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Realistic or Modern Overwatch (superhero team)



Inspired by shows from Watchmen, Hellboy, The Boys, and Marvel. This setting will NOT include anything on the scale of Marvel’s Omega class or Dr Manhattan or Dr Strange. Those are the very definition of OP. (And they aren’t the best sort for groups.).

I am going to limit the group to 5 - 6 members. Characters must be submitted to the CS critique page. They must be critiqued by the group, approved by myself. Once approved the character may be posted to the CS Team page.

The group should end up resembling an Avengers type team in its variety. I will caution you that the normal humans of that group will have extreme challenges to survive against the villain team I have in mind. (Though it IS possible to split the villains up.)

Blank CS

Note: I love some of the pics in Google Images: Superhero concept art

Disallowed powers
Telepathy and Mind Control type powers
Time Manipulation
Power Negation
Power Duplication
Weird powers
Loophole powers

Plot Villains
The last two times this villain group showed up was the 70s and 80’s. Today only a handful of people even remember them. The details of this geoup has been kept classified since World War II. News of their very existence would have been a devastating blow to Allied morale. That said, there was a lot of censorship.

That said, they will be playing a bit of catch up. 50+ years of catch up.

The leader of the villains is the RP’s version of an evil Superman. Well, he's somewhere in between Superman and Homelander minus the heat vision. And nix the godly senses. And not as fast. The real problem is that he comes with a team and is virtually invulnerable. The team was originally a military metahuman team. They were created for combat. (Hint: the team is called Fourth Reich.). Dealing with them will be the main story arc until they are stopped.

I plan to put them into the Lore section. Currently they are using false ID’s. But rather than make everyone remember two names for each person, I’ll probably just use their real names. (Though that does make it impossible to stage a Reveal as to their identity. I am open to suggestions.

3rd Person Past Tense
Semi-lit to Literate



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