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Fandom Overwatch AU Search ; {Ships and Ideas Inside}


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literate roleplayer || 10+ years of experience || casual lit/lit/novella || over 18

β™₯ this is a search dedicated solely to finding potential partners wanting to roleplay canon romances between characters from the blizzard game Overwatch
β™₯ i am relatively new to the game so much of the lore is unknown to me; i know the basic story of it all, and many of the backstories of the characters, but might not be familiar with small details. because of this i would prefer doing au ideas !
β™₯ since i am over eighteen, i would prefer my partner to be of age as well. it makes me feel more comfortable.
β™₯ i consider myself to be casual lit but i can write all the way up to novella sized replies if i'm feeling particularly inspired.
β™₯ please have a decent grasp on spelling and grammar
β™₯ i am not looking to play canon characters for ocs so do not ask
β™₯ singles, doubles, triples, all of that is alright with me!
β™₯ i can play f/f, m/f, and m/m ships and the more dominant or submissive roles and ask that my partner be willing to do the same.
β™₯ pms > threads
β™₯ let's be friends ooc! i love sharing memes, headcanons, and vine references with my partners.
β™₯ mccree/ashe
β™₯ mccree/mercy
β™₯ mccree/hanzo
β™₯ mccree/genji
β™₯ mccree/reaper
β™₯ mccree/hanzo/genji
β™₯ d.va/lucio
β™₯ d.va/brigitte
β™₯ moira/ashe
β™₯ moira/mercy
β™₯ widowmaker/tracer
β™₯ widowmaker/sombra
β™₯ mercy/mei
β™₯ mercy/tracer
β™₯ mercy/widowmaker
β™₯ mercy/genji
β™₯ your ships
π”Έπ•Œ π•šπ••π•–π•’π•€!
β™₯ animal-human hybrids!
β™₯ western themed!
β™₯ vampires!
β™₯ werewolves!
β™₯ angels!
β™₯ demons!
β™₯ supernatural creature hunters!
β™₯ love/hate!
β™₯ roommates!
β™₯ neighbors!
β™₯ coffee shop romances!
β™₯ library romances!
β™₯ teacher/student!
β™₯ obsession!
β™₯ stalking!
β™₯ kidnapping!
β™₯ soul mates!
β™₯ older/younger!
β™₯ closeted/open!
β™₯ zombies!
β™₯ apocalypse!
β™₯ mermaids!
β™₯ boss/assistant!
β™₯ genderswap!
β™₯ angst!
β™₯ romance!
β™₯ your ideas!
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