But what history did not know, was that the gods and goddesses were not vanquished. They were placed somewhere else. Somewhen else.

In the Year 3000, the edge and brink of humanity into the Neo Age, which is a cyber race between the world to develop the most versatile and ever beneficial technology and applications, is prospering into a grand progress of humanity as well as life on Earth in general. Interplanetary and FTL (Faster Than Light) travel are on the cusp of being mastered and revolutionized, as colonies to Mars other planets in the system have been set up and ambitions for expanded travel are becoming more and more plausible. Grand new cities and structures have made the ages of the last millennium look like fodder and child's play. Extreme advancements in medicine, technology, science, math, history, literature, and even leisure have been skyrocketed. But, humanity is still humanity. Wars, civil and criminal strife, resource deprivation and privatization, thievery, secrets, murder... sex... new Age, same flesh and worldly souls. Humans continue to destroy themselves and everything along with them. Military police are now a federal regulation, with only small spaces for independent companies and organizations in a lucrative source of advancements. But where the men fell, the angels were always there to guide them, or so they said. An age old proverb that was long dead in history, religion and sacred beliefs now obscure by the whims of science and technological magic. Thing is... it's not so dead at all, and neither was the divine.

They just had no idea, not yet. But with time, comes all. And comes nothing.


This is an interest check for Pantheon: Neo, a futuristic RP with fantasy elements of the gods and goddesses. You will be able to choose from 5 Pantheons (The Five Clans) of gods as they have no memory or knowledge of who they are in this cyberpunk and futuristic world. NO MULTIPLES will be allowed for this RP, as I want to focus on a set group of characters probably 6-10 characters that will band together and step closer towards a greater destiny together, with a mix and match from all pantheons to assemble a team of literal gods among men, except this time it's not the knights and swords era, nor the modern day era. They will face technology and science beyond even their relevance as they weave in a world of grandeur and expansion. There will be a mysterious new Program called Nano-Thirty, or N30 (Neo) for short. This program hasn't been registered on any military police, corporate, civilian, independent, or international channel at all, which brings it much controversy when it's brought to the public. I NEED LONG TERM, COMMITTED, NON-DITCH RPERS. Don't consider joining if you know it'll be a matter of time before you can't Rp in this. Respectfully it'll save everyone involved time and stress.

The Five Pantheons are as follows:
Shinto Pantheon - Shinmordial
Norse Pantheon - Aesirmordial
Greek Pantheon - Grecomordial
Egyptian Pantheon - Pharomordial
Hindu Pantheon - Chakramordial

* You may also select any god or goddesses not on the list in the provided links, as long as they are in the five mentioned Pantheons. *

I will be taking the role of Nike (Greek goddess of Victory, Speed, and Strength) that has grown up to be a very successful gambling and casino owner.

Please read the Rules.

Annnnnd I think that's it!!! Not going to put anymore extra into this until I know this gets interest! Please state what god or goddess you'd like from what Pantheon when you post so it can be quicker. This is not first come first serve, I look for good grammar and character depth and development. That plus a quality and quantity poster will win the day.

Okay! Done! The rest is up to you! ^_^


1. The main one. Respect RPN and its rules.

2. Any questions or intrigue about the plot or story come to me! I love hearing ideas even if we don't incorporate them.

3. OOC will be friendly and respectful. IC be extra and add flair all you'd like BUT...

4. BE REASONABLE. Realistically adapt and grow into abilities and make logical choices. You can control weather? Know that you will not begin with master powers or creating storms at will. Go into a very secure Army base tossing fireballs alone? Your IC has ended lol.

5. I do not mind if you guys subplot romance. Just keep it PG-13.

6. Try to have UNIQUE characters. For some reason people love military trained or martial arts based characters. As much interest as this RP go to I can tell you now EVERYONE WILL NOT MAKE IT. If you want to make a combat character go ahead just flesh them out. I will not begin approval process until I see and feel good about your CS sheet. Only those that are approved will get an ability. If you do not make the cut, or if you don't even want to have a powered character speak to me about a support role and I'll see what I can do.

7. If you didn't know from the InCheck, your god/goddess' powers will be based on what god you select. I'll make this known now. I reserve the right to change the number of abilities your god has. I do not and will not have overly OP characters through Mary/Gary sues, godmodding, metagaming, etc. If you get Zeus and you want to have all 83202 abilities he's known for having, forget about it.

8. If you cannot post due to IRL or other reasons please post in consideration of everyone else. I'm interpreting this RP to go relatively fast pace wise not too speedy, so if you need assistance ask and you shall receive! And...

9. If you do fall too far behind or get in a hole you cant climb out of that doesn't mean you're done for. Unless you're intentionally a jerk or going against the tide of the plot, you can get back up to pace.

10. If you band together, or fight amongst each other IC, coordinate with each other as I will be overseeing those situations with a final outcome, but stay true to character and abilities. Don't force it just because you wanna "be great"


P.S. ....There's a secret in this post. Find it and PM me to get something special for the RP!!! :)

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