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Archer of justice
Welcome one and all, to a group werewolf roleplay. My first idea was to create a dc marvel werewolf group but i dont think anyone would like that....>~<

So instead this roleplay will be about four different packs: bloodmoon, ghostmoon, (last two packs names to be chosen by the alphas of those packs who join in)

Pack info:
💉Bloodmoon⚔: as the name suggests, this pack is a dangerous one lead by lillian, she used to be part of ghostmoon till her birth father found a different mate and lily was born. Now she has a very large pack that only share one goal to destroy the other packs and take over the forests.

Ghostmoon: a pack with only two wolves left, the alpha and the guard due to a curse and the great fire attack of bloodmoon

Soulmoon: a very spiritual group of wolves that shares a stronger connection to nature than other wolves, they find peace in the balance they feel between their human and wolf forms. This pack doesn't seek to war with other packs and only seek to live their best lives.

Shadow blood: In the past this pack was a force and bloody pack hence its name but after bringing itself the brink of disruption there new alpha has brought it back as a peaceful pack that welcomes all wolves without question, her hope is that the Blood Moon pack will see them as two much of A joke to bother with them.

loner or stray : a wolf who never has had a pack or prefers to be alone, sometimes some of them are from old packs that were killed by bloodmoon and now are looking for a place to stay or a new pack to join.

1.each rper will have a power as well, like lily has ice and her wolf abilities.
2. No op or godmoding
3. You must ask the rper themselves if you want to pair your character with theirs
4. I would usually put a no killing rule but this is a werewolf rp so im allowing it...only if the rper agrees.
5. The rp might be a thread or in pm but we must decide on that
6. If you get busy thats fine, but dont ghost or disappear for a few days without letting me know
7. Reason i left the other two packs blank is because i want to see the alpha rpers creativity. What bio do they want the pack to be and the names they come up with.
8. Mates can be found either within the pack or another pack.

9. In the event that the alpha rper drops out or is killed and has no alpha male or cubs, the omega if they want can take their place.
10. This is half wolves, part human part wolf. They can shift, use their wolf abilities or powers.

Wolf ranks and sign up forms:

Alpha: me
Alpha male: open
Omega: nymphball nymphball
Beta: Surfergirlgeek Surfergirlgeek
Guards: open

Alpha female: taken
Guards: currently one taken
Medic/beta: MyFriendsCallMeShadow MyFriendsCallMeShadow

(Lone wolfs can join this pack if they want. If you are wondering why i havent put alpha male or any of the others its because as i said in the bio the curse and fire killed them. But she has never found her alpha male. This pack use to in the past not allow any outsiders but do to less guards and lots of empty dens they allow it)

alpha: ScalpelsNSaws ScalpelsNSaws
omega; open
guards: Lord_Frost Lord_Frost
beta: Swift_Phoenix Swift_Phoenix

Shadow blood:
alpha: Surfergirlgeek Surfergirlgeek
omega: open
guards: open
beta: AngelCloud AngelCloud

character sheet link: Realistic or Modern - 🌙Packs of the forest offical cs🌙
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Praise the sun
I am interested but I would have to think up exactly what sort of character I'd like to play, so I may not get a character sheet out for a little bit.

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